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Welcome to another week of reading delights where we bring you not just one, but two recently completed stories.  We are so spoilt!  To start us off, one of the most delightful people you could ever hope to find, blueeyedcherry, tells us all about her completed story, Hot Commodity…


Made by Black Orchid Romance
Made by Black Orchid Romance

I started writing Hot Commodity on a whim. I was looking through photos from one of my trips to NYC and I decided I wanted to write a story that was set there. So, I opened up Word and went to town, finishing the first chapter in a few hours. The bet and a few events from the later part of the story were really the only plot points I had in my mind when I began writing. Everything else came to me as I went along.

Writing a strong, sassy Bella was a must for me. I have a hard time getting through stories where the female lead trips all over and becomes helpless to everything once she meets a man. I wanted to give readers a female lead who was independent, could take care of herself, refused to settle, and who saw her partner as someone who enhanced her and her life rather than someone she should be dependent on. I knew after that first chapter that this Bella wouldn’t make it easy for Edward. He would need to earn her affection and prove himself in some ways.

I love reading Jerkwards, but had yet to write one, so I decided to run with that theme for Edward. His arrogance and playboy nature is nauseating at times, but his past led him to the present, and while it doesn’t excuse his behaviour, it accounts for some of it. I wanted to see my Edward grow – to stop punishing himself by pushing away things and people that threatened to make him happy. I didn’t want him to change overnight for anyone or anything, however, so I decided to make his growth a gradual process. It ended up becoming one of the main parts of the plot.

I drew from my own life when crafting some of the characters and relationships in the story. I have a very close male friend who is gay – my gay boyfriend, as I like to call him – and that is where my inspiration for Mike Newton came from. The friendship between the three girls is very much like the friendship I have with my best friends. And other small details – the Nelly song, The Book of Alice, places visited or jokes made – they are little bits and pieces of things that have actually happened to and around me.

For those who haven’t read Hot Commodity, the story is about two friends who make a wager on a total stranger without taking time to contemplate the potential consequences of it. Friendship, love, family, and personal growth are all themes that show up. There’s romance, a healthy dose of humour, some good old-fashioned drama, and a sprinkling of angst. And, of course, there are some sexy times included as well.

I hope you enjoy the journey these characters embark on!


Summary: Edward Cullen is used to getting everything he wants. Good looking, wealthy, and charming, NYC’s most reputable playboy doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Then he meets Isabella Swan and all bets are off … Except for one. 



Made by Lellabeth
Made by Lellabeth

Lellabeth is one of my absolute most favorite authors in our fandom. The way she weaves words together never ceases to amaze me.

When I was asked if I’d like to write up something for one of her stories, I thought it would be impossible to choose because everything she writes is excellent. But I do have a particular soft spot for Valentine’s Day V-Card, partly because she wrote it for me as a birthday present last year and partly because it’s basically all of my fic-faves rolled into one.

This short but amazingly sweet fic is told all in Edward’s point of view and features a painfully shy Edward and Bella, who are in band together in high school. When Bella asks Edward for a spare lock nut for her trombone, the awkward and hilarious innuendo knows no bounds.

And I have to say, no one does awkward quite like Lellabeth. You’ll cringe right alongside the characters when they blurt out things like, “I totally have a nut you can use!” and “You make me hard!” But you can’t help but laugh out loud at the same time.

When Bella and Edward discover that they are both afraid of entering college as virgins, a deal is struck. But things aren’t always as simple as they seem.

These two are beyond adorkable as they traverse each stage of physical intimacy together.

“I don’t really know what to do,” she says. I look over but her face is turned toward the ceiling, her cheeks the color of strawberry ice cream. I have a strange desire to lick them, but I’m trying to convince her I’m not weird and that doesn’t quite fit. “I think we should watch porn.”

I sit up so fast I fall off the bed, landing on the floor with a curse.

“Porn?” I manage to get out, my voice strained and weak.

As they explore one another, feelings inevitably emerge as they connect on a much deeper level than Edward ever expected.

I’ve been trying to ignore my need to touch her over the past few days. At first I thought it was because I’m a teenage boy and she was a girl I’d seen naked, but now I’m starting to think it’s because she’s sweet and shy, so pretty I can’t take my eyes off her. In band practice, my eyes are firmly focused on her rather than the sheet music, on the way she sweeps her hair behind her ear every few minutes or the way her cheeks puff out when she plays her trombone.

I have it bad. Really, really bad, and I have no idea what to do about it.

So I settle for kissing her, because that’s the only thing that seems to make sense anymore. I press my lips to hers until everything else fades into white noise. I touch her until everything is blurred and she’s the only thing I see clearly.

She seems to be becoming the only thing I see, period.

*sigh* He does have it bad. But does Bella feel the same way? Edward’s not so sure.

Join these two on their sweet and sometimes awkward journey into finding themselves and possibly… love?


Summary: Band geeks Edward and Bella each believe they’re the only virgin in their class, destined to be an outcast in college. When they discover each other’s V-Card holder status, Bella comes up with a plan to solve their problem. Birthday fic for GeekChic12.


Made by Lellabeth
Made by Lellabeth

I have a love/hate relationship with one-shots. I love that they don’t drag on and that the entire story is there within my greedy grasp. I hate that sometimes I’m desperate for more of a story and have no hope of getting it. I love that they’re quick to read and I don’t have to overcome my WIP-phobia and rely on updates. I hate that sometimes I’m left without a proper sense of closure.

So it’s probably a surprise to anyone who knows my reading habits that I’d pick an O/S to review, out of all of GeekChic12’s stories.

Unless you’ve read Pull My Strings, and then it shouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Because Pull My Strings is 12,000 words of foreplay and its follow-through. And if there’s one thing I love about fic foreplay, it’s the follow-through.

Pull My Strings centers around Edward, a twenty-something who has a fascination with corsets. It’s a fetish, but nothing extreme: he doesn’t wear the corset, and he doesn’t truss Bella up like a Christmas tree in the strings. Instead he appreciates the way they make a woman’s body look – especially the woman he watches doing a live show on the fetish website he frequents. He’s been burned in the past after trying to explore his attraction for corsets with girlfriends, and now he’s settled for virtually fulfilling his needs instead.

That’s until he meets Bella, principal at the school he’s a teacher at.

There’s an instant attraction between them, but Bella refuses to let him get close. She has secrets she’s holding close to her chest – secrets that could threaten her job if exposed.

To say any more would be to give away the twist of the story, and the twist is one that readers need to discover for themselves. There are also wonderful lines like

‘He levels me with his piercing green eyes, and I’m caught in his stare for a moment, completely mesmerized by the way he seems to see right into my soul.’

That are characteristic of the tender, heartfelt tone that GeekChic manages to inject in what some would assume to be a lewd story after seeing the word fetish. But it isn’t, not even close – Edward is sweet where you might expect sour or demeaning, soft where you’d imagine him to be coarse or crude.

And even when he gets a little coarse, it’s worshipfully so. Just trust me when I say that this Edward, he knows what he’s doing in the bedroom. Not so much outside of one, as his slightly adorkable fumbling shows, but inside… he’s pulling all the strings, pretty damn firmly.

If you’re looking for a quick, sweet, sexy little read, Pull My Strings is the O/S for you.


Summary: He’s watched her for years, never knowing she was so close. When their worlds collide, will their secrets bring them together? Or will it be too much for them to handle? ExB (Teacherward/Fetishward) ** FicThisGif Contest Entry **



Made by Jaime Arkins
Made by Jaime Arkins

Well, initially Fill Me with Your Poison was a one/shot that was inspired by the Katy Perry song “E.T”. I thought the lyrics were very apt for vampire Edward and human Bella and the story was born. I had every intention of leaving it as a one/shot but lots of people wanted more so I let it simmer for awhile and decided to see where the story would go.

It turned out that I wanted to explore the idea of that mate connection. For Edward and Bella, it was instantaneous and I loved writing their love for one another. But I decided to contrast that with a couple of other mating scenarios that were nothing like theirs. I gave Bella a deeper back story that explained her father’s hatred for vampires and explored the idea of the mother/child relationship and how that might effect mating.

I won’t get into specifics because this is probably my twistiest story, but I explored another potential mating connection as well. All are different and each is valid and it was an interesting ride. Throw in Edward’s hatred for his father/maker, a world of vampires who are open and live amongst us, and complex family relationships and you have Fill Me with Your Poison.

It’s been an excellent ride and I’m excited that I was able to put together a whole story out of the one/shot. The love that Edward and Bella have for each other deserved to be explored and their utter devotion to one another is beautiful to me. I played with canon and tweaked it around into its own different universe, at least that’s what I went for anyway! This story has a few laughs, a little heartbreak and a whole lotta love. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Thanks!


Summary: Bella Swan’s intrigued by vampires. Edward Cullen’s bored and alone. What happens when they meet? AU, vampire. Rated M. Inspired by Katy Perry’s ET. Romance Rated M  Edward/Bella Complete



Made by Lellabeth
Made by Lellabeth
Sometimes we just want to get down and dirty with the hottest characters fiction ever invented, and there’s no shame in that, is there?
Whether you’re looking for a glass of sweet lemonade on a hot summer’s evening, or a bit of sour for your winter lemontini, FicSisters are dedicated to finding just the right kind of lemon for you. (It’s a hard job, but we’re not complaining!)
Maid To Watch by Lellabeth is a perfect blend of clean, steamy goodness and unashamedly dirty heat. Bella is a hotel housekeeper, coming to the end of a long shift. She has one empty room left to clean, and as she turns down the bed with her headphones in, she fails to notice that the owner of the well-cut suits hanging in the closet is not as far away as she thinks:
There are two suits hanging in the cabinet opposite the bed, and she licks her lips as she imagines a lean, tall man filling them out. She’s always had a thing for a man in a suit. The dusting and polishing passes quickly, nothing more than a background activity while she fantasizes about the man who slept in the bed dominating the room. 
Probably some overweight, overworked office-dweller, she muses, snorting. She grabs the towels for the bathroom and steps inside, promptly dropping them as soon as she looks up.
The room is full of steam, but that’s not what makes heat blossom across her chest and face. 

It’s caused by the naked man behind the glass shower door, one hand fisted around his…

You’ll be pleased to note that Lellabeth does not fade to black. Two chapters of hot lemon will leave you well satisfied. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

Summary: Hotel maid Bella stumbles upon a guest in a compromising position. Sometimes, it’s better to watch. Rated M for a reason. Romance Bella/Edward O/S

Hot off Press
Made by TheQueenWriter

Hearing this is a new fic from TheQueenWriter, the author of ‘The Pie Equation’, is probably all that’s required to entice you to read ‘Fridays With You’. However, at only two chapters and less than 1,000 words in, this story stands on its own merits.

Instantly likeable Bella spends her Friday nights in her local laundromat. It’s not what she envisaged she’d be doing at the age of 27, but perhaps something unexpected is about to turn up in the wash to make this chore become a lot more interesting…

“When the buzzer went off for my delicates, I slowly dug through the pieces I’d washed to put my bras aside to air-dry. Walking across the aisle to a dryer, my panties in hand, is when I first noticed him.

He was sitting on a bench in the next aisle over facing me, a tattered paperback novel in his hands; his legs stretched way out into the walkway. I blinked once as I realized I was staring and awkwardly holding my wet underwear in my hands as if I were offering them to him as a gift.”

The summary asks the question, “Can two people fall in love in the laundromat?” Fingers crossed the answer is, “Yes, they can!”

TheQueenWriter shared her thought process with us…

My inspiration for this one? The TV show, Friends. I was watching the 5th episode of season 1; I really love a good Friends binge. Ross and Rachel end up doing laundry together and all sorts of sweet shenanigans ensue. It just seemed like such an everyday chore, but also what a great way to meet someone, share some words, and maybe have a great story to tell your grandkids.

I wanted to do something with short chapters, a straight forward vibe with a lot of conversation. Thus, Bella at the laundromat on Friday evenings hanging out with Edward.

Summary: Can two people fall in love in the laundromat? Romance/Friendship Rated M Bella/Edward WIP


One Under The Radar

Made by Prolific Novice
Made by Prolific Novice

You know that flutter in your tummy or ripple across your skin you feel when you come across a little known fic? You are immediately granted membership of an exclusive club – one of the lucky few reading the story – but your first thought is you want your friends to be included. Well, *come closer* the only criteria for joining is an appreciation of a good story. Today, we are flinging the doors open wide and inviting you to read ‘Alone’.

The story opens with Bella explaining her definition of ‘alone’. Sadly for Bella, this is the word that defines her life, yet it makes for beautiful reading as Prolific Novice allows Bella’s thoughts to flow through to the reader like poetry. See Edward’s eyes though Bella’s…

 “His amber eyes glimmer back at me. And when he smiles it turns into glitter, into hundreds of thousands of tiny stars perched in the centre of his gaze, like he has a whole constellation inside of him – lighting him up.”


A word we could use to define the story, at 11 chapters in, is ‘unknown’. It’s marked Supernatural/Sci-Fi x Sadness, and given the intriguing information we have to date, we can’t even guess which direction it’s going to take. One thing is for sure, though, we are not going to be left behind. Please join us.

We asked Prolific Novice to share a little about her story…

The idea for ‘Alone’ was conjured up from heart more than anything else. I wanted to write something personal while simultaneously writing something everyone would be able to connect with. And while the concept of being alone and of loneliness may seem so simple on the surface, it is undeniably universal, and when you base a story on people struggling to connect with reality you open up a whole realm of complexities. With the characters, detachment is a safety blanket for Bella and a seemingly indisputable way of life for Edward, yet despite this, their story is ultimately about connection – or reconnection, I suppose. It’s not going to be an easy ride because facing anything new is scary, but learning to face and accept other people as well as yourself is one of the hardest things to do. But it shows that there’s always hope.

Summary: “No one ever thinks they’ll be alone, until they actually are. People think it should be filled with a soft-coloured sombre, a heavy pall of settled-silence because being alone must mean loneliness because they’ve never known any different. But they’re wrong.” Supernatural/Sci-Fi x Sadness Rated T Bella/Edward WIP




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For the Road


There is a fabulous contest called the “AngstPlay Contest” which is starting to take submissions from August 20, 2014.  If you haven’t guessed, it is a contest using the songs from the band, Coldplay, along with picture prompts using angst as the theme.  Using these guidelines we should see some seriously wonderful stories come from this contest.  We can’t wait!  You can find out more here: and they are also on Twitter – @AngstPlay

Thank you so much for joining us for another week jam packed full of wonderful reads.  Special thanks to blueeyedcherry, Lellabeth, GeekChic12, Nolebucgrl, Prolific Novice and TheQueenWriter for sharing themselves with us this week – big hugs to you all, ladies!
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