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Welcome once again to our favorite place to be…lost in fic! We see lots of comments on Facebook looking for a good newly completed fic, so when we realised so many good’uns are ripe for the picking right now, we just had to share them with you! Of course, we’re also WiP fans so…yup, you got those too! It’s a packed house, but what can we say, we just love fic! Enjoy…


Made by Mina
Made by Mina

Surprise. I’m back with another recommendation for a Lyrical Kris story. When Kris first posed this idea to me, I was all 0-0—WTH? You’re doing what to whom? I need a gif for SHOCKED. LOL. Because, you see, this is Carlisle whose canon is untouchable, god-like; the quintessential father figure never ever to be messed with under pain of bad, bad things etc, and Kris is writing some serious Carlisle kinkiness. But, as usual, Kris captures both of these men beautifully, retaining, if not all, most of the canon characteristics that we know, expect and have come to love.

What are you waffling on about, you’re asking yourself right about now, yes? So let’s jump right into it. This is a story with a BDSM theme. No, it’s not a primer on the life style at all, but is treated with respect within the confines of what I’m convinced is essentially a love story. And it’s not just the kink that gives an edge to the story. This is also a story of the forbidden. Our pair are doctors, and Carlisle is Edward’s attending/supervising physician. He is also considerably older than Edward, just to add the cherry on top of the forbidden cake. What could possibly go wrong?

As I said, Kris maintains much of that lovely, good man that we all know and love as Carlisle. He is an experienced, caring Dom, not currently in a long-term relationship. He has noticed the talented, young and very hot resident, Edward, but has no idea that he is: a) gay and b) experienced in the lifestyle as a sub. Until that one evening in the doctor’s lounge…Hooo boy. Edward certainly knows how to make a statement.

And Edward is hot, sweet and sooo very cheeky. A regular button-pusher with predictably painful consequences. For Edward at least. He is a smart over-achiever whose emotional maturity hasn’t quite caught up with his intellectual capacity. He is sweet and honest without a mean bone in his body.

So we have two great characters who smolder with heat, like sizzle. Kris always has the ability to write great sizzle, and I love that much of what makes it resonate is the emotional subtext, even when the characters don’t realize it yet. As I said above, this reads like a love story and I love the build. Go read. You will love Kinky Carlisle and his Cheeky Edward.


Summary: Trouble ~ Carlisle should have known Edward Masen was trouble. He was smart, beautiful, cheeky, and a sub in need of a dom with a firm hand, which Carlisle just happened to be. He was also very young, an intern and Carlisle was his attending. Trouble indeed. Rated M – Romance/Drama – Carlisle/Edward – WiP 



Made by Clairebamboozle
Made by Clairebamboozle

This is not the story I set out to write. I wanted to write a really angsty, make you sob, make you want to hug a kitten kind of story. Those as the ones I like to read. Emotionally challenging. I plotted an outline in my head of a tortured heroine and a dark and dangerous hero in a time long ago. She suffers gracefully through life and takes all manner of hurt upon herself. He’s mean to her, he learns the error of his ways… I’m sure you’ve read something like that in the past.

I started out with only 3 chapters written and some thought as to where it was going to take me. What I didn’t account for was the fluidity of story writing. The character’s that change on their own. The Bella who was supposed to be damaged became wise beyond her years. The dashing Edward who became vulnerable, sweet and learned to woo the hard way. Ideas and plots moving around until you barely recognize your own work.

I didn’t know I would be finding a community of people in what used to be a solitary activity. People who encourage, enrage and enrapture with questions and statements and sometimes just a smiley face. Reading the comments each day gave me more food for thought and encouraged me to write more. It even helped develop some characters that had started off with a minor mention to be developed into their own right. One of the great things with writing FanFiction is the instant feedback from readers. The response to smelly, drunk Edward was hilarious.

So, take a person who had barely written anything since school, years ago, who had read nearly everything others have written about these characters, a twisted sense of humour, an aversion to writing dialogue and historical accuracy, too much time on her hands and a house she’s too lazy to clean and the result is A Swallow to a Dove.

Set in a gentler time of your own choosing, it’s a story that lets you follow and grow with the characters. There is some mystery, some intrigue, some heartbreak, some giggles and some romance. It might not make you cry, it might not make you laugh out loud, and it might not make you hot under the collar. It will make you google obscure words. It will make you use your imagination.

I hope you enjoy it. I loved writing it.


Summary: A shy, quiet timid young girl is hired to look after the children of a troubled widower. She slays his demons, teaches him to love and learns to love herself. Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Made by perpetually
Made by perpetually

I’ve always admired the union of far-fetched fiction with adequate amounts of reality in stories. I try to maintain that in my writing, although I do get carried away with my convoluted thoughts as I can visualize what I want to convey, but the challenging part is translating those ideas into words.

I don’t remember a distinct moment, or an epiphany that I had, when I decided to write Lacunar. I might have been on the verge of falling asleep or playing with a loofah in the shower (my visualizing has got to stop) when I thought about exploring marriage… and just strength, in general. Fiction allows me to pull out qualities of myself that I wish were more enhanced, which includes bravery itself.

The characters, Bella and Edward, go on a journey of discovery that is often painful as it highlights their own insecurities and fears, but I think that’s what bears the most resemblance to real life. We bounce around, going back and forth between our emotions. It’s hard to confront the truth at times but the lie is no better, especially in the long run to which Bella and Edward have to figure out for themselves.

I’m a very reserved person (in real life and perhaps online too), often finding it hard to express my feelings. But after writing this, I’ve come to realize that there are other ways of communicating. Throughout the story, there is the questioning of values and desires. Often, people lose their way, especially having spent so many years together, but the reminder of what made them initially love that person can induce the hope that is needed, as depicted in the story.

I am extremely glad that I’ve finished posting up all of the chapters as it has quenched the ongoing mystery that commences at the beginning of Lacunar. I am so thankful to be a part of this beautiful fandom. Although the story isn’t entirely far-fetched, I do consider some things to fall upon imagination. But that is fittingly balanced out with its adequate amounts of reality as it reminds us that although we may prefer the perfection in fiction to the actuality of things- like favoring happy memories over the looming future, there’s a bravery within all of us that’s waiting to be explored.


Summary: He can’t remember what she’s done. She can’t forgive herself for what’s happened. When a slate has been erased, some chalk will always remain. Romance/Angst – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Made by FrozenSoldier
Made by FrozenSoldier

Thanks to the FicSisters for inviting me to talk about Halfway to Anywhere!

Now that I’m publishing, I don’t have much time to devote to fic. But I had some downtime between books, and I had a plot bunny that I thought might be fun to write, so I decided to start Halfway to Anywhere. The title comes from the Evanescence song of the same name, and the idea for the story was inspired by my absolute devotion (obsession) with Breaking Bad. As I wrote, it was so easy to picture the Twi characters as characters in the show–Bella/Edward as the good guys who made bad decisions (Jesse Pinkman), Carlisle as a major drug lord (Gus Fring), Alice as the conscience/DEA agent, etc. It was so much fun to write! Some of my readers got the references very quickly and started calling it “Breaking Bella” in reviews! :)

I don’t outline, so I had absolutely no idea where the story would take me. It was going to be pretty different for me, so I didn’t know if my readers would enjoy it. Most did; some didn’t. And that’s okay. I think, as a writer, you have to be willing to try new things, and this was definitely different for me. The story was more dark and twisty than my usual sweet romance. It was a blast for me to write.

I have mixed feelings about this story now that it’s complete. My next book is coming out in February, so I had to start editing it, which took time away from the fic, which meant slow updates. Edward and Bella got their happy ending, but it took me three months to get the final chapter and posted. I wish I’d waited until I had the story completely written before posting any of it, just so that my readers wouldn’t have had to wait that long, and maybe I could have fleshed out the story more. But I’m satisfied with the ending, and I hope my readers are, too. :)

SydneyAlice aka Sydney Logan

Summary: Life on the streets is hard. Life on the run is even harder. Two troubled teenagers try to escape their horrific pasts in hopes of a brighter future. Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete



Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?
Then give us a One Liner via the submission form or by pm on Facebook!

Karen LLaneza: Prayers Answered by LADARTHA ~ reading Prayers Answered by Ladartha, its a good story, she needs more followers, take a look at it…really different story line…

Summary: Edward was assward and a player. Put to death for a crime he didn’t commit and then given heavenly offer that could lead to his redemption that he could refuse. He was going to be able to find the true criminal, but, he must also aid to give hope back to an unfortunate woman that has given up and ready to die. The catch he stays a spirit until mission done. Success resets time. Rated: M – Supernatural/Mystery – Bella, Edward – WiP

Jeanne: Little Hell by Lellabeth ~ Lellabeth is a great writer and I recently read one of her earlier stories, Little Hell and adored it.

Summary: Bella is engaged to Jacob when she meets Edward, a cold ex-con who strides into her diner one night and flips her world upside down. She desperately tries to fight her growing feelings for him, until a secret is revealed which threatens to tear her life apart. Can two broken people overcome the bad in their pasts and find the good in their future? AH, Bikerward. Rated: M – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Bella, Edward – Complete

LuvVampires: Masen Manor by Drotuno ~ Masen Manor is the best vampire story I have read in a very long time.  The twist on the canon story is masterful and this Edward is perfect.  10 out of 10 from me!

Summary: Masen Manor, home to a prestigious boarding school, Masen Academy. An immortal hiding from the world has his faith tested by a hundred-year-old fortune and a broken, silent girl. Rated: M – Romance/Supernatural – Bella, Edward – Complete


Made by Beffers87
Made by beffers87

Mark your diaries! Wednesdays and Sundays are PI days for the foreseeable future.

We may very well be a sweet collective here, but we do love us some mystery. It’s rare that we get to sink our teeth into a good story steeped in the unknown watching suspects spill their guts and… Yeah, we are obviously jumping the gun in excitement here. 😉

What we do know is Greye Granger is the author – yay! Chapter One shows us Bella is a no-nonsense, bloody-good-at-her-job PI, and she gets paid the big bucks for results. On the back of her latest run-of-the-mill assignment she’s been recommended to her client’s best friend…a woman whose marriage is more ‘scandalous and loaded‘ than the one Bella has just delivered on.

Bring on Sunday because we’re all desperate to see what Bella will uncover, and we’re guessing it’s way more than the obvious.

Summary: When PI Bella Swan is hired by Mrs. Tanya Cullen to investigate her husband, Bella quickly learns that maybe she is investigating the wrong person. Maybe her husband has been running from something or someone…will Bella find out what lies beneath the twisted and terrifying past of Edward Cullen? Rated: Fiction M – Drama/Suspense – Complete




The Resistance (the first in the series) was a runaway hit for S.L Scott in 2014, and one of my favourite reads on the year. So when she released a stand-alone follow-up, I was desperate to get my grubby fingers on it!

The Redemption tells the story of Rochelle Floros, a widow whose husband—Cory—was the lead guitarist in the rock group The Resistance. But with Cory gone, and two little boys to look after, Rochelle is adrift. She’s afraid to open her heart, to love again, but at the same time she is a sensual woman who aches for more.

Dex Caggiano is the band’s drummer, with a ‘bad boy’ rep, and for years he’s admired Rochelle from afar. But after a drunken encounter with her at his LA house, the chemistry between them starts to explode. What follows is a sex-scene that ends like no other I’ve read—and honestly you have to read it yourself to know why my eyes were bulging by the end. And this leads to a lot of embarrassment, and to Rochelle fleeing from Dex’s bedroom, leaving both of them shocked and raw.

After a downward spiral that leads to weeks in a Rehab Centre, the two of them have a lot of issues to work through. Obviously the biggest—her dead husband Cory—is a doozy, and messes them both up more than once. As an angst-lover I loved the push and pull between the two of them, the will-they-won’t-they chapters that made me hold my breath as I read them. S.L. Scott truly takes us though a journey along with her characters, as we see them trying to fight their demons and learning to stand on their own two feet. Without giving away the ending, by the time you get there it feels like you’ve earned it, and been fighting for it all the way through.

As with all S.L. Scott books this one kept my finger glued to the ‘next page’ button of my kindle, and reading long past my bedtime. But I don’t regret it one little bit.

Chocaholic123 aka Carrie Elks

Available from: Amazon.UK Amazon.com Amazon.com.Oz


Made by Perpetually
Made by Perpetually

Right above the first chapter of The Anonymity of Being is a warning from the author, perpetually:

Note: A story about growing, finding and reaching beyond. Told in a nonlinear narrative with alternate chapters in past and present. (It will have short chapters and will be updated daily because it’s been pre-written)

Readers: Viewer discretion is advised. The story is rated M. A big and final warning. Contains dark themes.

Of course, no matter what she says, we’re going to read even if our hearts get stomped on. Wusspervs we may be, but great writing and the intrigue of the first few chapters has drawn us in, and now we’re hooked. Something has happened, and although we don’t know what, we do know that single mum Renee is protective, even when her daughter won’t talk. (Renee is already on our people-we-like list 😉 ).

So, if we don’t know what’s happened and we haven’t met Bella, why are we hooked, you may well ask. It’s simple. Great writing, the atmosphere, the build…all the lure of another great story waiting to unfold.

Pre-written and posting daily, it’s one to follow. Now snuggle in close, we may need each other…

Summary: The Anonymity of Being by perpetually ~ A mother’s undying love is tested to the limits of pain when a ferocious guilt casts bushfires across the plains of her daughter’s heart. [Updated daily] Rated: M – Hurt/Comfort/Drama – WiP



Do you know who made this?
Made by m81170

When the FicSisters asked me if I would be willing to do a review of Swirl & Daisy now that it was complete, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The idea that there are people out there that haven’t read this delightful fic actually caused my heart to break. It is easily in my top 5 favorite fics, and depending upon the day, it’s right there at number one. At the very least, it’s my go-to happy place when I need to read a pick-me-up story.

I can see where some people might hesitate. It’s rated T, after all, and I know some of us are in the fandom for the sex (okay, a lot of us are, or at least were in the beginning). But don’t let that scare you off! Sex is addressed, in both funny and sweet ways. No, you won’t get hot and bothered by those discussions, but you will transport back to a more innocent time in your life. I think, for me, that was the initial draw of Twilight. The first time I read it, I remembered what it felt like the first time I fell in love. This story captures that and gives us a five year journey through that relationship. My first love didn’t last, but you can tell from the first chapter that this one will.

Bella is twelve years old on the first day of eighth grade, entering school at Forks for the first time. She goes into her yearbook class and tries to scope out the scene, figure out where she should sit. If you’ve ever been the new kid at school, you’ll relate to that easily enough. Her eyes fall on THOSE GIRLS, you know the ones. The ones that wore tons of makeup and clothes that girls twice their age wear. She’s immediately put off by the “vibe” they give off, and goes over to the boy sitting alone with a camera and a computer. She says hello and when he looks up at her, she’s freaked out because she made a bad choice. He’s way hotter than she was ready to handle.

Of course, it’s Edward, and even though he’s his beautiful self, he’s not your typical Edward. This one is shy and introverted. His best friend is his father. He’s a Lord of the Rings nut. And he’s absolutely adorable. Bella wasn’t alone in swooning over the boy with the pretty green eyes. Especially when, after she sat down, he handed her his business card. Yes, he has a business card, complete with phone, fax, and beeper numbers. It’s 2001 after all!

Bella’s suspicious of just how many girls that our fair Edward has given this card to, thinking that he was too smooth, and she flat out asks him, albeit unintentionally. He tells her she’s the first and gets embarrassed. They eventually shake hands and that’s when it happens.

I saw him covertly wipe his hands on his jeans, but it was still a little sweaty when he placed it in mine.

I couldn’t bring myself to care, though, because I was actually holding hands with a boy. And by holding, I meant shaking, but really it was the same thing. And maybe it was just my imagination, but I thought he held my hand longer than was necessarily polite for circumstance. And the heavens opened up and the angels sang as I realized I had found my soul-mate. I was meant to be with this boy.

But then, because she’s Bella, and because she’d been thinking of things like “vibes” that brought to her memory her first crush, Aiden, who liked to dance in pink tutus and play Barbies with her, she flat out asks Edward if he’s gay. He pretty much stopped talking to her then, not surprisingly. But fate, or something else, stepped in and Bella was assigned to join Edward as the yearbook staff photographer.

Things don’t seem like they’re going to go too well, but then she gets an instant message on her computer. Edward informs her that she’s pretty when she blushes and no, he’s not gay. And a romance begins!

While I have many, many favorite things about this story, the one that I really want to share is that M81170 perfectly captures what it was like to be a pre-teen/teenager. I adore how melodramatic her Edward and Bella are in the early years of their relationship. And honestly, I didn’t remember just how ridiculous I was at that age until I stumbled upon my own diary from when I was twelve. To say that she captured that age perfectly is an understatement. I was hilariously dramatic, just like Bella. And yes, Bella writes in her diary in this story. It’s dead on, I tell you. Dead on!

Beyond looks into the minds of Edward and Bella, we also get to see their relationship develop through their parent’s eyes. Charlie and Carlisle are just adorable fathers. The way they help the kids through their ups and downs just touches the heart. My favorite chapter may be the one where Edward goes to the police station on the very day he met Bella, to ask Charlie if he can pursue her.

He goes in dressed in a suit and tie, armed with his business card, a letter of recommendation from his mother, and a portfolio containing his resume and past report cards. Seriously, how can you not love a thirteen year old that does that? This Edward is hands down the most romantic, considerate boyfriend in all of the fic world. I firmly believe that.

To say that Charlie is a bit astounded by this boy appearing to ask to more or less court his daughter on her first day of school is an understatement. But he can’t help but be impressed by Edward’s presentation, even if he thinks the kid doesn’t stand a chance with his daughter. He soon has to eat those words, and becomes a second father and second best friend to the boy that steals his daughter’s heart.

Of course, there are blocks in the way to true love that must be overcome. The age old question of which is better, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, interfering teenage girls giving unwanted advice, sexual hormones, baseball…things can be difficult for teenagers in love. But never will you doubt that they’ll get through each obstacle that comes their way. To quote another pair of precocious pre-teens, this Edward and Bella are Meant2b.

Not only do we get this delightful story to read, but the wonderful author also did a ton of fun little outtakes that give little glimpses of the relationship, as it started all the way through their first day in college. I highly recommend reading the outtakes and going to her link that gives a glimpse of the future, and also takes us back to the beginning though Edward’s eyes. Clearly he was as taken by Bella as she was by him from the first moment. So sweet.

This story was a five year labor of love that the author never gave up on. And I certainly didn’t, either. Even when there were long delays, I always had faith that the story would finish. And even if it hadn’t, I still went back and re-read it every few months. Because it’s that good. Now that it is finished, there’s no reason not to read it. It truly is awesome from start to end. It’ll make you laugh, make you cry a little, and just make you remember what it was like to be a kid again. I don’t save a lot of fics to my Kindle. I only have a handful. But this was one I went out and braved my lack of tech savvy to save right away. I can’t give it a higher recommendation than that. Read it. You won’t be sorry.


Summary: A first kiss, a first dance, a first curse word shared between best friends. This is the tale of a boring, young geek and the social pariah who thought the world of him. A tale of growing up. A tale of a Non-Romantic Romance. Rated T – Romance/Humor – Bella/Edward – Complete 


Thank you for joining us for another post full of wonderful stories!  We would like to take a second to send a very heartfelt message to our dear friend, eewee333 who is going through a hard time right now – we send you our prayers and best wishes.  We just know you will be “up and at ’em” again very soon.

To Nolebucgrl, SydneyAlice, pertpetually, Songster51 and shouldbecleaning – thanks to you, lovely ladies, for sharing yourselves with us today. To the fabulous banner makers who wow us with their talents-and help us at short notice-thanks beffers87, ClaireBamboozle and FrozenSoldier! Thanks to our resident book aficionado, Carrie Elks. Finally, we raise our glasses to our lovely One Liner contributors, Karen, Jeanne and LuvVampires – great choices there, girls!

Until next time,

FicSisters xo

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