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Welcome to a very special post! We are absolutely delighted that long-time fandom favorite Cara No has been talking to the FicSisters about her brand new story. We know a gazillion regular Cara readers will already be dancing with joy…and for those who haven’t experienced the thrill of a Cara WIP, you’ve been missing a fantastic trip – fancy a ride?!

So, talk to us, Cara…



Made by CaraNo
Made by CaraNo

Note: Now also known as Are You Kidding Me and His Girl…full details at the bottom! 

Hi, everyone :) I’ll just go right ahead and blame Sons of Anarchy for this one. I’m not much of a TV watcher, but when I find something that reels me in, I binge watch for a weekend until my mind is full of that show. This time, biker boys! Of course a Bikerward slithered into my head, and I got right to it.

A Bastard’s Girl is told in BPOV. Fairly short chapters, and I plan on updating often. (Most of it is pre-written.)

I could go on and on about the characters, or…I could let Bella do the talking. 😉

“Aw, hell no.” I throw the rag over my shoulder and leave the bar, heading over to the windows by the door. “Mom!” Seething, I stare out the window as the dust settles from six—no, seven—bikes parking right outside.

The last thing we want is to turn our bar into a hangout for the motorcycle club in town. Our little town of Fallbrook, just north of San Diego, would be much nicer to live in if it weren’t for the Bastards Motorcycle Club. It’s only been a couple years since they declared Fallbrook their home, but they’ve already turned “The Friendly Village” into a battlefield.

Bella’s hatred toward the MC stems from the history of her parents. Perhaps I should mention that Bella’s last name is Cullen, and her mom and dad are Esme and Carlisle. I guess I wanted Carlisle in biker gear, too!

“Don’t be mad at me, baby.” Dad fuckin’ coos at my mother. “We just need a place to meet with the Masens today.”

Oh, I’ve heard of Edward Masen. He’s the one who turned Dad into a biker. He’s also the Bastard president in Nevada. He’s gotta be old, ’cause I know he has a son, also named Edward, who’s in his thirties.

“Does it look like I give a shit?” Mom snaps. “Besides, we’re not open for another hour anyway.”

Dad grins and steps closer. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“For fuck’s sake, Dad.” I make a face. “I didn’t need to hear that.”

Bella’s relationship with her dad is shaky at best, but it’s gotten better since the Bastards moved to Fallbrook. She’s very protective of her mom though, so it’s gonna take more than sweet talk to accept bikers into her life. The arrival of Edward Masen helps.

“Come here, baby girl.” Dad yanks me down to sit on his lap as I’ve served beers to everyone. “Look at this beautiful face, boys.” He grabs mine and tilts it to the guys, to which I roll my eyes and pull free. “I can’t believe I made something so gorgeous. She’s off-limits to all of you.”

“Christ, Daddy.” I rub my jaw and scowl at him.

He grins and kisses my nose. “Where’s Mom?”

Conveniently for her, she’s hiding in her apartment upstairs. “What’s it to you?” I get up from his lap just as two men enter the bar, definitely looking related. “Would that be the Masens?”

Both are wearing black denim Bastard vests, have helmets in their hands, scruffy beards, and road dust around their shoulders. The only difference between the two is approximately twenty years in age.

The youngest is hot, though. Deliciously so. He removes his bandana and runs a hand over his fairly short hair, his green eyes scanning the saloon-like establishment. Then he brings out a smoke to light it up. Fucker. There’s no smoking allowed here, but he—and the others…yeah, they don’t care.

Their attraction is instant, but Edward doesn’t arrive without secrets, and he’s not very good at being upfront about them. At the same time, there’s obviously someone who doesn’t want Bella with Edward. Notes begin to appear whenever she’s even talked to him, and life only gets more complicated when an ATF agent starts snooping around. I hope you’ll check out the story, and I’ll leave you with a little Bikerward that Ceci made. :)

Made by Lolypop82
Made by Lolypop82

Thank you!


NOTE: pulled A Bastard’s Girl due to the title… Cara has reposted under the new name of Are You Kidding Me and His Girl. Lemony chapters are posted on Cara’s WordPress site, to avoid violation of rules, but Cara pre-warns readers, so we don’t miss out!

aka Cara No  @CaraDeeWrites

FicSisters’ note: Many of Cara’s FanFiction stories are available as PDFs on her blog CaraNoFiction – check it out! 

Summary: Bella Cullen doesn’t think highly of the Bastard bikers in her sleepy town of Fallbrook because she knows how that entire lifestyle worked out for her mom. When Edward Masen rolls into town from Nevada as the latest addition in the MC, Bella’s changes her mind…slightly. But it’s not long before trouble arrives and makes her question everything. Rated: M – Romance/Drama – Edward/Bella – Bikerward/Olderward.


You have no idea how excited we are about this new story – thank you so much, Cara! We loved having you visit…but we think Bikerward may kill us all! ❤️

Until next time…

FicSisters xo 


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    I desperately want to read Bastard’s Girl by CaraNo. I tap where it says “here” but it always says story not found with ID# and lists a number. I’ve tried getting to it from Cara’s WordPress site but does the same thing. HELP PLEASE.

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