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Welcome to another wonderful week here at FicSisters! This week we have a new feature, One Fabulous Fan, where we celebrate some of the most important people in our fandom, the passionate and dedicated readers


We have had the pleasure of knowing our guest today for several years.  She is a wonderful ambassador for our Fandom, and one of the sweetest people you are ever likely to meet… introducing Smitten OKitten!

You are obviously a great fan of the Twilight Series – did you read the books first or watch the movies?

I did both, almost at the same time.. it was a frenzied blur of the movies & books. All starting one night when I couldn’t sleep, I was flipping through movie channels & stumbled upon a very hot guy walking into a cafeteria. OMG! Of course my excitement got the best of me, so I called my daughter in the middle of the night & woke her up just to tell her what I was watching. Because she’s a good kid, she laughed & let me swoon over Edward. In her sleepy state, she made the suggestion that if I looked around I might find Eclipse still playing in some theater. Then she sweetly asked “could we finish talking about this in the morning, Mom?” lol. I love her. Anyway.. I rounded up the books, got to see Eclipse on the big screen, then watched a borrowed DVD of New Moon & moved on to reading the saga, all in the span of about two weeks. Good memories!

Which is your favourite book of the Twilight Saga? 

Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Breaking Dawn.

*I’m going to get kicked out of the Twilight club, aren’t I?* eeep!

When did you discover Fan Fiction and how did you discover it?

The beginning for me of everything ‘Twilight’, happened back in 2010. After my blur of movies & books, I googled Rob.. that led to the discovery of RAoR & Sinday. *happysigh* Sinday was an epic combination of fan fiction recs, wonderful friends & fun. I feel lucky to have been a part of that family, some of my dearest friendships started there, along with my appreciation of fan fiction.

Do you have an all-time favourite Fan Fic Edward? If so, we wanna know why he’s made it all the way to the top of the list *winks*


All I’ve got is GAH! The man rocked my fan fic world. js

(FicSisters note: Just in case you don’t know, Manchu is Edward from planetblue’s awesome fic, Deviant)

We better not leave Bella out… Is there a Fan Fic Bella that you admire the most?

I adore Bella from planetblue’s fic Barefoot in Texas, her character is beautifully written. Bella is refreshing.. a free spirit with a sweet soul, living life in the moment. Definitely a Bella that I admire.

If you were stranded on Isle Esme (and Edward wasn’t there to distract you) which five fics would you take to keep you entertained?

That’s a challenging question. I’ve never re-read a fic, so do I pick stories I’ve read or go for something on the bigass pile from the TBR list??

I guess I’m gonna cheat, it’s the only way…

Five fics that kept me entertained, I love *I added the ‘love’ part* & would read again.

The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow
Footprints in the Snow by Cosmogirl7481
Cotton Creek by rtgirl
Going Down? by TexasKatherine
Clipped Wings and Inked Armour by hunter hunting

Five fics from the TBR list that I can’t wait to love.

Spin & Sway by pattyrose
The Diva Diaries by KivaRaven
Dark Games & Twisted Minds by katinki
All TheFicChick’s stuff.
For the Summer by camoozle 

Which story would you like to recommend for our readers today and tell us why you love it!!

Banner made by Lolypop82
Banner made by Lolypop82

Lust is truly brilliant, and a hauntingly beautiful story that touched my heart. Planetblue has given us another gift with this lovely, poetic one-shot.

Summary: My take on the sin for the SALIGIA compilation: “Seven sinful one shots from seven of the Twilight fandom’s most sinful.”



Made by Jaime Arkin
Made by Jaime Arkin

There’s a Total Fire Ban, the cricket’s on the telly, and there’s pavlova (without kiwifruit, thanks) to be had. Christmas in Australia may not look like the postcards, and it doesn’t sound much like the snow-celebrating songs, but it’s magic all the same.

In Weather With You, the very lovely MagTwi78 takes us to Forks Creek, a tiny town in rural Victoria. Bella’s just finished Year 12 and is looking towards moving to the big smoke for uni in the new year. But first, it’s time to relax. Exams are done and her neighbour’s gorgeous grandson has turned up for the holidays.

Weather With You really is a special story. There’s a relaxed, unhurried feel to it—perfectly paced for a sweet summer fling—and Mags transports us right into Forks Creek, which is as much a character as any of the people that wander its streets and swim in its river.

We’re floating on tractor tubes that we’ve tied to the red gum. They had been sitting in the sun all afternoon, but years of practice means I know how long you need to leave them in the water before they’re cool enough to sit on. It’s so quiet here as we drift, at full length of the ropes as they stop us from being dragged down river by the current. It feels like there’s only us, the river, the trees and the birds.

I’ve never been so nervous to take off my shorts and t-shirt. Ever. I normally just strip down and jump in, but the way Edward looked at me after he surfaced, nothing but his eyes and his water-darkened hair above the waterline, dragonflies were flapping around in my tummy.

I love stories with a strong sense of place, and Mags is so good at making you feel as though you’re there with Bella, sweating in the summertime heat and feeling those dragonflies buzzing in your tummy. I guarantee you’ll be unable to wipe the smile from your face as that cute Aussie boy flirts his way into her heart.


Weather With You: Long days are spent swimming in the river with your mates, and trying to catch the eye of the cute boy from out of town. It might be a hundred degrees in the shade, but we’ll still wear silly paper hats and eat a big, hot, roast dinner. This is Christmas in Australia, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. M Romance (Complete)


Made by FrozenSoldier
Made by FrozenSoldier

Every now and then you come across somebody who paints such vivid pictures with words that you can feel them swirl around you, drawing you under.

thimbles is that kind of writer.

Choosing my favourite piece of hers is tricky, because there are so many, You and Me is the story of the friend you have but wish you didn’t. Move Like You Want is smoky and sexy. But there’s one that I’d re-read over and over.

Terroir is the smoothly written tale of a girl trying to find her place, who realises her place might actually be on the other side of the world. It’s more than a simple love story (although it does that part extremely well). Terroir yanks you from your seat and sets you firmly in the damp soil of the Hunter Valley, where thimbles’ words cause you to feel the  dew-covered leaves of grapevines, and have the rich scents of the cellar door swim headily around you. You follow Bella into a new world: you experience what she experiences, you see another culture (or your own) from a different point of view,

The prose is deliciously descriptive, and thimbles weaves the Australian vernacular effortlessly throughout. And of course, she hits my soft spot: an Aussie Edward.

From Chapter 3:

Isabella watches as the tall guy lifts his faded blue singlet and wipes his face on it. She doesn’t notice the flex of his arm muscles. She doesn’t look at his toned stomach, or notice the trail of hair that points from his belly button into his shorts, not at all. She looks away as he straightens up, her eyes roving across the rows of wooden wine barrels.

That first meeting. Swoonsigh.

“This is Isabella. Isabella, this is Edward. He’s our assistant winemaker.”

“Hey.” Edward grins as she looks at him, dark eyes wide, pink blooming on her cheeks. He offers her his hand.

“Hi.” Isabella takes his hand and shakes it firmly. She notices the purple pigment that stains the creases and lines of his skin.

Following her gaze, Edward chuckles. “I’ve been cleaning out a few wine barrels.” He lifts a leg, pointing at his knee, which is also tinted a deep purple-red. “I’m purple from the waist down.”

Isabella’s blush deepens as she considers the implication of his statement and Edward makes a funny noise that sounds half like a laugh, and half like he’s choking.

Terroir is a must-read. The writing makes it so, and the story, while realistic, is pure escapism. If you’re read it, read it again. And if you haven’t, move it to the top of your list.


Terroir: Isabella Swan uproots her life on a whim, moving halfway around the world in search of something more. Perhaps she will find what she’s looking for in the neatly laid rows of Cullen Family Wines’ Hunter Valley vineyard. Sometimes, it is the grafted vine that produces the more vigorous growth. M Romance/Drama Bella/Edward (Complete)




Life isn’t fair. It seems that some people fall ass-backwards into good luck, while others are allotted grief upon grief. Such sorrow has followed the main characters of Helena Hunting’s highly anticipated follow up to Clipped Wings entitled Inked Armor.

The story picks up with Hayden Stryker and Tenley Page separated and in dual despair. Circumstances beyond her control have taken Tenley to another city, leaving Hayden to fear the possibility of a future without her. Thankfully, the physical gulf between them doesn’t last for long.

Their lack of communication and non-existent self-worth are constant undertones both before and after their estrangement, which makes for a heart-wrenching read at times. Their insecurities do not become tedious to the reader, however. Hunting’s distinct voice for each character and her knack for revealing pertinent history at just the right moment provide the reader with insights that lead to sympathy and understanding, rather than judgment. Her use of each character’s individual narration serves to pull the reader fully into the story as a participant, rather than as an observer only.

While Inked Armor is at its core a love story, there is also mystery and intrigue within the pages. And, while Tenley and Hayden are the central characters, their circle of friends is just as thought provoking and interesting as they are. Hunting has written a significant cast of characters from beginning to end.

While the psychology of Inked Armor is painful at times, the final reveals are of strength and courage and love. The sense of “against all odds” love in Hunting’s latest contribution will keep it on our list of all-time favorites.

*****5 Stars from the FicSisters*****


Available to buy at: Amazon US   Amazon UK  Amazon CA Amazon AUS 


*Banner made by time lights*
Made by time lights

Old Hollywood glamour, that’s what comes to mind when we think of Hollywood by allihavetodoisdream. It’s sultry, sophisticated, fashionable, just like the words, the flow, the classy feel of this enticing story. It’s all there, even in the original characterisations…


                I’m very simple, despite what they say about me in school.

                I live by shoes and grace and Audrey Hepburn.

                I live by elegance long lost and famous poise.

                I am an old Hollywood starlet: tall and curvy, with retro waves of mahogany hair. I’m red lipstick. I’m fifties glamour and sixties chic. It’s how I move and breathe and function.

Not only is Bella refreshing to read, but the story also incorporates an essence of the “forbidden” as the author explains: “Audrey Hepburn-obsessed, sixteen-year-old, pretty Isabella and suit-wearing, competitive, twenty-seven-year-old, lawyer Edward. Their worlds meet and spiral down, down, down with a few twists, turns, and loops along the way.

You thinking this could make for a fascinating storyline? Well, you would be right, and that’s why it’s one we’re in the mood for!

“Inspiration for Bella’s looks and actions”:

Hollywood: “She’s Audrey Hepburn, and he’s Cary Grant. She’s Marilyn, and he’s James Dean. She’s timeless elegance, and he’s old grace. She’s searching, and he’s already found, already taken. She’s sixteen. And he’s twenty-seven. But that doesn’t matter. Not to a girl in love. Nothing matters, then.” Edward & Bella in the definition of a forbidden relationship. M Drama/Romance Bella/Edward (Complete)



Made by Captivated
Made by Captivated

It’s so hard to believe that I’ve been in the Twilight fandom since 2008. I’ve made the most amazing fic-friends over the years and I’m still an occasional reader and a time-poor writer of fanfic. Isn’t it great to reflect on the wonderful talent that this fandom holds, and celebrate the fact we get to read so many wonderful stories––even if the authors are no longer in the fandom––and share them, talk about them and lust after Edward (and Rob)!

When the FicSisters asked me to rec a story that I love, my choice was made instantly: Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003. It was the first fanfic I read, and it set the benchmark. I adore reading fic that pays tribute to the original source material (thank you,Stephenie Meyer). The poignant symbolism in Wide Awake is extremely relevant to Twilight and New Moon. Whilst the story is no longer on, it is on the author’s LiveJournal page and can be downloaded as a pdf to keep and enjoy forever!

What I love about Wide Awake is that both characters are suffering and yet they find they are able to heal—or at least cope—when they are together. The supporting characters are wonderfully imagined, in particular the exploits of Alice and Jasper, as described from both Bella and Edward’s POV. Throughout the story I found myself frustrated with Edward and Bella’s behaviour, and yet equally fascinated with the internal workings of their damaged minds. Wide Awake is not without angst…in fact it has a bucket load of angst, but as the reader, you are able to suffer through that, and enjoy the character growth (and intermittent regression) as well as the UST, some great one-liners, Edward’s foul mouth—and the sheer inconceivability of the underlying tragedies that both characters are trying to live with—to get to the HEA, eventually.

If you’ve never read Wide Awake, go now! If you originally read it years ago, why not go back and give it another read? Maybe it will become your ‘go-to’ fic when you need an abundant dose of teenage angst.




Made by ThisIsReallyHappening

What can we tell you about this fun and entertaining story without ruining the punch line…the 6ft hunk of manliness punch line? Maybe this: who would’ve thought successful, famous actress Bella Swan would be “The Client”, and the solution to all her stylist problems would be her new “fashionista. I mean, fashionistor”, who looked “as if P. Diddy had ate him for breakfast and regurgitated the leftovers.” Oh, yes, we will say no more on that fashionable subject. *cough* Zoolander *cough* Intrigued? Well, let’s look at Bella and see how she even got to this point…

Helping me peel out of the vagina-squeezing contraption, Jess starts again with one of her endless speeches. “Bella, you have to hire someone. I know Leah didn’t work out, but this is ridiculous. You need a stylist. Award season is coming up and you don’t want a repeat of last week’s charity event.”

No, I most certainly did not. I ordered a dress online like some sort of civilian and it ripped right on the red carpet. Serves me right. Bella Swan. Actress. Model. Butt Crack Flasher. My resume was growing by the second.

We had to know how on earth ThisIsReallyHappening came up with these fabulous larger-than-life characters…

As someone who loves fashion, I came up with the story of The Client one day while shopping for summer clothes. My husband (being the wonderful supporter that he is) kept telling me all of my outfits looked great, when some of them were horrendous. It was then that my Edward, with a questionable past, and my celebrity Bella were born. The hilarity comes when their banter and opposing ideas clash worse than Bella’s style. This story is inspired by real life, but the malarkey is all theirs!

The Client is not a typical, humorous story. From sacrificial potatoes to slutty bananas, it’s different than most comedic fanfiction. But as someone who loves to push boundaries, I’m okay with that!

The Client is ThisIsReallyHappening’s first foray into Twilight fanfiction so please give her a warm welcome and leave her some love.

The Client: I have nothing to fear but fear itself. And my incompetent stylist. I just asked for Spanx, but his hand is raised and…this isn’t going to end well. Comedic Romance M Bella/Edward (WIP)


Made by Mina Rivera
Made by Mina Rivera

If you are an Edward–and-Bella-forever person, you will begin this intriguing story with misgivings. When Edward and the Cullens left, Bella eventually recovered and married Mike, who appears to be a nice guy. Could Bella doing the very thing Edward wanted her to do, be the very reason he did not return? So, Edward’s case seems hopeless: Bella is an adult now, and her doomed love story with the beautiful vampire is relegated to teenage angst long past.

Who is the “Peter Pan” mentioned in the title of this fic? Who’s the young person who refused to grow up? We know that Edward is stuck forever at 17. Can he change and become a man for the woman Bella is now? Or is “Peter Pan” someone else?

This is the key of the story, a process that has yet to unfold but which is a pleasure to read, for depth and maturity.

Here’s a memory in poor Mike’s POV:

…Once he walked through the door he could hear music blaring from their bedroom, and followed it to find a freshly showered and unaware Bella folding laundry in her underwear, her back to Mike. He quietly moved behind her and wrapped his freezing arms around her waist. He had expected her to squeal, give him a playful punch and laugh it off. Instead she silently whipped around and the pure joy left her face for just a second. She looked at Mike as though she was disappointed, perhaps even devastated, it was him. But then she smiled again and it almost lit up her face. Almost.

It was such an unremarkable moment for Mike he would have forgotten it if it hadn’t been for what happened that night as she slept. Her soft crying had woken him. He tried to comfort her though she was still sleeping. As he shushed her and gently brushed away the tears she had sighed Edward’s name. 

Goodbye Peter Pan is the first story by Bled Dry. We’re sure that your feedback would be precious for this new author who’s joined our fandom. Plus, she’s very talented, especially when it comes to dialogues between Edward and Bella.

Another bonus is that a new chapter is posted every week!

Read and review!

Camilla & Raum 

Goodbye Peter Pan: Prompted by a feeling, Alice leads the Cullens back to Forks, but ten years is a long time in a brief human life. Edward’s wish for Bella to have a nice human life seems to have been fulfilled. Bella believes that once she loved a remarkable boy, but in the end he didn’t love her. Can Edward convince her she is wrong? Romance/Angst M Bella/Edward (WIP)


What a packed house this week :) Our thanks and FicSister hugs go to the wonderful, enchanting and fabulous guests…Ms Smitten OKitten, thimbles & magtwi78, Boydblog, and Camilla & Raum! We are thrilled to have you all join us.

Here’s hoping you, our readers, have found a new fic to treasure or an old one to re-kindle your passion. Happy reading!