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A heartfelt welcome to you all! There’s nothing better than to treat yourself and read to your heart’s content; enjoy a great story that brings a tear, a sweet sigh, makes you swoon or your heart flutter. And today we have some stories to do just that, beginning with kitchmill’s new fic, Abandoned Heart.


Made by Deebelle1
Made by Deebelle1

I’ve always been fascinated with the strange ways inspiration strikes for a writer, even my own. On an eighteen-hour drive with my family in January, Queen’s “One Year of Love” played from the music on my cell phone, and in my mind, Abandoned Heart was born. Some of the scenes played out in vivid detail as the miles passed by and the song stuck in my head. Don’t expect the story to be anything like the song though, because when those plot bunnies attack, they have a habit of running off on their own.

Abandoned Heart is quite a departure from my usual writing style, which mostly includes relatively carefree journeys of love. This time around, I’ve created a Bella with a painful past and issues of abandonment. She doesn’t let anyone get close to her, so when Edward is interested in a limited time “friends with benefits” arrangement, it seems like the perfect plan for both of them. But can she really keep her heart locked up, or will she become her own worst enemy?

The story is told entirely from Bella’s point of view, so readers won’t learn more about the sexy Edward Masen until she does. There’s going to be a little angst in there, but at the end of the day, I’m still a firm believer in the HEA. And this one definitely won’t leave you wanting for more citrus.


“Well,” he said, pushing off the table and taking a step back. “I think we’re good for today, and it’s just about five o’clock anyway.”

I nodded and started shutting down my computer while Edward did the same. While it was turning off, I busied myself with putting my notepad and pen in my briefcase. When I turned back around in my chair, he was looking at me with that same intensity I’d seen several times already.

“What do you say you take me to a good bar in the area and I buy you a drink?” he asked with narrowed eyes. 

I took a deep breath and let it out, the long hair around my face fanning out in the process. I would be risking a later chance with him by turning him down now, but I didn’t have much choice. It was highly likely that he’d find another willing participant in the next five minutes. 

“I don’t mean to sound conceited or anything,” I started, hesitating slightly with my assumption of what he wanted. “But I don’t date.” I bit my lip and diverted my eyes.

His deep chuckle brought my eyes right back up to his. He leaned forward and placed his hands on the armrests of my chair, pulling it forward so his knees rested on the outsides of my thighs. “Can I tell you a secret?” he asked in a low voice. I nodded minutely, and he took that as an invitation to lean in further, getting his lips close to my ear. “I don’t date either.” His warm breath caused my insides to clench. “I was hoping to get you drunk and into my bed.”


Abandoned Heart: I wanted to push him away, to tell him to just go now, because I was a battle he’d never win. M Romance/Angst B/E (WIP)




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Made by DreamySim1

What’s in a “Heart-Shaped Box”? Well, in this instance, one well-written, heartfelt and affecting story about loss, grief and many forms of love. The story is presented so beautifully, with each chapter flowing effortlessly to the next; it will move you in ways we cannot describe. It does come with a huge tissue warning, but, in our opinion, that is a positive thing – the lows make the highs even better, and make it so worth reading.

They called it a coffin or a casket, but really it was just a glorified fucking box. It got burned in its entirety or buried in the ground, taking with it a small piece of all the people left behind on land, grieving for what it contained.

As you can see, the box in question in the extract above is not of a happy reference. But, after a sweet, gorgeous pediatric doctor enters Bella’s world on a tragic night, his version of a “box” is so much better, and all hope is not lost…

We had finished our drinks and were back where we started from, leaning against the railing, when Edward pulled something out of his coat pocket and handed it to me.

“What is it?” I asked, feeling a little silly.

“What does it look like?” he said with a gentle smile.

“It looks like a heart-shaped box I guess.”

“That’s exactly what it is,” Edward said, his smile spreading to his eyes.

“It has no lid and it’s empty,” I said, blushing from the embarrassment at missing something.

“Correct again.”

I looked at him blankly, taking my bottom lip between my teeth.

“Bella, it is what it is. It’s not hiding anything. It’s not taking anything away. And it’s not going anywhere you don’t want it to. It’s ready and willing to keep and look after something, if you want it to. If you want it to be yours, then it already is.”

*sigh* Now, that has to be the nicest empty box that has ever been gifted.

Heart-Shaped Box is, without a doubt, an emotional read; however, with such lovely characters and touching messages interwoven, it is a most memorable read. One that will live on in our hearts and we’re sure yours, as well.

Heart-Shaped Box: Bella Swan has a tight bond with her sisters, a generous and loving father, and the beginnings of a great career. Grief and forced self discovery weren’t supposed to be part of the package. A raw exploration of letting in love amongst loss. AH. Canon couples. Hurt/Comfort/Family M (Complete) 



Made by Beegurl13

Imagine booking some much-needed R&R over the summer break, staying with your favourite relatives and spending time with the besties. The only plan you have is to chill…and then you meet someone who sparks something in you that puts a spring in your step…makes you laugh, makes you believe in all the good things in life; someone with whom you can forget the stresses from home. Who are we talking about? Both Edward and Bella actually – on vacation, ambling along – and then one day on the beach… Yeah, you know what we’re going to say.

So, beaches, fun, good times, and a promise that there are no strings attached. Hmmmm, can it really be that simple?

WitchyVampireGirl told us about her story:

“...the inspiration.. it was the song- Anything But Mine by Kenny Chesney and the video that went with it. I always thougth it would make a great fic and I wanted to know more- what happened when summer was over? So that is what started everything- a summer romance with an expiration date.

Edward is an average college guy who has a great outlook on life and spends time with his Uncle Marcus in a beach town in North Carolina. Bella is running from a personal tragedy and escapes to her Aunt and Uncles house in North Carolina for a summer away from haunting memories.”

At thirty short-ish but delightful chapters in, WitchyVampireGirl doesn’t keep her readers waiting and posts every Monday and Thursday. She’s introduced us to Edward and Bella’s beloved friends and family, who are a great supporting cast to our maybe-in-denial-of-reality lovers. This isn’t the usual bunch, but it’s a great mix of unexpected yet familiar faces and they’re lovely – even Jake! 😉

Catch up quickly and become embroiled in some summer lovin’.

Anything But Mine: It was the summer before their senior year of college; Edward wanted one last summer of fun and relaxation, Bella was running from the pain of the last few months. What they found was everything wanted and so much more. But will it last past the summer or fade like the setting sun? M Romance/Drama E/B (WIP) 


One Liners From You

Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then leave us a One Liner via the submission form!

Angie125: I have been reading Evading Edward by VampiresHaveLaws. I just finished it today and it was divine!

Bella’s first encounter with Edward instantly leads to a mutual dislike. She is the new girl in town who has attracted more than one admirer and he’s the boy who usually gets what he wants. So how will one evade when the other is set to conquer? AH M Angst/Romance E/B (Complete)

BrooklynBabe: Onscreen Chemistry by winterhorses ~ An actorward and actressella with a different spin, made this story very enjoyable and kept my interest throughout, despite the aloof Edward, who I grew to love.

Bella, America’s young sweetheart on screen, is starring in her first R-rated film. Her co-star is Edward Cullen, Hollywood’s reputed playboy, and he won’t give her the time of day. Will they fizzle onscreen as Bella attempts to turn up the heat in her first erotic scene, or can she cause a reaction powerful enough to burn through his arrogant, impassive facade? M Romance/Drama E/B (Complete) _________________________________________________________________________________

Cilla64: First & Ten by Nolebucgrl ~ This story is an all-round great read with a witty Bella, and such a sweet Edward. *sigh!* And be prepared to laugh-at-loud at one of the funniest Emmett’s ever written!

Bella Swan is an aspiring sports writer and her first big assignment is to interview the league’s biggest, not to mention hottest, quarterback. Will Edward Cullen school her in the rules of the game or will she teach him a thing or two? M Romance/Humor B/E (Complete)

VampAsh: No Ordinary Proposal by twilover76 ~ The characters are so good in this story I’ve read it twice! I admire Bella for her audacity and Edward for knowing what he wants and going after it…or her!

Bella wants to escape her small-town life and live her dreams in New York. What happens when a man almost twice her age makes her an offer she can’t refuse? AH/M Romance/Drama B/E (Complete)

WriteHappy: One More Time by WinterSkys A great blend of humor and the reality of tears. This story is a good reminder that the path you start out on can take you some where you didn’t expect. 

Bella has managed to create a happy life owning her own book store in her home town of Forks. But the reappearance of Edward Cullen will dig up the past in a painful way. Will she let the second chance pass her by? Canon-humor, angst, and romance. M B/E (WIP)


One Shots

If you know who made this banner, please let us know!
If you know who made this banner, please let us know!

Who doesn’t love a good forbidden love story?   And when it is the hot Teacher and his dedicated student? Yes and please.

JenRar tells a story of a mature-beyond-her-years Bella and Edward, her English teacher ten years her senior. But this story is a whole lot more than that. It’s about how sometimes love is found in an inconvenient place and time, but a determined heart can pave the way to happiness. *swoons*

Determined Heart: Eighteen-year-old high school senior, Bella Swan. falls for the unattainable: her twenty-eight-year-old English teacher, Edward Masen. Will they give in to the temptation of forbidden desire or walk the line  of the law? M Romance B/E 


For the Road

J.M. Darhower, the talented author of the spell-bounding novel Sempre, warns that Monster In His Eyes is intended for a mature audience only, due to some dark and erotic content. And, that’s exactly what you get in this powerfully written, suspense-filled, intense story featuring an unlikely couple, which comes close to crossing the line into something grittier.

Karissa is a sheltered 18-year-old student away from home for the first time. As a reader, it’s easy to both empathise with her while feeling and experiencing her excitement and desires, as she displays the openness of the typical girl-next-door type.

On the other hand, 36-year-old Naz is an enigma from the very first glimpse. The man in black with the fire in his eyes lights the spark in this story. His commanding aura of mystery and power fan the flames, which his sexual confidence serves to feed into an inferno. For some, undoubtedly, he’s the man of a million fantasies; one who Karissa hopes won’t turn in to a nightmare for her. Yet, even when she realises he has the power to turn her to ash, she’s helpless against morphing into a moth drawn to his flame.

If you like a strong, possessive man, one with a hint of menace, who’s mysterious and dark, haunted by his past, …then Naz is the man for you. Don’t expect Karissa to give him up easily!


Ignazio Vitale is not a good man. 

I suspect it, the first time I see him, sense the air of danger that surrounds the man. He has a way of commanding attention, of taking control, of knowing what I’m thinking before I even do. 

It’s alarming and alluring. It’s dark and deadly. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted but the last thing I truly need. Obsession. 

It doesn’t take him long to draw me into his web, charming me into his bed and trapping me in his life, a life I know nothing about until it’s too late. He has secrets, secrets I can’t fathom, secrets that make it so I can’t walk away, no matter how much I beg him to let me go. I see it sometimes in his eyes, a darkness that’s both terrifying and thrilling. He’s a monster, wrapped up in a pretty package, and what I find when I unmask him changes everything. 

I want to hate him. 

Sometimes, I do. 

But it doesn’t stop me from loving him, too. 

Monster in His Heart is currently available, in book and kindle format, on and Amazon.UK, and the conclusion to Naz and Karissa’s story Torture in Her Soul will be available later this year.

Our thanks to go kitchmill for joining us today – it’s been a pleasure! To you, dear readers, we sincerely hope you’ve picked up a fabulous new-to-you story – may you read to your heart’s content!


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