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Let’s hear it for the lovely and talented CaraNo with Power Play…


Power Play by CaraNo ~ banner by CaraNo
Banner by CaraNo

I once promised my readers that I would write a Twinward story, and I gotta say it’s been more exciting than I thought it would be. Mainly because I chose to let loose my inner hockey gal and put these hot twins on the ice. See, I love hockey. It’s full of suspense, action, and boys who won’t cry out for their mommas if they scrape their knees. *coughs* soccer *coughs.*

“Write what you know” is a fitting quote. The research was minimal because not only do I know hockey, but I actually moved my twins to Sweden. No, they’re not Swedish, but we do have American players in our league, too 😉 So, that’s what I did.

From the beginning, I had a vague idea about what I wanted in my story, and since I’m a hardcore Edward/Bella shipper, I didn’t want an angsty love triangle, nor did I want Anthony—an Edward copy—ending up with another woman. I’m picky like that. Luckily, I love slash! So, enter Carlisle Cullen. He’s the general manager for the boys’ team, the Malmo Redhawks (my home town’s team.)

I also wanted Edward, Bella, and Anthony to have history. Plus, it fit with where I was heading. I wanted a misunderstanding, a reunion, action both on and off the ice, and some good old Possessiveward.

Here’s the summary:

It’s been seven years since they were last united as a makeshift family. Seven years of fleeing their pasts, hiding their feelings, missing all of the pieces of their souls. The game that gave twin brothers Edward and Anthony their purpose will now help them reconcile their history and make their own futures. What does that mean for the girl caught in the middle? The face-off is coming…

Thanks to Lisa, my beta, for the summary!

In fact, I have a whole team of peeps with me on this journey. There’s Lisa, the head coach, and then it’s pre-read by forwards LostInPA and Katy, enforcer Mid Night Cougar, and defensemen Jennifer, Yummy, and Mina :) Additionally, I have several awesome manips made by Lolypop82, and a few by Fallingsnow Winter.

Anyway, as you’ll find out in the first chapter (which is now posted), Anthony wants his family back together. Edward ran away years ago—yes, goddammit, he New Moon’d his family—and after several trades with various hockey teams, he ends up in Sweden with a two-season contract.

One season has already passed by the time Anthony says enough is enough.

And since it’s Anthony’s mission, he kind of kidnaps the first part of the story. That was unintentional, but I like the way it turned out. So, with Anthony taking the lead, we’ll find out bits and pieces about their past. We learn why Bella is hesitant to tag along—although, she obviously does; wouldn’t be much of a story otherwise!—and we learn that Edward certainly hasn’t forgotten Anthony and Bella.

For the first time in seven years, Edward and Anthony are on the same team again, and Bella is there for the ride.

So is Carlisle Cullen, who has the ability to turn a bisexual Anthony—former playboy, current arrogant sweetheart—into a nervous mess.

Due to Anthony’s playboy reputation, he promised the GM of his new team that his party days are over and that he’s turned over a new leaf. And he figured having Bella playing the part of his girlfriend would make him look more…wholesome? Better than a manwhore anyway 😉

Here’s Anthony and Bella’s arrival in the new arena:

“Shit, that’s Mr. Cullen,” Anthony muttered. “The man on the left.”

Well, well. The man who clearly made Anthony nervous was a god. Tall, dark, and deadly? His tailored suit fit him like a glove, and his perfect dark hair probably looked hotter after a night of fucking. Steel blue eyes, a clean-shaven jaw, a sexy-as-hell watch. There was just something about an expensive watch making a man sexier than he already was.

Carlisle Cullen was in his early forties, Bella guessed, and probably the only man in the whole world Anthony had the decency to call “Mr.” and “Sir.”


“He’s got you juiced, huh?” she teased.

Anthony shot her a horrified look and a quick, “Shutthefuckup!” before they reached Mr. Cullen and his posse.

“Mr. Masen.” Carlisle raised a brow and extended a hand. “Nice to have you here.”

“Glad to be here, sir.” Anthony shook it firmly, then returned an arm around Bella’s shoulders. “This is my girl, Isabella Swan. Bella, Mr. Cullen—the GM.”

“It’s Carlisle.” Carlisle smiled politely and shook Bella’s hand. “I’m looking forward to getting to know the young woman who has turned Anthony’s life around.”

Bella was crushed when Edward took off seven years ago, so she doesn’t believe that Edward—the team’s goalie—will be happy to see her. Or Anthony. Even worse, Bella’s afraid that Edward won’t give a shit. Anthony, on the other hand, is confident.

That’s why he sneaks in a kiss to get a reaction from his brother.

It goes a little like this:

“Itching to get out there, Masen?” the female reporter asked with a seductive glint in her eyes.

Bella nearly rolled hers.

Instead she bit her thumbnail and watched Edward. So far away, yet so close. She couldn’t see his face behind his cage and neck guard, but she recognized his graceful movements, quick catches, and fluid drops into the butterfly position.

Four players were working Edward hard, each one firing off puck after puck from various points on the ice. A few obviously went in, but the fucker was good. Great, amazing. One of the best.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Anthony answered absently, also focusing on Edward. “Christ, look at him.”

“You need a break, Ed?” One of the players laughed and sent off a puck, the sound cracking through the air. Edward flew up and caught the puck in his glove, causing the shooter to mutter a, “Well, fuck.”

“There’s my answer, ya fuckin’ goon.” Edward sounded winded but nowhere near done. “You gotta do better than that, McCarty.”

Tearing her gaze away, Bella rested her forehead on Anthony’s chest. He hugged her and stroked her back, silently giving all the comfort he could at the moment. A kiss to the top of her head. Be strong, Bella. She could almost hear the unspoken words.

“He doesn’t care,” she whispered, only for Anthony to hear. “He won’t care I’m here.”

There had always been a part of her that hoped Edward was missing her, but she had to face reality. If he missed her, he would’ve answered the phone when she called. Granted, it had been a few years now since she’d dialed his number—she wasn’t that much of a masochist—but she had tried for the first four years.

“Hey.” Anthony tilted her chin up and gazed at her intently, closely. Debating? Then he dipped down and kissed her. Softly at first, just brushing his lips to hers. And by the time Bella unfroze from her few seconds of surprise and shock, he deepened the kiss.

She didn’t know what to think.

Across the ice, there was a crack of a stick breaking in half, and the player named McCarty shouted, “What the fuck! Slashing, dude! What did my stick ever do to you?”

The kiss ended slowly, leaving Bella dizzy and a bit slow on the uptake. When she opened her eyes, she met Anthony’s that glittered with heat and mischief.

Without a word, he tilted her chin in Edward’s direction and rumbled a low chuckle in her ear. “Doesn’t care, my ass.”

Even from this distance, some fifty feet away, Bella saw Edward’s glower.

I’m really enjoying writing this fic :) With Anthony and Bella, we have—at least I think so!—lots of teasing and funny bantering. With Anthony and Carlisle, we have all the feelings that come with a new crush. There’s the hesitancy, the is-he-gay-or-not?, the UST, and the hot surrender. With Anthony and Edward, we’ll have…well, I don’t wanna spoil too much! Same goes for Edward and Bella’s reunion.

As not-so-subtly implied, there’s slash in this story. If that’s not your thing, you can always skip it and focus on Edward and Bella. That said, there will be lots of Anthony/Carlisle and Anthony/Bella (not romantically) in the first part of the story, so don’t skim everything. Then there’s a turning point where Anthony and Carlisle fade into the background to leave the stage to Edward and Bella.

It won’t be a very long story. At this point, I have 10 chapters written, and I plan on posting every day. By the time I push the complete button, I’m guessing there will be about 20 chapters. Some short, some longer.

I’ll leave you with this:

Bella was caught in the fury of Edward’s glare, but she still heard Anthony’s quiet voice.

He slowly rubbed his hands down her arms. “One season, then we’re bringing our boy home.”

Bella swallowed hard, then exhaled shakily. “He saw us kissing.” She felt ashamed, exhilarated, angry, and hopeful all at once.

“He reacted,” Anthony added, brushing a kiss to her cheek. “He cares, Bella. He doesn’t stand a chance. It’s two against one. And what is the term for when the opposite team has fewer men on the ice?”

She answered on autopilot. “Power play.”

For this story, there’s a special Twitter you can follow for gossip (teasers and manips) about our hockey twins: @BunnySpotted


Banner by CaraNo
Banner by CaraNo

 CaraNo can be found on: FanFiction Blog 


Banner by Jenny Kate
Banner by Jenny Kate

From: Mauigirl60

I had the pleasure of being JiffyKate’s beta for this story.  If you’ve ever read any of their other stories, you know you’re in for a little bit of everything:  drama, excitement, and plenty of romance.  From the beginning, the plot is reminiscent of Pretty Woman, with Bella as Julia Roberts and Edward as Richard Gere. Both hold themselves back, their own rules in place for not getting too close to strangers. They attempt to unravel each other’s secrets without revealing their own; the biggest surprise to them is that in doing so, they unknowingly cross that line from being just strangers to something a whole lot more.

Here’s a small hint of their first meeting:

“Well, Bella,” I start, thinking how absolutely perfect her name is. “You’re about to make a lot of money.” Her eyes widen again, staring intently into mine. “On one condition.”

She swallows, letting her eyes scan the room, no doubt searching for some sort of alternate exit. I can hear her heartbeat pick up pace, and I can see her chest rise and fall with each deep breath she takes.

I take two steps toward her, but she doesn’t budge, she doesn’t cower away from me.

“You must do exactly as I tell you.”

Her posture is rigid, showing me that she is refusing to back down from a challenge.

I close the distance between us, bringing my hand up to the side of her face. Her cheeks are flushed and the heat coming from her skin almost burns my hand.

“No kissing. No oral. Just fucking,” I tell her in a low, definitive tone. These are my rules. There is no negotiating, no exceptions. Women play by my rules or they get discarded for someone who will.

Her eyes narrow, as her mouth turns up into a smirk. She darts her tongue out and licks her lips.

“Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal,” she answers, never taking her eyes off of me.

Bella Donna: Edward and Bella are similar creatures; they both screw people for money, but one of them goes for blood. It’s nothing personal…until it is. 

JiffyKate can be found on: FanFiction Blog Facebook   

ONe Under the Radar

Last post we brought your attention to the incredibly talented Ta Paixao. This time, let us introduce you to the other half of her super-skilled family – Sir Vaden.

Sir has been persuaded to dip his toes into the Fandom waters with his highly original story Lilim Division.  In a supernatural alternative universe, Militaryward finds himself leading a team of the kind of people he had no idea existed.  Many of the usual Twilight crew are here, but none as you know them! If you enjoy stories that combine realistic dialogue and characterisation with seat-of-the-pants thrilling and outrageous adventure, you have to read Lilim Division.

“Hello?” His voice echoes.

He scans the room. From where he entered, the elevator door has disappeared, lost in the texture of the pine walls. To the left, an iron memorial covers a third of a wall. Topped with an enamel American flag and floral embellishments, four columns of names engraved in two-inch letters fill half of the black slab. Larger letters along the bottom read, “UT MALENDICTIO ILLORUM ELEVARI.” It’s translation below reads, “May their curse be lifted.”

A clacking sound like the pouring of marbles on tile begins, the volume enhanced by the open room’s acoustics. Edward turns to the noise coming from the front corner of the room. He watches in disbelief. 

The wall appears to dissolve before him, folding squares into squares in a fractal pattern. He approaches in awe as the yellow wood dissipates, revealing a silver, pearlescent finish similar to the inside of the chamber high on the surface. After a few moments, a rectangle stands in contrast to the natural surface around it. 

Lilim division
Banner by Fallingsnow Winter

Lilim Division: When Captain Edward Masen reports to an undisclosed location for a new military assignment, his eyes are opened to the dark and fascinating truth of the world around him. Given command of the Gamma Team under the Lilim Division, he must learn to understand those under him while facing a threat he never imagined. AU (WIP)

Sir Vaden can be found on: FanFiction 


Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever? Then give us a One Liner via the submission form! 

Domie Ocsickgirl Alvarado:  Finding My Way Back by CarlieC (Complete) I really loved Finding My Way Back because Bella is her own person, she’s smart, witty, mature and she stands her ground, no matter what is thrown at her, whether it comes from Edward, Alice, Rose or whoever, she is determined to start over and do right by herself and that really resonated with me.

Eddie’sGurl:  Tequila Sunrise by 2old4fanfic (Complete) A lovely story with a little bit of everything I love in a fic – Bella’s elevator ride changed her life!

TheRedCullen:  Tailspin by ruinedbyrob (Complete) I loved this off spin from a very hot o/s Loss of Control, a few twists and turns for a cocky Edward who finally finds his match.

Tina Connor:  Cracked Marble by sanguinescriptor (WiP) An original twist on an Edward and Bella who meet in the early 1900’s and are separated, each thinking the other to be dead the story chronicles their journey back to each other through time and twists of fate.

Many thanks to Domie Ocsickgirl Alvarado, Eddie’sGurl, TheRedCullen and Tina Connor for making these recommendations for us today.


Two of the stories from this talented author were originally entries for the Taste of Forbidden contest so ooze with UST, conflicted longing and seemingly impossible love. Capricapra is no one-trick-pony though; she always delivers wonderful characters and an engaging plot no matter the genre, style or inspiration. We are currently loving The Fox, at only a few chapters in there’s plenty of time to see why his students have nicknamed Edward in this way. Dedicated, clever and rather mysterious, no one ever gets close. Can Bella shine in the department under his tutelage and guidance? Already we’re seeing Edward’s attraction to Bella’s intelligence as well as her beauty.

For Edwards who talk sweet, talk dirty, talk clever, or better still, talk authentically English, read this lovely English author today.

Banner by Capricapra

The Fox: Student Bella is assigned to the supervision of the reclusive Professor Masen. Both are overwhelmed by their mutual attraction, despite it being against the rules. But can their relationship survive their age difference and a rogue academic hell-bent on destroying their happiness? Olderward & Geekella (WiP)

Capricapra can be found on: FanFiction FictionPad Facebook 


 Look at that inspiration below!

BB of Twilight


The Bad Boys of Twilight Anonymous Contest

You know you want them. Every girl fantasizes about having her very own. That’s right; I’m talking about bad boys. This contest is meant for you to release your deep, dark fantasies about those down and dirty, mischievous boys. We want your Mobwards, your Criminalisles, your Troublemaker Emmetts and all in between. We want the goomahs, the hoes, the homies, the wise guys, the taggers, the thieves. Maybe a good girl who can’t help but go rogue for her man. Make them mobsters, criminals, but most of all make them Bad.


We send huge thanks to CaraNo and Mauigirl60 for joining us today – and to you for your continued support.