‘Tis the Season…for Reading!

 *Holds up mistletoe* MWAH to you all! It’s never too early for a little Christmas loving, so the FicSisters are starting to pop some festive fics up amongst the tinsel…but don’t worry, we still have other trinkets and gems too. We have TWO guests delivering their Signed, Sealed and Delivered fics, a gorgeous guest dropping by with some love for another complete fic  *whispers* “Happy Birthday FluffyLiz”, a sackful of published books from our own delicious Choc…and even more! Are you in the mood yet? 


Made by Jaime Arkin
Made by Jaime Arkin

This beautiful Christmas story, Footprints in the Snow centers around Edward and Bella’s entire family ~ past and present ~ and is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings. It’s forbidden love from years past with “two broken flawed souls”, but you get on board Team Edward and Bella right away as you feel the love they share, and their special connection as soon as they come together again to celebrate Christmas.

It’s an emotional 17 chapters, encompassing a holiday romance full of angst, but definitely worth reading as it’ll renew your faith in the power of love and the spirit of Christmas! It will also make you realize what a compelling storyteller cosmogirl7481 truly is.

Summary: “An hour from now, when the snow falls again, it will be like we weren’t even there. But we will remember.” A story of unrequited love, and how the things we keep silent can hurt us and the ones we hold closest. Romance/Angst – Rated M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Made by Kyla713
Made by Kyla713

When the story starts, Bella has been widowed for 3 years and Mikey is five, and he tells Bella his greatest wish for Christmas is a Daddy. Just like that favourite of Christmas stories, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, All I Want for Christmas by the wonderful kyla713 is definitely a story about second chances – and it is heart-warming.

This relatively short story at 9 chapters, tells the story of Bella’s romance with soldier Edward, and the hurdles they face dealing with his career. It’s a great read, perfect for this time of year – you will love watching Bella realize she wasn’t destined to have just one great love, but two.

Summary: Bella’s five year old son makes a Christmas wish she’d never expected, and sets her entire world spinning. Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Made by Bethany Tullos
Made by Bethany Tullos

This adorably sweet, nine chapter, holiday tale is all about romance, the magic of Christmas, some really unique reindeer, a beautiful, shy Elf named Bella, and Edward as Santa! *squee*

And Christmas Magic is from the magical pen of JenRar! Need we say more?

Summary: One night a year. A long family tradition. When his father retires, Edward Cullen steps into the role he was born to do. Surrounded by magic, elves, and reindeer, he thought he was prepared, until something extraordinary hit him head on.  Romance – Rated: K – Bella & Edward – Complete


Made by beffers87
Made by beffers87

How do we like our Christmasward? Shy; sweet; humble; geeky glasses adorning a handsome face; rich enough to give an angel the world, but unaffected by material trappings for himself? Yes, please. :) And so we love Belong to Me, by Edward’s Eternal

Edward is stranded in a freezing nowhere when his car breaks down on his way to surprise his ungrateful relatives for Christmas. Who does he find in a friendly diner, warming up his hands, his feet and his heart? Our Bella, of course – his very own Christmas Angel in disguise.

Summary: A last minute decision. A dead car. One long, cold walk. Soft eyes and gentle care warm up Edward’s cold hands and start to thaw out his frozen heart. What happens when two lonely souls meet at Christmas? Do miracles still exist? Can they possibly belong to each other? Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Made by Cristag Banners
Made by Cristag Banners

We love the sweet Christmas Miracle, by mersendez2001. As the name of the story suggests it is all about Christmas miracles in Forks, which start at the beginning of December, where there is a miracle performed every day by Forks’ own secret Santa. Each chapter (and miracle) is told from a different character’s point of view. Think Love Actually.

The Santa is obviously a well-loved local, but no one knows his or her identity, and it is as much fun guessing who they might be as it is reading this lovely, heart-warming story. But never fear, all is revealed in the last chapter!

Summary: Every year in the tiny town of Forks, someone performs Christmas miracles for the people who need it the most. This year, people are determined to figure out the mystery of the miracle worker. Mystery/Family – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Made by Fallingsnow Winter
Made by Fallingsnow Winter

A number of things going on in my life formed the inspiration for Designated Hitter, and then the words just came fast and furious. I loved the idea of Major League Baseball player Edward and orthopedic surgeon Bella.

Reading and writing fic has always been a stress reliever for me, but this summer, it just didn’t seem like I had time to do either. I was bummed out that I’d had to pull Eye on the Prize earlier in the spring. My husband took me to a Braves/Nationals game to try and cheer me up (it worked!). So, I had baseball on the brain.

Then, I spoke to a friend from Houston, who I knew from my Rice University days, and she reminded of an incident that occurred when I was a medical student at Baylor College of Medicine. I went to a house party near both campuses when I was about 23. I started talking to an extremely handsome young man, who asked me out on a date. I refused when I learned that he was only 19. I mean, who wants to be used to buy alcohol, right?

I found out later from some mutual friends that this guy was one of the stars of Rice’s nationally successful baseball team. I was shallow enough at the time to regret not going out with him despite the age difference. I have no idea what happened to him, but I’ve always though the incident made a good anecdote, albeit one that makes me look like a shallow bitch!

And the song I Came to Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem had just come out. I adore angst, so I decided to write a story around that silly encounter from medical school with an Edward determined to wear his heart on his sleeve.

This Bella is not autobiographical, but I feel great kinship with her. Medical school and surgical residency are strange rituals. It’s hard to describe to others who have not experienced it, much like writing about the military. It takes a certain personality to succeed as a woman in both fields. A lot of reviewers were very angry with Bella in early chapters. Luckily, to my great relief, most reviewers warmed up to her in the end.

The character I most enjoyed writing (and feel is most like me!) was Rosalie. I have always felt indignant on Rosalie’s behalf by the way Stephenie Meyer characterized her. In Twilight she seemed one dimensional, and I thought she was capable of so much more. So, I always write a strong, outspoken, but likeable Rosalie.

Anyway, I hope you’ll give Designated Hitter a try. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, even if it is a bit over the top dramatic at times. I think (and hope) the angst is worth it.


Summary: Orthopedic surgeon Bella Swan encounters the last person she ever expected to see again on Valentine’s Day no less. Can she remain professional with Major League pitcher Edward Masen given their pasts? Romance/Angst – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete



Made by jlho
Made by jlho

First, I wanted to thank FicSisters for the opportunity to talk about my recently finished story, Evening Rain. You all are awesome.

This story was my first delve into fanfic, but it remained unfinished for years. The idea came to me pretty much out of nowhere. As per usual, I was staring off into space and all of sudden, people started speaking in my head. In this instance, a tortured, guilt stricken, man (Edward) had my attention when he began speaking to a woman (Bella) who he worshiped, but who didn’t recognize him.

The concept of past lives was always something I’d been partial to, and wanted to explore in depth in a piece, to see how far I could take it. Since fanfic gives a writer free rein to toy with different ideas without too much judgment, I thought it‘d be a good place to take a test drive this atypical story.

I wanted to incorporate all the elements of Twilight that I loved, then add a new a spin, or two, to create something a little different (Isn’t that the essential idea of fic?) This means, I kept Alice’s psychic abilities and Edward’s telepathy (among other elements) and weaved them around the past life plot. There are huge departures from what would be considered “canon” fic. I took my own liberties with Bella and forged her into someone (I think) is very unique.

I will say, this story is vastly different from Sexy Silk. Although, it does have its moments, it is far removed from that world.

I used Seattle as a backdrop and incorporated a “song” from a work of T.L. Beddoes I discovered while beginning the first few chapters. One of the lines happened to inspire the title.

Even though it took me an insane amount of time to complete it, I’d like to hope the finished product is something I’m mostly happy with. I never say “completely,” because then the die-hard, perfectionist in me would be lying.

For anyone who encouraged me to finish it, and read it while I was still battling with demons to write the rest, I thank you immensely.


Summary: Edward & Bella are soul mates who have been separated for a century. Will this lifetime finally reunite them? Drama/Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Made by
Do you know who made this?

This fic, These Dreams, had me glued to the screen from beginning to end.

A damaged Bella attempts to leave Forks and some very bad memories behind, as she and her best friend, Jake, set out to start a new life in sunny California. She makes great friends, starts college and meets a wonderful man, but discovers that running away from your past simply doesn’t work.

Overshadowing Bella’s apparent contentment with her new life is her constant fear and distrust, particularly when it comes to Edward. Why is he so nice to her, what’s in it for him? But her inability to talk to him about the trauma she has suffered leaves him confused and ill-equipped to either help her or to avoid the kind of situation which prompts full-blown panic attacks.

As the reader, you become aware that you are just waiting from someone, anyone, to say or do something to trigger an extreme reaction. Bella’s constant companions are her can of pepper spray and her little pill box containing Xanax, and as much as anything, this is a story of now not to deal with PTSD.

I loved this story, not just because of the excellent writing, but because the author didn’t sugar-coat Bella’s mental health issues or give her a quick and easy fix. When she is, finally, able to talk about what happened, there are no graphic descriptions, but you are left in no doubt as to the horror she suffered.

The final denouement is an absolute rollercoaster ride, which had me on the edge of my seat, and the epilogue, although short, wrapped up the story in a realistic and satisfying way.

This is a seriously under-reviewed fic which deserves a lot more attention. If you read and enjoy, please give moxieandmirth, the author, some feedback.


Summary:  A violent attack senior year leaves Bella ready to leave Forks behind & start a new life in L.A. She begins to heal & finds a friend in her new boss, but when Love comes knocking at her door Bella finds herself too haunted by the past to answer. Rated: M – Bella/Edward – Angst/Drama – Complete




Christmas is the time to eat, drink and read lots of seasonal stories, at least in the Choc household. Today I’m bringing you not one but three holiday novellas that I’ve been curling up with next to my lovely log fire—all courtesy of the talented Sydney Logan. Her latest collection, Once Upon a December, was released on 28th November, and has a little something for everybody.

The first story, What Child is This, is Sydney’s latest release, and recounts the story of Thomas Fisher, a man at a crossroads in his life. He meets a mysterious boy who tries to show him the true meaning of the season, turning his world upside down.

In Mistletoe Magic, the second in the collection, Melanie Taylor is desperate to find the one, perfect gift that she thinks will help her save her marriage. A chance encounter in an elevator with a very interesting man changes everything, making her question things she holds dear.

The final story is The Little Drummer Boy. Justin Banks wants to make his wife happy, but when he stumbles upon the perfect present it seems more like a miracle than anything else. A homeless man, a boy who is looking for help and a couple who are desperate to spread their love—all this and more leads to a conclusion that’s sure to warm the cockles of your heart.

All three of these novellas share the same magical ingredient that make them perfect for this holiday season. Hope, love and the belief in good all feature strongly, making the stories sweet, heart breaking and yet ultimately happy. As always, Sydney Logan managed to tug on my heart strings and put a smile on my face at the same time. For a true reminder of the reason for the season, these novellas are hard to beat.

Available to buy: Amazon.com Amazon.UK Amazon.au

And if this has given you a taste for Christmas stories, here are a few more favourites from Fandom writers we’d love to recommend:

bannerMr 365 by Ruth Clampett ~The story of Christmas fanatic Will, and the television producer who’s assigned to convince him to be on a reality TV show. Join Sophia, Will, and his dog Romeo to enter the world of his enchanting house where stars shine indoors and snow is always falling…365 days of the year.

Available to by: Amazon.com Amazon.UK Amazon.au

Magic at Macy’s by Liv Morris ~ Yale University freshman Ally Brown sets off on an adventure to tour the amazing holiday window displays along New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Her plans get side tracked when she sees her crush, Jack Prescott, taking the same train into the city. He’s the handsome Editor in Chief of the Yale Daily News and the man of her dreams. But Ally’s life takes a surprisingly romantic turn, thanks to a little Magic at Macy’s…

Find it as part of her Love in the City Box set.

Available to by: Amazon.com Amazon.UK Amazon.au

Silent Night, Unexpected Night by Ella Jade ~Ever since his divorce several years ago, Dr. Tanner Rhodes has spent Christmas Eve alone. He has a tradition; he sits by the fire, sips his brandy, and falls asleep by the lights of the tree. When his son Aiden’s beautiful friend, Sofia, shows up unexpectedly at his door bearing gifts, everything changes. When had Sofia become a woman?

Available to by: Amazon.com Amazon.UK Amazon.au

The Long Road Home by Jessica Lee ~ Two exes join together after four years apart to make it home for the holidays before it’s too late. Will they be able to put aside their issues for the trip home?

Available to by: Amazon.com Amazon.UK Amazon.au

Chocaholic123 a.k.a. Carrie Elks


I had the pleasure of being a prereader for Awkwardly Yours by the hilariously talented Vancouver-Canuck-Girl. But Christmas came a little early with a surprise Epi/outtake that had me near tears from giggling so hard. This Is the perfect story for anyone looking for a light hearted and quirky fic that borders on crack-fic insanity but in all the best ways. Because, as much as I love a smooth talking Edward, sometimes you need a fumbling, adorkable, wanna be poet to lift up your spirits.


Summary: High school Edward likes a girl named Bella, But he’s not a smooth-talking kind of fella. He has his fair share of inserting foot into mouth, And inappropriate risings down south. But he’s really kind of sweet, Even if he’s sort of a geek. Humor – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete



Made by Jaime Arkin
Made by Jaime Arkin

Miracle on Forks Street by hottygurl7  is a naughty but nice Christmas fic. Strike that – it’s a very naughty and very nice Christmas fic.

Obviously we have a boy meets girl story here. It’s how this boy and girl meet, in the most unusual circumstances that naughtily adds the bourbon into this eggnog.

This story will make fan yourself as it’s so hot; it will make you aahh as it’s so sweet. As though that is not enough, it will make you believe that dreams can come true, prayers can be answered, and Christmas wishes can be granted. A perfect Christmas read!

Summary: Edward, a grieving widower, who has lost the will to live, turns to alcohol to ease his pain. Bella, a day-dreaming romance novelist, wishes for a Christmas present she’ll never forget. What happens when her wish actually comes true? AH – OOC – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Rated: M – Bella & Edward


Made by Ange d'Aube
Made by Ange de l’aube

As the summary suggests, Gift of the Magi by morethanmyself, is not all sugar and spice. The story is told from Bella’s POV and we meet her when she arrives home six days before Christmas to her father’s place after leaving Edward, her husband and the love of her life.

We know what you are all saying right about now – “That is not very festive!” But trust us ladies; we wouldn’t lead you astray. This story is about how even the deepest love can be torn apart by not communicating. And we promise, you will be smiling by the end.

Summary: My heart was back in Seattle, shattered on the floor with the glass from the picture frame. Only three years in and it looked like my marriage to Edward Masen was falling apart. An angsty/sweet Christmas O/S. Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward


Made by CullensTwiMistress
Made by CullensTwiMistress

CullensTwiMistress shares this delightfully naughty story to make you laugh out loud and feel good inside. Bella has nursed what she terms a little thing for Edward for years. Now this Christmas, it’s time to do something about it.

We don’t want to give away precisely how Bella goes about making her feelings clear to this gorgeous and sexy Edward. Suffice to say, you may never be able suck on a candy cane again, without your mind taking a dive into the gutter. *wink*

Bella feels as though she is in a romantic comedy. How fabulous! That is exactly the vibe this story exudes – a romantic comedy with the obligatory very hot ending. Give Candy Cane Santa a lick today!

Summary: Bella and Edward are friends…sort of. She knows he’s the mall Santa. He thinks she doesn’t. A little Christmas story about finding “the one” without even realizing it. Romance/Humor/Motorboating – Rated: M -Edward & Bella


*hands out mulled wine* Thanks, as always to all the fabulous guests who joined us, esmegrace, jlho, FluffyLiz, Chocaholic123 and Lolo84, it’s truly appreciated and we love having you join us (and we still secretly fangirl over you all!).

Of course, thanks also to all of you around the world, joining us and sharing the fun. You make it worthwhile, but remember we’d have nothing to read without our fandom authors, so please say hi and thanks to them, especially in the season of goodwill and kindness. Spread the love!

FicSisters xo

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