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Well, hello there everyone! Once again we’re blown away by all the talent in our fantastic fandom…new WiPs to grab us, One Shots for a quick fic fix, and fics that we’ve treasured in the International House of Fan Fic Vault! We really are lucky readers.

So, without further ado, we welcome the first of this week’s lovely guests… G’day thimbles! ❤️


Made by FrozenSoldier
Made by FrozenSoldier

A few months ago, three things conspired to inspire me to start working on The Monster.

The first was an old friend’s Facebook status. He posted that it was the 20th anniversary of his brother’s suicide. It was like a punch to the gut. His brother was 14 when he hung himself. His was the first funeral I ever attended. I was 11.

A few weeks later I heard two statistics on the radio. One made me smile; the other broke my heart.

Firstly, in a discussion about whether the voting age in Australia should be dropped to 16, an activist mentioned that two-thirds of the 16 and 17 year olds he speaks to are incredibly politically, socially, and culturally engaged. Secondly, I was reminded that suicide is still the most common cause of death for Australians under the age of 25.

Which made me wonder, how is this happening? How is it that this generation of smart, engaged, aware kids are giving up on life when they’ve only just started living?

In that moment, three characters took up residence in my mind. Edward. Alice. Bella.

Bella grabbed the narrative reigns pretty quickly, and she’s the one behind the question: How do you love someone when they can’t love themselves? She’s lost someone close to her in the most tragic of circumstances, and she’s terrified that she’s about to watch history repeat itself.

These three kids might live only in my mind, but I love them fiercely already. So I’ve brought them home. The Monster is set in my own backyard. In the schools I attended, on the beaches I grew up, on the streets where I learned to drive. Because these kids might be a figment of my imagination (full credit to Ms. Meyer, of course), but the lives they’re living, their struggles they’re facing, the battles they’re fighting? They couldn’t be more real.

If you know me, either through my stories, or my fandom social media accounts, you’ll know that issues around mental illness are very close to my heart. I’m pretty forthcoming about my own struggle with depression, and I’m pretty vocal about the need to get rid of the stigma attached to mental illness. You’ll also know that I write about hope. And despite the tragic statistic I quoted earlier, I am full of hope for our teenagers. I believe they can, and will, change the world.

The Monster is my attempt to bring my grief and my hope together, and to make sense of them both.

From Chapter 1…

Mum’s hand leaves my shoulder. “Isabella…”

“It’s okay, Renée.” It’s irritating, the attitude I’m catching from Mrs. Greene. Like she’s saying to Mum, “Leave this to me.” Like she thinks that just because she’s got a bunch of fancy degrees—all in matching frames and displayed on the wall behind her—she knows me better than my own mother does.

My mum falls silent, her hands clasped in her lap.

“You and I both know poetry can be very… metaphorical, Isabella. And your mother and I are concerned that with the HSC getting close… Well, perhaps you’re not coping with everything quite as well as you want people to think you are.”

I glance at Mum. She’s worried all the colour off her lips. She looks petrified. Guilt pushes my irritation aside. I can just imagine the panic she would’ve been feeling as she drove in to school on her lunch break, summoned by Mrs. Greene’s phone call: “We’re just a little concerned about Isabella.”


Summary: We are Generation Z. We are educated and engaged. We have the whole world at our fingertips. Our biggest killer? Ourselves. Rated: M – Angst/Romance – Bella/Edward – WiP



Made by FicSisters
Made by FicSisters

It’s always lovely to stumble across a new author. One that can make the reader relate to her characters, swoon a little and smile lots! Olivejuice26 has managed just that with her inaugural fic, The Student Teacher.

When not-so-newly graduated English teacher Bella, is asked to be the coordinator for nearly-graduated Edward for his teaching semester, she’s happy to look after him. Once they meet, they quickly form a great friendship…which could be more, except they need to remain professional. But maybe a little flirting can’t hurt, right?

This WiP is delightful; slightly addictive in a just-one-more-chapter kind of way, with truly likeable and relatable characters – perfect for a swoony afternoon read.

Bella is lovely and completely real, and Shyward…well…Shyward will melt your heart; make you want to study hard; check out his twitter tips and wipe his SMART board for him *sigh* Good morning, Mr. Cullen! 😉

If you’re looking for a fic that feels like a comfort blanket, meet us in the English Department…

Summary: High school English teacher Bella Swan is content in a job that she loves, spending her days doing her life’s passion. Things get interesting when a handsome young student teacher is assigned to work with her for a semester. Can she focus on her job, or will young Mr. Cullen be the distraction she didn’t realize she wanted? Rated: M – Romance/Humor – Edward/Bella – WiP



Made by beffers87
Made by beffers87

Come Undone is the latest fic from one of my favorite writers, GemmaH, and I’m lucky enough to have had a preview of what’s to come. Set just before Bella and Edward are due to enter their senior year at Forks High, they meet when Edward starts a summer job in the local police station, where Bella’s dad just happens to be the chief.

The story opens with two of my favorite lines of all times, setting up a prologue that makes me want to find out exactly how Bella ended up so needy and low.

“Your dad hates me.”

She’s right. We both know it; he doesn’t make any effort to hide the fact.

From the start it’s clear that neither Bella nor Edward are happy. They bond over a pile of vomit (don’t ask!) and their father-issues; neither one of them can seem to make their dads happy, and they both seem to have given up trying. So much so that when Bella asks Edward out, they’re both happy to ignore her father’s disapproval and do it anyway, setting them up for trouble in the future.

A deep frown has formed on my forehead as I try to process all he just told me.

“I’m not sure I follow,” I tell him.

“Let me make it crystal clear for you.” He leans over so his face is right in front of mine. “Stay the hell away from my daughter.”

Come Undone is currently at 4 chapters, though I’ve been lucky enough to read more (thanks to me twisting Gemma’s arm), and I can guarantee that these two are in for a bumpy ride. It’s never easy being a teenager, and for both Bella and Edward this is magnified by the fact that their fathers disapprove of their life choices.

I’ve been a fan of GemmaH’s fics for a few years now. Her stories are angsty and twisty, and never predictable, something that can be rare in an Edward and Bella dominated world. Come Undone, which is being updated weekly (and occasionally more often) looks sure to be another story that keeps me glued to the edge of my seat.

Chocaholic123 aka Carrie Elks

Summary: I know everything about Isabella Marie Swan – the girl is an open book – but what she knows about me could be scrawled on a flyleaf, large and untidy, and still have blank space below it. I flip back and forth between happiness at her lack of awareness guilt that she’s so much in the dark. She never pushes, never questions. I guess I know she’s afraid to ask. Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – WiP



Made by FicSisters
Made by FicSisters

A Slow Revolution

It begins like this: a look, a glance, a tuck of the hair behind an ear and a smile. It’s a head nod across the cafeteria, I see you. It’s an acknowledging smile, I see you seeing me. And I’m kind of okay with it.

It continues like this: a 2,000-word tale beautifully told by Soleil2 illustrating secret yearnings, misunderstandings and missed opportunities. It’s nodding and recalling the tender days of youth. And I’m kind of okay with it.

It ends like this: a sigh, a hand spread over the heart and a smile. I feel this story. And I’m more than okay with it.

Summary: A spin on the record player. A slow waltz around the room. These things take time. Rated: T – Romance/Friendship – Bella & Edward – O/S



Made by Vampiregirl93
Made by Vampiregirl93

Lover Of The Light was recommended in a WIP group I follow. Eager to read something a little more relatable and down to earth than some of the other fiction I’ve been reading (both published and online), I decided to give it a try.

Right away, I was drawn in by the atmospheric writing style – descriptive and poetic without being flowery. I liked both Edward and Bella; they were written in unique ways that felt honest and fresh to me. He was sort of withdrawn and melancholy, yet without being over the top insecure (he’s self-deprecating for sure at first, but soon thaws under the warmth of Bella’s sun). She is brave and kind, confident but soft around the edges.

They seemed to hit it off from the very beginning, and after a playful first meeting they fell hard and very fast. I like that the story is told from Edward’s POV; the story is told through the lens of his quirky, head-over-heels heart. He feels like a real guy, too, not what girls think a guy should be like. And I guess that’s what I like best about this story – the characterizations. That’s the main draw for me.

They feel real. Authentic, not contrived or cliched or over the top. Most of my favorite stories are that way. I want to feel like I could possibly know the characters, whether their circumstances are familiar to me or not.

And then this girl with a magnetic smile asked if she could sit with me, and I shared my headphones with her. I made her laugh, and then I slept with her hours later. Days later, my car broke down, and she drove me around for a month, became my best friend. Yesterday she kissed me, and now here we are…again.

You might think you know this story, but I doubt you do. It’s quirky and sweet and its own deal altogether.

Rochelle Allison

Author: Vampiregirl 93 – Summary: “There’s this new girl in town. I call her Brightside. Emmett likes her, but he says she smells like trees. I think she smells good, like lavender… anyway, I think she’s going to have my baby.” A story about a boy who made a mistake. Or two. AU-AH, short chapters/frequent updates. Romance/Angst – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – WiP



Do you know who made this?
Do you know who made this?

If we had to sum A Slow Boil up in one word we would use “intriguing”.  It captured us from the first chapter and soon we were addicted, plowing through the chapters at the speed of light.

The beginning of the story has us meeting Bella when she applies for the position as a housekeeper to the enigmatic Edward Cullen.  Bella desperately needs a job to earn money to keep her in her student exchange program at the exclusive University she attends – but what begins as a necessary venture soon becomes a labour of love, despite some of Edward’s odd ways.

As Bella “sweetens” Edward up and we get to know him better you can’t help but fall in love with this man who, with all his quirks and puzzling behaviours, is really very caring and incredibly protective of Bella.

One of the best things about A Slow Boil is the fact that Edward remains quite the mystery until later on in the story and this FicSister does love an enigmatic Edward *grins*

Happy reading!

Summary: Bella’s an exchange student hoping to find a job to keep herself employed for the summer so that she can stay on at an exclusive University. Her best job prospect is a part-time housekeeping position with one Mr. Cullen. Romance/Humour – Rated M – Bella & Edward – Complete



Made by JennyKate
Made by JennyKate

When this FicSister woke up this morning to an email alert for Catch-22 by Jenny Kate there was lots of squealing with excitement. For those of you who don’t know, Catch-22 was originally a May to December Contest entry and, amongst a stellar group of stories, it was one of my personal favourites and to see it expand is brilliant!

Catch-22 is a wonderful mix – older, wealthy Edward and younger Bella who is being used and controlled by her older step-brother, James (who is a very shady character indeed and unfortunately he has roped Bella into his illicit dealings).

I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds and even though it is only currently two chapters it has captivated me and I can’t wait for more! JennyKate has said in her AN that the story will be a total of 9 chapters plus a little epi and the chapters will post daily…is it tomorrow yet??

Summary: Damned if I do. Damned if I don’t. One way or another, I knew Edward Cullen would turn my world upside down. Drama/Romance – Rated M – Bella & Edward – WiP



Made by GeorgiaRee
Made by GeorgiaRee

When an alert from coldplaywhore hits a reader’s inbox for the first time in over two years, there’s a dilemma… run-to-read …or banish all people from the house, turn off the phone, and sit and savour… Actually, *new discovery* it’s possible to do both.

Seriously though, coldplaywhore has many friends, fans and followers throughout the fandom because she can write fabulous stories – and she also happens to be jolly nice! – so it’s almost worth recommending anything she writes even without reading it. But you already know that’s not the case here.

The opening chapter of Company Men is an attention-grabber!

Bella is definitely a girl-we-all-know-and-like; she’s one of us. Life came along and kicked her legs out from under her…but a solution may have presented itself. She doesn’t know quite what the solution on offer is, or what strings are attached, but she’s about to find out. Yeah, intriguing, right? We asked (okay, begged) coldplaywhore nicely to give us a little insight:

Thanks so much for just being interested in my story after an over two year hiatus. It’s just ridiculously awesome how supportive everyone has been during my time away and my subsequent come back, so thank you, again.

As for my new story, Company Men, it’s basically a culmination of a lot of stories that have been stuck in my head. I read a real actual book two years ago and some of plot stuck in my head and I’ve sort of re-worked it into the Twilight world and made it my own. It will be smutty and funny and weird, like most of my stories, and it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will be something that I want to write, so I hope you enjoy it.

*sigh* She’s back!

Summary: Bella has had a rough couple of months. She lost her job and has zero hope of a finding a new one, her savings has run out and she’s days away from eviction. To top it all off, she’s also lost her wallet and can’t afford her coffee. What’s a girl to do? She would be crazy not to at least look into the job offer from the handsome stranger who covered her coffee bill, wouldn’t she? Rated: M – Romance & Poetry – *WITHDRAWN*

FicSisters’ Note: Sadly after just two chapters Coldplaywhore took the decision to remove Company Men due to nasty reviewers who assumed to know where the story was leading. Unfortunately we’ll never know.  Please remember that our authors deserve respect, they give their time and talent freely. We are so lucky, let’s share appreciation and love. We send FicSister thanks for all the joy Coldplaywhore gave to this fandom over the years, and wish her every happiness and success.



We really hope that you’ve found some new favorites!

Once again we feel blessed to be joined by some of our lovely friends – our thanks and hugs go to thimbles, Chocaholic aka Carrie Elks,  Rochelle Allison and coldplaywhore!

Wishing you a peaceful week ahead ~ happy reading! 

FicSisters ~xo