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Every once in a while a fic comes along that stops you in your tracks. It grabs your heart in a vise and has you marking off the days until it updates. Walk With Me? by Windchymes, is one of those fics! An unexpected twist makes this plot unique, and we are stunned by the simplicity of it.

We welcome Edward’s Eternal to share her love for Windchymes and Walk With Me?


walk with me
Made by Edward’s Eternal

“I have an idea.”


I could feel Windchymes smirk clear across the ocean as she told me about her idea. I knew she was sitting in front of her laptop, mango in hand, her brain going a mile a minute.

“A twist on New Moon.”

“Oooh. Do tell.”

And thus it began.

What if it was Bella’s choice to leave?

What if she decided she wasn’t good for him? That he deserved a life with less stress and having to deal with the constant worry about her safety?

What if it was her who asked him to go for a walk and then tore her heart out by saying goodbye?

Because she believed it was best—for him.

**Chapter one excerpt**

I reminded myself again why I was doing this.

I thought of Edward’s soul.

“I’ve been thinking too. A lot.” My throat felt like it was closing over and I swallowed hard. “And I think…I’m going to Jacksonville. To my Mom.”

Edward shifted. He sank his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “You need a break?”

“No. Not a break. I’m leaving and…I’m not coming back.”

Understanding dawned across his face, there was a flash of something in his eyes, but then it was gone. “I see,” he said. His eyes were suddenly empty, his face a smooth mask – the shutters had come down. “Are you doing this because you think it’s what I want?”

My nails dug into my palms and somehow the pain kept me focused. I dug harder.

“No. It’s what I want. You’ve been right all along. There’s no place for me in your world, last night proved that to me.”

I got shivers reading that part—feeling Bella’s pain, knowing why she was doing this. Why she is allowing the person she loves the most to walk away from her.

But that isn’t the end of the story. The universe has other ideas for our couple.

Windchymes writes an amazing Bella and Edward. Complex, mature and well-developed.

Every time she thinks she has emptied that clever head of hers with ways of retelling their love story, some other brilliant idea pops up.

Because that’s what she is—brilliant.

Windchymes has a way of writing a story that draws you in; hook, line and sinker every time. She is the master of small details and creating a story so rich and full you never want it to end.

She says four chapters is all she has planned. Four wonderful chapters to prove to Bella and us that her intentions are perhaps not what the universe and fate had planned for her and Edward.

Knowing my lovely WC, there is a chance it may be a chapter or two longer. Perhaps not. But I do know four chapters or more it will be a wonderful tale and one you will read again and again.

Edward’s Eternal aka Melanie Moreland

Summary: Bella makes a decision she believes is for the best, but it seems the universe doesn’t agree. Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Our thanks and love go to sweet Melanie. MWAH!

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  1. Paula says

    Can’t wait to read it! I’m new to Windchymes” writing *gasps*! I know, but I guess this will pop my WC cherry:)

    Thanks, Ladies!

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