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Hello to all our lovely readers! There’s so much wonderful fic around, our post is overflowing. But first, we thank you sincerely from the bottom of our fic-loving hearts, for voting us through to Round 2 of the TwiFic Fandom Awards. The poll closes on Saturday, and until then, it’s possible to vote once a day – here. Please take the time to support your favourites, and should you vote for us, we’d take it very kindly. *bats collective eyelashes*

The stories we have featured below are some of the best we have had the pleasure of reading this year, so delve in!  We start our stellar stories off with Songster51 telling us about Lyrical Kris’ newest heart-wrencher…


Banner by Mina Rivera
Banner by the lovely Mina Rivera

By now, y’all know how much I love Kris’ stuff, be it original or fan fiction. So, when she contacted me about this new story Nightmare Before Christmas, I was happy to take a look. I believe my response to reading the first chapter went something like this—EVIL, evil, evil…you are KEEEELLLING me. * lying in corner, rocking * LOL. Needless to say the first chapter grabbed me by the heartstrings and has not let me go yet. Now, I need to say I am a total angst wuss and run like the wind from heartfail etc. The thing is I have never been disappointed in the outcome of Kris’ stories. The struggle her characters have to overcome makes the payoff that much better.

So clearly, this first chapter is an emotional tsunami. Brilliantly and sensitively written, it will tear your heart out. Right away, I wanted to know how these characters survive the pain of this. However, while the next chapter isn’t all happy times, it does carry less heavy emotional weight. Thank God. I just feel in my bones that this pain will not be pointless. Kris has not let me down yet. :-)

These are two damaged characters, who have suffered greatly. Edward, as you will see, is very much stuck emotionally. He is simply unable to move past his loss. Bella, God, I really love this Bella. I still don’t quite know what happened to her, but something bad did. Her choice, however, is to push past it, overcome and move on as best she can. She is a hero in the real sense of the word. Because of a unique set of circumstances (and at a poetry slam), she comes into contact with an Edward who is just going through the motions, isolated and estranged from his family by choice. The impact of this one night may prove to be the catalyst that saves both of them. I can’t wait to find out what happens. (Hurry up with a new chapter, Kris!)

I will say to sensitive folks, pay attention to the summary and warnings, and having said that, I encourage readers to give it a chance. Despite the gut-wrenchingly painful first chapter, this is one amazing fic and only 4 chapters in. I feel deep in my bones this one is going to be really special.


Summary: When Edward’s son died, he took Edward’s heart and soul with him. Even a decade of mourning didn’t seem good enough. But then, Edward met college student Bella who thrived despite her own tragedy. Can Edward’s cold, dead heart beat again? Angst/Drama – Rate: M – Edward & Bella – Complete



Banner by lolypop82
Banner by lolypop82

Artful Maneuvers started from a weird place, not gonna lie. Badlands was over; I had the itch to write but couldn’t quite get anything down. I tried about five times, started new stories that touched every genre, but nothing felt right. I felt lost, like I’d never be able to write again, and realized what I needed to do: write something f***ing FUN.

Even though to me, Badlands was great fun, it had a dark, gritty feel to it that I needed to purge myself of or else I’d continue writing dark themes which would finally make you all say, “Geez, PB. Enough. We understand you’re twisted.” So what better way than to write about an Edward that’s arrogant, rich as hell, secretive and mysterious, and is making sexy eyes at our Bella?

But what could be done that hasn’t been done before?

For those of you that haven’t read it, I won’t say what makes this different than others, because unravelling the mystery of who Edward is, is half the fun, and if you know me at all, you know I don’t reveal anything! I will say no one is what they appear at first. It’s a winding tale that keeps you guessing (I hope) while ramping up the UST between our favorite couple.

For those of you that have read it, I just want to thank you for trusting me once again. Reading all of your guesses, frustrations, and getting reviews with lots of shouty capitals has been worth the struggle I had to bring this to you. It’s been an absolute joy to share this with you guys.

What’s next you might ask? I tease my beta, Carrie ZM, that she’s in for a nice story about cannibalism after this bit of fun… I may be joking.

I will hopefully see you soon!

xoxo PB

Summary: I needed to figure out who Edward Cullen was before he figured out me. Romance – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete 



Made by RoseArcadia
Made by RoseArcadia

A is for Annoying with an Attitude

B is for Brazen, but Beautiful

C is for Crass, yet Clever

American literature professor Edward Cullen likes order and the more quiet things in life. Dedicated to scholarly pursuits, he is meticulous and a bit behind the times. His brother Emmett thinks he’s boring and dresses like a grandpa.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Professor Cullen finds one of his students, Isabella Swan, particularly exasperating. In his opinion, she wears trashy street walker clothes and uses a spatula to put on her makeup. She’s defiantly stubborn and has no qualms about inappropriately flirting with him in class. Ms. Swan knows how to push his buttons and does so—often.

Professor Cullen constantly complains about his infuriating student and can’t wait for the semester to be over. He doesn’t expect that his perception about her will change, and he certainly never expects to find himself accepting an invitation to her apartment one night. There, his relative sexual inexperience comes to light, and student-teacher roles are reversed. Professor Cullen is in dire need of education, and Isabella Swan has no problem providing it.

He was fortunate to fall into such capable hands, and I hit the fanfic jackpot when I randomly chose sheviking’s story as my AH cherry-popper in November 2013. (Like this Profward with good sex experiences, I was a little late to the Twilight party.)

The Education of Professor Cullen was my first foray into the all-human universe and also happens to be my favorite. When it comes to the widely varied buffet that is Twific, I’m not very picky as long is a story is prepared well, but there’s something about this tale that keeps me coming back for more. (No joke, I re-read it completely at least three times while trying to write this review.) It’s got a perfect mix of the basic food groups: romance, humor, drama with a little angst, lemons.

And oh, the lemons! Sheviking is a master chef and knows how to prepare a mouth-watering (and other-area dampening) dish. She doesn’t just give you lemonade; she also serves it alongside Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze and Gin Cum Treau Lemon Cocktail. But however delicious the taste, the way she serves it is what works so well for me. We hear the experience from the mouth of someone who is enjoying it for the first time, and his appreciation makes the flavor so much more intense.

I had never had a woman straddle me like Ms. Swan and show me her body like this. She was so unembarrassed about her sexuality and to be truthful it both excited and terrified me at the same time.

“I just, um, I don’t have a lot of experience,” I muttered and contemplated leaving immediately and just forgetting that this ever took place.

“Oh,” she said and gave me a smile. “You’re in for a treat then.”

And so are the readers.

When I asked sheviking about her inspiration for the story, she said this:

I think my inspiration came from having been in the university environment for so many years myself. And I liked the idea of reversing the roles. Back then, most fics featured very dominant Edwards who taught Bella everything, or fics where they were both inexperienced. I hadn’t really come across a story where Bella was the one to initiate and I liked the idea of him being older. I think a lot of men struggle with having to fit into traditional male roles if that’s not the type of person they are. He needed someone to bring him out of his shell and show him that it’s possible to have fun and enjoy sex since his own experiences had been so bad before he met Bella.

I can’t say enough good things about this fic, but I may not have to. Sheviking’s delectable creation is well-known, and chances are you’re among the 9k+ who already ticked the “Favorite” box on FFN.  If you haven’t read this before, I urge you to sample the goods. If you have, you may want to have another go—a little birdie told me The Education of Professor Cullen will be P2P in the near future.

Now, please excuse me while I take another trip through the buffet line.  When it comes to “The Education of Professor Cullen,” I’m a glutton for learning.


Summary: College professor Edward Cullen is thoroughly annoyed by his student Ms. Swan. Everything about her bothers him, and he longs for the semester to be over. But what happens when he meets her one night when they aren’t in school? Romance/Humor – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete



FLOWER GIRLWe have to tell you, earlier this week, the lovely Winterhorses posted on a rough draft teaser on FB for a new quickie fic. Take a look…

She didn’t have anyone she’d consider a best friend, but nearly everyone in town either knew her personally or had heard of her. She was the Flower Girl—the sweet, polite, hard-working young lady who ran one of the most respected businesses in town. Although she employed a small staff, Isabella turned personal attention into an art form. She delivered and placed centerpieces for banquets, pinned boutonnieres to groomsmen, filled special orders during non-store hours when customers called her at home.

Most importantly, however, she listened. There was something about her soft, unassuming features and large, liquid eyes that prompted people to open up to her. Grandmothers bragged about their grandchildren’s accomplishments and nervous boys sought approval for their carefully laid pre-dance dinner plans. Mothers complained about the necessity of buying appreciation gifts for teachers they didn’t like, and the bereaved reminisced about loved ones over tea and pastries while sitting in faded, mismatched chairs.

Ah, isn’t “The Flower Girl” lovely? Don’t know if Edward’s girlfriend, Lauren, thinks she is, but we hold out a strong hope Edward will. :)

Summary: As a florist, Isabella plays a role in many significant events, interacting with people during their best moments and their worst. She keeps a part of herself emotionally protected—until pediatrician doctor Edward Cullen and his significant other move into town. Soon, she realizes that doing her job will mean causing her own heart pain. Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Rated: M – Complete

One Not to Miss


Let’s cut to the chase. There are three FicSisters reading Gothic, and we all agree wholeheartedly, in our collective 17+ years of reading Fan Fiction, we haven’t come across anything quite like it. The story is amazing and the writing is breathtakingly good.  Actually, good doesn’t cut it. It’s brilliant.

Author-self-insert’s Bella is one of the most unique we have read – she is startlingly intelligent, compassionate towards certain people and animals, but somehow detached at the same time. She considers and analyses every move, every interaction and questions motivations. It’s intriguing, and makes her very relatable, yet at the same time, rather fascinating. She is a conundrum we can’t wait to solve! We just love her.

We aren’t giving too much plot away when we tell you that Gothic is a murder mystery. Ten years ago, Bella, without prompt, saved Edward from certain conviction when she cleared him of a murder he didn’t commit, when all evidence pointed to his guilt. Now, Edward has appeared back in Bella’s life, and this time he requests her help. Bella was trying hard to leave her past in the past – but that might not be possible anymore…

We have to give a shout-out to our dear friend, Wonderfully Bedazzled, who recommended this story to us – we are supremely grateful, thanks WB!! (For those of you on FaceBook WB is now known as Nunzia Castellane due to FB’s new “rules”.)

Oh, and according to author-self-insert, we can expect,Weekly updates – But be forewarned, I am a card carrying member of the La Push Cliff Jumping Club, and cliffhangers fit in well with my theme of the Gothic, stories in the vein of which were often published in a serial format with suspenseful “endings” intended to keep the reader returning each week. So if you have a fear of heights, you may want to wait until the Complete button has been selected. The FicSisters are donning our parachutes and going in!

Summary: Ten years ago, Edward was accused of murder and Bella was his alibi. Now, the murder remains unsolved and Bella hates Edward. Can a penchant for gothic mystery, a hearty dose of lingering hostility and the desire for a clean conscience really be enough to right old wrong? Drama/Mystery – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Banner by
Banner by Nicia

We Are Broken is powerful, atmospheric and totally absorbing. In just the first two chapters alone Hoodfabulous will have you feeling the heartache and numbness that is stifling poor Bella following a tragedy …and by the end of chapter two, as Edward and Bella meet… you’ll feel their overwhelming, gut-wrenching sadness.

When Bella is coerced into helping out the Reverend Cheney, she finds a way to rebel against her controlling mother, help others and give herself a reason to exist.

“Reverend, I hardly think a young lady such as my daughter has any business spending time in the … penitentiary,” my mother laughs, the sound pained and tight. “No offense, of course. Would you allow your daughter, Angela, to spend her free time among a bunch of … hardened criminals?”

“No offense taken,” the older man responds smoothly, a playful smirk pulling at his lips. “The county jail is hardly a ‘penitentiary,’ Renee. Isabella would never be in danger of any harm. There will be an officer present during each visit. It will be one-on-one counseling with each inmate. The inmates she will minister to are there for petty crimes. Misdemeanors. Nothing like murder or rape.”

My mother winces as his casual use of the words ‘murder’ and ‘rape,’ her already pale face blanching even more.

“And, to answer your question, yes. I am ‘allowing’ Angela to minister to the inmates, although I like to think she’s old enough to make her own decisions regarding things of this nature. She is twenty-six years old, after all … the same age as Isabella, no?”

My mother says nothing, choosing to give him a fake smile, her thin lips immediately falling into one hard line the second his eyes leave her face.

The wise, and very lovely Reverend, sets both Bella and Edward on a journey that could save them both. This is a story of hope and forgiveness. Written with sensitivity and a gentle touch, it’s a gem of a story – and it’s complete.

Summary: Two broken people bound together by one tragic event. Rated: M – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Bella & Edward  – Complete



Made by perpetually
Made by perpetually

This week, our cup overfloweth with fantastic stories we’ve been fortunate enough to discover, and Opprobrium floats proudly among them.

We are not going to lie; the story is on the darker side, with some heart-wrenching scenes in the very first chapter – scenes that set Edward on his path to vengeance (and may or may not have caused this FicSister to grab some tissues).

Many people would say Edward is a nasty piece of work, hell-bent on revenge, but we see him in a different light (maybe it is those rose-coloured glasses we reserve just for Edward) – we see a man who wants and needs someone to pay for what has been taken from him. He is hurt, betrayed and angry, for sure – but not inherently bad.

As always, we don’t like to give any plot points away, but we know this story will be perfect for those of you who relish a bit of a challenge and don’t mind a bumpy ride. We are certainly buckled in tightly for the journey! Also, perpetually says, “Paybackward is a little dark and rather driven on getting rid of people who have directly or indirectly hurt him. If ‘Darkward has internal conflicts so he’s sort-of-but-not-really-good’ isn’t your thing, then perhaps this story might not be your cup of tea.” Perpetually – make ours a large one!

FicSisters Note: AN on first chapter: Readers: Viewer discretion is advised. This story is rated M. It deals with themes that might not be comfortable for all. Please read with care.

Summary: He’s going to ruin her just like how she watched everything disintegrate into debris for him. His revenge will be worthwhile until he sees only gentleness in her eyes. WiP



Placeholder banner by FicSisters
Placeholder banner by FicSisters

Hot off the press with Love and the Wild, first-time author, Colleen Alize, teases…

She wasn’t your typical girl, and he wasn’t your typical guy.”

Even though it’s only two chapters in, we venture to say this isn’t your typical story.

As we meet Bella, a globe trekking, insectophobe ethologist, (they don’t come by the dozen) she is preparing to journey to the Amazon Rain Forest to document gorillas migrating to mate. Sound fabulous and fascinating? Yes, it does; but despite her fulfilling career, Bella is lonely. “She’d traveled and experienced enough to have stories to last a lifetime. Yet still, she had no one to tell them to. No one in her life to share her adventures and exotic escapades with.” We suspect the status quo is about to change.

This Edward, who we have yet to enjoy the pleasure of meeting, is – wait for it -Tarzanward! Aaaaaah Aaaaaaaah AaAaAa Aaaaaaaah! Okay, so we don’t know yet if he yells that, but we couldn’t resist…

But, before you get carried away in a vision of swinging from tree to tree, clutched tightly to the bronze, sculpted chest of a loin-cloth-clad man, *clears throat* we asked the author to share her fantasy idea of Tarzanward…

“Although the character shares some similarities to the original movie, this is by no means suitable for Disney! 😉 lol”

We’ve nothing else to say on the subject, except…

This. Tarzanward.

You. Read. 😉

Summary: She wasn’t your typical girl, and he wasn’t your typical guy. She found him, or he found her? They found each other? Twilight-Tarzan mashup! Tarzanward – Romance/Adventure – Rated: M – Bella & Edward -WiP


For the Road

FAGEThe FicAwesome Gift Exchange (FAGE) posted 42 one-shots to its Community this week. There are many fandoms represented, with Twilight being one of the popular choices. To carry on with the variety thread, the Twilight offerings contain some unusual pairings. Plus, they range from an Angelward, via a dishy, sweet Edward, all the way to a Carlisle in a nudist camp. Enjoy!


We hope you enjoyed the post today as much as we enjoyed putting it together!  We would like to thank Songster51, PlanetBlue and Winterhorses for sharing their words with us, and thanks to Mina for once again sharing her amazing talent. We can’t wait to see you all again next week!  Until then, happy reading!

FicSisters x

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