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On to the best bit of our week…FICS! We’re delighted to be joined by…


Banner by Frozen Soldier
Banner by Frozen Soldier

Follow The Sun was inspired by so much. Chet Faker. Josh Pyke. Rambling conversations with thimbles at one in the morning. But mostly it was inspired by the beautiful country I’m so very lucky to live in.

It had originally started as a way to show that we’re not all about shrimps on barbies, crocodile hunters, and g’day mate! That we’re just regular people with weird accents, bizarre slang words, and pretty much the most amazing coastline ever. (Plus we have Vegemite, so we win).

As well as that, I wanted a simple story about real people who fall in love. I wanted Bella to have real people issues and to deal with them like a mature adult would. Edward – or Salty Boy – turned out to be this beautiful mish mash of lazy smiles and tanned skin, who has his life turned upside down by a chick with dark eyes and great legs.

In the end, the story is about doing what makes you happy. It’s about following your heart when your head can’t make the choice. It’s about sunshine and sand and the taste of salt in the air. It’s about a boy and a girl. That’s all.


Summary: Sometimes you have to stop thinking with your head and listen to your heart, follow which way the wind blows and dream with abandon. Because tomorrow is a brand new day, and who knows what it will bring. Fluffy as fuck, with some sweet, salty love. Edward & Bella Complete



Banner by Mina Rivera
Banner by Mina Rivera

The story opens with Edward playing the unlikely role of a guardian angel, when he heroically saves a young lady, Bella, from being hit by a motorcycle. She is down on her luck in more ways than one, and he, being a doctor and a naturally caring man, is unable to coldly walk away from an obviously distressed person. Edward quickly gets in deeper than he anticipated, with his damsel-in-distress, as his role morphs into that of ‘fairy godfather’, which to Edward carries a deep-seated meaning.

In her opening A/N, Cris shares with us two important story elements. One, Fairy Godfather is going to be mainly sweet; two, it contains Daddykink. Now, we can hear loud cries of incredulity from those unfamiliar with this particular preference, but believe us, this story is sweet. It’s also softly and beautifully written; contains honest, realistic dialogue; and a believable relationship with characters who are perfect for each other. We also have to say – hand on heart – it’s hot!

Who better to explain the intricacies of Daddykink other than Edward, a.k.a. Daddy, himself?

“I would very much like to try having more than just friendship with you, but there’s something you need to know first.”…

…”I told you I like to take care of people. What I mean is I have a need to be a nurturer, and that bleeds over into my romantic and sexual life as well.”

“So you don’t want to tie me up and hit me?”

He laughs. “No. I’ll admit a little spanking can be hot as hell when it’s consensual, but other than that, no.” Suddenly his laugh stops. “Wait a second. Jacob didn’t do that to you, did he?”

Bella shakes her head. “No. Toward the end we weren’t having sex at all. I guess I should have known he was getting it somewhere else.” She shrugs a little.

“Shh. It’s okay. I was just curious because I know a lot of men think they’re being dominant when they’re really being abusive assholes, and I don’t want any of that for you.” She’s too sweet, too innocent. He’s fearful of anyone hurting her, even though he knows that the damage from Jacob is already done. “What I mean for me is, I want to be that nurturer in a relationship. I want to be a girl’s Daddy.” There it is, out there in the open. He waits to see her response, not pushing to explain.

“What exactly does that mean?” She sounds genuinely curious, and she’s not pulling away. This is good.

Edward continues. “It means that when I enter a romantic relationship, I want a little girl I can take care of. I want to be called Daddy. I want her to defer to me, and trust that I will always take care of her and look out for her best interests, in and out of the bedroom. It’s not about incest, and I’m not a pedophile; I don’t want an underage girl. I want a grown woman with a tendency to act young and a need for that nurturing figure in her life.”

Thank you, Edward. Have his heartfelt words convinced you to give this Fairy Godfather a chance? We hope so because he has a lot to offer.

Summary: Young doctor Edward pulls a beautiful girl out of harms way, and finds that he may have just stumbled onto his greatest desire. Daddykink, so if that’s not your thing, go elsewhere. Rated: M Hurt/Comfort/Romance Bella & Edward WiP



Banner by Cars1
Banner by Cars1

There is nothing quite like a good challenge – we love them here at the International House of FanFic. And, we know deep down in our fic-loving hearts, LatteLemon’s Rockerward, in the brand-new story, Shaky Ground, is going to be one of the most testing and rewarding to date.

We are hurtled headlong into Edward’s world full of sex (groupies are everywhere!), drugs (lots of ‘em), alcohol (freely flowing), and a little bit of rock’n’roll (apparently really good rock’n’roll). He seems to be high as a kite most of the time, but you see flashes of the man beneath the vices. Those precious, little tidbits show us a man who is passionate, intense, incredibly talented, and sadly in pain and…lost.

Bella, on the opposite side of the coin, works so that terminally sick children can have their wishes come true. You really can’t get much more virtuous than that! But, she is a whole lot deeper than the sum of her job – this Bella seems like the sort of girl you would be proud to call your best friend – and our praise can’t be much higher than that, dear readers!

LatteLemon (collaboration between CarLemon and LatteCoug) has given us a story that is SO promising: we have Rockerward; what is shaping up to be a great redemption tale; an intelligent, warm Bella; did we mention Rockerward? Oh yes, ladies, we are on shaky ground, but we are holding on tight!

PS: It seems that we might have a really great Jake in this one too! *collective gasp around the FicSisters’ table*

Summary: Rock ‘n’ roll is sexuality personified. It is attitude. It is all the things that your parents told you not to do. It’s the freedom to express yourself. It’s being alive. Only multi-platinum, award-winning rocker Edward Cullen is anything but until he meets Bella Swan. A collaboration fic from LatteCoug and Carson1 in celebration of MizzezPattinson’s graduation. Rated: M WIP

Earlier this week we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Cars1 and LatteCoug

Okay, ladies, we are dying to know, how did Rockerward come to life?

Cars1:  It started out with an idea to do something special for our dear friend, MizzezPattinson, who has worked so hard and graduated with a degree in Nursing. *beams* We thought it would be a great idea to combine a few things she loves… gritty, hard-core music, tatts, angst, a talented musician with those long fingers capable of so many wonderful things…teasing, stroking… *nudges LatteCoug as she starts to drool* We wanted to explore the darker side of rock ‘n roll, take a look at someone carrying a lot of anger and baggage, and trying to find a reason to fight against temptation.

LatteCoug:   *shakes out of long-fingered musician-induced haze* Most of the credit goes to Cars1. We’ve been prereader and beta for a few years now, but I’d never written a collaboration before. I jumped at the chance to work with her and do something special for MizzezPattinson, who has worked so hard to achieve her dream.

We can’t imagine how two people could be more different when it comes to Edward and Bella (considering their careers and lifestyles) – can we assume there will be a bit of tension at first??

Cars1:  Oh yes, there will be tension. Lots of it. Rockerward is no saint, and he’ll fully admit that.He’s not going to change overnight, and part of who he is the struggle to not change, but Bella is giving him a reason to want to try. We’ll just have to wait and see if he’s up to the challenge.

LatteCoug:  Bella has a very good reason to mistrust Edward, and it will take her a while to thaw. She’s had a stick up her, er, well… Let’s just say she’s been the upstanding face of her charity for so long, it will take something momentous for her to relax—or just one hot, stubborn rock star.

We have seen stories written for many reasons, but we love the fact that you have written this story for MizzezPattinson’s graduation of her Nursing Degree. What an amazing achievement, and the FicSisters are all raising our glasses to you, MizzezPattinson, congratulations!! Psst…two of the FicSisters are drinking straight from the bottle! Oh, dear.

Cars1:  Woohoo! Some of the best ideas happen that way. :)

LatteCoug:  Exactly! I remember this one time in Nashville… *winces as Cars1 elbows me* Well, I guess that’s a story for another time. 😉


One Liners From You

Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form!

Angie125: Last week I wanted to read a scary story for Halloween, but I ended up reading (again) Dear Isabella by wtvoc and Jandco. This story is heartbreaking and some say it isn’t a HEA, but I think it is…I love it so much. *tissue warning*

Summary: He said “always”. She wasn’t so sure. All-human. M for language. All the usual angst applies. Angst/Romance Bella & Edward Complete

FicDreamer: Through the Kitchen Window by TheFicChick ~ A great story by a master storyteller, it’s so overlooked though; told from a mother’s POV this fic made me think and sob and really stands out in my memory – gorgeous!

Summary: “From very early on, I worried that the biggest thing in my youngest son’s life would be the girl he could never escape. I thought it would be horrible for his story to be so ensnared with someone else’s, such a tangled ball of yarn that it couldn’t be unknotted. Bright, colorful, beautiful to be sure, but so hopelessly snarled in and around itself that it would never be freed.” Rated: T Romance/Drama, Edward & Bella Complete

Ronnie: Late Night Encounters by Kyla713 ~ This is a wonderfully written fic that’s a favorite reread. It’s also very sweet and romantic, but best of all – it has a Dr. McDreamyward!

Summary: Lonely ER doc Edward Cullen goes online one night in curiosity, never expecting to find what was awaiting him. AH/possibly some OOC. Romance Rated: M Edward & Bella Complete

Our thanks to Angie125, FicDreamer, and Ronnie, for sharing their recs with us. :)



It’s official. We love Ruth Clampett. We wouldn’t stalk her or anything…well, maybe a little. A few weeks ago we told you all about Nathan, in Ruth’s wonderful story, Animate Me (review here) and now she has another artist for us to fall in love with – and this FicSister fell fast and hard. There was definite swoonage in the first chapter. Meet Max…

“Invest! Fuck I hate that word!” the artist curses as he throws his head back. “This is about someone buying a work of art to make it part of their life. There should be a passion about a relationship with their art. Investing is for buying goddamn real estate or government bonds!”

Although I still haven’t seen the artist’s face clearly, I notice the muscles ripple across his back as he crosses his arms across his chest. He is tall, over six feet, with strong broad shoulders and a tangle of hair so dark it’s almost black.”

Beautiful, intelligent Ava Jacobs is bowled over by Max Caswell when they first meet. He whisks her away, charming her, but Ava soon sees a darker side to the brilliant artist.

While reading feverishly, we were captivated by the story (not just by Max, promise!). Ruth has created a swathe of wonderful characters, some you love, some you love to hate *winks*.

Work of Art – The Inspiration is the first of a trilogy, the second book, The Unveiling will be released in January 2015 and the final book– The Masterpiece will follow shortly after. We can’t wait.

You can buy Work of Art – The Inspiration via:  Amazon.com ~ Amazon.co.uk ~ Amazon.com.au ~ Barnes and Noble ~ iTunes


Do you know who made this?
Do you know who made this?

Our Lives Unbound by theladyingrey42 is probably one of the best BDSM fics I ever read on FFN.

Granted, I didn’t read a lot of them, I honestly got a bit tired of what felt like “the new fad” in every single fic coming out for a while. I’m sure a lot of people won’t agree with me because so many people just ate up the BDSM trend, but after The Dominant by tarasueme did so well it felt like everybody was jumping on that bandwagon and it got a little tiresome reading the same things over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I loved The Dominant and its counterpart The Submissive, but that was a very well done male Dom who was often imitated, yet never duplicated, and I’m most definitely including 50 when I say that. (All of these have since been pulled to publish, but they were huge at the time)

So when OLU first came out and the buzz began in the fandom, I remember sighing and thinking to myself, “here we go with yet another BDSM.” I went ahead and checked it out at the advice of a fellow writer who assured me that no, this one was different. Man, am I glad I listened to her!

This fic is just beautiful. I don’t know how to properly describe it without using the word art; it’s like reading a painting. The words are strokes on a canvas, applied by a thoughtful master. I was sucked in from the first chapter and kept waiting for the updates like an addict.

First off, Edward is the sub here, which was such a refreshing take on things. I know there are plenty of male subs in real life, but there just weren’t in the fandom at that point. Everyone wanted a strong, domineering Edward to boss them around and tell them what to do. Thankfully, theladyingrey42 was having none of that. This Edward is so fragile and in need of a strong woman to give his life direction.

Enter Bella, who is somehow drawn to him and can just tell what he needs. The fic follows the development of their relationship as the love between them grows. We see them flounder a bit and work on trust issues together. There is definitely drama as this all unfolds, both of them learning from each other in the process.

What struck me about this so much was that it actually felt REAL. I felt like I had a magic window into the lives of these two people. They were totally believable characters; like you could run into either of them in the grocery store next weekend. They weren’t unattainable billionaires who could make anything they wanted happen with the snap of their fingers. They were real people with real lives who were working on a relationship that made sense to them. This felt like a beautiful homage to people who live the BDSM lifestyle on a day to day basis. They’re not just billionaire assholes; they’re schoolteachers and lawyers and bank tellers and writers.

Believe me, just read it.

Amanda Black a.k.a. AwesomeSauce76

Summary: My mind is trapped in circles, my loneliness pressing in. Unable to speak, I reach for her spark. In her eyes, I find my partner. In her command, I find my freedom. Together, we open our lives to something more. AU/AH, D/s, male sub. Drama/Romance Rated: M Edward & Bella Complete



Banner made by
Banner made by Beegurl13

When I was asked to return as the beta, I was so very excited. You never know what or whom Happening will toss at you, and this new story is no different. Cotton Belt is set in Forks County, a southern fried place where everyone knows everyone else’s secrets, you’re expected in church on Sunday, and family togetherness is both preached and practiced. Bella—or Cotton, as everyone calls her—comes from a wealthy family. The Masen family is dirt poor, and their oldest son Edward, aka “Rowdy,” is a foul mouthed, cigarette smoking, bad boy. In other words, he’s the perfect guy for Bella to fall for, even though her daddy would never approve of it. We’re only eight chapters in on this story as of now, but already Rowdy has captured the attention of not only Cotton, but also readers. I can’t tell you precisely where this story will go, or what crazy twists and turns are in store, but rest assured Happening will find a way to make our hearts a little black and blue before giving us the sunshine we need to heal them up.

ThisIsReallyHappening does a great job of creating flawed characters that, over time, readers fall hopelessly in love with. She breathes life into her story in a way that makes the words come right off the page and play out before us. Her characters are just canon enough to remind us of the original ones we fell for, but are also unique enough that we’ll forever remember each set of them from her various stories.

The signature element of Happening’s writing is the notion that true love can overcome anything. No matter how far into deep, dark places she drags her characters and no matter how many times readers wonder if they can really endure another chapter filled with gut-wrenching angst, she always gives her leading pair some type of a happy ending.

If you’re looking for a ride that will be sweet but sassy, happy yet laced with angst, and filled with moments that will make you giggle and cry, then join us on the roller coaster ride known as Cotton Belt. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


Summary: I won’t supposed to fall in love, especially with a boy like him. But when it happened, I took the whole damn town down with me. I soon figured out, falling was the easy part. Romance/Angst Rated: M Edward & Bella WiP


Our love and thanks go to Miss Winkles, Awesome Sauce76, Blueeyedcherry, Mina, Cars1, and LatteCoug for contributing so generously to our post today. And, of course, our love and thanks to each one of you for joining us. If you’d like to receive email alerts for new posts, you will find the subscription box at the top-right of the site. Happy Reading!

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