A Sprinkling of Sugar…

We’re always delighted when our lovely friend, Edward’s Eternal drops by to give us the heads up on her new fics… and once again she’s got us eagerly awaiting (aka desperate for) A Sprinkling of Sugar

Bring it on EE!!!


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First off, thank you to the Ficsisters for once again having me here today.

A Sprinkling of Sugar is a Christmas story. One night unable to sleep I was looking for a picture when I came across this one.


I loved the face on this little girl. I saved it thinking I needed to write something for her. A few days later we were away and having breakfast in a hotel – one of those all-inclusive type with a breakfast bar and I noticed another guest that wasn’t too impressed with the toast your own bagel or make a waffle sort of atmosphere.

An idea began to form – what if someone – an uptight Edward, let’s say, found himself out of his element? Instead of the Ritz Carlton he was in a small hotel with a make your own breakfast.

A hotel run by a dark haired woman with a child he found rather unexpectedly enchanting?

Add in December, some snow, sexual tension and Sprinkling was born.


“Excellent. Thank you, Jessica.”

A wide smile broke out on her face. “You’re welcome, Mr. Cullen!”
“Try and remember how I take it next time, all right? No sugar in my coffee or my food.”

She nodded enthusiastically. “I put an X on the bottom of your cup. I won’t mix them up again.”

I stifled a groan, not wanting to hear if she planned on checking she had the right mug before it was full. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to hear the answer. Even Mrs. C was smirking.

Instead I decided to check on the next project I was working on.
“Do you have the travel arrangements I asked you to make?”
She nodded quickly and thrust a file folder at me. “All done, sir. I’ll be at my desk.” Then she scampered off, shutting the door behind her. I arched an eyebrow at Mrs. C, who was watching me with an amused expression on her face. I flipped open the file and scanned the contents.

First class flight to Halifax. A car would be waiting. A suite at the…
I blinked. Read that line again.

An all-inclusive room at the… Sleepy Time Inn?

What the fuck?

I slammed the file on my desk, roaring out in my anger.


Edward’s Eternal

Summary: Edward Cullen is a busy executive, who lives for only one thing —his company. His gruff attitude and rigid ways are what make him a success. There is no room for indulgences or distractions.

An unwanted trip brings three huge distractions into his life— a chatty teenager, a tiny lisping angel, and most importantly—one small, determined, dark-haired woman who drives him crazy with both frustration and desire. Which will win? Rated: M ~ Romance ~ Edward/Bella ~ Work in Progress


Well now we’re really getting into the whole Christmas spirit…can’t wait to see if Edward does too! 😉

Big squishy hugs to the gorgeous Edward’s Eternal! Thank you, lovely lady.

Happy reading!

FicSisters xo