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Welcome back, dear friends across the world! *Waves to readers in Japan, Mexico and Chile* Once again we hope you enjoy our box of delights…new WiPs to Complete fics and even a published OF. We’re thrilled to be joined by lovely guests, starting with the charming MidnightLove87.


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Would you like to spend a chilly, autumn evening warming up with an older Sportsward? Well, I would, and that is one reason why I wrote my newest fic, Offensive Maneuvers. For another, it is football season in the US, and for a gal who loves American football and a strong, fit, tattooed Edward in a sports uniform, really, what better way is there to enjoy a new fall read!

In Offensive Maneuvers you’ll see my love for American football and my fantasy come to life. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is the inspiration for this Edward. He’s a badass Quarterback who knows he’s good. I love watching him play and listening to him in after-game interviews; I appreciate his ‘tight end’ *wink*, and I thoroughly enjoy how confident he is, on and off the field, and I’ve tried to project all that and more into my story.

I’d like to thank the FicSisters for giving me this opportunity to introduce you to my newest Edward. I’m excited to share NFLward with you, and I hope you enjoy today’s first chapter, where we meet Edward Cullen, seasoned Patriots’ Quarterback extraordinaire, his mad skills, his stern Offensive Coach, his Patriots team, his small but mighty PR rep, and a bit of his feisty, cocky attitude. I’ll now give you a taste of what everyone is dealing with, when it comes to my very self-assured QBward…

“What on God’s green Earth was that shit out there, Cullen?” Alice screeches through the phone.

            “Me, being honest.”

            “Dammit, Edward! If everyone on the team doesn’t already hate you, they sure as shit are going to now.”

            “I can handle myself, Alice.”

            “I tend to think you can’t, since you just went on National television and made an ass out of yourself.”

            “No. That’s where you’re wrong. The team made an ass out of themselves. They played like shit, and if it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t have won.”

            “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph you’re truly full of yourself, aren’t you?”

            “If being honest is being full of myself, then I’m guilty. Sorry about that.”

            “Moving on, we need to do a massive clean-up for this shit.”

            I sigh audibly, gripping the wheel, as I try to rein in what I really want to say.

I can’t tell you what he’d really like to say, because Alice is reaming him out at the moment, but you can bet I’d be…honest. And since this is an Edward and Bella fic, and there is much more to the story than merely Edward and football, like some drama and romance to keep Edward “on point,” we’ll get to see just what young physiotherapy student Bella Swan, thinks of QBward and his…offensive maneuvers.

Thanks for reading, MidnightLove87 AKA Jessica Lee

Summary: It’s a new NFL season for New England Patriots’ seasoned Quarterback, Edward Cullen. But, is it going to be game-on as usual? With rookie players, a stern Offensive Coach, a bossy PR woman, and a student physiotherapist, who seems unaffected by his ‘charms’, Edward doesn’t think so. And his attitude reflects that – on and off the field.  However, as it’s said: “the Games must go on,” even if drastic offensive maneuvers must be put into play. E&B. Drama/Romance. Rated:M. 



Made by Ms. Ambrosia
Made by Ms. Ambrosia

It’s funny because so many people would say First or WWF/S are their favourites, or Sideline. The AH’s rule the fandom, but my favourite of mine is and I think always will be Taste of Innocence. It was my second fic and my first contest entry. I didn’t win but my Edward caught me and captivated me and I was unable to stay away from the story. He was my first cocky Edward; I call him the granddaddy to Cockyback in Sideline. The original Smugward.

I think the reason Taste is my favourite is because that Edward completely took me over and it almost felt as if he was telling the story. I’d lose myself in his character and his words and just have a blast writing the constant push and pull between him and Bella. Plus I really liked having this innocent girl turn the vampire’s entire world upside down with her refusal to bend to his will.

This Bella is quirky and has a temper and is stubborn as hell. The perfect foil to Edward. Her immediate refusal to eat like a vampire and demand that he figure out a way to feed her without her having to kill sent his world off it’s well-ordered axis. Plus, Edward’s reaction to the watching of Buffy and Vampire Diaries and such is still, to me, the funniest thing I’ve ever written. Racist vampire shows indeed! Throw in the Volturi watching and fighting over Buffy and, well, it’s insane but so much fun.

It was also my first fic where humor ended up ruling the story, even dark humor. I had a blast writing the darker side of being a vampire as well.

All of my characters hold a special place in my heart, but Smugs holds the biggest. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Summary: Edward Cullen longs to taste the blood of an innocent. He meets Bella Swan. Will desire for her override desire for her blood, or will he take both? Humor/Romance Rated: M Edward & Bella Complete



Banner by Mina Rivera
Banner by Mina Rivera

Something’s Gotta Give started life as Ericastwilight’s entry in the Ruggeddom Contest, and is now a fully-fledged WiP at four chapters and counting.

It’s set in a mountain village in the middle of nowhere California, where loner Edward has been living and to where get-away-from-it-all Bella has recently moved. Let’s share Bella’s first look at Mountainward…

The man stood at the high counter, glaring down at a tiny blonde nurse, hands on the surface, almost breathing fire at her. He was about six-three, with broad shoulders and a trim waist and hips. Thick thighs dressed in well-worn jeans, muddied from the work boots that came up to his knees. His biceps tested the stretching capability of the thermal, grey shirt he wore to its limits. She had a thing for nice arms and thighs.

“Can you tell me anything?” he asked briskly.

Bella’s gaze finally reached his face and was surprised to find a thick beard covering most of his jawline. Various colors adorned it, ranging from dark brown to auburn, and he looked like the perfect model for Mountain Man Magazine if there was such a thing. His hair was long on top, but shorter along the sides and back. It curled around his ears, and some of it fell over his left eye, giving him one hell of a sexy, manly quality.

He was the last thing she expected… Yet, he was beautiful in his own way.

The set up for a simple romance perhaps? No. Definitely not! Edward has chosen to cut himself off from all except his family; he lives in a mountaintop cabin almost an hour away from civilisation. Truth be told, his family packed up and followed to be closer to him. Bella…sweet, sweet Bella, is an oxymoron. Actually, this FicSister is not the only one to think so – Edward calls her a walking contradiction. He considers her a professional woman one minute, then showing her youth by getting drunk on his mother’s spiked, special lemonade the next. She is a woman with secrets, which is the serious side to her. Her lighter – almost humourous – side, is reflected in her complete lack of verbal filter.

We now have the framework for an intruiging, UST filled story with two lonely protagonists – both running in their own way. But, don’t worry, we have all that, plus the prospect of romance.

He hides away on a mountaintop. She tries to live life to the fullest. What happens when their worlds collide? The tension builds, and just as the title suggests – something’s gotta give!

Summary: Two troubled pasts that took different paths. She takes life by the horns and tries to live it to the fullest. He hides away on the mountaintop, rough all around. What happens when they meet? What happens when their worlds’ collide? Ruggeddom Contest Third Place Winner in the Public Vote! Romance/General Rated: M Edward & Bella WiP




It’s over twelve months since Cara Dee – known widely in the fandom as CaraNo – published her original fiction, Aftermath: the gripping story of Austin and Cam, kidnapped and subjected to a terrifying ordeal alongside eight other randomly-selected men. It goes on to tell the story of the two men struggling to make sense of their previous lives once they gain their freedom. It was such a memorable read, highly emotional and full of hope.

The much-awaited sequel, Outcome, is just as good. So, so good! Although it can be read as a stand-alone story, the benefits of having read Aftermath, and thereby understanding exactly what this group of men went through lends depth and insight to your reading experience. But, if you choose to avoid the dark details of the first book, Outcome will have its own impact.

Chase was another of the captives, living close by to Austin and Cam, having been befriended by them. Three years have gone by and it seems life is on an even keel. Chase has put the past firmly in its place, choosing not to dig too deep, but aware that he still has unanswered questions. The biggest is “why?”.

Remy has his own demons and is at his lowest point…but is it possible he could he provide some answers for Chase?

Their story is beautifully written; it’s easy to feel much for the two broken men. Both closed off to the world for different reasons, dealing with their torments in very different ways, but connected by one massive traumatic event. At moments, it’s heartbreaking, others achingly sweet, and, of course, this is Cara Dee, so hot-but-tender too!

As always, Cara provides a fabulous, very real, but totally likeable set of characters that support our boys through the trials of making sense of life. They have people on their side, fighting for them, as you will be too.

This FicSister finished the book with immense satisfaction, knowing that the story will linger for a long after the last page is turned. It’s a great read: a beautiful tale of living life through adversity, second chances, and love conquering all.

Summary: Outcome: Three years ago, Chase Gallardo ran toward freedom with his fellow survivors after having spent five months in captivity. He hasn’t stopped running since. Only now, it’s the memories he’s constantly trying to escape. Haunting echoes of a man who forced Chase to play the part of another, the kidnapper’s younger brother. Chase may have survived, but that doesn’t mean he’s really living. Until one day, when his employee tells him there’s a man sitting at the bar, wearing only underwear.

Remy Stahl has given up—almost. For a year, alcohol, drugs, and faces without names have kept him company. But he has two friends who refuse to give up on him, and they lock him up in his house in an attempt to save him from himself. But never underestimate an addict’s desire to see the bottom of another bottle. Remy escapes, and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass that he’s nearly naked.

This is the sequel to Aftermath, where Cam and Austin met, struggled, and fell in love. Outcome takes us back to Bakersfield with Chase and Remy’s story. Fueled by anger, guilt, and shame, they’re not off to an easy start. But it’s only a matter of time before they learn how much they need each other in order to move on.

This story contains some violence, drug use, and scenes of an explicit, erotic nature between two men and is intended for adults, 18+. Characters portrayed are 18 or older.

Cara Dee   Cara Dee on Amazon  Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon Aus

AftermathSummary: Aftermath: Austin Huntley and Cameron Nash are like night and day. One is a family man, works in a nice office, drives an expensive car, and is content to be content. The other one is an antisocial car mechanic with a short fuse.

Some things don’t change. Others definitely do. After surviving a five-month long kidnapping together, they struggle to return to normalcy, all while realizing that they’re more drawn to each other than they ever could’ve imagined.

“I know I’m not normal, but I’m not fucking stupid.”

“Define normal,” Austin countered quietly, meeting Cam in the doorway. “And for not being normal, you’re the only person in the world who makes sense right now. What does that say about me?”

Warning: This story contains violence and scenes of an explicit, erotic nature between two men and is intended for adults, 18+

One Liners From YouWant everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form!

Lizzie Sparkling: Beautiful People by belledame ~It´s a teacherward story at a school for the rich. I enjoy every update!

Summary:”Wealthy or famous people whose lifestyle is usually expensive and well-publicized.” Romance/Drama Rated: M Bella & Edward WiP

Love2Spoons: Whatever Works  by Soft Ragoo ~ This has a delicious slow-burn, and an equally delicious Actorward who I didn’t know whether I wanted to hit or to hug.

Summary: When Bella accepts a home-care provider position, she has no idea that the impossible son, Edward, will have such an impact on her. Will she find herself completely wrapped up in his complicated world, or will she learn to hate him? AH Family/Romance Rated: M Bella & Edward Complete

Milk40: Just Right For Me by archy12 ~ A very intelligent story with an adorable Edward.

Summary: Bella plans to ensnare Jasper into a proposal, but ends up getting married to his brother Edward. How will she adjust to the unexpected, especially when Edward apparently has the mind of a twelve-year old? AH/Slightly OOCDrama/Humor Rated: M Bella & Edward Complete

Thanks so much for sharing Lizzie Sparkling, Love2Spoons, and Milk40!


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Isa Swan entered Mase’s garage one day, a simple act that turned his life upside down. Before either one of them knows it, they’re involved in a getting-to-know-you game of sorts, often revealing things about themselves that neither have told anyone else. Soon they form a connection, a connection shattered by the night Isa leaves the life-hardened man with nothing but a smiley-face sticky note behind.

Mase doesn’t let her slip away easily. He goes to the prestigious college she attends, hoping to find the answer as to why she left him behind. When he arrives, Mase finds that Isa has moved on, or so it appears.

Their lack of communication and mutual mistakes fuels this story. Mase is hardened and closed-off to most, admittedly making his fair share of mistakes in life. Isa keeps him at arm’s length, hoping to keep her heart intact.

This story, Falling, is not for the faint hearted, but luvtwilight4eva surprised me with an HEA. There are ups and downs along the way, but is a true journey well worth taking.


Summary: Leaves fall, raindrops fall, even tears fall. But not me. I never fall. Mechanicward/Brokenward/Tattward/Olderward. OOC. AH. Angst Rated: M Edward & Bella Complete

*FicSister note: The author pulled this story on 01/11/2014*

Hot off Press

Banner by FicSisters
Banner by FicSisters

We love it when we stumble upon a story (sometimes by pure accident) that just has that “wow!!” factor. Clockwork Purple definitely falls into this category.

At only two chapters so far, this story packs a punch – and hand on heart – it is not often in a story that we go “whoa, I didn’t see that coming!”. But awkwardictator delivers and delivers in spectacular style. It is, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing stories this FicSister has read this year.

We aren’t going to give the plot away – but trust us when we say, this story is so much more than the normal Professorward and his Studentella. The summary of the story states that this little gem will update every Sunday and that there will be 14 chapters – so if you are looking for a story that steps away from the mold, look no further!

Please note: We feel it is only fair to warn you, dear readers, that this Edward is quite OOC, so please keep this in mind when reading. We feel it is because of this very factor that the story is special, but if the events in the first chapter offend you, please step away respectfully.

Summary: A cold, unwilling law student with one chance. An ambitious, dynamic professor with too many to count. Discord turns to sparks. AH/AU. Rated M. B/E 

*FicSisters’ Note: awkwardicator has pulled her story for personal reasons* 


Banner by AllyVera
Banner by AllyVera

In the first chapter of In The Shallows, aptly titled “Surfacing” (very shades of New Moon) we meet Bella, a photographer on her way home on the Subway….

Excerpt from chapter one…

“I grab the bar above my head; holding on as the subway train makes its way through the complicated, twisted tunnels. The man beside me is wearing his cologne. Suddenly, I am seventeen years old again, my heart beats a bit quicker. After ten years, you’d think I would be used to it. After two years, you’d think I would have reversed the Pavlovian response I have to the smell. To the smell of him.”

Porcia’s dream like writing describes Bella’s pain and loss of Edward so well, that you really feel it yourself and it is obvious that even two years on, Bella is suffering greatly without the love of her life. Over the next nine chapters of the story, you see glimpses of their past love, of how happy they were and of course, we eventually see the events that tore them apart.

The unusual premise of this story is that the chapters are not told in chronological order, and strangely enough, we don’t think it would have worked another way. It is a mixture of light and dark that keeps us, as readers, from drowning in Bella’s sorrow.

This story is one of the most beautiful, moving things we have read and the issues dealt with in the story are very real. We don’t want to give too much away, because the story is short in length and we think it is a journey best for you as the reader to discover, but we hope you find it as beautiful as we did!

Summary: “Everywhere I look, something reminds me of him. Smells, words, colours, songs. For two years I’ve cried over him. The best thing that’s ever happened to me. The love of my life. He left because we were hurting. Because I was in the shallows. Complete


Many thanks to two sweet and lovely ladies, MidnightLove87 and Hoodfabulous, who join us for the first time today, our to our dear Nolebucgrl for returning to our home. Our thanks too, to each one of you for enabling us to share our love of fic.


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