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Hello and welcome to our home. We’re excited to share our love for some fabulous new stories – both WIP and complete, and we look fondly at some older complete ones. Let’s start with Michaelmas54…

One Not to Miss

Made by FicSisters
Made by FicSisters

CSI Connecticut opens with a bang…well, a volley of them, with an unfortunately placed Vivienne Westwood purse tragically becoming a casualty of the attack. What a way to get on the wrong side of Alice! And this FicSister is going to bet it’s a big mistake to go against Alice. :)

This story is a welcome sequel to CSI Seattle, from the talented Michaelmas54 – our review here. The original completed in 2013, so the author kindly posted a recap chapter for those who’ve a memory like mine. 😉 Having said that, CSI Connecticut can be read as a stand-alone fic. We are told our favourite crew, plus Molly the cat, settle down in Connecticut with a plan to lead a quiet life. Yeah! We all know what they say about plans. And those of us who are familiar with Michaelmas54 know she likes to keep us on our toes, but we asked her to share a little of what really happens…

Edward and Bella have moved to Connecticut. Bella has given up her job with CSI Seattle, so, together with Alice, she opens a detective agency so she can utilise her forensic skills in addition to Alice’s ability to see the future. Piece of cake they think, until one of their cases blows up in their faces and puts their lives in danger. Alongside that, Alice’s past catches up with her and the repercussions of that could be even more serious. There is another major plot line, but I won’t give that away – just to say I’m sure many of you will guess what’s coming and go “Yes Yes Yes” when the inevitable happens. There are lemons as well, so you can go “Yes Yes Yes” after those too!

Mmmh! Sounds like an interesting adventure to me. Not that I’d expect anything less from Michaelmas54. Her fics are always an enticing mixture of romance and drama, complete with delightful moments where her idiosyncratic, English sense of humour peeks though.

I’m booking the next flight to Connecticut – see you there!

Summary: Bella & Alice have started their own detective agency while Edward runs Masen Research. Their plan to live a quiet life collapses when the agency digs too deep into a case, Alice’s past catches up with her & Edward’s quest to find the mole in the lab means he suspects everyone. Murder, Revenge, Loyalty and Love, this story has it all. Romance/Mystery – Rated: M – WIP



Made by Racheli
Made by Racheli

Not In That Way eventually got its title from the Sam Smith song but the truth is that my fic is actually a bit older than the song. A couple years ago I was watching old episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and it had one of my all-time favorite dances, Jeanine and Jason dancing to Jason Mraz’s If It Kills Me. The storyline of the dance is about best friends who end up falling in love and from that a plot bunny was formed. You can watch it here if you’re interested.

Originally I had gone down a much different path and ended up getting stuck and frustrated so I put it on hold for a while and worked on getting my first fic The One Who Got Away published on ff.net. Then a year or so ago I heard the Sam Smith song and it reminded me of my abandoned fic. I got my inspiration back. Once I found the path my characters were supposed to be on, the rest just flowed.

My favorite part of this story is Edward, whose been pining over Bella, his childhood best friend, for years. He’s so in love with her but terrified of screwing up their friendship. I’ll admit, he can be frustrating at times with his hesitation to confess his love. However, his intentions are pure. At the end of the day, he just loves this girl so much that he’ll keep her in his life however he can. This is complicated though, by the fact that Bella is about to marry someone else.

These two are just so much fun though. I had a great time writing their banter and the playfulness as well as the emotional intimacy that comes from twenty years of friendship.


Story Summary: Edward has been in love with his childhood best friend for years, too afraid to tell her how he really feels. Now, she’s about to marry someone else and he thinks he’s lost her forever. What will he do when fate steps in and gives him a second chance? Romance/Friendship – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Do you know who made this?
Do you know who made this?

In August of 2008, a friend handed me a little book called Twilight. When I heard it was about vampires, I almost didn’t read it, having burned out on the whole genre. However I was bored, with nothing else to do, so I cracked the first page. Needless to say – four books later in less than that many days, I was exhausted from staying up but infatuated with a certain 100 plus year old vampire and the human with whom he’d fallen in love.

Like most, I wasn’t done with Edward, Bella, the Cullens, and the Wolfpack. I needed more and like any good brat went looking for it. Googling (yes, you can snicker here), I found a website about Twilight, and on it, a forum group called fan fiction. My life has never been the same.

Through sheer luck, the first story I clicked on was a little fic called The List by LauraACullen. I think most fan fiction readers have visited that story at least once. It is a boomerang fic for me, one I like to go back and read every so often. Laura is now a published author, under the name Laura Kaye, but she has been kind enough to leave her fan fiction stories up for us to enjoy. Buried within her stories is one of my other favourite first fics. It is called While You Were Gone.

It was the first New Moon AU I read. I’ve read others, even written one myself (with a pretty hacked off Bella), but I still go back to Laura’s story every so often because of the strength and love of her Bella character.

At the beginning of the story, we join Bella as she is searching for the meadow. Like New Moon, Bella is joined by Laurent, but from there things go awry. As the description of the story indicates, the wolves don’t get to Bella in time, and Laurent’s venom is the agent for Bella’s transformation. Meanwhile, Alice has a sketchy vision of Bella . . . of Bella going to the Cullen’s home. All Alice can see is that something is wrong, and at first, she thinks Bella is dying.

Rushing home to Forks, the Cullens find a transforming Bella protected by her werewolf friend, Jacob. And unlike that phone call Rose made in New Moon, this time, her call results in Edward giving up his isolation to come home and “man up.”

Laura’s Bella is one who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Her Edward is one that desires forgiveness, but doesn’t allow his regret to rule him. What ensues is a story of love, forgiveness, the meaning of family and friendship, hurt, angst, jealousy, and later on, some racy lemonade. In essence, all the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable story.


Summary: What if the wolf pack hadn’t interrupted Laurent before he bit Bella?  This is the story of Bella being changed despite Edward leaving her to prevent it from happening. How will her change impact their chance for a future together? Romance/Angst – Rated M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Made by moosals
Made by moosals

When I first read the original one-shot of The Man Next Door, I immediately fell in love with the story. I still love the tone of the piece – Bella’s narration and how the story plays out scene by scene. The awkward moments, Edward’s silences, stillness and retreats all add to the atmosphere of the story.

If you’ve read her May To December Romance contest entry, you’ll know that RobzBeanie included an epilogue at the end. She had no intention of continuing the story, but ideas for more scenes kept coming regardless.

The beauty of the extended story is that we get to witness Edward’s struggle to regain some semblance of normality, after having spent half his life on Death Row for a murder he didn’t commit. He lost a promising future when he was wrongly convicted, so his return to the outside world holds many challenges, not least of which is overcoming the psychological scars of his time in prison.

Bella is virtually the only person in Forks to treat Edward normally, but that’s not to say she gives him an easy time. She’s feisty, knows her own mind and doesn’t back down – traits that serve her well as the story progresses.

Poor Edward is tested constantly and each time I find my heart breaking and my mind reeling, as I imagine the horrors he might have endured. He daren’t reveal the details of what happened during his incarceration to anyone but his shrink, but as he reacts to Bella’s actions, she develops her own theories, much as I have and you will, too.

The couple’s significant age gap provides a constant undercurrent to the story and though some they encounter struggle to accept it, to me it’s never an issue. These two just fit together. I like Bella’s justification for why the gap doesn’t matter and especially enjoy it when Edward’s age becomes the object of some much welcomed humour.

The Man Next Door may be a shorter, less bumpy ride than Grad Night, but it’s no less an emotional one. As I write this, I haven’t yet seen the final two chapters. I don’t know if we’ll ever find out all of Edward’s secrets or what kind of longterm future these two will have together. Like me, you’ll have to read the story to find out.


Summary: When Edward Cullen is released from prison, 18-year-old Bella becomes fascinated by her new next door neighbor. ** MAY TO DECEMBER ROMANCE CONTEST ENTRY ** Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Smokerward – WIP



Made by Ange de l'Aube
Made by Ange de l’Aube

Most WIP readers will tell you that there are fics they watch out for…the run-to-reads, if you like. Sometimes there can be time lapses between updates because…well, real life. Some stories require a quick reread or refresh, but others haunt the mind – and the images the author has painted in the readers’ memory mean that it’s easy to fall back in and pick up just where the story left off. The Gap is one such story.

Capitalab hit the ground running and grabbed the readers imagination right from the first chapter, and the quality of the writing remains high throughout…so when the penultimate chapter hit our inboxes this week, families were neglected and work dumped in favor of catching up with a fabulous Edward and Bella.

So, you know we love it, you know it’s close to completion, but what’s it about?

Well, the first time Bella notices Edward, he’s busking on The Subway – a hobo? Hmmm – and she’s rushing about her busy corporate life. But appearances can be deceptive and they have more in common than either of them could anticipate. Their lives intertwine – or perhaps overlap would be a closer description. The connections go deep, and deepen…and while they have complications to overcome their bond is strong and fulfils a need in both of them.

This is a story of finding out who you truly are, life’s priorities and true grown-up love.

With only one chapter left to post, it’s a good time to acquaint yourself with this wonderful Musicianward.

Summary: Their first encounter is brief, minute, insignificant, forgettable. At least it should be. Edward and Bella live very different lives, but a chance encounter forces them to reexamine everything they thought they wanted. Rated: M – Drama/Romance – Bella & Edward – WIP 


One-LinersWant everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form or by pm on Facebook! 

en-mi-corazon-para-siempre ~ This is my first fanfic rec. While browsing through different fics I found this talented writer under the pen-name Powered by 23 kicks; naturally, I got stuck with her fics. Recently she has started a new fic named Down to Earth. Wanna read a kinda Godward fic? You can try this one. I think you may like it. You can try this. She is really amazing.

Summary: For centuries, a muse has been tantalizing others, dancing in and out of lives with no real feelings or repercussions – until he meets the painter girl who challenges him. What happens when history’s sexiest muse becomes inspired by the human he’s sent to inspire? Xanadu meets Mt. Olympus at Twilight as the heavens and earth move for both of them, with a little divine intervention. Supernatural/Romance Rated: Fiction M – Bella & Edward –  WIP

Krista Adams ~ I’m loving Anyone Else But You, by iambeagle…it’s a slow burn and yummy. FicSister’s Note : our review here.

Summary: Bella’s clueless when it comes to men, especially her friend’s boyfriend. Humor/Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – WIP

Twilighter1964 ~ Sway by Love notes from Morgan O’Malley is such a sweet gift that deserves many more reads, reviews, and favorites! Not to be missed! FicSister’s Note : our review here.

Summary: A story of two people. Paths cross, lives blend and they discover they like each other more everyday. A simple, possible love story where the palms line the shore. EPOV Romance/Friendship – Rated: M – WIP

Sara (Sazzledazzled) ~The Waltz by maxigrumpling ~ Loved this fic, been on my TBR list for a while, and did not disappoint.

Summary: He’s bored, lonely and longing. She’s already made the decision to change her life. He sees her dancing alone, she’s unaware. Their first introduction is a disaster. This is the story of how his public image might just lose him a chance to have it all and how he overcomes his personal demons to make her see the real Edward Cullen. Drama/Romance – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete

Thanks to en-mi-corazon-para-siempre, Krista Adams, Twilighter1964, and Sara for sharing with us today.


Made by FicSisters
Made by FicSisters

The sweet, sweet thimbles says Of Books and their Covers, written for Vancouver Canuck Girl’s birthday, is a little story about falling hard and fast. thimbles is probably referring to Edward and Bella’s relationship, but speaking from personal experience here, that’s exactly how the reader is going to fall for this lovely story and its characters.

As always – with words from thimbles – I was right there living the story. I’ve been transported into the mind of a writer, tended vines in Australia, lived through a pregnancy, fell in love during WW2, and much more. This time her imagination took mine to a bookstore on a rainy afternoon where I heard the best pick-up line ever…

“Can I buy you a book?”

She tips her head at me, and her red-painted lips twist in a way that makes me think she’s trying really hard not to laugh at me. “Buy me a book?”

I pull the cuffs of my jumper over my hands and rub my eyebrow with my sleeve-covered thumb. “Yeah.” I take a deep breath and push on. “I mean, if we were in a bar, I’d ask if I could buy you a drink. But we’re here,” I wave an arm towards a towering shelf of books, “and I dunno, I thought maybe… I mean you’d get a lot more out of a book, right?”

“I see.” And then she just… stares at me. She stares so long that I take a step back, and I’m about to apologise for bothering her and hightail it out of there when she cracks this huge grin. “Yes.”

Gah! That is so…precious!

I’m not saying any more about this bite-size, delicious sliver of the human spirit; consider this the book cover – now the pleasure of opening the book is all yours.

Summary: A little story about falling hard and fast. For Vancouver Canuck Girl on her birthday. Rated: M – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – One Shot



Made by FicSisters
Made by FicSisters

Bliss, by veteran author samekraemer is already a sweet little gem at only a few chapters in.

We meet both Bella and Edward in the first chapter. Bella the virgin with a caring nature and a huge heart who always smells like dogs. And Edward, the gorgeous, odd man who comes into Bella’s work looking to adopt a canine companion.

You love Edward from the first moment he walks in the door. But when he talks about his life, it breaks your heart.

‘”Edward smiled and shook his head.“Esme isn’t my girlfriend, Isabella. She’s Carlisle’s wife. I can’t have a girlfriend because women won’t understand me and they’ll take advantage of me That’s why my brother told me to adopt a dog…”’

He makes you want to give him a big hug and do everything in your power to change he and his brother’s mind about women. Bella feels the same way, so she goes out of her way to educate herself about Edward and what is needed to make him comfortable. She approaches this and him with far more maturity and insight than her young twenty years.

Their friendship isn’t easy and they have their awkward moments and misunderstandings, but Bella is extremely patient and Edward is just so damn sweet. He is positive and realistic about his life, but just hearing him talk about himself melts your heart…

‘“Carlisle said everyone will test me, I just have to get used to it.”’

With the help of those who love and support Edward, he and Bella become friends. However, it’s those people closest to Edward who might actually drive them apart.

Relationships are difficult under typical circumstances, but Bella and Edward have more to overcome. Hopefully their mutual love for Bliss will keep them connected and help them find their way through friendship, understanding and love.

I’m loving the authors frequent updates and the pace at which the story is moving. It’s definitely a drop everything and read story for me. I can’t wait for more!

Lost in Fanfiction

Summary: A special dog at a no-kill shelter brought together two people who might never have met. There were circumstances which made things difficult, but at the end of the day, Bliss is there to lick away the pain. Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – WIP



Made by readergood
Made by Readergoof

The phrase ‘dive into a book’ gets thrown around quite freely but have you ever really wished you could do just that? To literally dive in and get lost among the words, to go through the wardrobe as it were and find yourself walking alongside your favourite characters? Living in their world, seeing what they see, perhaps even falling in love during the journey.

Yes, please! I think I’d give up chocolate if I had a chance which is why Evermore Experience holds a special place in my heart. It allowed me to write out one of my deepest dreams and desires.

Bella Swan loves all things Austen, Wuthering Heights, and swoony, dark, brooding gentlemen. And then she gets accepted to an all-expenses paid immersion program in England where the world she so deeply loves but has only experienced through the written word will come to life around her complete with not one but two swoony, dark, brooding gentlemen who vie for her attention. And she’ll get college credit for her time. It’s really win-win for her.

And then there’s Liriope (known to everyone as L), an original character that was supposed to have just a touch of magic to explain the how everyone believes they are in 19th century England. L popped into my head and refused to be ignored, much like an eccentric auntie. She says and does whatever runs through her mind with little care as to the consequences and more often than not, frustrated me because I had planned on her being in a scene or two and disappearing. But I love her dearly and even hope to write two outtakes with her and her beloved Will.

For those reasons, and so many more, Evermore Experience is my favourite completed work so far.

deJean Smith

Summary: Bella Swan receives an invitation to the exclusive Evermore Experience, an in-depth immersion summer program where she plans to fully explore 19th century England, but fate has other plans for her once she arrives. A mostly AU story. Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Made by TwistedLea
Made by TwistedLea

*claps hands in delight and throws confetti* As One Does, an award-winning entry in the May to December Contest is growing! purelyamuse has written another 4,000 words planning to post short, frequent chapters for our reading pleasure. And what a pleasure it is to meet Towel Boy…

The sliding door screeches open, and my eyes flit up to see a guy drying himself as he enters. I follow the towel curiously as it roves over his defined abs, then his chest, then his face, ending on his hair. My brown eyes meet his green ones, and he grins.

“Hi,” Towel Boy says.

“Hey,” I say back. Towel Boy is cute. And cut. I give him a flirty smile and almost forget how disgusting I look. I just came from cleaning out my dorm. I’m sweaty and wearing grubby clothes, and my dull brown hair is fancy enough for mopping the floor. But I don’t care because Towel Boy has just thrown his towel over his shoulder and his pecs flexed as he did so.

Well, hello.

We hear you, sista! Both Towelward and this story are sweet, funny, and alluring. Edward’s also mature beyond his years, a delicious blend of charismatic and cocky, and is an amazing son.

Really, with an Edward who can quote Taylor Swift lyrics, what’s not to love? 😉 Oh, yeah, he’s jailbait!

This Bella is fabulous! Like the story, she is a crazy mix of longing versus awareness and the amusing banter serves to charm us – the smiling readers.

Fall in love with this story…as one does.

Summary: “You keep giving me excuses and lashing out at me, but you know what? Not once have you said, ‘Edward, this could never work because I don’t even like you.’ Which means,” he leans in conspiratorially, “that you do. Like me.” Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete




This year the lucky city to host the TwiFic Meet Up is Philadelphia. Four of the FicSisters have attended  previous events and we can’t recommend them highly enough. The organisers do a fantabulous job and it’s an unforgettable experience. If you have the opportunity to make it in 2015 – we say go for it! The details can be found here.

Thanks to Racheli, content1, moosals, and deJean Smith for joining us today and helping to spread our love of fic. To all those who share our posts via social media – you rock! From Austria to Zimbabwe ~ thanks to each and every one of you for visiting. 

Happy Reading!

FicSisters xox

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