Ode to a Nightingale

There is no more famous nightingale in the world than the memorable Florence Nightingale. But, for Edward Cullen, that all changed when one fateful night, he discovered his own…

Please welcome, Edward’s Eternal as she shares her new fic, My Nightingale.


Made by beffers
Made by Beffers87

First off, thank you once again to the FicSisters for the privilege of being part of this wonderful blog and the chance to talk about my new story.

I was at a loss of how to talk about this one actually. When talking to one of the lovely FicSisters they suggested I pretend to be talking to a friend about it—then the idea came up that maybe I should ask a friend about it. Someone who had preread it. So I sent Deb Drotuno a few questions. Once I read her reply I decided I really had little to add. She said it all perfectly—which is hardly a surprise since I adore her work. So all I will say is…welcome to the ride and I hope you enjoy.

You’ve been prereading the story, Deb. How would you describe it?

An emotional rollercoaster, and one I wasn’t sure I’d survive when I was told the premise. I’m not good with angst, but this was well worth every word I read.

From the very first chapter, the prologue, you’re sucked in. It starts in the present, and we meet a rather angry, bitter Edward that’s just returned from being away for a several months. He’s getting ready to go see someone who is about to get married. It’s an engagement party. However, she used to be his. And instantly, you feel for him. It happens in the blink of an eye. Honestly. Curiosity takes over, and you want to know how things go down from that point on.

Edward’s inner voice has a reverence to it concerning the beautiful girl he calls IzzyB. It’s breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time, because obviously things go…awry. We watch as he essentially crashes the party, expecting to be ejected at any moment, and we hold our breath as he finally sets eyes on her. He notes changes, unfamiliar demeanors, and finally, the blank stare she gives him.

Right then, it’s understood that not all is as it seems. This story is phenomenal. It takes you on a journey of one of the sweetest love stories I’ve had the honor of reading. We go back to the beginning and work our way to the present. It’s a tale of an amazing man that sees way more in his girl than anyone else around her, and he shows her just what she’s capable of doing, not only with him, but for herself, as well.

What’s your take on this Edward? Is there a characteristic about him you like in particular?

I adored this Edward. He’s smart and sweet, and he’s career-oriented, with a healthy appetite for adventure in his work. His photography has taken him all over the world, and it comes through in his feelings about things, about how he approaches situations, which also helps him see through pretentious people. His heart is pretty much on his sleeve the minute he meets IzzyB, and he makes no excuses or apologies. And that’s my favorite part about this Edward. He’s absolutely, hands down…shameless. He honestly doesn’t care what people think about him, his work, his ink, or his attitude. And truly, he has nothing to be ashamed of in the first place. He’s a gentleman, with a touch of a romantic deep down, and he relies on instinct for a lot of things, not to mention a firm grip on right and wrong.

Made by Beffers87
Made by Beffers87

Is there a particular scene that sticks out—your favorite as it were?

Oh, so many! These two will make you laugh, cry, and rage. But if I had to pick, it would be the day they met.

“Okay, Edward, try to open your eyes. They might be sore, but I have the lights low.”

Slowly, I opened the lids, blinking. My eyes felt as though they were coated in sandpaper, but I could see.


My eyes flew to the sound of the voice. Beside my bed was my nurse, Bella. The only light in the room was the one over the bed. She was bent low and close; her warm smile the first thing to greet me. Time seemed to stand still as I looked into a pair of eyes so blue, deep, and fathomless, they took my breath away. A small shock ran down my spine as I stared into their depth.

“How are the eyes?”

I cleared my throat. “Good. Yeah, ah, I can see. They’re a little sore.” I frowned. “So is my fu—” At the look on her face, I paused and reworded my statement. “Um…head.”

“I’m sure it is. You hit it very hard. I’ll finish cleaning it and then the doctor will come in and see you.” I relaxed into my pillow as she tended the cut on my head, wincing at the pain. “Sorry,” she whispered. “It’s pretty bad and you need stitches.” Drawing back, she glared at me. “What were you thinking standing on the ledge of that building? Do you realize what would have happened if you’d fallen forward, not sideways? A bad gash and a headache would’ve been the least of your troubles. You would have been road pizza!”

I chuckled at her description, and her bossiness. I studied her with my photographer’s eye, noticing so many details about her appearance, even with the soreness still lingering with my vision. She was a little thing, with pale, almost translucent skin, set off with dark hair she had pulled up into a ponytail. Her eyes were amazing—huge, and a deep, clear shade of blue—set in her elfin face; such a contrast to her dark hair it was startling. I knew, without a doubt, if the lighting was better, there would be freckles scattered over her nose and the full lips that were pursed in anger at me would be rosy and soft. Her hands were on her hips as she lectured me; a stance I was sure she thought made her look tough and serious. It completely failed, only making her more endearing. Used to no one ever taking notice of anything I did or how I did it, her worried care was almost…touching.

“I wasn’t standing, I was crouching,” I offered, unsure as to why I was trying to defend myself.

“You shouldn’t have been on that ledge!”

“I needed the shot. It was the right angle.”

Her brow furrowed as she went back to cleaning my head. “You’d risk your life? For a picture?”

I smirked. If only she knew—crouching on the wide ledge of a building was hardly dangerous stuff for me. I had only been doing it as a favor to my boss. “Here. Look.” I held up my camera, squinting as I flipped through the last few shots, holding it up for her to look at. All the sailboats lit up in the darkness, their lights reflecting mirror images on the flat water, were fantastic. “I wanted this shot.”

She paused in her ministrations and gazed at the photo in the viewfinder. “It’s lovely. But not worth risking your life.”

Without thinking, I wrapped my hand around hers and squeezed it. “My life was never at risk. Promise.” She continued to frown and I squeezed her hand again, the strange need to comfort her overwhelming. “I was perfectly safe. It’s my own fault. I should’ve removed the bag from my shoulder—it knocked me off balance. I wouldn’t have fallen over the edge.” I frowned. “I wouldn’t have even fallen if Seth hadn’t startled me and grabbed my leg.”

“He feels very bad about what happened.”


She shook her head. “Your shoulder is bruised and you have a nasty gash on your head. Probably a concussion as well. You’re going to feel it for a few days. Hope it was worth the picture.”

“Good thing I have you to look after me then, isn’t it?” I grinned at her and lowered my voice, my hand tightening on hers. “My very own Florence Nightingale.”

Looking down at our hands, she blushed.


I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a woman blush. I couldn’t remember the last time I found a woman so appealing. But there was something about her. Something that drew me in and made me want to be closer to her.

It has been a pure joy pre-reading this story – along with a bit of hand-holding on Edward Eternal’s part, simply because I’m a wuss about certain things. It’s a gorgeous story, filled with laughs and love, ups and downs. The journey is completely worth it.

Edward’s Eternal and Deb Drotuno

Nightingale: Edward, a photographer without roots, meets Bella, a nurse in the ER after a slight mishap. He is everything she isn’t allowed. She is everything he didn’t know he needed. Together they make their way, fighting against what threatens to separate them. Hurt/Comfort/Romance Rated: M Bella & Edward WiP



Oooh yes! The FicSisters are sold on this fic already!

Our thanks to sweet Edward’s Eternal, and the delightful Deb Drotuno – you ladies rock!

FicSisters xox 

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