About Us

FicSisters are a group of dedicated readers of fanfiction and associated literature. Our friendship is so strong it spins across the world, netting at least three different continents – four, if you count the imaginary landmass where the sparkly vampires live.

Some of us have travelled very far to meet up in Real Life, and some may have intimated to SOs that we spend so much time online because we belong to an international book club. On one such occasion, somewhere in a haze of Pinot Grigio and fond memories, the idea for an International House of FanFic arose. No pancakes are served here; only luscious mounds of fluffy fiction and endless cups of Twific tea.

The FicSister thrill comes from the pleasure we feel in finding and sharing a fabulous fic, and knowing someone else is going to be touched by it too. We thrive on knowing that we can give a little bit back to the authors who share their words, by bringing them readers who may stay with them for years to come.