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Ciao.. Bonjour.. Hola.. Hello!  A warm welcome to all our readers wherever you may be. Today we have a wonderful selection of stories to fill your FanFic world, plus some inspired suggestions from our readers via the ‘One Liners From You’! We start with a great story brought to us from the lovely GothicTemptress


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Reading Fill My Little World by first-time author HongKongPhooey has been such a pleasure. The storyline’s weaved with a budding romance, hesitations of the heart, and the perseverance of a romantic man in pursuit of the woman who’s captured his interest. It’s a story centered around the burgeoning growth of love.

At the beginning of the story, readers are first introduced to the shy and reserved “English Rose” Bella Swan, whose insecurities I could relate to in many respects. She’s quite set in her attachment to her comfortable, predictable life, and that sufficiency enables an ease she seems to cling to, creating a self-imposed boundary delineating her “little world.”

While offering to help in the short-staffed offices of Jasper, the brother of her best friend Rose, she spies a handsome stranger napping on the couch in Jasper’s office. The stranger’s name is Edward Cullen, and there is an inexplicable draw between them from the start. Bella grows hyper-sensitive to his presence and he is also drawn to her, setting the stage for a simmering attraction as their friends try to push them together at every opportunity, where her boundaries of comfort are tested.

From the very beginning of the story, Edward expresses interest in Bella’s hobbies, which include competitive equestrian competitions, but a painfully broken heart and acutely branded mistrust hinder Bella from accepting the attention of the man who’s captured her interest. Life experiences have compelled her to believe that men are not to be trusted, yet with every meeting with Edward, her eyes slowly inch open at the carefully measured pace of his gentle persistence, allowing her heart to be swayed by this entrancing man.

Edward’s resolve to grow closer to her is enduring and feels natural for him. He’s a caring man determined to anticipate what she needs, even though she resists acknowledging the truth about what that may be. This fact also subtly mirrors the equestrian centered plot, riding imagery melding beautifully into the metaphorical touches HongKongPhooey adeptly instills into the storyline – as if Bella is obstinately bucking at a future with a gentle, deserving romantic prospect. When she finally decides to get back in the saddle of romance, the reader feels deeply about the perfectness of her heart’s slow approach to love…the acceptance of happiness that begins to fill her little world, her boundaries crumbling away.

Bella’s funny and snarky inner-monologue, Edward’s fearless pursuit to be her Prince Charming…I really enjoyed reading this story and I hope not only that HongKongPhooey will write another story soon, but that readers will also give this story a chance now that it’s been marked complete.


Summary:  After two disastrous relationships Bella Swan swore off men forever and threw herself into her work. Until one day she agreed to do a favor for a friend. Her quiet world is about to be turned upside down. AH set in England. (Complete)



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To those who are avid readers of Bella and Edward stories, it is probably fair to say in most cases it is Edward who ensnares us, making us his willing captives while reading. But in HelloElla’s moving story Nobody’s Little Girl, it is Bella (or Kid as we first know her) who wins our hearts.

To say Nobody’s Little Girl is an emotional ride is an understatement – to see Kid’s world through her wisened, but innocent eyes will make you feel like someone is squeezing your heart in their hands. Alone on the streets for the past five years, she dreams of having a family and being loved.

One night Kid’s world changes when she saves the life of a certain bronze-haired young man who tracks her down to thank her.  Edward is troubled, but a truly good person (not unlike Kid herself). He makes mistakes, but eventually it is he and the world he introduces her to, that changes her life.

HelloElla’s writing is heart-stoppingly good – you will feel a whole gamut of feelings – despair, happiness, anger (to name just a few) and best of all.. hope.

Summary: A billionaire couple searches for their long lost daughter. A lonely, troubled young man finds and gives refuge to a homeless girl with no name. Paths are crossed and hearts are given, but you can’t keep what was never yours. (Complete)


One Liners From You

Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form! 

Angie125: In Your Room by layathomemom – OMG – this story is sooooo good – sexy, funny and a Tanya you can love instead of hate (shock! I could barely believe it either, but it seems if she isn’t trying to steal Edward, she is alright).  I adore this Edward too, he is swoonworthy.

After years of bedroom boredom with Missionary Mike, can Bella find the sexual salvation she’s seeking in the arms of campus hottie, Edward Cullen? Rated M for Edward’s dirty mouth, Bella’s inner whore, embarrassing situations and lemons galore… (Complete)

Haystackhair: Honest Liar by AWHITEBLANKPAGE – it was so heartbreakingly beautiful that I snot sobbed several times on the way to such a beautiful ending – I highly recommend it!!!

Bella once told me that there was nothing braver than a flower growing through a crack in the sidewalk. I laughed because she was always giving feelings to things that don’t feel. If she was standing next to me, I’d tuck the dandelion behind her ear. Or she’d blow on it and make a wish. A hundred wishes. Or maybe just one. (Complete)

Capricorn75Go Fish by @rubyblue9696 is hilarious and UST-y, and I want to ride this Edward so hard!

Life may seem mapped out and on the straight-and-narrow, but just when you think you see your own big picture, fate comes in with its deck of animated cards and tells you, simply, to please ‘go fish’. Who knew it would all start with a can of worms? WARNING: Over 18 Only for Language/Lemons. (WIP)

ChrissiHR: Come Away With Me by kerigocrazy is the very best of what Twilight slash fic should be. Rather than the typical romantic tale of seduction or hot and greedy male dominance, keri has penned the story of two friends, Quil and Embry, who shrug off the weight of things beyond their control that are holding them back, preventing them from finding their own happiness when they realize they have each other, always have, and that’s all they really need.

One wolf with no last name and another bonded for life to a toddler. Can they lean on each other when no one else cares, and fight for each other when nothing else matters? Judges Choice 1st Place Winner in the Slash Backslash 4.0 contest. O/S

Bakergirl 24Adaptation by Miss Baby. A nice change of pace that asks the age old question of how do you piece two separate lives together when there is a child involved, one partner who hasn’t moved on and another player?

Bella’s plan seemed so simple: be a fabulous mom, make a great career for herself doing what she loves, and win Edward back. Piece of cake! But just when the final ingredients were coming together, life whipped up another recipe. Now, instead of getting to enjoy her happily ever after, she has to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances. (WIP)

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Made by Medusainny

We’re suckers for forgiveness and redemption, so when Edward relocates to a quiet fishing village following his release from prison, takes a job on Charlie’s fishing boat and meets Bella and her daughter, Peyton, we all root for him.

We soon get to see and understand his shame about his misdemeanours, his fears about his future and being accepted, and we watch him tentatively build friendships despite his past. He’s survived prison, a violent past and made huge mistakes, but there’s more to him than the sum of those…and it’s heartbreaking to see how vulnerable he is when faced with an innocent new friend.

“Mama and Xavier say I’m not allowed to talk to strangers. My name’s Peyton and we’re friends now, so that means I can talk to you.” I can’t help but laugh at how direct she is. “My name’s Edward. It’s nice to meet you, Peyton. I could use a friend. I don’t have any of those.” There’s no earthly reason why I just shared that with her and I sort of regret the words as soon as soon as they leave my mouth. Especially when she gasps, her eyes fill with tears, and her chin quivers as she whispers, “You don’t have any friends?”

The relationship between Edward and Peyton is so touching; she gives Edward courage and a new perspective on life, it really is a beautiful friendship. Edward and Bella both have ghosts to lay to rest and hurdles to overcome, and while there are some great twists and turns along the way, this is predominately a story of romance and fierce passion with a strong Bella and a sexy as hell Edward. They’re so well matched and the physical attraction is palpable from day one. Edward has seven years worth of loneliness to compensate for and they both have a lot of love to give!

The Breakers is a wonderfully uplifting story, les16 gives us everything-drama, mystery, a few very scary moments, love and lemons-and you’ll be willing them on to happiness every step of the way.

Summary: After spending 7 years in prison, Edward gets a new start in the fishing village of Corea, Maine. Can a little girl and her mom, Bella, see beyond his past and can they all find love again…or will the ocean swallow them whole? (Complete)FanFicButtonPlain

One Under The Radar
*made by staceleo*
Banner by staceleo

Songs of Alpha to Omega “is my healing,” says the versatile author staceleo, and “Much of this happened and a fraction is fiction.” It’s stories like these, ones told from the author’s heart and life experiences that immediately draw us in.

The “angst” of the story is felt right from the beginning, where we meet Bella in flashback, as she discovers her college boyfriend, Emmett, is wooing another college girl. Then the story jumps to present, where we meet all the gang, again, but this time at a five year post-college reunion…and good times ensue when Bella gets a little retribution on said “asshole” ex-bf and things begin to right in her world…

There was a tap on my shoulder.

“There’s my favorite girl.” His eyes the color of the spring leaves. He still had hair that was bright like a new penny. It was shaggy and hanging in his eyes. I couldn’t stop my fingers from running through it.

“You have a beard.” I gently touched his scruff.

He gave me a wink. “Trying to look rugged, girl. You cut your hair.”

Edward’s fingers touched my shoulder where my hair now grazed.

“Easier to get the paint out,” I explained. Small children had a way of getting messy fingers in it.

His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me close, and he murmured into my neck. “I missed you so much.”

Edward made me feel safe like always. How could I have lost this? How could he forgive me so easily?

Well, that’s a good question…and one that we’re certain will be answered in due time, as we enjoy this romantic, swoony Edward and his “favorite girl” both past and present.

Summary: Promising beginnings in a small college town ended in a heartbreak ending. Five years later, will the outcome remain the same? (Complete)

We certainly are hoping for a happier ending this time around, and being that this story is “healing” for staceleo, we asked her if she’d like to share some personal words regarding Songs of Alpha to Omega:

“I usually stick to writing funny things.  It used to be my safe place where I could de-stress from the everyday tasks of keeping my husband happy and my tiny terrors from killing each other. You know, those joys of motherhood and marriage. That was until 2014 decided to become ugly and mean. My mother died and my father-in-law almost did. The household became tense and the laughter became bitter fights. It tried to go back to the silly words that gave me solace, but they didn’t give me any relief.  In desperation, I turned to searching through old photographs to find myself or at least who I would like to be. It was in those college photo scrapbooks, with pictures mingling with cutouts from magazines, I found images of two boys. One with hearts drawn around him and the other boy with his head cut out. The memories came flooding back of first loves and betrayal that can cut you like a knife.  I’m writing them down and sending them out into the universe.  Maybe that way I can start finding that elusive peace again. One can only hope.” ~ staceleo

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Banner by m81170

Sometimes, when you want a break from real life or angsty fic, a cute, fluffy one-shot hits the spot. This one, Butterscotch and Butterflies by Dobber17, hits that bullseye before exploding into beautiful butterflies you’ll feel fluttering deep down in your tummy. It’s as sweet as the butterscotch in the title, and as romantic as any tampon buying fireman can be…

I admit I shamelessly stared at him, watching as he ate his standard double scoop of butterscotch ice cream in a cup instead of a cone. He had removed his coat, draping it across the back of his chair, leaving him in the standard navy blue t-shirt that easily allowed me to see the muscles of his arms peeking out. He still had his fire engine red suspenders hitched securely on his shoulders and his bright yellow pants on display underneath the table.

We’d all be shamelessly sharing too Bella!

Summary: Written for “When Love was New” Contest. Bella works at an ice cream parlour and lives a life that constantly leaves her in problematic situations. Edward Masen, fireman and regular customer at Bella’s work, seems like the perfect candidate to help out. Romance T Edward/Bella (O/S)


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Banner by AstridGreenEyes

When I discovered Cover Girl, it was already over halfway posted. I was horrified to realize that I had not known about it from the start. I mean, c’mon … who could pass up another story from the author of The Confessions of the Overworked, Underpaid Peen?

Smmiskimen came back to present us with this tale of hilarity. Edward is obsessed with Bunny Life centrefold Rosalie Hale. About to graduate High School, and just accepted to the UNLV, he has the opportunity to visit the campus, but his over protective mother won’t agree until his big brother promises to go with him. Little does Edward know that Emmett, knowing Edward’s quiet fixation, has set him up for the meet and greet weekend of his life. Of course, Edward is a sweetheart, and so very unsure of himself as we see in this except:

But Edward knew he’d never get the chance to talk to her, or even see her from a distance. Girls like that didn’t waste their time with average guys like him, especially not when they found out he was somewhat of a computer nerd. Sure, he was a football player, and he had a brother in the NFL, but that didn’t make him anything special. Nope, Edward was just plain Edward, and Rosalie was way out of his league. But he could still fantasize about her, and knew he’d be doing that when he got home.

Edward only knows and cares about exploring the college campus. Enter Bella Swan … a girl from his past, with hauntingly familiar brown eyes, a quick wit, and before he knows it, the key to his heart. But, as these things go, Bella has a secret. Smmiskimen does a great job of keeping you guessing right up until the disclosure, or should I say, the fall out?

This is a story about staying true to yourself, and the importance of honesty and forgiveness. Both of these characters make massive mistakes after Bella’s secret is revealed. As these characters try to navigate the emotional waters, post nuclear meltdown, they take turns doing damage, and we are privy to what is perhaps the biggest, most epic temper tantrum I have ever read. It is simultaneously heartbreaking and hilarious. This story was a joy to read from start to finish.


Summary: Finishing up his senior year, Edward receives his acceptance letter to UNLV and embarks on a trip with his brother Emmett to see the campus. Unbeknownst to him, Emmett has other plans for the trip and Edward finds himself face to face with the woman of his dreams, the girl from the magazines, his Cover Girl. Will he keep his cool, or crash and burn?FanFicButtonSupportFandomheaderbanner

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