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Made by Ana
Made by Ana

Edward is so often portrayed as the embodiment of physical perfection, often brooding, damaged, or masterful. I wanted to mix it up a bit by portraying him as a bit more ‘normal’ and a little dorky – certainly in Bella’s eyes. I’ve always been a sucker for a cute guy in glasses! The story revolves around Bella shooting a sexy calendar for Eclipse magazine, so a lot of readers expected Edward to show up as one of the male models. They were pleasantly surprised when instead he appears as Bella’s geeky assistant.

This is the first fanfic I have written and I was surprised how organically the story and characters evolved for me. I can’t remember where the idea came from exactly – I guess the idea of writing about 12 Twi-guys modelling naked just appealed to me for some reason! I had thought the lemony bits would be most fun to write, but actually I particularly enjoyed writing the cute scenes between Bella and Edward as they start to get to know each other better. I had never pegged myself as a very romantic person, but I found myself falling in love as unexpectedly as our protagonists.

I had so much fun playing around with the supporting cast of characters – from Rosalie with her outrageous sex tips, to Dr. Carlisle and his ‘hot’ encounter with Bella (readers will know what I mean by ‘hot’!), to Edward’s gay best friend Leah and her stoner flatmate, Eric.

The story has also been translated into French (Calendrier D’Hommes by Lijuma) and as a French speaker myself, it’s been great to read my words written in another language.

I had always planned for Calendar Guys to be a light-hearted romp and I hope readers find it as funny, sexy and warm as I have intended it to be.


Summary: Photographer Bella is heartbroken after her break up from Mike, but her best friend Rosalie has a plan to cheer her up – shooting a sexy calendar for Eclipse magazine. Lots of lemony fun! Featuring Bella, Edward and a whole feast of lovely Twi-guys! Rated M Canon Pairing  AH Complete



Made by Shahula
Made by Shahula

When asked to pick a favourite story of my own, my mind immediately went to a story that I’m sure many may find surprising. But for me, Glimpses has always been what I consider to be my best work and despite not being a highly popular fic, I hold it dear to my heart for all the ways it made me grow as a writer.

Originally written for the Quote Me Contest as a one-shot, I posted the story in small chapters so readers could truly get the feel of a glimpse; just a brief peek into the characters lives at one small moment in time. Each glimpse builds the story of Bella and Edward as a couple, spanning the length of their time together.

My hope was that I could capture the life of a couple, fully show their love and struggles, and do it all within just a thousand or less words per chapter. At the time of writing, I’d never seen or heard of a drabble fic, so this was a completely new idea for me and one I think I did rather well with this story.

Here is a snippet for you to decide:

Edward slips into the room, dropping quietly to his knees in front of her.
In supplication.

In devotion.

She is the goddess his heart has devoted itself too. To her dreams, her wishes, her desires. Her needs are placed above his own.

Bella has him, whole and completely.

He raises his hand to touch the silk strands of her chestnut hair, pushing it back behind her ear. He needs to see her face without the thick curtain of silk. No obstructions.

His eyes tenderly trace each line that has begun to etch itself into her skin. Laughter lines frame her closed eyes. The proof of smiles is being softly engrained in the planes of her cheeks.

A few worry lines are dipping into the expanse of her face. Those are his fault, and he hates knowing the truth of it. He moves his finger across them, urging them to retreat and stay hidden. To never have existed.

To never have caused her hurt. Discomfort. Worry.

She inhales deeply then turns her face into his palm. A wistful smile dances across her still plump lips before she puckers and kisses the warm skin of his hand.

Only the barest hint of dark brown eyes shimmer at him before they are hidden behind sleepy eyelids once again. He smiles and cups the face of his angel for a moment longer before whispering a kiss against her forehead.

Glimpses is brief, but I fully believe worth the read. Of all my stories, it is the one I go back and re-read. For me, that’s saying something. I hope you will enjoy it as well.


Summary: Glimpse- noun: A very brief, passing look, sight, or view. “These are the snapshots of marriage, stopped in places.”-Anne Sexton. Rated: M AH Romance Edward & Bella Complete



Made by CodesTwiLife
Made by TwiWifeLife

Trouble often comes in many different forms in our lives, and in first-time author, Breyzie1478’s story, for her mature, 32 year-old Bella, it comes in the forms of a cheating, insulting ex-husband; exuberant but sweet 4-year-old son C.J.; and most recently that of the unwanted attentions of a sexy, hard-to-resist, tattooed bartender…

“I’m sorry, but really, it’s never going to happen.”

“And just why not? What’s so wrong with me anyhow?” Edward asked.

“For one, I’ve been informed that you’ve never been in a serious relationship, yet you’re never lonely, if you get my drift. And the only reason you want to go out with me so badly is because I keep refusing. It’s an ego thing and has absolutely nothing to do with liking me. My life is complicated enough without playing games like that.”

I hadn’t meant to say all of that, especially in front of his mother, but he didn’t really leave me much of a choice in the matter. I felt my face, neck, and chest flush red with a blush, but met his eyes to let him know I was serious.

“And who says I’m playing a game. I like you and want to take you out; it’s as simple as that.”

I couldn’t help it. I rolled my eyes because he was so full of shit.

But, is he? We’re not convinced… So, does Edward have the power to soften this sassy, strong Bella and reduce the “Trouble” in her complicated life? Well, we’ll just have to see as we enjoy this amusing and romantic journey to find out. Especially since Edward’s loving but overly-interested family have taken a shine to Bella and C.J. Oh, and Bella’s plan to douse “professed manwhore” Edward’s fire only served to stoke the flames – sounds like trouble with a capital T!

Summary: A sassy single mother, the little boy that rules her world, and a tattooed bartender that gets blindsided by them both. Bella/Edward. Good times, not-so good times, and everything in between. Romance Tattward & Momella Rated:MA WiP



Made by Claudia
Made by Claudia

Saritadreaming warns, “This is an AH Dystopian that may deal with unpleasant and dark matters.”

In a moment, life changes. Between the lines of life lie fuses waiting to be lit, leading to explosions with the potential to carve out crevices or craters. Sometimes the new landscape is welcome, and sometimes it’s so far from okay—and yet we manage to go on.

If you read the summary alone you might be fooled into believing this story, A Measure of Grace, is bleak – but it’s not. All right, it is – but there’s so much more to it than that. Saritadreaming immerses the readers into this raw, post-apocalyptic version of Nova Scotia, to not only see through Bella’s eyes, to smell her relief and fear, but also to feel her loves and losses; her peaks and troughs as they flow erratically through her veins.

Bella is one of the lucky survivors, though, perhaps ‘lucky’ is not the best or most accurate word to use as the world she exists in has a frighteningly sparse vestige of humanity. There’s no clicking her heels; she’s not in Kansas now; life, such as it is, has to be faced head on. At first, her only companion is a canine she named ‘Grace’ – someone to be strong for and to share her vulnerability with, then along comes Max. Max has a secret…more than one. His small revelations only serve to further tease the reader. Somehow, the more questions he answers the more are raised. Saying he has an air of mystery about him is something of an understatement.

And yes, this is an Edward and Bella story – perhaps, even with the fear, moments of levity, sadness, hope, mystery and UST, it’s an Edward and Bella love story we long to read.

Summary: A virus sweeps over the earth, killing man and man’s best friend. For the few survivors, the nightmare is just beginning. Who set the virus free, and how far will the remains of the government go to find a cure? An innocent girl, a fiercely loyal dog, a jaded man with a past. Can they survive this new world and its secrets? AH Drama Romance Rated:M Alice & Jasper Bella & Edward WiP


One Liners From You

 Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form!

Erroneous78: Soul by Denverpopcorn ~ I just stumbled upon the most beautiful fic. Seriously, this story had me captivated from start to finish. It’s an oldie but an oh-so-blummin-well goodie. If you haven’t read ‘Drift’ by Denverpopcorn, do so!

Summary: Meet Edward Cullen, boy next door, dreamer, and self-proclaimed virgin. Take a journey with him as he heads out in search of The One. AH. EPOV Drama/Romance Rated: M Edward & Bella WiP

Fran. S Walsh: Heart’s Desire (Ceanothus gloriosus) by daisyandphoebe ~ Words such as the following are meant to be read and savored; it’s a story about the awakening of what was hidden inside of us for far too long.

‘Is it possible for us to do with our lives what we can with our gardens? Dig out the bits that have more control than they should, the dying and rotting bits, the stagnant bits, and brighten it all up with what we love, desire, need. Let all of the new take root.’

Summary: Bella’s life, predictable and streaked with poor timing, can use a re-landscape. The decision to make some changes brings with it an old friend. The boy who had pulled up a chair, opened a sketch pad, and infiltrated her mind for four years stands, now a man, behind her screen. But inviting him in is not as simple as opening the door. Romance/Drama Rated: M Bella & Edward WiP

Mina Rivera: A Light in the Darkness by JenRar ~ This story was quite emotional, but beautifully written with a lot of respect and sentiment to an event that shocked not only a nation, but the entire world. Definitely a must read…with booze and tissues at hand.

Summary: On one of history’s darkest days, Edward finds his other half. Bella wakes to find that her guardian angel may just be a figment of her imagination. A journey of two lost souls as they find the light when darkness surrounds them. Romance/Hurt/Comfort Rated: M Edward & Bella Complete

Our thanks to Erroneous78, Fran. S Walsh, and Mina Rivera for submitting these reader recs. :)


DRAW ME IN. BANNERDraw Me In, the newest fic from Prolific Novice, is a different from the author’s other fic, Alone, as chalk is from cheese. Perhaps, in this case, we should say as celestial beings are from musicians – from supernatural to humour.

At this stage, the story is a mere six chapters in, and despite a very nice image of Edward in the spotlight, which has been painted by our inner eye, it’s this unique Bella who steals the show. The saying about the quiet ones being the ones to watch is proving to be true.

Written with an authentic taste of life on the other side of the Pond, but with universal appeal, as our awkward and anti-social Bella catches the eye of the lead singer. Rosalie describes said owner of the raw, rich and rough voice as having “piss poor hair”, but we prefer how Bella views him…

He is undoubtedly the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen. Although, by the stubble dusting his very angular jawline, it’s probably a mistake to call him a boy. And I don’t reckon he’d be too appreciative of me referring to him as pretty, either.

But really.

Just . . . really.

Draw Me In is fun and fluff, and if you will pardon the pun, it’s hits the right note with us. Having said that, it does have a serious side, as Bella is struggling to overcome insecurities and deep anxiety, but deals with it in a humourous way. One of the many reasons we already love her.

The FicSisters are proud to be groupies – please join us!

Summary: She hates crowds, he causes them. He’s looking for the one, while she’s just looking for the nearest exit. “You humble me.” “Yeah, well. Alice and Rose don’t care about you, either. Go be humbled by them.” Set in England, awkward hilarity and fluff. Updates (at least) every other day. Romance/Humor Rated: T Edward & Bella WiP




It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Mary Whitney, loving her political romances as well as her fantastic Heart series. Like many of her readers, not only did I adore the story of Adam Kincaid and his long-lost-love, Nicki, but I also found myself falling head over heels for Adam’s cousin, David Bate, a cheeky Londoner with a heart of gold.

So I was absolutely delighted when Mary asked me to be one of her beta-readers for her latest release, No Ordinary Bloke—which tells the story of David and Allison Wright—the consummate bachelor and the girl who manages to steal his heart.

The first thing to say about David is that he’s hilarious. There are some authors who can really capture a male point of view and Mary Whitney is certainly one of them. His thoughts and comments not only seem true to life, but also made me laugh out loud at times. A charmer who loves the company of women, David begins the book in no rush to settle down, enjoying a bachelor lifestyle along with the occasional company of sexy, intelligent women.

And then he meets Allison on a business trip. A beautiful American redhead, Allison is amused by David’s attentions, but as she’s already in a relationship with a co-worker, she sees no future for them except as friends. But as they grow closer, friendship morphs into something stronger and more passionate—leaving them both with decisions to make. But the path of true love never did run smoothly, and nor does David and Allison’s shaky relationship. And though I’m loathe to disclose much more of the plot, suffice to say that as well as laughing out loud, I found myself wiping away a tear or two.

As with all her books, Mary Whitney combines excellent writing with fantastic characters, spinning a tale that kept my eyes glued to the page and a smile fixed on my mouth. Even after the end of the book I found myself thinking about David and Allison, and keeping my fingers crossed that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of them and the Kincaids. Now I just need to persuade Mary to write some more about them!

Chocaholic123 aka Carrie Elks

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One Shots

Made by moosals
Made by moosals

The Fourth Floor, by RobzBeanie, recently won Judges’ first place overall story winner, and was the favorite story of Marvar, Cosmogirl, BellaFlan, Cappy, Nolebucgrl, and CarrieZM, in the Wonkyward Contest. They were looking for any kind of silly, nerdy, shy, funny, and/or awkward Edwards in this contest. Basically, to sum it up in one word… ADORKABLE! It’s no wonder then that RobzBeanie won the above accolades, as her Edward is all that and more. Throw in sweet, adorable, sexy without even trying, and you have her Edward to a T. Should you need any more enticement to read this one shot, think Rob word vomit, and his err…unique dress sense, holy, holely t-shirt and all. 😉

Summary: Twenty-five-year-old Bella gets far more than she bargained for after a visit to the fourth floor of her company’s office. Can Edward show her that appearances can be deceiving? Romance/Humor Rated: M Bella & Edward O/S


Our thanks to go Popsicle99 and Shahula for joining us for the first time. You are both lovely and it’s been a pleasure to have you visit. Thanks also to the sweet Chocaholic123, our resident book reviewer. Last, but most definitely not least, thanks to each and every one of you for reading.

FicSisters x

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