Crazy Like That…Your Questions Answered!

Happy Monday, Everyone!  First of all, if you haven’t read Crazy Like That by PlanetBlue and you plan to, look no further – serious spoilers lay ahead.

Thank you to those who submitted questions to us last week – here are your answers!!

PlanetBlue requested that we didn’t send names with the questions, so she replied to the questions not knowing who they were from (so your names listed beside your questions below will be a revelation for her).  She has generously answered every question, but if you don’t see your name listed below, it is because there were a few people who asked the same question, so read through and your question will be answered! Without further ado…

Made by LolyPop82
Made by LolyPop82

Was Bella punished? (I hope she felt like hell) ~ Bex95

Punished by law or parental figures? No. But sometimes what we do to ourselves is the worst punishment one can face. The guilt, the knowledge that you misbehaved so badly. I know when I do something wrong, guilt eats me up. I’m harder on myself than anyone would ever be… so yeah, in that way I think she was punished.

What about Charlotte? ~ Bex95

Charlotte seemed like a tough cookie to me, and if she was willing to just hang out with Edward when he never promised anything, then her heart wasn’t really in it either. That’s my opinion. She seemed like the kind of chick that would push if she were really into him.

First, thanks for hosting this and to PB for being willing to put up with what I’m sure will be a fuck ton of questions, pardon my french. I guess what I want to know about CLT *starts humming Beyonce’s song* is what do you, PB, see in their future? What CAN they have as a future? Because now we know that they loved each other, but I don’t see them working out. I just want to get inside your head and see what you see for them. Thanks! ♥ ~Mina

I love this question because I have thought about it. I’m going to give you what is only MY opinion here because truly what happens to them is really up to whatever you want for them… I think if they stay together, they pretty much distance themselves from everyone that would be like ‘what the fuck?’. Emmett, Rosalie, their folks… The pull they feel towards each other makes everything else not matter; so they decide that even though they’re dysfunctional, they can be together in their own, dysfunctional way. A world without them together is one they’re not interested in. A perfectly imperfect union.

But just because that’s what I think doesn’t mean whatever ending you envision is wrong. End it the way you want to.

Was Bella’s mom always like that and we just didn’t see it? Or was it a result of the fire? Were there injuries? ~ Annie

No lingering injuries, no. I think her mom was probably always like that – remember Bella telling Edward there wouldn’t be some mother daughter bonding experience when she bought her Homecoming dress without her? I think their relationship was never a close one. I’m sure the dissolution of her family probably aided in her issues, but all the events the family faced didn’t make them stronger, they cracked. So I think the fissures were always there.

I just can’t forgive Bella. Do you think that she has really truly changed? ~ Lissa

Yes, I do. Realizing you were a problem is the first step in trying to change yourself. She’s chosen to distance herself from people, she’s uncomfortable with attention, and she understands her role in all of it. She’s six years older than she was and living by herself, making her own way, not relying on help from her parents. Responsibility makes you grow up.

If you could have a conversation with any of the characters from any of your fics, who would you choose and what would the conversation be about? ~ Katie W

Oh wow. I have questions for all of them LOL. Can I have two? My first would be Barefoot Bella. I’d want to talk to her about being so free, and try to absorb some of her ability to live in the moment. Second would be Edward from Badlands. I think his brooding intensity would be really breathtaking to be around. I’d probably talk to him about The Doors and make a fool of myself.

Edward’s spiral downward was an intense ride. Was music involved in writing those scenes? And if so, what did that playlist look like? Did it change throughout the story along with him? ~ MissJanuary

I had a playlist on Spotify I found, called “Melancholia”. I wanted to be surrounded by dark, moody music. If you look it up you can hear it all. I wrote a lot of this late at night, when the house was quiet and it was just me, a dark room, and that music.

Did you ever consider Edward searching for Bella at the end? Until the last paragraph, I always felt like Edward’s love was one-sided. Maybe he was her fire too. Thank you for sharing your stories! ~ Vicki – fanofbones

Well thank you for reading them!! No, Edward was never going to search for Bella in my version, it was always her coming to him from the get go. Since the whole thing was in EPOV, we only saw what he chose to tell us and the way he saw things. To me, her coming to him after he declared them over said a lot about how she felt about him, as did him finding the name badge under her pillow. And she did say she loved him in the stairwell… I feel that was the real Bella, right there. She admits he was everything in her BPOV – that she loved him, still does.

What was your inspiration for the line ; “What am I going to do with you?” ~ Jack’s Mom

I needed something that would be able to stand up through the whole thing; it was always going to be the last line of the story once I had my ending. It just seemed like something she’d say… almost her acknowledging that she knew he was in over his head, but also a real question… her way of saying ‘where do we go from here?’.

I would like to hear how you envision the conversation between Bella and going. Would she tell him the truth about how she felt? Would he tell her that it will always be her, but he has moved on? ~ EdwardsFirstKiss

He’s not stupid. He’s worked hard to get where he is, and even though he asks her for a cigarette and tells himself it’s always been her, he’s not going to get duped again. I think her side of the conversation is her being honest with him for the first time ever, and I’d like to think he doesn’t make it easy for her.

I am wondering how Bella knew where to find Edward in NYC? ~ MDWriter

I would like to think that anyone can find anyone if you want to bad enough, who knows how long she’d been looking? A lot of legwork, I suppose.

Are you surprised by the passion from the readers – and how much people objected to their situation? ~ Edwards babe

I’m absolutely FLOORED by all the discussions this story created. I seriously thought I was posting a little fic that would come and go, so to see so many people have opinions and whole conversations about it was amazing. I was surprised by the amount of objection, actually. There’s a lot of questionable fic out there, and most people move on if it’s not their thing. I’m not sure why so many people continued to read even though it was making them angry.

I think if he had been a guy working at the gas station no one would’ve objected as much, but since he was a teacher (although not hers) at the school, that pushed some buttons. And that was something that never crossed my mind. I never saw THAT being the thing that would rile people up. Maybe that says something about me LOL.

Does Edward believe himself to be a pedophile? Did he accept that he abided his position? ~ Fic addict

No, neither I nor Edward considers him to be a pedophile. In fact, that was the thing that bothered me the most in reviews. By definition, a pedophile is an adult that is sexually attracted to young children. Bella was almost 18, and legal. He absolutely takes all the blame for what happened. Even though he realizes Bella’s help in his downfall, he knows it was his choices and actions that created the entire mess. Or do you mean his position as a person of authority? I don’t think he ever saw himself in a position of authority, and certainly not with Bella, who he felt truly had the upper hand the entire time.

Loved Crazy Like That. Please tell me there is another bonus chapter? I would love to have further insight on where life takes them next. ~ Yeva

Thank you very much! But unfortunately, I think this is it…

First, kudos on such a wonderful original story line! I have been reading FF for yrs and this is the first I’ve seen anything even coming close to flooring me.My question: Regardless of the controversial ending, was it always your plan to end with an “unending” leaving so much up to to reader or was the “Bella” chapter added as an after thought? ~ credoroza

It was always my intention to leave it at 20, with her walking into the bar. I had a few variations of that swirling around… one was that a bar napkin would cross the bar with the words “what am I going to do with you” on them… another was that they’d see each other on the street and stop to stare, but you wouldn’t know if they spoke. The Bella chapter actually did come up in a conversation while I was posting, when I’d already written the whole thing. Carrie (my trustworthy beta) told me that she really felt I needed to show people who she was as much as I could or wanted to. I was on the fence, but I started writing it anyway and it just flowed like it was something that I had to get out. I still think it makes the chapter open-ended… we might understand her a bit better to have seen what she’s been doing, but it doesn’t mean Edward or she continue on much past that one night.

In your story, “Crazy Like That”, you’ve written both Edward and Bella as characters who are deeply (and I would say ultimately, fatally) flawed, both exhibiting classical psychotic and narcissistic behaviors. What sort of research went into the character development of these two. ~ Vagabonda Reads

I stalked my local gym teachers (turns out I was older than them though…) LOL. The only research that went into their characters was bits and pieces of things I’ve felt throughout my life, I just made them more extreme. I’ve always felt that as a teenager, if an older man showed interest I would probably fall down the rabbit hole… the idea of someone having that much interest in you is something I think appeals to young girls more than not. It’s a very narcissistic time of your life. You don’t think of consequences, all you think about is the attention you’re receiving.

As for Edward, I’ve been in the position of knowing I should do something about a situation, but for whatever reason it’s harder to fix than you can possibly think. So procrastination wins until it’s really too late. I never burned down a house though.

What do you see happening with these two down that long, scary road? Can these two ever be good for each other? ~ Bornonhalloween

I think these two might ONLY be good for each other.

You are amazing at giving us characters that can be unlikeable on their surface, but through their journey become beloved. Do you write with a definite idea of how you want a story to transform your characters or do they evolve without so much intent behind it, more organically? ~ NKubie/Nan Kubie

First of all, wow, thank you for the compliment. I love the idea that people are inherently good but do bad things due to circumstance that make them appear they’re ‘bad’ people. I don’t think I take BAD people and make them GOOD, I think I take people that haven’t found their way and make them people that they themselves can love at the end. Honestly, all my characters (to me) are beloved, they just need a bit of help to show YOU that. I don’t plan their redemption as a series of steps I must achieve, so in that sense it is organic. I just write people I find interesting and discovering the way they change along the way, that’s a bonus.

Do you think Edward and Bella will be good for each other in the future? I don’t know why, but when he leaned in and smoked the cigarette I was almost scared that he was collapsing back into what was wrong before. I know we watched his recovery through the letters and her POV was so hopeful (because she seemed like someone mature enough to be loving to him, and we got to see her remorse as well). I’m just curious if your vision is that these characters will be partners that grow into something that is healthy now. ~ renewagain

Healthy to one couple is unhealthy to another. I think its relative. Do I think they’ve both changed and can be healthy people? Yes. They’ve both changed for the better, in my opinion so it could work for them.

Carlisle didn’t seem supportive of Edward at ALL. He was making sort of an effort (seen in Edward’s POV chapter) but I still wonder, what was his problem? Did he actually love his son at all? ~ Sandi

I think he loved him, sure. I think he was also stuck with the future HE saw for them, and when Edward couldn’t continue on with a football career, Carlisle didn’t quite know what to do with that. Edward had no other plan, so I think Carlisle thought he was helping by pushing him towards the life HE himself led.

Did Edward get punished legally in anyway for having an affair with a student? It is a criminal offense where I live – just wondering if that was a part of his sentence? ~ Deb

I am not a lawyer. But I think he would need to have charges pressed against him by Bella or her father for anything like that to come about. I don’t know if the state can prosecute him for that on their own. I don’t think Bella would’ve admitted anything to a court of law anyway, to save her father’s position. But this is all guessing on my part. It was never my intention that he’d go to jail for that.

Why did Bella keep seeing Newton while sleeping with Edward? It’s not like she was like Edward (engaged). Was it just for appearances? ~ Nat

Social life in high school is huge, her best friend was also dating a football player and if she broke up with Mike, it would’ve been hard to stay with her group of friends. Also, why should she give up her boyfriend and go to parties and things single if Edward wasn’t breaking up with Tanya? I don’t think she wanted to go through high school without ever having a date on her arm. Appearances, a bit… but also protecting herself.

Did you ever consider NOT making this one a HEA (or what could be a HEA)? ~ TwiFan

Yes and no. A fairy-tale HEA wouldn’t have sold anyone, it wouldn’t have been realistic. It would take double the amount of chapters to have these two work it out so that you guys would buy that type of ending, so I knew it would be open-ended going in. But I never considered writing an ending that took the possibility of a future away entirely.

Just wondering if they get back together and have a semi normal relationship? I mean, she’s grown up and it seems she’s as consumed with him as he is with her. ~ ssherrill115

I think if they do end up together, it’ll be as normal as these two could have. What’s normal for them might not be what’s normal for the rest of us. But yeah, they’ve both grown and changed. They have as much of a shot as anyone that brings baggage to a relationship. They might be better off than most because their baggage is each other.

I just finished Crazy Like That and it was such an intense ride! I really enjoyed the story and the ending was certainly different from the norm, but there is something that’s worrying me. Will Edward go back to prison because Bella seeked him out? He had a restraining order against all the Swans, right? I re-read the BPOV, but other than Charlie telling her to stay away from “that felon” it doesn’t mention if the restraining order is still standing. I just hope that Edward doesn’t get in trouble because Bella didn’t think things through…yet again. THANK YOU! ~ GamerChickAna

No, there was never a restraining order, the courts said that one would likely be placed against him after prison, but that was just speculation and the court’s way of driving the fear into Edward, a warning, if you will. If no one makes the motion (the Swans or Bella) then the court just can’t do it because they want to. Again, I’m not a lawyer LOL.

Can you give more insight on Bella’s character? Even with the BPOV, I still had very little empathy for her. This story was all about Edward, his fall and redemption. Does Bella have any redeeming qualities? ~ latersEdward

I think we all do, no one is truly evil 100%. To me, Bella’s redeeming qualities are her being able to recognize she’s to blame. She feels bad for her role in ‘breaking’ Edward. If she had no redeeming qualities, she’d be out squishing people in Hollywood to get her fame without any care about what’s happened to him. The fact that she calls herself to a bunch of people she doesn’t know all that well the ‘whore of a small town’ and a ‘cold, callous bitch’ shows that she has incurred the wrath of that small town and sees herself that way… if she didn’t care or didn’t believe it, it wouldn’t be in her head at all.

First of all, thanks to FicSisters and planetblue for doing this – I think it is very brave to allow us to ask what we like. I’m a bit worried about admitting this, but I really hated Bella in this story – but I want to know – did she really suffer for those years she was away from him? Cause it will make me feel better if she did. ~ BellaT

Yes! Thanks to the FicSisters for giving us this platform to share. And don’t be worried, LOL. I told them I’d answer hard ones too because I know this stirred up a lot of feelings in people.

To answer your question, I think she did. Her family has fallen apart, her mother reminds her constantly that she’s no better than the ‘hussy’ her father is marrying, she was ostracized by her friends and her town. The familiar hesitation from Angela when she answers the phone is very telling… Bella will always carry the repercussions of her actions and the unkind stigma attached to her as much as Edward will. She’s been paying for her mistakes all the while just like Edward.

Your last few stories have been controversial in one way or another – murderers, thieves and now paedophiles. Will your next story be about normal people? ~ SB

First of all, I’ll say it again, Edward is not a pedophile. As for normal people… what is normal? There are a lot of great stories out there that contain what I think readers would consider mainstream people and relationships. Sweet stories, funny stories, the meet-date-marry-babies stories. Why would I want to re-write themes that have been done a bunch of times by other authors (and done really well)? I like to take those themes and see what else can be done with them. There are so many fascinating views of life out there… every one of us has a dysfunction of some sort.

So to answer your question, I don’t know what’s next. I could write a story about the guy at the ice cream parlor that secretly holds a crush on a customer or about the girl that has eyes for her UPS dude… so yeah, my next story will be about ‘normal’ people because I think everyone is normal. Just might not be your idea of normal.

My question is about Tanya – was she really clueless about his actions – or was she sweeping her suspicions under the carpet? Surely she wondered about his erratic behaviour? ~ Sherie

I think she was utterly clueless. I’ve heard countless stories about women (including my own sister) not knowing what was going on right under their own nose and being absolutely blindsided. I also think she was caught up in wedding planning and having a bit of a social status that seemed to be growing so it was easy to forget or not see the erratic behavior.

I’d love to know if Edward finally gets his dream of owning the bar? Sad, I know, but I just want him happy. ~ Daisy

That’s not sad… I want Edward happy too. I think Pete’s a good guy. He kept his word 😉

We would like to say, not just from all the FicSisters, but from everyone who submitted questions, a very heart-felt ‘thank you’ to PlanetBlue.  It is a very special thing she has done for us, and we appreciate it.  We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.  The one thing we can be sure of…she will surprise, enrapture and captivate us!

Until next time,

FicSisters xo

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