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We’re delighted that the very lovely and talented Honeybeemeadows is launching a new fic.  We invited her to join us to talk about it. We’re excited already! 


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I had a baby in January.

Scratch that. I had a C-section in January.

It was a surgery that afforded me a lot of time in bed with a cute baby, an overactive imagination, and an affinity for tumblr. Nope, scratch that too. I have an addiction. Full blown. Send me to rehab because I spend more time on my tumblr app than I do making actual phone calls. Some time during the depths of a Colorado winter night, between rounds of boobs and diapers and endless cups of tea, eyeballs deep in midnight tumblr belly flops, I found myself a plot bunny.

What better thing to do with a plot bunny than skin it and eat it for dinner?

The best way to fuck up your family?

Murder your sister.


Three years ago, Bella Swan’s eight-year-old sister, Alice, was killed. Maybe. No one knows for certain, but she’s been missing ever since. Her girl-sized hole has left Bella’s life in upheaval – a distant, distracted father, a run-off mom, and a whole town whispering behind her back. Everyone is certain that Bella is the one, the murderer, even if she can’t remember that night at all. Even if the she slept through the entire thing. Bella is bound and determined to find Alice whether she was dead or alive or just a pile of bones, if only to clear her own name.

I was going to solve this shit even if it killed me.

I was beginning to suspect that this shit might actually kill me.

Bella’s only problem? She’s watched the whole town, stalked almost everyone and spied on the rest, but she’s running out of leads. Oh, and the hot, half-dead guy who showed up one day and just can’t seem to take a hint. He’s a problem too.

“Leave me alone.”

“I’m not bothering you,” he says, still shaking his head but his mouth is almost smiling.

“Yes. Yes, you are. You’re following me.”

“Like you’re following that girl?” He looks over at Stephanie just as she brushes the sand off her brother and kisses his cheek and then they’re off, holding hands like they always do, headed home like a goddamn Lifetime movie, and did I mention how much I hate that girl?

“She murdered Alice,” I tell him, completely convinced of it.

“No. She didn’t.”

I narrow my eyes at him. “You know that how?”

“I just do.” He shrugs and doesn’t meet my glare.

“You are the most frustrating person I know.”

“Probably not.”

I’ve never written a thriller before. My stab at something new has morphed into something more, a not-quite-so-love story between a misunderstood girl and a lonely boy. An AU vamp fic with a little bit of intrigue and whole lot of secrets, all spawned by a writing prompt I scrolled by too quickly at two am. What would you do if you were accused of a crime you did not commit?

As ever, Hadley Hemingway is my light, my yellow bird, as I venture into the dark. I am a mess most days, but I am much less messier without her.

See you soon.


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Once again, our love and thanks to the beautiful Honeybeemeadows, it was a treat to have her join us. 

Sending love and gratitude to all our readers around the world…we see you lighting up our screens, dotting the globe. Wherever you are, we are thrilled that we have reached places we’ll never have a chance to visit. 😉

Please take a moment to say hi and thanks when you’re enjoying a fic, our lovely fandom authors deserve support and encouragement.

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FicSisters xo

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