Happy Birthday, Edward Cullen!

Nine years ago, many of us embarked on a journey with Bella Swan. Through her eyes alone, we were introduced to Edward Cullen. We revelled in all his sparkling glory and pined for his affections just like she did.

Through any other characters eyes, Edward may have been seen in a different light… Stalker, obsessive-compulsive, creeper. Thanks to Bella, though, we were able to fall long and hard in love with him.

Since the original Twilight series was published, many fanfiction authors from around the world have interpreted and reinvented her Edward. Even though some of their characters were asshats, we still loved and craved their redemption based on our love for SM’s original Edward. 

So, today on Edward’s birthday, we would like to thank Stephenie’s Bella. After all, she’s the one who made us fall in love with Edward in the first place.

It’s always been him…


Made by Winterhorses
Made by Winterhorses

I’m so excited to share my first Vampward with you! He’s been gate-crashing my thoughts for months, until I had to let him out or risk serious brain damage. He has quite the story to tell—one with suspense, romance, a little angst, and plenty of UST.

The world in which Edward lives is rebuilding from the Great War between humans and a large group of vampires who wanted to stake their claim as the superior race. When the Volturi failed to reach consensus on their willingness to join the fight, the regime collapsed, and the Cullen family unwittingly rose to power as they helped humans achieve victory. In the post-war era, they are considered to be reigning royalty in their station as figureheads, lawmakers, and peacekeepers.

Edward’s mind-reading gift is widely useful in his duties, especially now that he is capable of incapacitating others and searching through their memories as they exist in a dream-like state. But this new ability—somehow acquired when a slip in his control resulted in a human death—comes with a heavy price. Edward also falls asleep when he searches through minds, and each session takes a devastating physical toll on his body. He bears the pain, as well as the mental fatigue, out of devotion to his family and an often-challenged sense of moral duty.

His assistance is often sought in matters of national security, and this is the case when a member of an underground anti-vampire organization makes an attempt on the human vice president’s life. The attack suggests a larger operation is in the works, and the volatile young perpetrator, Isabella Swan, is sent to Edward for questioning.

The Great War had devastating effects on countless lives across the globe, including Bella’s. She despises vampires—even those who side with humans. From the moment they meet, Bella is hostile toward Edward, and, he can’t wait to be done with her. But when he discovers she is immune to his abilities, he will stop at nothing to get the information he needs.

When I first read Twilight, I fell in love with Edward, in part, because of his beautiful yet beleaguered soul. The In Your Dreams Edward is also troubled, but the stakes are much higher, the conflict deeper. Although not royal by birth, he embodies a noble spirit—championing duty, loyalty, and honor. He believes in equality and justice, yet feels empathy for vampires whose only crime is being true to their nature—a crime for which he himself is daily punished. Though he fulfills his duties by choice, his resentment for humans grows each day he suffers for their benefit.

His resolve has never been tested more than when he tries to learn the secrets of Bella Swan. The tenuous peace between humans and vampires may be destroyed if he fails, but Edward finds himself wondering if he’s been on the wrong side all along.

Thanks so much to Powered by 23 Kicks for giving me such amazing help with this write-up!


Summary: One mistake by Edward gives him the power to put anyone to sleep and then search their memories, but there’s a drawback: he must also sleep. Although he resents humans, his ability plays a key role in the tenuous truce between vampire and humans after the Great War. A conspiracy threatens to destroy this peace, and as reigning vampire royalty, the Cullen family must find out who is behind it. When an attempt is made on the human vice president’s life, a key figure in the anti-vampire movement is arrested and sent to Edward for questioning. What will he do when Isabella Swan turns out to be immune to his abilities? Drama/Romance – Rated: M – Vampward – Edward & Bella – WIP



Made by FicSisters
Made by FicSisters

I read Sanctuary by JennyFly some five years ago as a WIP, but where many Twi-Fics often blur in the memory, this one has stayed with me all these years, particularly the character of Edward. A self-confessed bad-boy in his youth, who fell into the priesthood almost by accident, he’s struggling to find meaning in both his life and his work, and railing against the constraints of his Catholic vows. Into this maelstrom of doubt, depression and self-flagellation walks Bella, and Edward’s life instantly becomes vastly more complicated.

Her voice had taken me by surprise as much as her words had. It was conspiratorially low but rich and warm. I might have stared at her a moment too long, but between the big brown eyes and the total lack of comprehension on my part, I just stared at her luscious, bee-stung lips.

Perhaps, at first, she sees his dog-collar as sufficient armour against temptation, but this is a man whose vocation has become a millstone around his neck. Every day he battles – and often fails – to stay true to his vows in the face of his faltering faith, and as he grows ever more disenchanted with the life he’s chosen, he becomes all too aware that Bella is everything he wants but can’t have. To his credit, he fights his attraction for as long as he can, but he is, in the end, only human; a lonely, tormented and displaced man approaching middle age who longs for more but is afraid to take it. The story that unfolds is full of angst, with no easy answers for either Edward or Bella, but it’s told in spellbinding and lyrical prose that draws you in and keeps you reading.


Summary: Edward is a priest struggling with his role in the Church and facing a crisis as a man. Rated: R – Complete (ADF log-in requires an account.)



Made by kitkat681
Made by Kitkat681

What is it about Kitkat681‘s Down and Derby Edward that sealed him inside my heart forever? Edward’s the shy, awkward type, a geeky genius who “got a perfect score on his SATs all three times.” With his pick of residencies, Edward becomes a Medical Examiner, so naturally, he’s a virgin at 26. When we first meet Quincyward at the rink, he’s treating his younger, developmentally delayed sister, Alice to an afternoon of roller derby.

Bell is a foul-mouthed derby queen who uses sex to hold men at a distance. When the tatted, pierced, confusingly alluring Bell on Wheels winds up on the floor unconscious, Edward rushes to the floor to offer his expertise. She wakes up, looks at him, and says, “Hey Glasses.you are totes fucking hot. You want me to suck your cock?” He is smitten.

Glasses wins her over quickly with his unrelenting kindness and unintentional hotness, but she can’t quite believe this good man would ever want a girl like her. For all her tantalizing physical gifts, he finds her intelligence most arousing, and we love him. Then, because no KK story is complete without premature ejaculation, he comes in his pants – which Bell is quick to point out – and we love him more. This humble, utterly defenseless, completely transparent guy is the kind of son you’d worry about getting hurt, and the kind of boyfriend you’d want for your daughter.

These two seemingly ill-matched nuts are excruciatingly perfect together. You can always count on KK to punch you in the solar plexus in the very best way when you least expect it. Funny, surprising, sexy, and smart, Down and Derby is a great read, and Glasses will always be one of my favorite Edwards.


Summary: Bell Swan is a hard ass roller derby chick. Edward Cullen is a shy and totally awkward Medical Examiner. What will happen when he needs to take care of her when no one else will? A bit of angst… a bit of drama but a TON of funny. Rated M for…you know. Bella & Edward – Complete



Made by FicSisters
Made by FicSisters

Call me slightly crazy for wanting to recommend an Edward whom we see only through Bella’s eyes. That’s right Rosybud‘s Ladder to the Sun is written from Bella’s POV. I wanted to recommend something that people may not have read. I mean we all have those ‘big’ Edwards that we can flail about, but lesser known Edwards, well, not so much. This Edward is a slow burn; mysterious, attractive and ultimately one of the best people, never mind Edwards, that you will ever ‘meet.’

As you can see from the synopsis, this Bella has a limited shelf life and has decided, after years of sheep-like adherence to her family’s wishes, to really live her life to the fullest. Despite her lack of spine initially, this girl is one of the bravest you’ll meet and her Edward rises to the occasion. He helps her live with no thought to the outcome or its inevitable impact. He interacts with her with a kind of raw, unashamed honesty that made me fall in love with him too. They both are searching for something and you sense right away that there is much more to this man. And, oh yes, there really is.

Their journey isn’t easy, but Edward is all in, wanting to give Bella all the experiences she feels she missed out on. Together, they create a beautiful bubble. But we know bubbles; they burst. The unexpected outcome is something you will want to read. And clearly, it’s a story that has stuck with me for a very long time.

Songster (51)

Summary: How can you die when you’ve never really lived? That’s the problem Bella Swan faces when she’s told she only has a year to live. Can she make up for a lonely, unhappy life in the short time she has left… and maybe find love too? Angst/Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Made by
Made by SoapyMayhem

As we all know our beloved character of Edward comes in many incarnations, but regardless of genre or Ward, an Edward who loves unconditionally and irrevocably draws me in and makes me love him. Out of the thousands of Edwards this FicSister has been fortunate enough to meet over the last eight years, I’ve chosen to highlight this one. The love and loyalty shown by Lissa Bryan’s Edward in Some Say in Ice, and the lengths he will go to for his Bella struck a chord deep within me; he lingered in my mind for a long time.

At just under 10,000 words, this powerful, exquisitely written, hauntingly beautiful story is packed with love. That might sound surprising since it is set in dark times where human beings resort to desperate measures to survive. Yet through it all, Edward and Bella never lose their courage, their love, or their oh-so-important humanity.

Without spoiling the plotline, I have to give fair warning and say given the vividly depicted subject matter – an apocalypse resulting in a state of icy twilight – this story is not for everyone. Some Say in Ice is a thought-provoking read…bittersweet, as enduring love remains a beacon of warmth in the frozen landscape.

Summary: An asteroid strike has caused the end of life as we know it. Bella and Edward struggle to survive in a world of perpetual icy twilight as society breaks down around them. AH/AU Drama/Sci-Fi – Rated: M. Bella & Edward – O/S – Complete



Made by Kassiah
Made by Kassiah

My absolute favourite Edward, because I’m being forced to pick just one, is from Fridays at Noon. This story should be made into a film. The story is just cinema graphic in it’s telling. Troublefollows1017 blends just enough angst, passion, romance and intrigue into this story, it makes it hard to put down. I’ve read it once or twice (a month), and have had a few sleepless nights with it, especially when ever there were new outtakes.

This Edward is controlling, vulnerable, angry, sad and hot, Lord Tunderin’ Jaysus, he is hot. He is supported and cherished by a Bella who is strong and loving enough to help him with his demons. This story has snark, I love snark. This story has smut, I love smut. This story has an actual story, I love stories.

If one were to meet this Edward the second thing one would want to say to him would be ‘There, there, it’ll all be okay‘ (The first would probably be ‘drop ’em’) The supporting characters are well-rounded and multi-dimensional without taking away from the main characters. One of the best Tylers in fandom.

It’s sequel, Once Upon a Saturday, is just as lovely. It includes a Daddyward I wouldn’t mind babysitting for. No charge as long as I got to rummage through his underwear drawer.

I can only hope that it will be published soon so that Hollywood can come knocking.


Summary: Edward Masen’s life intersects with Bella’s at the restaurant he dines at for lunch every Friday. He’s handsome, arrogant, and is used to avoiding love. She isn’t impressed by the things that usually have women falling at this feet. AH/AU – Romance/Angst – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete

Troublefollows1017 kindly left this link to PDFs of her stories.
Made by ysar
Made by ysar

President-Ward is one of my very favourites. Add it to a second-chance romance, with a secret baby thrown in and I’m pretty much in fanfic heaven. That’s why I love The American President by Rushed, one of the first stories I read as a WIP.

There’s something about a man with power that is the ultimate crowd-pleaser, and this Edward has it in spades. The youngest President that US has seen, he is nevertheless lonely, which is why his brother arranges for an escort to visit him – though he has no idea she’s being paid. From the start, Bella (the escort) has great chemistry with the president, and it’s clear that this encounter isn’t going to end with just one night.

In fact, their relationship grows, to the point where Edward invites Bella to join him at his weekend home in the Hamptons, which is where their daughter Heidi is conceived. Fast-forward eight years – as previewed in the first chapter of the story – and that’s when Edward and Bella meet again, and he first discovers he has a daughter.

Fatherhood adds a whole new dimension to an already interesting and highly attractive character. He’s hot and sexy (of course!) but also complex and paternal, and watching him fall in love with his daughter, as well as her mother, is a delight. Yes, he’s powerful, but he’s also very human, and that’s what makes him so very attractive.

The American President is complete except for an alternate pov epilogue, and is a wonderful read.

Summary: As the President of the United States, Edward Cullen finds it difficult to meet women. So his brother secretly employs the services of an escort agency to help fulfill certain presidential needs. OOC AU – Romance/Angst – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete (See above.)

  Made by Ange de l'aube
Made by Ange de l’aube

While it’s fabulous to celebrate Edward’s birthday by partying with our favourite incarnations of our eponymous hero, it’s almost impossible to choose just one to share…and one that hasn’t been given enough love? Hmmmm.

So…favourites list: Mafiaward, Shyward, Domward, Tattward, Ausward, Mercward, Circusward, Psychicward, Copward, Docward, CEOward, Teacherward, Stacheward, Daddyward…you see the problem? The list is endless. So many Wards, so little time – each one will have immediately conjured up an image of a memorable Ward in a fic addict’s brain – I put money on it! *sigh* Oh Edward! Edward! Edward!

And then, inspiration struck! The common denominator is the depth of his love, the feelings he reserves only for his Bella…their connection. Hmmmm…again that’s all of my faves. Darn. *furrows brow. bites lip. thinks*

In the end, the pin method won out. There are so many treasures and amazing Edwards -and fics- that deserve to be honoured, so, here’s one that I’ve cradled to my ample FicSister bosom on many occasions…selected indiscriminately by the closing of eyes and the throwing of a metaphorical dart. Luckily, it’s a gem and has everything…

The beautiful writing from Itlerthqak gives a mystical feel to the life of the carnies, with Renee and Bella both loving their life on the road with some great and loyal characters.

Then Edward arrives.

Even without Bella’s extra-sensory perception and psychic abilities, it’s easy to fall fast and hard for this Edward who joins their carnival for the summer, working alongside the only members of family he cares about, the Brandons. He’s a lonely young man, having had to grow up quickly, making him resentful of the people that weren’t there when he needed them.

Giofógach gives us drama, suspense and of course, romance – but not just any romance – here we get spell-binding, all encompassing, breathtaking instant connection, lose your mind romance! The attraction between Edward and Bella is so strong it will consume you, and yet retains that beautiful sweetness.

He isn’t just Bella’s Fiorghrá –true love– he’s ours too!

To all my other Edwards, Happy Birthday!  I salute you…and thank you for so many years of unconditional love…you don’t look a day older than when we first met!

Summary: I didn’t know anything was missing from my life until I met him at the carnival. Were my gypsy lifestyle and unbelievable gift too much for him to accept? And was there something bigger we should have been watching for? AH – Rated: M – Romance/Mystery – Edward/Bella – Complete



Made by Anne Cullen
Made by Anne Cullen

One of my favorite Edwards is the canon Edward brought to life by NicoleTwilight in her Breaking Dawn expansion, The Ties That Bind. Telling a fascinating and fresh story while still staying remarkably true to the plot of the original novel, this fic explores the events of Bella’s pregnancy and change from Edward’s POV. His thoughts and feelings are insightfully explored and beautifully expressed, from his fear and initial disgust at Bella’s pregnancy, to his evolving perspective on the prospect of a child of his own and of a changed Bella:

My love for Bella would never change. She would never change – regardless of how the venom altered her, she was the same person inside. But, for a moment, I felt a whisper of sadness for the human girl that I would never quite see again.

This story captures my favorite things about SM’s Edward – his intensity, his devotion, his worshipful and protective love of his mate – and breathes greater depth and relatability into the character. Breaking Dawn was never a favorite book of mine, but after reading The Ties That Bind, I had an entirely new appreciation for that story, and especially for its hero. This is an Edward utterly smitten with his mate, an Edward that leaves the reader with no question as to why Bella is just as smitten with him. Whenever I want to remember what made me fall in love with Twilight, and with Edward Cullen, I need only open this story.

Bethesda Gray 

Summary: Edward’s POV of Bella’s pregnancy, burning and awakening in Breaking Dawn. Covers all the missing moments with Edward, Bella and the Cullens, and what they went through. See what happened after Bella ran into Rosalie’s arms at the airport… Drama/Romance – Rated: T – Bella & Edward – Complete



Banner by SoapyMayhem
Banner by SoapyMayhem

If this FicSister had her way, every day would be ‘Edward Anthony Masen Cullen Appreciation Day’, but I will settle for celebrating his birthday by sharing one of my most loved FanFic Edwards…

This Edward isn’t CEO of his own company, nor is he powerful or fabulously rich. But he doesn’t need to be – because he is perfect just the way he is. I will forever be in debt to Lindsay520 for bringing Perfectly Imperfect’s Edward to life.

Gorgeous, sweet, generous, chivalrous, brave and oh-so swoonworthy – I could go on about this Edward for days. *sighs*

This lovely story is about two co-workers who, by a twist of fate, get thrown together as partners, but eventually end up being each other’s whole world. Puts me in mind of two teenagers who once were Biology partners…hmmm.

Summary: Bella is a socially awkward loner. Edward is lost in a meaningless marriage. Co-workers of a moving company, several long road-trips and lonely motel nights alone start a bond between them that may be stronger than either of them had ever expected. AH – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Rated M – Bella & Edward – Complete

FanFicButtonPlain1One Not to Miss

Made by Cared
Made by Cared

One Edward who really stands out in my mind is FluffyLiz’s endearing and soft-spoken Edward in Where Roads Converge. This is one of those stories where being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference in the world, and can change your life forever. Liz spins a tale of a young Homelessward and a late twenties Bella who are both running from their pasts, and meet by chance on a frigid winter night. Bella takes a chance and opens her heart, despite her own problems, and extends a hand to the troubled young Edward, and what happens next is pure magic.

Liz creates this incredibly warm and safe place as the two are snowbound together, which allows Edward and Bella to unburden themselves and discover their feelings for each other. Gentle and unassuming, this Edward burrows his way straight into your heart as he reveals his past and accepts Bella’s care. There’s just something about him—despite the fact that he’s in an awful situation, he manages to maintain his dignity and tease us with his hotness all at the same time. And I don’t want to reveal too much, but once some of the angst is out of the way, this story gets hot! It’s a true delight to watch this Edward come into his own and become exactly the man Bella needs him to be.

I will never forget the feel of the place Liz creates here, nor the sweet and tender Edward who inhabits it. I hope you’ll go and see him for yourself!

Shadow Masen

Summary: A homeless boy, hitch-hiking in the snow, a woman on her own, running from an abusive relationship. Is she crazy to stop, or are their paths destined to cross? Can this mismatched pair find succour and salvation together, or will their pasts intrude and drive them apart? AH – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Made by fhib_1504
Made by fhib_1504

The Mystery of You, by DivineInspiration reminds me of why I started reading fic in the first place: the excitement of discovering a fabulous collection of in-depth, believable relationships between family and friends; witty dialogue to keep you amused; that gorgeous feel to a story to warm your heart. You must know what I mean. All that is to be found in The Mystery of You, along with a plot containing twist and turns mixed gently with humour and angst, plus characters to love – perhaps want to shake some sense into – and some to love to hate. It’s a real slice of life!

Having said all that, for me, the pièce de résistance is Mysteryward…he is pure adorable. Sigh! He’s a mystery writer who is taken by surprise by his feelings for a mysterious stranger in town. It’s obvious the girl is running from her past and has secrets to keep while she learns to trust others with her physical safety, and take the chance her newfound friends will accept her once they know the ugly truth. This Edward is protective and sweetly supportive of her without pushing too far. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a win right there! In her own way she gives him what he didn’t know he needed and leads him to discover that life’s greatest mysteries are not to be found in any book.

Summary: Mystery writer Edward Cullen stumbles upon a mystery greater than the ones he writes: Isabella Swan. Life happens as he unravels the mystery. AU/AH. Canon couples. Rated: M – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Edward & Bella – Complete


Made by RtisticWhore

One of my most favorite Edwards is none other than Cruiseward from Twilly’s The Love Boat. He makes me laugh and swoon and well… clench. He’s confident and sexy, and he loves his Bella in the sweetest way. She’s quirky and pretty inexperienced, and he treats her with patience and acceptance, and okay, maybe he pokes fun at her a little. But he takes her eccentricities in stride and even starts to rely on some of them.

When the “couples cruise” Edward and Bella go on with Alice and Jasper turns out to actually be a swingers cruise, Edward poses as Bella’s husband, even though they haven’t seen each other since they were kids (and since she had a major crush on him and he treated her like she was his little sister). Misunderstandings get in the way at first, but once he discovers that the little girl he knew has grown into this witty, beautiful woman and he breaks through her walls, he awakens something inside Bella. He shows her that sex can be fun and adventurous (*ahem* post-ziplining jungle sex). He helps her live a little, and he gives her the romance she’s been longing for ever since she was a moon-eyed eleven-year-old with her first crush.

As much as I love an Edward with an angsty backstory or one that needs redeeming, there’s something so great about an Edward who’s just this really great guy who can be everything his Bella wants and needs. This story is a WIP, but it’s close to being finished, and it’s being worked on as I type this. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. It’s hot and funny and everything we love about Twi-fic. And I guarantee you will love Cruiseward as much as I do.


Summary: Love, exciting and new. Come Aboard. We’re expecting you. Love, life’s sweetest reward. Let it flow, it floats back to you. Best friends, a childhood crush, a free cruise, and a ship full of swingers. Romance/Humor – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – WIP



Art After Five by Sleepyvalentina is certainly a classic in the fic world, but it’s the EPOV of the story, Counterpoint, that has made that Edward stay in my heart long after I finished reading.

In the first fic, through Bella’s eyes, we get to watch her struggling to come to terms with a relationship that is uncomfortable for her but hard to resist. Edward is still a high school senior when they first meet, although the relationship doesn’t blossom until he’s graduated. Make no mistake though, he’s no child. Soaring above his peers in maturity and intellect, Bella jumps in but not without tons of doubt about herself, but also doubt in Edward and whether or not he can handle a relationship where his partner is well out of college.

The beauty of Counterpoint, though, and why this Edward has left his mark on my heart, is that while telling the same story, it doesn’t repeat itself, but gives you a true understanding of who exactly Edward is and what Bella means to him. You see why she should never doubt him because he is capable of so much love. In this side of the tale, we experience firsthand Edward as he risks it all to talk to his crush, we watch as he grows sexually and confidently, and we cry as his heart gets broken not just by Bella but by life itself.

It’s an Edward you will fall hard for, and you’ll curse Bella for ever doubting that this Edward is anything but damn near perfect.


Summary: Socially isolated and intellectually brilliant, sixteen-year-old Edward Cullen has never found a person outside of his family with whom he could connect, until a chance encounter changed everything. Romance – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete


Thanks to you for reading and to all our friends for sharing in the love for Edward on his special day. Winterhorses, FluffyLiz, Bornonhalloween, Songster, shouldbecleaning, Chocaholic123, Bethesda Gray, ShadowMasen, GeekChic12, and Planetblue – squishy hugs to you all! 

No measure of time with Edward will be long enough, but we’ll start with forever.

FicSisters xoxo