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The Northland Fires “The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” He became what they feared most, and Northland would never be the same.

Banner by Lolypop82
Banner by Lolypop82

There are a half-dozen versions The Northland Fires’ first chapter sitting in my Dropbox. Over the last few weeks, my concept of the characters has changed somewhat, as has the backstory, but the central theme has remained the same: The deadly consequences of paranoia run rampant in a small community; a new face in a town unaccustomed to change; a girl without a single meaningful relationship in which to confide. A few early commenters have made the connection, and I will say that The Northland Fires draws parallels with Heathers and Carrie.

When I write, especially when I haven’t yet formulated a particular scene in my head, I seek thematic inspiration from music to put me in that proper headspace. For The Northland Fires, and much of what I write, I’d say that inspiration comes from Tool, My Chemical Romance, Ani Difranco, and recently Snow Patrol – to draw a wide stroke across the medium.

When I write, I wing it. Everything. No planning. No outlines. A scene pops into my head – it may be a scene or an image or a few lines of dialogue – and I sit down to extract it one line at a time. This is both exciting and terrifying, as I don’t always know where I’m going until I get there. I’m also exceedingly impatient.

My best work happens in the shower. Really. I’ve thought-written novels while shampooing my hair. Anything that makes it to the page is a tenth of the rampant, excited energy of the first draft that played entirely in my mind.

Writing for me is a solitary process, mostly because I am the vicious dictator of my prose. However, Hadley Hemingway has become an invaluable ally in helping to focus my thoughts and narrow my wandering vision.

By Ta Paixao

“What motivates a man to engineer his own demise? I’ve thought on this question and almost nothing else for some time. Perhaps because I still cannot fathom the answer. Though I know it occurred, witnessed the spiral unwind, heard the words spoken with utmost veracity, I am not certain that I comprehend the depth of meaning to say that I truly understand. In short, loyalty. Loyalty of the strictest conviction. Oaths sealed in blood. Consider for a moment the one person for whom you’d take a bullet. People pledge such things without thought of probability. Think on one life for which yours would be forfeit. Swear it. Now prove it.”

We meet Bella as she ponders this question and expounds on her preoccupation with the concept of death. Through her lens, we enter the town of Northland, a small community rife with hypocrisy, where tragedy is met with apathy so dispassionate it’s cruel.

Detached from any sense of realism, so self-aware she’s lost touch with her own humanity, Bella stands on a rooftop ledge toying with gravity in search of self-actualization:

“When I needed to clear my head, I played a little game with my equilibrium. Holding my muscles rigid, my balance swayed. Forward. Backward. Wind tilted me to and fro while I pondered a sudden impact and stared at the ground below. Would I stop myself if I felt my body leaning past the point of stability?”

Bella is surprised to discover she has an audience to her ritual of contemplation. A stranger watches as she teeters on the edge. A voyeur. Perhaps the one person with whom she can find serenity as the pair will peel back the layers of painful disquiet, seeking to connect with something real.

But as their relationship grows, challenging the finite limits in which Bella has lived, the oppressive grip of the town she loathes will tighten around its favorite daughter.

When a startling act of violence perpetuates fear throughout the insulated town of Northland, speculation rules rationale. Hatred metastasizes. The want for a neck in the noose drives the population to extremes so wicked, there can be no absolution. And that is only the beginning.

“The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” This quote, attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (though the origin is in dispute), sums up what will be a tale of paranoia and perception.

In short, “He became what they feared most.”

Ta Paixao

Banner by Lolypop82
By Ta Paixao

The FicSisters would like to thank Ta Paixao for giving us that fascinating glimpse into her work.

Ta Paixao can be found on: FanFiction Tumblr FaceBook  Blog


Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever? Then give us a One Liner via the submission form! 

BrooklynBabe:  The Breakers by Les16 (Complete)

Wonderful story about two damaged souls finding each other and trying to let go of the past to find the happiness they both deserve, topped off with a cute kid and danger lurking around every corner and you have a winner.


fuz: The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow (Complete)

I have so many favorites, and this is one of them because it is a magnificent piece of writing, and take a close look at chapter 14: Alchemy.


Haystackhair: Tennis Balls and Sports Bras by krnycorn (Complete)

I just loved this story, it was so funny and so sweet and had that Edward and Bella connection we all love and it’s a quick read!


Marina: Yes by GeekChic12 (WiP)

Highschool fic – Edward has Aspergers and is so freakin’ adorable and Bella sees beyond the obvious, is patient, leading the way and teaching him everything.


WonderfullyBedazzled: Through the Oak Door by struckatthesky (Complete)

A  suspenseful, scary fic that had me up too late; Bella has loved Edward since 13 and things change on their HS graduation night – then the mystery begins.


SusieB: Counsel by Write Sisters (WiP)

It’s full of legal terms that are so clever, but I’m so hooked the suspense is killing me.

Thanks to BrooklynBabe, fuz, Haystackhair, Marina, WonderfullyBedazzled and SusieB for sharing their must reads with us today.

ONe Under the Radar

Aloftsoar by twentyfourth and vine is magical, written with poetry and whimsy. A sweet, brief gem of just six chapters. It will make your heart sing with its beauty.


Demure and quirky Bella sends a message over social media to singer/songwriter Edward, thanking him for his music. Her words entrance him. She intrigues him.

If you want to lose yourself for a few moments, go, make a cup of tea and float away on the gentle beauty of the story. It’s a salve for the soul. As the author, twentyfourth and vine, says “This is pure fluff with silly words. It’s short and complete, I promise.”


Aloftsoar: There is no reason – no reason whatsoever that someone as famous as Edward Cullen would reply to a message someone sent him through social media. So why is he replying to me?

twentyfourth and vine can be found on: FanFiction

One Fresh Face

It’s difficult to comprehend how Onscreen Chemistry can be winterhorses’ first Twilight fanfic, or to be precise, her first attempt at writing any type of fiction, as it makes for such an enrapturing read. In a unique and interesting twist, some filmed scenes are told from the movie characters’ POV. Undoubtedly, real life feelings seep through from Edward and Bella. Therein lies the challenge and the mystery for the reader – trying to figure out when that phenomenon occurs. And another plus, it’s as easy to get lost in Riley and Bree’s story…the film characters…as in Edward and Bella’s, which adds great depth to this genre of fic.

Now, in a bold move that is working out very well for winterhorses, she wrote a mysterious Edward, who readers would not fall in love with straight away, as we are prone to do in Actorward fics. Truth be told, he appears shallow, cocky and arrogant; at times he is downright rude. Having said that, winterhorses gives us the feeling – perhaps hope – that there is a beautiful, damaged soul living behind those intense, expressive, green eyes, just waiting to be loved. Bella, on the other hand, is an open-book and an absolute delight from day one. Their onscreen chemistry may be sizzling, yet the development of their off-screen friendship is complex – the epitome of a slow burn. Well, it does start out from frozen!

Winterhorses explains: “I had intended my first foray into writing to be a simple one-shot of Bella’s first love scene (which now takes place in chapter 14) with a cocky Actorward. In the course of their scene, they would get carried away by their intense physical attraction to one another and realize they wanted to explore it further off-camera.

As I began writing, I concocted their background stories to understand their perspectives. I didn’t want to make Edward an ass ‘just because.’ His story took on a life of its own in my head, and I felt compelled to write the whole thing. I was amazed when the chapters kept coming! I’ve tried not to be concerned about how unappealing his initial public persona is; to me, that’s why his developing connection with Bella is so special and profound.

Edward’s history is tragic, and although he does meet one who finally penetrates his defense layers, he can’t open up overnight. To make matters worse, his past comes back to haunt him, and this threatens his fledgling relationship with Bella. Their path is not an easy one.”

Please join us in showing this talented, first-time author and her captivating story some special Twi-fandom love and support.

Onscreen Chemistry Bella, America’s young sweetheart on screen, is starring in her first R-rated film. Her co-star is Edward Cullen, Hollywood’s reputed playboy, and he won’t give her the time of day. Will they fizzle onscreen as Bella attempts to turn up the heat in her first erotic scene, or can she cause a reaction powerful enough to burn through his arrogant, impassive facade?

Banner by AnaRodFranco for Twilightfanfictionrecblog
Banner by AnaRodFranco for Twilightfanfictionrecblog

winterhorses can be found on: FanFiction Twitter


Wrap You In My Arms from Emmamama88 opens on a bleak April day in 1867, when we meet Ed, a true Tennessee boy, born and bred just north of Nashville. After tragedy befalls him, he sells his family’s farm and packs up all his goods and chattels into his wagon. He’s fixin’ to move to Texas, hoping for a brighter future there. His brother Emmett and sister-in-law Rosa are settled near Fort Concho. This endearing story may start out on a sad note with Edward standing at his parents’ grave, but circumstances soon start to improve for Wagonward, which makes sharing his journey very entertaining for the reader.

He takes the time to say farewell to his best friend Jake, and being the gentleman that he is, he politely turns down a saloon ladys request for a little…or not so little something…to remember Ed by. So, Ed sets off on his journey, feeling lonely and alone, unaware of the fact he has a stowaway hiding in his wagon. No prizes for guessing the identity of Ed’s covert companion – Izzy.

Wrap You In My Arms is the charming story of Ed and Izzy’s hazardous journey from Tennessee to Texas, and their rich experiences along the way. Boy, do they have adventures filled with both drama and fun! Of course, although they tangle with some loathsome creatures, no good low life vermin, their greatest adventure is in growing sweet on each other, courtin’ and getting married – make that gettin’ hitched.

It is told in EPOV and take our word for it, Ed is a mighty fine storyteller. It’s almost like sitting beside a campfire, snuggled in one of his mama’s blankets, drinking a mug of strong coffee, listening to him tell his captivating tale. Wrap You In My Arms is charmingly unique with its distinctive historical setting and memorable characters. Ask yourself this, in how many other fics would you read lines like these below? The second one is from the wedding night!

I waked the next mornin’ havin’ to piss so bad my back teeth was near swimmin’.

“Izzy, I need to join with ya now, if that’s agreeable.”

Fabulous, aren’t they?

Wrap You In My Arms: “Edward Cullen, former Confederate soldier, begins a journey from his home in Tennessee, to that of his only living relative in Texas. Along the way, he meets a girl. He’s running from the past. She’s running from a future she doesn’t want. 

Banner by Cared
Banner by Cared

Emmamama88 can be found on:  FanFiction The Writers Coffee Shop Facebook Blog


Cupcakes and Ink, a prequel novella to the greatly anticipated Clipped Wings, is soon to become available for our reading pleasure.


When a tragic accident devastates Tenley Page’s life, she flees her hometown in search of somewhere she can start afresh. In Chicago she finds work, college, friends, and she tentatively begins to piece her life back together.

Then she meets Hayden Stryker. A devilishly handsome tattoo artist with a dark past of his own.

From their fleeting interactions, Hayden’s intrigue with Tenley grows into fascinated. But as they get closer, Tenley must balance her feelings from him with the guilt she carries from the life she left behind.

Available to buy on: AmazonUK

You can find Helena Hunting at: Facebook Blog

We send a huge thank you to Ta Paixao, to all who contributed to our post today, and to you for reading.



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