High Heels & Hard Drives

Oh my! When we heard Sarge’s Girls were back in business, we were beside ourselves. What a week this will be!

Thanks to two lovely authors, Deb and Jen for giving us the lowdown on what’s sure to become our newest obsession…


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How High Heels & Hard Drives came about:

Over the summer, Jenny had a tech guy come out to her house to fix her internet. Just around the same time, Deb had a guy come into work to fix something that was broken there. We immediately had to chat with each other both times because they were so hot (Shh! We each secretly took a picture so we could share it with each other and drool! LOL), and we thought that would make a great story…thus Edward became the sexy, tatted, pierced tech support guy at Bella’s office. The story is short but sweet. One chapter a day, 8 chapters total, including the epilogue. There’s a bit of humor, a lot of flirtation, a few vampire jokes…and of course a hot and sexy Drotuno lemon. Like always, Deb wrote Edward’s chapters, while Jenny wrote Bella’s. Edward is a bit shy at the beginning but you quickly see the sexy man he truly is; Bella is strong, sexy, and confident. Together, they sizzle right from the start. There’s no Carlisle or Esme in this fic, but Alice and Jasper, as well as Rose and Emmett, are couples and show up multiple times in the story.

Teaser for chapter 2:

Glancing up to her, I then followed her gaze as someone new stepped out of the elevator, wearing the uniform of khaki pants and a maroon polo shirt with the magazine’s name and logo stitched on the upper left chest. I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping. At least six feet tall, the man was gorgeous. He had hair that looked more auburn than brown, and when he reached up to rake one hand through it, it was easy to tell why it looked disheveled. From across the room, I couldn’t see the color of his eyes, but I could see his strong jaw, kissable lips, and eyebrows that were just thick enough to be manly without making him look like a gorilla. But what I found sexiest was the ink I could see, even from where I was sitting – tattoo on his right bicep. I loved it when guys had ink.

Alice waved her hand – still frowning – to show that we were the ones with the problem.

When he got up close, he was even sexier. His eyes were green – a muted green with hints of brown – and his eyelashes were so long that I was envious. There was a bump on his nose, but it only added to the perfection. And his ink… His right arm had a black curl of ink with a hint of red peeking out just beneath the sleeve of his shirt. It wasn’t enough to make out what the whole image was, but it was enough to make me check my chin for drool.

When he spoke, my stomach flipped and I had to clench my thighs together to stop the tingling between my legs.

“You called about a problem with your printer?”

We’re really pleased with this little short story, and it was so much fun writing together again. We hope you enjoy!

Sarge’s Girls (Drotuno & JenRar)

Summary: A new job, a fresh start. Edward Cullen is the new IT tech at Volturi Magazine. A printer jam on the fourth floor his first day introduces him to Bella Swan, a gorgeous brunette with long legs, short skirt, and killer high heels. This new job could be more than he bargained for. If the payroll department doesn’t kill him, the view on the 4th floor surely will. AH/Canon couples. Romance. Edward/Bella. Rated M. WiP





Sarge’s Girls story images can be found here.

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Sarge’s Girls are really pleased with their story, and we are really pleased they shared it with us today.

They say, “We hope you enjoy!” We say, “We know we will!”

FicSisters x


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