Besties Before Testes!

With a post title like that, we have nothing else to say except – please Lay at Home and read this, Girls…


Made by Lolypop82
Made by Lolypop82

Confession: High school fics are my kryptonite. They are my bread and butter, my toast and jam, my bacon on anything. There is just something about a good old fashioned, coming-of-age love story that speaks to me. And since the completion of my first fic, I’ve been dying to write one.

I just needed an angle.

Inspiration struck one night over a round of drinks with a few of my best friends. One of my long-time gal pals confessed her sins against womankind by disclosing the time she hooked up with a friend’s ex back in the day. Her admission was laced with remorse and sounded vaguely like she was looking at one to two years of hard time. I found it curious that she was still harboring such guilt over something that happened so many years ago. That got me to thinking about the implicit guidelines we as women are expected to follow.

The Girl Code.

There is no hard and fast definition for the girl code as it varies from group to group. In a nutshell, it’s a set of guidelines that chicks should adhere to in order to keep the peace in the land of women. Failure to abide by these rules can result in several outcomes including (but not limited to) immediate shunning, social media shaming, and/or judgment in the court of public opinion.

We began discussing what constitutes ‘girl code’ and for the most part, we were all in agreement. The rules are clear cut in black and white. Interestingly enough, they can become a shade of gray (not of the Fifty variety) depending on the situation. So this got me to thinking about loopholes. When is it acceptable to break the code? Or is it ever okay?

And a plot bunny was born.

The story begins in Port Townsend, Washington. Bella’s your typical high school senior, counting the days until graduation along with her close circle of long-time friends. The group dynamic is dysfunctional at best. She has her very best friends, the ones you’d bury a body and lie for in court. Then further down the sliding scale is the good friend who you love dearly, but it would take an act of God for them to reach bestie status. And finally, there is the friend you love to hate – the best frenemy.

Enter Edward Cullen – the new kid from Chicago. City boy swagger with the accent to match. Their attraction is instant, but when Victoria is equally charmed by Edward’s allure, things become complicated. The girl code rules are fairly straightforward in situations such as these.

Besties before testes. Sisters before misters. Chicks before dicks.

The rules may be finite, but can arguably be bent or broken. When the reward is Edward Cullen – it’s definitely worth the risk – but at what cost?

Girl Code is a fun, snarky trip into the mind of a teenage girl. Coming-of-age romance, sprinkled with sexual tension and typical high school drama. Rated M for my three favorite L’s – language, lemons and (fingers crossed) laughs.


Girl Code: Friends are forever, boys are whatever – unless it’s Edward Cullen. Then the gloves come off. Romance/Humor – Rated M – Edward/Bella – Complete




The Storm has arrived, dear readers and it’s a category five. The long awaited sequel to Surviving Raine is here – Bastian’s Storm.

As long time fans of Shay Savage’s work, it has to be said that she has an unparalleled talent for creating complex, intriguing men who consume, fascinate, and just occasionally scare us. In this FicSister’s opinion, the best is definitely Sebastian Stark.

When we meet Sebastian (or Bastian as we get to know him) in Surviving Raine, he is an alcoholic womanizer trying to escape a past that is in a word…horrific. Oh dear, we aren’t selling him in a positive light here, are we? Well, with the bad comes the good and if there is a man to get stuck with on the high seas in a life raft, it’s Bastian!

We soon learn that this man with the hard, abrasive exterior is a survivor in more ways than one. He is strong and resourceful, and where his body is littered with visible scars from battle, there are also wounds that go soul deep that aren’t so apparent.

We are pretty sure that Bastian never realized, when he pulled that small woman into his raft and saved her life, she would change his life irrevocably, as well.

Bastian’s Storm picks up from exactly where Surviving Raine left off…and we won’t give away the plot, but we aren’t spoiling your reading adventure by letting you know that Bastian soon gets sucked back into a world he thought he left behind. But, this time so much more is at stake…his Raine.

This is where everything we admire about this character comes to the forefront: his strength, loyalty, determination, and willingness to fight with everything he has, for what he loves.

Bastian’s Storm is a gripping read – we couldn’t put it down. It is everything you expect from Shay, plus just a little extra!

FicSisters Note: If you haven’t read Surviving Raine as yet, we strongly advise reading it first before diving into Bastian’s Storm!


Bastian’s Storm at Amazon,,

Surviving Raine at Amazon,,


The Drop by lola-pops

Remember the feeling when the first traces of spring finally started to melt away the lingering cold? When sweaters were packed away, sandals replaced boots, and the sudden urge to walk everywhere just to feel the sunshine on your face was uncontrollable?

Ahhh spring fever. It energizes the body and mind. It invokes memories of summer cookouts, sunbathing by the river, and the best of times with the best of friends. It’s also what led to a gchat conversation between Lola and me about pay phones and pagers, young love, and the awesomeness of ‘90s music.

When Lola excitedly said, “I want to write a fun summer fic!” I did my best to control my inner fangirl and told her to sign me up. Who doesn’t love being swept away by memories of summer crushes, awkward touches, and the giddy feeling of being young, wild, and free?

When it comes to making readers feel all those things and more, Lola-pops has a proven track record. First with Summer of Salt, and then We Were Here. I tried not to think about how those two stories totally abused my emotions and instead repeated the words “fun summer fic” over and over again in my head. It was easier to do than I expected, especially when she sent one liners like this:

“Your sister just saw my dick.”

Silly fun, right? I should have known better. It’s not a true Lola-pops story unless you’re reading with one hand over your mouth and the other pressed against your stomach. The Drop is no different.


Emmett sits down on the other side of me, a colorful glass pipe in his hand. He hands it to Alice, who hits it expertly, talking through the thick smoke as she exhales. “I brought fireworks.”

“That’s how we got busted last summer, Al,” Emmett says. She shrugs.

Last summer.

Last summer.

I take the flask and tip it back.

“I’m gonna walk down the beach,” I say, standing. Both of them look up at me.

“You want company?” Alice asks. I shake my head but give her a smile before I hand her the flask.

I can hear her and Emmett talking quietly as I walk away. It doesn’t bother me. If it hadn’t happened to my brother I would whisper about it, too.

Down the beach the river bends and I can see the cliff Ben jumped from.  The rock face is still blocked off with caution tape that has started to fade, the tied off ends in shreds from the ten months of wind and snow and sun. The water’s low this year but even so I sit back on the beach toward the tree line.


Hello gut drop. But Lola isn’t done twisting the knife. In the first chapter, we learn that Bella not only lost her brother, Ben, but her friends, her home, and everything else that made up the only life she’s ever known.

Forced to move to the “West Bank” of the river, Bella struggles to pick up the pieces of her life and move on. But with only a river separating her old life from her new one, it’s only a matter of time before the past crosses paths with the present.


“Someone’s at the door, Bella!” Felix yells from the kitchen.

Jasper hears him through one of the many open windows and before I can move he catches my eye, raising an eyebrow when he sees me hiding behind a curtain.

I take a deep breath before I open the door. Jasper and I never got along. I expect that hasn’t changed.

His eyes travel over me and he nods in approval. “You look good. Slumming it suits you.”


Oh, man. Is Jasper asking to get punched? Possibly. But the more important question is, why is he there?  To learn the answer to that question, you’ll just have to keep reading. The chapters will rotate between the present and the previous summer when it all fell apart.

As with any story by Lola-pops, readers can expect a bumpy ride. Her twist on the characters we know and love will leave you angry and conflicted, sappy and swooning. But like any great roller coaster type story, you can only climb so high before you reach The Drop.


The Drop: That was the summer everyone stopped looking at me as Ben’s little sister. Bonfires and beer. Sand and sun. We just kept climbing higher. None of us were ready for the drop. Romance/Angst – Rated M – Edward/Bella – WIP



Made by Fallingsnow Winter
Made by Fallingsnow Winter

For many of us, summers are that short, sweltering season that’s perfect for laying out poolside or shore-side with a nice, hot read.

Luckily, Tgb McCray has something up her sleeve that’s perfect for doing just that. Her new fic, One Summer is only a couple of chapters in and already has readers needing a dip to cool off.

The story starts out on a hot, summer day. Bella is cleaning out her grandfather’s house, who has just passed away. She’s feeling melancholic and wistful, and as she’s taking out the garbage, she spies who she at first assumes is the neighborhood lawn-mower.

He fires up the mower with one long pull of the cord and goes ambling along behind it, his cigarette clenched in a mouth too pretty for the kind of work he seems to do. I stand there a second, watching his biceps and triceps work that mower since he can’t be bothered with shirts that have sleeves…

Anyone want to guess who the sexy, lawn-mowing guy may be?

A short convo later, Bella discovers that her initial assumption about the lawn-mowing dude may have been incorrect:

“You aren’t working over there?”

He actually winks at me. It’s just a flick of one eyelid but something in me tightens when he does it. “Well, I work a lot, but no. It’s my day off. I’m afraid I’m your neighbor.” He cocks his head. “Least I think so. You’re one of Ace’s kin, ain’t you?”

Turns out, Bella’s new neighbor also knows how to open trash bins that have gotten stuck in the heat, has scandalously long eyelashes, and buzzed, reddish-tinged hair that Bella feels a strange desire to touch.

Then, even though it’s only ten-thirty in the morning, he offers her a nice, cool Mimosa – which she declines.

Yes, Bella’s new neighbor appears to be pretty laid-back – which is, unfortunately, the total opposite to how Bella seems to be feeling at the moment. And so the questions now become:

What will Bella discover as she sifts through her grandfather’s old memories? And just as importantly, will the laid-back, lawn-mowing neighbor be able to lift Bella’s spirits during this “one-summer?”

One Summer is currently just a couple of chapters in. I’ve spoken to Tgb McCray, and without giving too much away, she’s told me she plans for it to be a summer “sex/love/mystery” to which I responded, “well those are the best types of mysteries of all!”


One Summer: Cleaning up, working it out, and moving on. Bella’s determined. He’s relaxed. The summer they meet, temperatures climb. Hurt/Comfort/Romance Rated M Bella/Edward WIP



Made by CrimsonHarps
Made by CrimsonHarps

Forget Her Not is an entertaining offering with a lovely light touch from first time author, CrimsonHarps.

The story opens with Bella arriving at Forks High, where all eyes are upon her. No. She’s not the new girl in this familiar scenario… This is her first day back at school since she developed amnesia following a freak accident.

Enter Edward: her nemesis. He revels in being the bane of her existence. When he realises that’s something Bella has forgotten, he can’t resist cheekily taking advantage of the situation and having some amusement at her expense. Mmmh! While we’re anticipating the fun of hiding secrets from Bella’s ûber protective friend, Rosalie, this situation has the potential to backfire. Will the joke end up being on Edward?

We asked CrimsonHarps how she came up with the idea.

Well I have to thank my own real life “Jerkward” for that. He’s a great friend, but I’ve seen the way he uses women at times. He’s very impulsive and has that act now-think later mantra. I guess that’s where my inspiration for this Edward came from. Long story short, he once told me about how he lost his memory for a bit and that got me thinking. A j*** and amnesia. Didn’t seem worth writing about honestly… but then I remembered how that same friend often spoke of being in a friends with benefits relationship as if it were nothing. Everything else just clicked after that.

Character-wise and without giving too much away, I can say that I really want to make the Edward in this fic someone who isn’t always morally the best person, much like my friend, but who can certainly show his redeeming qualities and grow up a bit by the story’s end. That’s the challenge I set for myself.

So, ladies, who’s up for the Jerkward challenge?

Forget Her Not: Bella has hated Edward for years, but thanks to a recent head injury, she doesn’t seem to remember who he is let alone her feelings of intense hatred. Meanwhile, Edward decides to have some fun with his favorite adversary when the opportunity arises. What’s a girl who can’t remember supposed to do when her sworn enemy claims they’ve secretly been friends with benefits for months? Romance/Drama – Rated M -Bella/Edward – WIP


One Liners From You Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form!

Kni Nut: The Opposite Effect by Stace Leo – I’m loving this. Plants stuck in those little, plastic containers surrounded me. It was my job to make holes and stick things into them. I wanted Edward to stick his things in my holes. It was a shame, he was too busy planting trees near the soccer fields, because it seemed gardening did make you horny.

Bella Swan didn’t believe that opposites attract, until Edward Cullen and his awful hair came into her orbit. A comedy about finding love in the most unlikely of places. (WIP)

Bakergirl 24: Vespers by spoons are for marmalade skies -Vespers is a slightly dark and twisted tale that keeps you guessing…Like… “What’s Edward hiding?” Or, “Can anyone be trusted?” It’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and asking questions long after the chapter is over.

A tragedy leaves Bella in a spiral of strange events. She’s more confused than ever when a hot, magnetic lawyer offers a distraction from the tangled feelings she has for her oldest friend. ExB (WIP)

Roxiegirl: The Lottery of Life by IBACULLEN – I’m loving this story! Great story line and Edward is a mystery! Check it out!

Bella has been blessed with the finer things in life. She has always been focused on what she has and never understanding that money doesn’t buy you everything. It will take one stupid bet and a homeless man to teach her what really is important in life. Can Edward get through to snobby Bella Swan and show her what she has been missing? (WIP)

Bakergirl 24: Overtime by missmargo – In honor or The Stanley Cup Finals here is a little hockeyward. It’s cute and a quick read. There is a tad amount of drama and a few surprises.

Bella Swan is the writer of a women’s magazine assigned to write an article about the women behind professional hockey players. She finds herself in a strange city immersed in the world of professional hockey. What happens when the team’s superstar forward, Edward Cullen, comes into the picture? They are in for an NHL season filled with drama…on and off the ice. (Complete)

Many thanks to our lovely One Liner contributors, Kni Nut, Bakergirl 24 and Roxiegiril!


Made by CaraNo
Made by CaraNo

Oh my! Imagine the intensity of a Possessiveward…the deep connection, the almost feral need for Edward to be with his Bella -that’s what Grand gives us.

Edward, or Junior, as he’s known in the Grand Trilogy, is dark, demanding and controlling, with the aggressive tendencies a successful mobster needs. And yet, his love for Isabella, his Hummingbird, is unquestionable. Their love and passion is the backbone of the series, and their special brand of love has stood the test of time. Throughout the trilogy, Edward maintains the urge to show just who Isabella belongs to, and in turn, it’s clear she owns him.

While it has all the classic characteristics of a mafia story, CaraNo gives us more. This is a family love story, with amazing original characters that you’ll care about and really want to know (quite a few non-canon pairings); moments of real terror where you’ll be reading between your fingers; laughs and giggles galore; hot, hot, hooooot steamy lemons that will leave you panting…but right at the heart of it all is love. It changes, evolves; it grows deeper. We’re not gonna lie, there may be times when you’ll be angry too – want to shake Junior, scream at him even, but Isabella understands him, knows his world and anchors him.

Somehow, Cara has managed to create a love story spanning decades, with a multi-generational and complicated family tree, using real life events as a backdrop and infusing humour, without ever diluting the love story of Edward and Bella. It really is a drop-everything story…and it’s now complete.

If you’re looking for an epic summer read, this is it.

Grand: A mafia tale about love, loyalty, betrayal, and family. Told in three parts: Grand Tale, Grand Vendetta, and Grand Finale. We’ll begin in 1975 and follow a family through the MGM Grand fire, the Dunes implosion, and the opening of Mandalay Bay.  Crime/Family – Rated M – Edward/Bella – Complete

Cara’s site can be found here.


Made by FicSisters

So, Ladies and Geekgirls… We have three questions for you:

1) Do the thoughts of a hot Doctorward make your blood pressure rise and temperature soar?

2) Does a fun, sweet Irishward make you long for international relations? 😉

3) Does the image of a geeky StarWarsward have you dreaming of playing with his light sabre?




Then written for you, this is. The delightful and talented Marvar combines all three of these fantasies into one absolutely irresistible Edward in ‘Be With You‘.

Be With You: Dr. Edward Cullen doesn’t need the Force to find his perfect woman. She comes limping right into his life. My entry for the Doctorward Contest. Romance/Humor Rated M Edward/Bella O/S


For the Road


Calling all authors! Have you seen this contest? Woo Hoo!

Wonkyward Contest

What does “wonkyward” mean?

Just watch one of Rob’s interviews. He can’t sit still, he has no filter, and we love it!

We are looking for any kind of silly, nerdy, shy, funny, and/or awkward Edwards in this contest.

Basically, to sum it up in one word… ADORKABLE!

Our thanks and Happy Birthday wishes to the lovely LayAtHomeMom. Our thanks and smooches to PattyRose for once again joining us, and our thanks and a very warm first-time welcome to Livie79. And, of course, thanks to each and every one of you – happy reading!