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Week after week we squeee like schoolgirls when we hear of a new fic on the horizon, or another friend is chatting and wants to tell us all about a fic they’re in love with… Gems and treasures that we’re always excited to share with you… This week, yet again, we’re blessed!

Please say hello and welcome to Ericastwilight and Kyla713, under the guise of PlotBunnyWranglers, who we’re thrilled to have start this week’s post…

Made by Mina
Made by Mina Rivera

Our initial intent for this story was that, after several one-shots written together, as well as a multi-chaptered T-rated AU, we wanted to write a short, all human multi-chapter fic together. Stupid Volvo Owner has been a blast to write, but we also wanted something with a little more freedom than the T-rating would allow, as well as not having the stricter guidelines before going too OOC or straying from canon too much. And also, more on the adult end of the spectrum.

After a recent Rob Pattinson photoshoot, we were hit with a mutual inspiration for just such a story. We wanted our characters to be professionals and career driven in a setting that was smart, but also allowed for pre-existent UST. We put them in a position where things could change for the better, only if they’re willing to risk it all to take it. A few ideas and several hours of phone conversations later, architects Bella and Edward were born. They have since continued to bloom and develop into characters that we have absolutely fallen in love with.

Everything from their personalities to the draw they feel for each other, and little moments we have discussed that have made us laugh, or our hearts clench, and we hope our readers will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed piecing them and this story together. We can’t wait to share it all with them!

Chapter Two teaser:

“Dear God, please tell me that’s for me,” Bella whispered as she sat down, going for the cup of black coffee first. She dropped her iPad and her purse on the seat beside her, her eyes closed as she drank deeply. Her dark brown eyes popped open on the second sip and met his.

She nodded and settled her mug on the table. “Of all days to be greeted by damn sunshine in Seattle, it has to be when I’m hung over.”
Edward sat back and watched she popped a piece of bacon in her mouth and moaned. He shifted in his seat and busied his hands by grabbing the salt and pepper. “Last night you were adamant that you weren’t drunk.”

She cocked a slim eyebrow and held up her fork. “I haven’t eaten anything, and that cup of coffee is only halfway done. I’m still feeling stabby right now.” To prove her sharp point, her left eye twitched—a sign of a pounding headache.
He held up his hands and tried to keep the smile off his face. His attempt must not have been believable because she stabbed at his plate.

PlotBunnyWranglers aka ericastwilight and Kyla713

Summary: Strong Foundations » When an amazing opportunity finally comes up to have everything they want, will they take it? Can they remain professional for the sake of success? Celebrating never felt so good.



Made by Marie Carro
Made by Marie Carro


When I think back to that morning now, so many years later, I can still feel the fear and embarrassment I felt back then. If I’d known then about the consequences of one careless night, I’d have hidden in my bed in hopes of making it all go away.

But I didn’t know. And that’s a good thing. Fate was actually on my side. Instead of pushing me into something I had to get through alone, it provided me with friends and a family who’ve been by my side ever since. And it brought me close to the man who turned out to be my destiny.

Our beginning isn’t a tale to tell at a casual get together, but it’s our story and we’re proud of it, because, if things hadn’t happened like that, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

After reading this intriguing Prologue in BPOV, we were interested to see what Two Blue Lines by Payton79 was all about. Then, after reading all posted chapters, we discovered a captivating romance dealing with the “consequences of one careless night” between an Editor, who normally lives by the straight and narrow, and a Doctor, who is trying to please everyone in his life but himself. Both decide to “live a little” but what they create in the interim may just change their lives forever…

Ten minutes later, looking at a plastic stick with two blue lines on it, I knew that, in fact, nothing was okay or would be okay again in the foreseeable future.

Summary: Two Blue Lines » Bella, a good girl, was dumped by her long-time boyfriend. Edward, a young doctor, is feeling suffocated by his father’s plans. Waking up next to a stranger is a shock for a good girl. Seeing the girl of your dreams run out on you the morning after sucks for a nice guy. What if two blue lines will bind the two together for life? What if they can’t even remember how they came to be? Romance Rated M Edward/Bella



offside_pubFirst, let me declare a deep partisanship when it comes to this particular new book by one of the Twilight fandom’s favourite authors, Shay Savage. As a fanfiction, it was the story which prompted my own foray into writing, when Shay asked her readers to come up with a one-shot describing how they would like to kill off one of the main characters – one so heinous, that the response to that call produced a flood of psychopathic inventiveness, mine included.

Notwithstanding the above, this at first appears to be little more than a high school romance – a sort of sexed-up Young Adult novel. However, as with all Ms Savage’s work, Offside is not just a tale of teenage passion and angst, but an exploration of altogether darker themes, including parental abuse. Thomas Malone is the star goal-keeper of his school soccer team, and his father, Lou, is a surgeon at the local hospital, as well as being the town’s ambitious and possibly crooked Mayor. He is single-minded in pushing his son to achieve fame and fortune via his sporting talent, and brutal in the execution of his grand plan. The fact that Edward is as captivated by Shakespeare and sketching as he is by penalty shoot-outs is an annoyance to his father, so much so that Edward has to go to great lengths to hide his artistic and literary yearnings.

At eighteen, Thomas’s future seems to be set in stone, along with his attitude to women and sex, which, in the absence of his deceased mother and encouraged by his father, veers towards the latter’s own vile misogyny. That is, until the beautiful and athletic Nicole Skye, daughter of the town’s sheriff, arrives in school, turning all his preconceived notions about girls on their head. Unfortunately, Thomas’s less than loving father sees Nicole as a distraction, demanding that his son “fuck her and dump her”, leading to heartbreak for these two young protagonists.

In the hands of any other author, this may well just be a simple tale of ‘boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back’, but Shay Savage always has a few dark twists and turns with which she keeps her readers on their toes, as well as the edge of their seats. Into the mix she throws a horrific event and a dreadful secret, both of which will turn Thomas’s life upside down and threaten his very survival. Told entirely from Thomas’s perspective, the sometimes bleak storyline is, as always, tempered by Ms Savage’s sharp and playful wit, making Offside such a joy to read. I loved it as a fanfiction, and found it equally captivating second time round as a published novel.


Available to purchase at:  Author’s site.

One Under The Radar

Made by christagbanners
Made by christagbanners

We have a feeling this WiP Burn Notice by ifyouweremine is truly gonna burn…and we want more! The author says, “This is a bit taboo with a twenty-something Edward and a teen, consenting-aged Bella,” and we say, “Oh, yes, bring it on!”

As the Prologue begins the story, it brings us right into an intense altercation in a car between two people – who we assume are Edward and Bella. Then, in chapter 1, we jump back in time, three months, where the story is set up. And by chapter 3, where Bella and her best-friend Alice attend a summer vacation beach-house party, under the false pretense of being legal age, things heat up in the story quickly…

A few beers later, I’m slow dancing with some guy named Brett; he’s behind me, hands on my hips. My eyes are closed, wishing it was Edward.

All night, I’ve stolen glances at him; a few times I’ve caught him looking back, but we haven’t spoken since he carded me.

I’m swaying back and forth, lost in the song and thoughts of Edward when Brett’s hands leave my body, returning with a tighter grip. But his cologne is different yet familiar, and I realize it isn’t Brett anymore; it’s Edward.

“Having fun?” He asks.

I don’t answer him aloud but rest my head against his chest, backing up closer while we move in perfect unison to the music.

“You like Brett?”

I slowly shake my head.

His lips skim my ear; his hot breath makes me shiver, sending tingles throughout my body.

“Bathroom, upstairs, end of the hallway,” he whispers. “Don’t keep me waiting too long.”

And if you are thinking what we think you’re thinking…then you are going to want to keep reading this scorching chapter and beyond. Mmmh! Time will tell if ‘burn’ refers to more than the hotness in this fic. Either way, we say – enjoy the burn!

Summary: Burn Notice » The last days of summer. Two weeks of freedom. One lie. What could possibly go wrong? Canon couples AH-OOC  Romance/Drama Rated M Edward/Bella WIP



Made by Mina Rivera
Made by Mina Rivera

I have been reading and doing beta work for LyricalKris for a couple of years now. It’s a fascinating process to see the wheels turn up close and personal. So when she popped up with a new story, I was thrilled. The premise was intriguing and contains one of my all time favorite fiction tropes: rediscovering an old love. In other words catching the one that got away.

Kris is great with characters that contain well-loved canon and still do entirely unexpected things. In this case, poor Edward doesn’t quite know what to make of this new Bella. He has come across a certain website with beautiful young woman who looks exactly like his high school crush. When they meet in present time, he sees a lot of the things that captured his interest in high school and is also fascinated and slightly freaked out by her secret life in the…hmmm… shall we say ‘adult’ entertainment industry. Will he be able to reconcile these two seemingly unrelated Bellas? I can’t wait to find out.

Kris’s dialogue is one of best parts of her writing, and this fic proves no exception. Some of the funniest (well aside from some of Edward’s hilarious internal monologues) are interactions with his twin sister Alice, who pulls no punches when it comes to letting her brother know exactly what she thinks. Read: Effective verbal skewering. :)

It’s early on, only 3 chapters in and for once I have no idea where we are going. However, I trust Kris to take me exactly where I want to be. Jump on board and fasten your seat belts. This could be a wild ride.

Songster (51)

Summary: Angel Is A Centerfold » The Madonna-whore complex. The idea that women’s sexual expression is limited to being virginal or being degraded. Or lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets? Pffft. Where’s the fun in that?  Romance Rated M Bella/Edward WIP


One Liners From You

  Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form!

AnnieC3: Glycerine by Livie79 – This is one of the most amazeballs Actorwards I’ve ever read! And it’s got a character I normally love, but this time I loved to hate!

Summary: Glycerine: Sweet, clear, odorless…harmless, unless mixed with the wrong ingredients. When Bella decided to fulfill a fantasy, Edward was happy to oblige. No strings, no obligations. But when their paths cross months later, a spark is ignited and the tables are turned. Will the highly combustible mixture of lust and love survive or create an explosion that will destroy them both? Romance/Angst Rated M Edward/Bella

Liz: Can I rec Cadillac by thisisreallyhappening? It’s a wip, but really good!

Summary: He once told me I stared at the sun too long. “You keep looking, Dimples, and you’re gonna miss the one thing that rises and shines for you.” He was right. Angst/Romance Rated M Edward/Bella WIP

Milkyo: As Children After Play  by Cris ~ A contemporary gothic story that blew me away.

Summary: I’ve been reading a lot of Evil! Charlie stories here lately and thought I’d try my own. Canon pairings, Cullens are vampires. There will be smut; I like smut. Kick-ass big sister Rosalie and possessive Edward. Hurt/Comfort/Romance Rated M Edward/Bella Complete

Thanks to AnnieC3, Liz and Milkyo for sharing those recs. with us today. :) Keep them coming in to us!


Made by Cared
Made by Cared

Kimberley Diamond began life as an entry to the Mine to Mark contest in early 2013. I wanted to write a Possessiveward I felt good about fancying, and was incredibly happy to find other people fancied him too (he won me some awards, and I’m still really proud of him for it).

My setting was a once remote but rapidly growing diamond mining town in the Northern Cape, or what was at the time Griqualand. The Griquas were a group of mixed heritage people, of mainly Dutch, Hottentot and Sotho origin. They have long since been absorbed into the cultural kaleidoscope of modern day South Africa, so they were fascinating to explore. (Oops, a bit of History Geek showing there, sorry! I promise my historical fiction, while well-researched, isn’t the teachy kind). The Cullens are European settlers – Carlisle was originally Irish, and Elizabeth, the boys’ deceased mother, German. The family settled down to farm, but when diamonds were discovered, Edward and Jasper staked their gem-rich claims.

So, I had my setting – hot, wild, dangerous Africa; and I had my boys – hot, wild and dangerous to villains, LOL – I just needed to bring in the girls. And that’s what the story revolves around. Each chapter explores how the 5 couples find each other against spectacular odds (there is a surprise couple in there too), beginning with Possessiveward and his exceptionally brave Bella.

I want to say that writing this story felt like wrestling a bear, but there are no bears in Africa. I loved exploring all of the Cullens’ stories, because each member of the family became very real and individual to me. But every chapter also brought me a new challenge that was somehow reflected in the real world, so I wrestled. It seems crazy to have taken over 18 months to write six chapters, but I hope they bring some sparkle (and quite a lot of M rating) to a little known place and time, where people are just the same as you and me, but with wild rhinos and leopards. And no indoor plumbing.


Summary: Kimberley Diamond » Historical fiction, but not what you expect. In Kimberley, a diamond mining town in the Northern Cape, South Africa, 1872, a frontier bride meets her very certain destiny. An award winner in the Mine to Mark contest 2013, this is PossessiveWard my style. Romance Rated M Edward/Bella Complete



Made by Mina Rivera
Made by Mina Rivera

I went to the fair in my city a couple weeks ago. I’d only ever been to one fair before that, the Minnesota State Fair, which if you have a chance to attend, you should. They have busts of the local pageant winners carved out of butter. And lots of food on a stick.

Coincidentally, the day I go to get my Deep Fried Twinkie and Red Velvet Funnel Cake (thanks @ltlerthqak for that recommendation), I get an email with a document attached from The Fic Chick titled “This one will not make you cry.” If you’ve read Infinite Visibility or Objects in a Mirror, you know that lots of her words, while beautiful, are tear-inducing. (And please do not even get me started on No Beginning and No End. It’s been a year since I read it, and I still can’t talk about it.) That said, there is a moment in this O/S where a sno-cone made me cry while beta’ing it. (But PMS. So don’t worry.)

The Prettiest Regret is a story so many of us can identify with. Bella leaves her small town for college, and when she comes back on her first-year summer break, she finds that she’s outgrown her town and her life. She struggles with her mother’s attempts at asserting an authority she’s lost over her now-independent daughter. She finds the day-to-day existence in Forks to be stultifying.

She winds up at the fair, and on a whim, decides to take a ride on the Ferris wheel, despite her mother’s lifelong assertion that Bella is afraid of heights. The young man operating it is sucking on a lollipop. And…yeah, I’ll let your imagination take you from there. The highlight of the story, for me, led me to leave The Fic Chick this margin note: “I can’t use an emoji here. But assume I placed one here and it’s me with my mouth wide open. Two for you, Bella Swan.”

This is a lovely, fun, poignant, summer story. One that won’t make you cry. Unless you have a fear of awesomeness. Or funnel cake. It’s a one-shot. But, as I told The Fic Chick, “Maybe it’s a two-shot. I mean…what could it hurt?”

She hasn’t responded to my email…


Summary: The Prettiest Regret » He looks like summer. He looks like freedom. He looks like the best kind of bad idea. Romance Rated M Edward/Bella O/S Complete


Thank you! Thank you to all of our fabulous guests, Songster, FluffyLiz, HolettLA, Mina, ericastwilight and Kyla713 ~ show them all some love! To our lovely readers, thank you too, we’re overwhelmed with how many of you are here with us…do tell authors the FicSisters sent you. We’re very lucky in this fandom, so share some love! MWAH!

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