Our Badlands Theories … Planetblue has chosen!

Last week we asked you to share your theories on just how planetblue’s Badlands would finish – and you didn’t disappoint us.  We have seen gunfights, crazy escapes, suicides, touristy business ventures and one case of Pug domination.  No one can accuse us of not having vivid imaginations…

There was also a lot of inspiration taken from the movies as well – going down in style like “Thelma and Louise”, reuniting like Red and Andy in “The Shawshank Redemption”, going out together like “Romeo + Juliet” and strapping on weapons like “Mr and Mrs Smith”.  We were very impressed!

by Lolypop82
by Lolypop82

Because we are mean little FicSisters (and in the interests of being fair), we sent the theories to planetblue without the writers names, so she had no idea who wrote which submission – so without further ado, we present to you planetblue’s favourite, written by Tkegl. Congratulations, Tkegl – what a worthy winner!

Bella arrives in Playa de Sangre and Edward is waiting for her at the local surf shop/guyliner kiosk. They reunite joyfully until the guyliner vendor touches Bella’s arm to keep her from knocking over a display of surfboard wax. Edward goes on a jealous rampage, stabbing first the guyliner vendor, then the surfer who walks in the door innocently looking for a new pair of flip flops.

E&B go on the run down the shores of Playa de Sangre, killing anyone who gets in their way. Edward’s parents emerge from their thatched-roof hut, bearing fruity rum drinks in coconut shells, but Bella mistakes them for drug lords and kills them both with a sharpened Doors CD case. Edward forgives her, of course, and they have quick and dirty sex in a hammock. 

E&B take refuge in the hut, but it’s quickly surrounded by Mexican police. Edward’s parents have stockpiled weapons under the floor, so E&B suit up a la Brangelina in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They burst out the door, guns blazing, mowing down police and innocent bystanders alike until the Playa de Sangre is true to its name, running thick with blood.

*cue The Good The Bad and The Ugly music*

Seriously, though, it looks like we’re heading for a HEA, but I’ll be happy either way. PB has taken us on quite a ride and I’ve loved every minute of it! :-)

Planetblue has asked us to share her thanks to everyone who submitted theories, she had a lot of fun reading through the submissions.

We would like to thank planetblue for being such a great sport. Today the epilogue of Badlands will post and we are sure everyone who has been reading the story will agree it is a bittersweet moment – loving to see Edward and Bella’s story told in full, but feeling sad that our adventure is at its end.  One thing that will bring us comfort – looking forward to what planetblue has in store for us next (and in the meantime, working our way through the stories on her Archive of Awesome Fic List that we haven’t read)!

Thank you for joining in this fun with us – see you all later in the week – The FicSisters

So, this picture has been floating around FaceBook this week…  Spin-Off Story anyone??  Unleash the Pug!

by Lolypop82 (how talented is this lady?!)
by Lolypop82 (how talented is this lady?!)

Badlands: Moonlight drives and sharpened knives. This is the story of us.

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