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Hello once again to you all, wherever you are in the world! Hoping that all our readers who celebrate Thanksgiving had a happy and peaceful day…and if you’re in need of an escape from Black Friday, look no further. We are once again blessed with wonderful, talented authors gifting us some fabulous reads. Please welcome and give thanks for our guests. First, we’re thrilled to have Cris join us…


Made by Ysar
Made by Ysar

Sometimes my stories start with just an image. For Wisp, it was the image of her curled up in a ball behind the couch, unable to speak. From there, the questions inevitably came: why is she there? What has happened to bring her to this point? Who will help her, and what is his motivation? That’s where Wisp began. Over 300K words later, it brings me to tears to see how readers have embraced little Wisp and taken her to their hearts.

This Bella (Wisp) is obviously OOC; she’s been through some horrific things, which are slowly revealed as the story unfolds. Her Edward is kind and only wants to help her, but he’s not perfect and he makes plenty of mistakes. Whether romance blossoms as he helps Wisp recover is one question hovering over the length of the story as it progresses. Another is her safety, as no one seems to know who hurt her, or whether he might still be around and possibly want her back.

I’m an angst wimp when it comes to fic, and I don’t believe Wisp is angst. It’s not about abuse so much as it’s about what happens after—the healing process, and the people it takes to get there. Edward couldn’t help Wisp on his own; the whole gang is there to help, from tough-love Rosalie and her cop husband Emmett, to loving Esme, and a sweet old man named Garrett. With their help, Wisp finds the courage to learn a new way of life…one that she gets to, ultimately, define for herself.


Summary: Edward wins more than he bargained for at what was supposed to be a friendly poker game. Hurt/Comfort Rated: M Edward & Bella Complete



It’s always a treat when a new story alert unexpectedly drops into our inboxes. I’m sure we all share that ohhhhh yesss *fist pump* feeling as anticipation tingles!

When, as in this case, the prologue grips the reader, so full of promise, in less than 350 words…yeah, expectations are high.

Thankfully, it’s true to say the next couple of chapters of Somewhere Between Nothing and Everything-which posted in quick succession- have more than lived up to this FicSister’s hopes and expectations.

This is a mystery on so many levels, not only because of a case Federal Prosecutor Bella is working on, but also because we need to know why Edward left three years earlier. Furthermore, why he has returned and…what the flip happened while he was gone? So many questions!

Of course, we wanted to know more and are desperate asked for insight from author, myotherlife; all for you, dear readers (our desire to bring you the inside info knows no shame *wink*). Here’s what she told us:

I am a romantic at heart and a huge fan of suspense. I love stories that keep you on your toes, and make you work at putting all the pieces together. So I tend to combine both into my stories. My favorite reviews are the ones where the readers say that they didn’t see that coming. It makes me feel like I did my job right. As for this story, I’m always amazed by the complexities of the human spirit. The things that break us down and the things that build us back up. This story is about both. Edward and Bella have complicated histories, but I hope the readers will love them just the same.

This is going to be a regular Sunday posting fic, and one that’s worth getting on board for right now; we’re sure it’s going to be one that appeals to both heads and hearts!

Summary: Somewhere Between Nothing and Everything ~ Federal prosecutor Bella Swan is already standing on the precipice of a dark abyss when her world is thrown into madness. Struggling for a lifeline, the reemergence of a man she vowed never to trust again will change everything. Life and death. Love and hate. In the middle of obscurity, what is the cost of redemption? Rated: M – English – Crime/Angst – Bella, Edward WiP




Sometimes losing yourself leads right to the place you were looking for … When L. C. Morgan asked me to work on her debut novel, Bear Creek Road, I was thrilled, to say the least, having thoroughly enjoyed working with her on her self-published novella, The Savage and the Saint. L. C.’s writing is full of intrigue and complex situations that draw you in and force you to turn the page, and her words are a pleasure to edit.

Bear Creek Road tells the story of Laney Walker, a twenty-eight-year-old woman who feels old before her time thanks to recent events in her life. She’s just left everything and everyone she knows behind to start over, moving across the country to a small town where life is very different from what she’s used to. In Laney’s quest to get away from her problems, she finds herself a whole set of new ones in the shape of a run-down house and an attraction to a man who seems to want nothing to do with her.

The baffling Joe Boone takes it upon himself to fix Laney’s house. He arrives before the rest of the construction crew and is always the last to leave, yet he barely speaks to her. Despite warnings that Joe is no good, Laney can’t help but want to be close to him even though she has her own demons to contend with.

Laney unapologetically wears her flaws on her sleeve, recognizing her weaknesses while trying to find who she really is. Joe hides his flaws behind a beard and shaggy head of hair, only speaking when necessary. He’s a mystery you’ll want to unravel, and you’ll find yourself hanging on his every word.

This story is so different from everything I’ve read recently, with one of the main characters providing such limited dialogue, but that’s exactly what draws me to Joe. I can’t wait for his next words. While reading, I feel like I’m right there with Laney, wondering what’s going through Joe’s mind and what he means by the few words he does say. Add that to the sexual tension that builds between these two, and you’ll need something to cool off with when the tension reaches its boiling point!

Bear Creek Road is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can check out L. C.’s historical romance novella, The Savage and the Saint, on both sites as well.


Available from: Barnes & Noble Amazon.UK 

One Liners From YouWant everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form!

Amaya Black: No Ordinary Proposal by twilover76 ~ It’s all about feeling at home.

Bella wants to escape her small-town life and live her dreams in New York. What happens when a man almost twice her age makes her an offer she can’t refuse? AH/M Romance/Drama Rated: M Bella & Edward Complete

Milk40: Scintilla by GothicTemptress ~ A great love story with a humanitarian twist.

Summary: The temperature of our lives is first influenced by little sparks. If they’re kindled, nurtured & encouraged, what fires can be ignited? A romance about activism, the humanitarian spirit within & the slow burn of a passion years in the making. It’s an exploration of current events, global strife, African conflict minerals, social accountability & calibrating our moral compass. Romance/Drama Rated: M Edward & Bella Complete

Vicki Milnar: Parachute by KitsuShel ~ A story of a lost boy, a good Samaritan and a desperate father.

Summary: After finding an abandoned child on the streets of Seattle, Bella Swan raises him for five years as her own. What happens to their life when his biological family is found? AU/AH Drama/Romance Rated: M Bella & Edward Complete

Thanks for sharing Amaya, Milk40, and Vicki!



Made by Franca Samanci
Made by Franca Samanci

Take a vacation from real life at The Cliffs, an island retreat run by the Cullens: Carlisle, who lost his wife to cancer not long after buying the island resort; Emmett, personal trainer/bartender, who pumps up the guests before filling them with liquor; Jasper, insightful healer of mind and body; and Edward, the prodigal son, ready to inherit the family business. But first, he has to learn everything there is to know about everything, and his father and brothers can’t wait to teach him all the finer points of their specialties. Then there’s Bella. After a series of terrible choices, Edward’s former babysitter finds herself back on Edward’s island and learns that the boy whose crush sent her running is now a man who wants her to stay.

Despite how far I like to believe I’ve come as a writer in these 3-1/2 years, I have never retouched this story. Would I do anything differently today? YES. How did I ever have the audacity to pop my fanfic cherry with a WET DREAM? Had I known then that I would write a million word kinkiverse, I may not have made these two so kinky- the “bossy” boss and hot underling, the blindfold and the strawberry, the rules about panties …*cue blush* Would I have written Edward so vividly with his former girlfriend? Probably not. But would I change this flawless Edward? Not a chance. If you want your heart to soar and cheer for this lost boy-turned-competent man, go ahead and pick this one up!

Upon completion, I was already well into my Once Upon A Desire drabble, so there wasn’t much regret about posting the epilogue. My characters’ stories were fully told, though I left my readers plenty of room for their own imaginations. If you do visit my island resort, I hope you’ll feel as if you had a getaway of your own.


*Now on Facebook as Kaye P Hallows*

Summary: The Cliffs ~ Edward has just graduated college and is ready to take over the family business- an island retreat called The Cliffs. Can he ever get over his boyhood crush on the babysitter? Rated: M – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Perfectward/Slightly Olderella Complete



the-beginning-of-usThe Beginning of Us was originally written for The Fruit’s on the Vine TwiFic Contest and was a winner as the Host’s Anhanninen, pick. Now, for our reading pleasure, the author, Jdifrans1, has continued this lovely Docward, and at three chapters, it is now complete. It’s a sweet romance of an Edward and Bella, who while working hard to achieve their life’s goals, support and love each other through thick and thin; for better and for worse – when life takes on an unplanned but welcomed change.

I walk into our apartment, drop my bag, and start making my way to the shower. The seven-day shift at the hospital was brutal. I need a shower, Bella, and sleep. I can hear her soft whimpering cry the closer I get to the bathroom. I barge through the door and find her on the floor in tears. She looks up and says, “I’m pregnant.” I don’t know what to do. . . .

I look into her eyes so full of doubt and fear, but I can feel that this is right. “Bella, I have never been more sure of anything. We’re going to get through this, and I promise you it will be better than anything we had planned. So we’ll be parents before we thought we would. This isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.

Summary: The Beginning of Us ~ Edward comes home to find Bella crying. What wasn’t part of the plan turns out to be just what they needed. Rated: M – Romance/Hurt/Comfort-  Edward/Bella – Chapters: 3 – Complete.


One Under The Radar

We love it when we discover a fresh, new story that instantly draws our attention. And that is what happened with Christmas in Hawaii by purplec305Being that the holiday season is almost upon us, and we’re sure the appeal of a warm, tropical Christmas vacation is intriguing, this story made us want to read all eight posted chapters immediately, and we did just that.

Bella and “Cooch *wink* are quite amusing as Bella enjoys some relaxation while checking out the sights on the beach from her vacation home in Hawaii…

The air was fresh and smelled of salt water, the breeze blowing through my boring brown hair. In the distance, I heard people singing Christmas carols and kids cheering. Bells and Santa’s ‘ho-ho-ho’ rang through the air. …

I lifted the wine glass to my lips as my eyes looked back to the ocean.

I froze, my wine forgotten.

‘Holy fuck. Look at that fine piece of man.’

 I straightened in my chair.

‘And he’s coming this way!’

My heart hammered in my chest as ‘Handsome Stranger’ approached. He was for sure 6’3″ if not taller; reminding me of someone I used to know. His broad shoulders and chest looked muscled under his blue fitted t-shirt. His white board shorts hung low on his hips and his tanned legs were muscled.

My girly bits did a dance in my pants. I hadn’t seen such a fine piece of man in a while…

Hmm, he certainly sounds captivating at first glance… But, while the sights are undoubtedly pretty, we also have a feeling, since Bella wasn’t instantly charmed after meeting this ‘Sexy Stranger’ and we could sense she’s dealing with something from her past, that there is more depth to these characters and this story than first implied. Having said that, Bella’s internal monologue and nicknames for Edward have us giggling with every chapter – Mr Smells Amazing anyone?

Summary: Christmas isn’t Bella’s favorite holiday. Until this year. Can a handsome stranger change her mind and make her see the beauty of the holiday? Drabble fic. Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – WiP


Our love and thanks go to all of you, our readers and fellow fic-lovers. We’re very grateful for your company each week. Maybe, in the spirit of the season, if you’re not a regular reviewer you could just say hi and thanks to all our fandom authors. We all need a little hug from time to time 😉 

Special thanks go to our charming visitors, Cris, Rachel Kitchmill and Bornonhalloween. It’s always so much fun hearing from you all. 

FicSisters x  

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