Heading to Key West with PattyRose

There is a lot of bouncing around and clapping here at the International House of FanFic today… Oh yes, the wonderful, fabulous, uber-talented PattyRose has a new story and she is here to tell us all about it!


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Banner by Lolypop82

Once again, The FicSisters have done me the honor of including one of my fics on their wonderful blog. This time around, we’re launching the premiere of my summer fic, Key West.

Key West is one of those easy, summer stories that are perfect for reading while lounging at the beach or beside the pool with a tropical drink in one hand and a portable fan in the other. And trust me, once you meet this Edward, you’re going to need both.

The story starts with Bella Swan on the brink of what should be a happy, life-altering occasion. Unfortunately (or maybe not-so-unfortunately), she receives a call only five minutes before the occasion is to take place, telling her that it ain’t gonna happen. Frustrated, confused and angry, Bella embarks on a ten-day vacation to Key West with her girlfriends, Rose and Alice, hoping for nothing more than some space in which to clear her head.

Of course, what she finds is much more than that.

Enter Edward Masen: Catamaran Tour Operator slash Deep Diving Instructor.

Now those of you who love a cocky, flirty and sexy-as-sin Edward are in for a real treat, because Key West’s Edward is all that and a bag of candy. From the very first moment that they meet, his steamy and suggestively risky innuendos have Bella’s head spinning. And though initially, she tries to keep her distance because Edward is obviously one smooth-talking mother, let’s be honest, she’s a goner.

“Lucky for me, I’m not just a catamaran tour operator; I’m the best in Key West and a certified deep diving instructor too.”

“Are you now?” I can’t help smiling at his cockiness.

“Yeah,” he says smugly. Then he moves in closer. “So if you ever need lessons…”



“Deep diving?”

“Yeah.” He rests his forearm over the railing casually, perfect lips twitching while he holds my gaze, and I try my darnedest not to ogle that bare chest. “I’d love to teach you how to deep dive, how to hunt for treasure, how to explore.”

“Would you?”

“Yeah. I’m the best there is at going down and going deep…”

“How…deep do you go?”

“As deep as I can.”

“How deep is that?”

“It all depends.”

“On what?”

“On how deep you want to be taken.”

What follows is a mutually racy attraction that results in lots of flirting and having fun in crystalline, blue waters, wearing bikinis and board shorts under pink, Key West sunsets, and on private, secluded islands. And just as any good summer read should, Key West will have you needing a cool dip in your own pool or shore because things will heat up quickly between our deep diving Edward and his vacationing Bella.

Key West is Rated M for lots of lemons to squeeze into your Mojitos while reading and will be a total of 15 chapters with one epilogue. It will be told almost entirely in Bella’s POV, with one chapter towards the end in Edward’s POV. We’ll be posting daily Mondays through Fridays! Hope you all enjoy!

Summary: Bella is 5 minutes away from what’s to be her happiest day – when a phone call changes it all. Frustrated and pissed-off, she embarks on a 10 day vacay to Key West, hoping for some space in which to clear her head, but when she meets the cocky, flirty and sexy-as-sin diving instructor, her plans take a much steamier turn. Romance/Friendship – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete 


We are so honoured to have PattyRose with us today. Thanks Patty!  We can’t wait to read Key West *runs off to read first chapter*

See you all again soon,



  1. Paula says

    Okay, I love Patty’s work, but she had me at………..”Yeah. I’m the best there is at going down and going deep…” *THUD*

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