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It’s another exciting day for Twilight fanfiction readers as the delightful and über-talented Edward’s Eternal talks to us about her latest story…


First off, I am thrilled to once again be a guest here today. I always love being part of the FicSister posts. Thank you to them for the opportunity!

My new story, Unexpected Complication, is a slight change of pace than my last two love stories. This one is a slower burn, and contains an Edward who isn’t exactly the boy next door, in fact, when Bella first sees him, he is murdering someone in cold blood. She ends up being held hostage – but not for the reasons she thinks. From the moment their relationship starts, the sparks fly between them. He is used to being in command. She hates being told what to do. He barks orders, she tells him off. Yet, despite that, or maybe because of it, there is something about her that draws him in.

I was asked about the inspiration for this one. Hmmm… It all happened because Matt made some funny remark about a sandwich. Yep. A sandwich. I had nibbled on his lunch while making it and he teased me about my cooties. Every time I thought about it, it made me giggle. I had gone to bed, and was almost asleep when an entire conversation hit me. It was so vivid, I had to get up and write it. It had nothing to do with anything I was writing at the time, and before I knew it, I was doing my usual weird technique and writing backward. The whole story was written out of order. I sat up all night and wrote, and most of the next few days, this Edward was in my head. Then he left me. I had donated the first chapter to a compilation for charity, planning on posting the whole story when the time was up, but I couldn’t. It sat unfinished for over 5 months, and one day BANG he was back. I finally finished and let some people read it. Once I got the stamp of approval, and they assured me he was as hot as I thought he was, I knew he would be next to be shared. As Deb Drotuno stated… Finally… he is free! She has claimed dibs on him, but she is easily distracted – just saying.

Summary: Homeless Bella seeks shelter from a storm in an abandoned warehouse. But while she is there, she witnesses something she should never have seen. It was a case of the wrong time and the wrong place. When Tony Masen discovers her hiding spot, he realizes he has no choice but to protect her from what she’s seen. Even if she fights him—even if she hates him. He needs to save her. But is she the only one being saved? And is everything the way it seems? Romance/Humor – Edward & Bella – (WIP)

Made by Christag Banners
Made by Christag Banners


I glared at her and pushed the plate closer with the edge of the gun. “Eat the sandwiches, Bella.”


I was truly perplexed. “Why? I know you’re hungry.”

She sniffed. “You probably drugged them. God knows what you’ll do once I’m immobilized.”

I bit back a laugh. “They’re not drugged. And I told you. Nothing’s going to happen to you while you’re with me.”

“Why should I believe you?”

I nudged the plate again. “Nothing will happen to you. Eat.”

Her stubborn little chin stuck out even further. “No.”

“Carlisle will be so hurt. He made these for you himself.”

“If you’re so worried about his feelings, eat them yourself.”

I lifted the plate. “Pick one.”


“Pick one and I’ll eat it and prove there’s nothing wrong with them. Then you can eat the rest.”

I could see her wavering. I knew she was hungry.

“It could be a trick.”

I slammed the plate down in exasperation. “How can it be a trick, Bella? I don’t know what one you’ll pick!”

“You could be betting against the odds,” she insisted.


“Well, maybe only a few of them are drugged and you’re betting I choose the un-drugged ones for you.”

“How the fuck does that make any sense?”

“Don’t swear at me! It’s rude!”

“You swear at me all the time! Just eat the fucking sandwiches!” I roared.


This is not your usual Bella. She is snarky, pissed off and will not co-operate with her captors. Her greatest goal is to escape, and she’ll try anything to leave her prison behind.

Did she eat her breakfast? Or is it quarantined for drug inspection?”

“After a fashion.”

I grabbed a bottle of water. “Meaning?”

“She rolled the muffins into the napkin you had them on and stuffed them and the bottle of water in her back pack.”

The bottle stopped midair. “What the fuck for?”

He spun the computer. “For a meal later…after she escapes.”

I narrowed my eyes at the screen. “What the hell is she doing?”

“I think she had a nail file or something in her pack. She’s using it to unscrew the bars on the window.”

I leaned beside him. “I guess she doesn’t know the windows don’t open.”

He twirled another mouthful of pasta up, chewing slowly. “Nope.”

“How long has MacGyver been at it?”

“She started not long after you left. The first screw took her almost forty minutes. She’s getting better.”

“You haven’t busted her?”

“Nah. Gives her something to do. I have teased her some, though. I go check on her, making a lot of noise so she knows I’m coming.”

Carlisle is a key part of the story, and is caught between the two strong personalities far too often for his peace of mind.

I pushed her down in the chair next to Carlisle, who was watching us and shaking his head. “Let’s try and get along, shall we?”

“He started it,” Bella said petulantly at the same time I muttered, “She started it.”

Carlisle laughed as he picked up Bella’s plate. “The two of you are driving me nuts.” He filled her plate and sat it in front of her. “I don’t want any arguing. Eat.” Then he filled my plate. “That goes for you too.”

I picked up my fork, chuckling inward as Bella did the same thing.

His plate was overflowing and he sat it in front of him. “I’m too old for this shit,” he grumbled.

Manip by Christag Banners
Manip by Christag Banners

Lots of humor, great banter and of course, an HEA.

I hope you’ll join me on my next adventure!

Edward’s Eternal

FanFicButtonMuch love and thanks to Edward’s Eternal for kindly sharing with us today. And to you, dear readers, thanks for popping in – we know Unexpected Complication is going to be another fabulous work for you to enjoy! :)

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  1. Jennifer says

    Just found this beauty and already love it!! I love a bella who is tough and no wining :-) do you have a regular update schedule? So can’t wait for more!!

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