Miracle of Words

The miracle of words is that there is no limit to the creativity an author can give to their written words. They can tell a wide variety of stories in many different ways for us to read and enjoy. And today we welcome you to revel in that versatile world of words provided to us from these talented authors below. Happy reading!


Made by Frozen Soldier
Made by Frozen Soldier

When BelieveItOrNot mentioned to me ages ago that she and IReen H. had been plotting a collaborative story, I got a little flaily. I mean, two of my favourite writers ever getting together and making words? I may have typed a whole bunch of stuff along the lines of “asdgfhjgjhjkskd” in response.

When she told me they’d started writing, I offered (demanded?) to pre-read.

When, after a bit of a hiatus (because hey, life happens), I heard they’d picked up Number One Zero again, I was absolutely thrilled. (“I’m still pre-reading, right?”)

So when the FicSisters asked me if I’d consider writing a review, my answer was, “I’d love to!”

“We haven’t seen each other in, like, six years.” 


“Eight years. Tell me something about me you can’t believe.” She smiled, turning her neck until her chin touched her raised shoulder. A gesture she’s made since he’s known her.

He couldn’t believe she was sitting right there smiling at him for one thing, or that seconds ago she’d been touching his face. He rubbed his jaw with his palm. His stubble really was scratchy.

“I can’t believe…” he started, but unable to meet her eyes any longer, he looked down at his tea, “you have dreadlocks.”

Her laugh, sounding more like her twelve-year-old giggle, brought his eyes back to hers.

“Do you like them? Or do you think they’re weird? You probably think they’re weird, don’t you? I like them. People who don’t have them don’t understand. They think they’re dirty or something.” She scrunched her nose. “I don’t know. But when you have them, you know. They like… free you, in a way, or help you find your own freeness inside of you. That’s it. Because-“

“Bella, I like them. They suit you. You always had knots in your hair, anyway. Now they’re just intentional.”

Childhood friends divided, reunited years later. We meet Edward and Bella “the morning after” their recently reacquired friendship took a turn in a new, more unfamiliar direction. They’re the same people they always were. They’re different, too. And the strands of their shared story—past, present, and “that night”—are uncoiling gradually in a magical tale woven by skilful hands.

Number One Zero is mask-wearing and haiku-creating. It’s mathematics and artistry. It’s opposites and complements. It’s bright, bold colours and the inability to see them. It’s a girl and a boy and what was and what is and what will be.

It’s two talented authors writing one brilliant story.

There are three posted chapters (and four’s on its way) so there’s still plenty of story to untangle. Jump in now, I promise you’ll be enthralled.


Number One Zero by BelieveItOrIReen: Divided and reunited. Add time. Subtract color. Carry the remainder, carry a torch. Factors, figures… Edward loves equations, Bella loves expression. They think they know themselves; they think they know each other. But there is always more to learn. “We are what we imagine ourselves to be.” Romance/Drama M Edward/Bella (WIP)


Made by time lights
Made by time lights

Addiction is something that never truly goes away. It is found in an honest liar. In a man pacing a grid of streets. In a picture of his wife. In a phone call. In seven places. In a stranger with blue eyes. In a pink scar on the inside of a left knee. In a pocket. In a pill. In a kiss. In a bed. In a lie.

Addiction is found in a boy from a nowhere town. It is found in the face of a girl with the prettiest skin he has ever seen. In a stucco house with the greenest lawn and a sprinkler system. In a cigarette. In a ride home. In a coffee mug of tequila. In his father. In thinking he is never enough.

Love is the component he can’t live without. It is found in a ring. In a new home. In a dining room with peeling wallpaper. In a coffee shop. In a little girl. In a little bird. In growth. In forgiveness. In family.

Love is found in a favourite day. In a willow tree. In a held hand. In the girl he kisses. In a whispered promise. In a mistake. In a forever.

Honest Liar by aWhiteBlankPage is more than a story about addiction. It is a story about loving someone so much, you’ll do anything to keep them, even if that means lying to the one person you shouldn’t.

Fuck me, love me, love me, fuck me. Just don’t hate me or leave me or see me.

The story is told from Edward’s point of view, depicting his life in a nonlinear time frame from childhood right up until the present day.

The junkie lives inside of me. The junkie will lurk until the day I die.

I am an addict. But that’s not all I am.

I am a college graduate.

I am a husband.

I am a father.

I am selfish.

I am a liar.

I am brave.

I am an honest man.

I am trying.

I am.

This life? It’s a different kind of drug. And I’m addicted.

I can’t put into words how much I love this story. Nothing I say can ever do it—or these characters—justice. The writing is beautiful and haunting and incredibly unique, and will stay with me for a very long time. This is Jen, on a page. She is a writer, even though she doesn’t think so. Go read her story and tell her how wrong she is.


An Honest Liar: Bella once told me there was nothing braver than a flower growing though a crack in the sidewalk. I laughed because she was always giving feelings to things that don’t feel. If she was standing next to me, I’d tuck the dandelion behind her ear. Or she’d blow on it and make a wish. A hundred wishes. Or maybe just one. Angst/Romance M Bella/Edward (Complete)


One Liners From You

Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form! 

DeeLicious: Whatever Works by Soft Ragoo This Actorward has a slow burn, and plenty of ups and downs, making this story all the better for it.

When Bella accepts a home-care provider position, she has no idea that the impossible son, Edward, will have such an impact on her. Will she find herself completely wrapped up in his complicated world, or will she learn to hate him? AH M Family/Romance Bella/Edward (Complete)

Kerri78: Professionally Personal by DH78 A great read, a very hot Edward and a lovely but feisty Bella who gradually realises just what her boss is hiding!
Aspiring tattoo artist, Bella Swan works a nine-to-five job at Cullen Energy, Inc. When forced to work with the cold, elusive, and very hot CEO, she discovers they have something in common. Can she keep things professional personal? Edward/Bella M Humor/Romance (Complete)

MichaelaB: Darkness Consumes Me by MidnightLove87  Dark, deadly and Dexter-inspired…if you like some horror, and unpredictable stories, you’ll love this.
With a flick of my wrist I can keep you alive or kill you. But it’s always my choice. Remember that! Dexterward 😉 Suspense/Horror M (Complete)

MsSunshine: The Purple Banana Hammock by TheFicChick  I just rediscovered this absolute gem of deliciousness, even better the second time around; a stalking Bella and a lickable Edward from an author who never disappoints!
Like most women, I always found Speedos to be equal parts hilarious and horrifying. That all changed the day I saw Edward Cullen wearing one. Ronance/Humor M Bella/Edward (Complete)

Roberta: All That Jazz by Javamomma0921 After reading this evocative story I longed to have been born in the Jazz aka human Edward era. What an exciting time – what a wonderful story – what a swoon-worthy Edward!

AH/AU Set in 1919. Meet orphan sisters, Bella and Alice Swan, as they journey to Chicago to meet their Aunt Esme, brazen, disowned sister of their mother. Join Bella as she learns the true meaning of marriage and love. M Romance/Angst Bella/Edward (Complete)

Many thanks to DeeLicious, Kerri78, MichaelaB, MsSunshine, and Roberta for sharing with us today.


Made by Mina Rivera
Made by Mina Rivera

Our fandom family stretches around the globe, and never does that bond feel stronger than when one of our friends is personally affected by disaster. When Ana Fluttersby and Mina Rivera shared their personal stories of tragedies resulting from the earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks and fires in Nicaragua and Chile, we decided to lend our hands, hearts, and words to help the relief effort.

With Ysar’s behind-the-scenes expertise, the Fandom Gives blog and the Disaster Relief Compilation were created, and Born OnHalloween quickly signed on to help.

Like other compilations, DRC is about stories donated by individual authors from various fandoms, as well as original fiction. But we wanted to do something more this time—use our words to unite and inspire our community. Joining forces, Ana, Mina, and Born created First Responders and launched a hybrid collaboration—a Twilight fanfic called Tremble.

Sports journalist Bella Swan has been assigned to cover the FIFA World Cup. It’s a dream come true until she is forced to go with her arrogant rival and secret crush, Edward Cullen. She tries to fight the attraction and focus on the job, but a quick trip to the rainforest turns into a life-changing experience when everything starts to tremble.

The first two chapters have already been posted to fanfiction.net. Our two crazy kids are stranded by the earthquake in a town called Crepúsculo… but here’s where things get interesting: the rest of the story is entirely up to our collaborators, including several first-time writers as well as some veterans you’ll all recognize. Without an outline, nobody knows how the story will go, and the only place the finished story will be published is in the compilation!

Our doors are still open if you’d like to join us by writing 200 to 800 words. Our main pairing is Edward/Bella, but feel free to slip in a slash side story or even cross over into a different fandom.

Whether or not writing is your thing, there are plenty of ways to support this effort.

We appreciate the support everyone has given us and look forward to getting more people involved.

Ana, BoH and Mina

Summary: Sports journalist Bella Swan has been assigned to cover the FIFA World Cup, but when her favorite photographer gets in an accident, she is forced to go with her arrogant rival and secret crush, Edward Cullen. Bella tries to fight the attraction, but a quick trip to the rainforest turns into a life-changing experience when everything starts to tremble. Romance/Adventure – Rated: M – Edward & Bella  (Complete)



Made by Fallingsnow Winter
Made by Fallingsnow Winter

So, ladies, Possessiveward is in da house! Well, in the house next door to Bella to be exact. Phew! Bella’s new neighbour and this story are hot as Hades. Not surprisingly, Thank You For Waiting won1st place Public Vote for love-tart in the Mine to Mark Contest in 2013. A third chapter, unexpected, but much welcomed, was added this week to bring us up to date in the lives of this adorable, sexy couple.

Let’s look back at Bella’s first, illicit glimpse of Edward:

I felt a tingle of heat slither its way through my body, blooming in my stomach and radiating out and up, reaching the tips of my fingers and toes, curling around the crown of my head. Suddenly, I was vibrantly aware of every move he made as he situated things in his room, taking items out of his backpack and messenger bag.

I felt slightly creepy, just watching him when he was so unaware of my presence, but I literally could not stop. My eyes were drawn to him, refusing to look away. They followed him closely, and I felt them widen when he reached back with one hand and tugged his shirt over his head.

Holy shit.

You said it Bella!

We asked love-tart about her first glimpse of these delightful characters.

The inspiration behind this Edward was mostly just me challenging myself to see if I could write something that walked the line between explicit and romantic. As you know, the first chapter was my entry for the Mine To Mark contest. And while I had a lot of fun with the actual “dirty talking”, I also really wanted to convey that even though they had just met, there was a level of trust between Edward and Bella that allowed them to share that part of themselves with each other. To me, there’s nothing hotter than naughty words (and naughty actions) between two partners who have trust between them. Being able to convey your feelings honestly that way without fear of judgment? It’s the ultimate turn-on. At least to me.

Something else I wanted to touch on is that I’m sure a lot of people felt that Edward and Bella moved way too fast. There was probably a lot of scoffing at their “instant connection.” Well, I speak from experience when I say IT HAPPENS! LOL. My husband and I got engaged three months after we met and got married one month after that. That was thirteen years and two beautiful children ago. And very much like Bella and Edward’s situation, he showed up when I least expected it. I love my own love story and I want people to know that this kind of thing does not only happen in the books and movies.

The two original powerfully written chapters were filled with passion, and lucky for us, the latest addition is all that and gloriously sweet. Treat yourself to this quick, erotic, romantic read…you won’t regret it!

Oh, and one more thing before you rush away to read, this delicious Edward has a stud in his tongue – and he’s not afraid to use it – and not just for talking dirty, which, btw he does very well also! 😉

Thank You For Waiting: When a mysterious stranger moves in next door to Bella in the middle of the night, he awakens something inside her that she didn’t even realize she yearned for. Romance M Edward/Bella (Complete)



It seems that sometimes being young and in love just isn’t enough. Life becomes complicated because of who you are, the expectations that others hold for you, or the inadvisable circumstances surrounding meeting the love of your life…but, when all of those things combine it leads to secrets, lies and precious, stolen moments.

We’re back at the University of Toronto, for Better Deeds Than Words, Georgina Guthrie‘s second installment in her The Weight of Words series. Once again, the university is the beautiful and atmospheric setting for the sexually frustrated Aubrey and Daniel. They’re well matched intellectually, sharing a great love of literature, and they spar wonderfully together…both quick-witted and humourous. They want the same things, love the same things – and each other…possibly…probably. Unfortunately, they’re not able to freely declare themselves. In fact, being together puts them both in danger of career suicide, and has major repercussions for others.

Torn between what others consider to be right, and what they feel in their hearts to be right, promises are made that test the strength of loyalties, and other relationships are put on the line. However, Aubrey and Daniel are not without allies including a rather charming one: Patty, Daniel’s grandmother, who is completely adorable, and like most mortifyingly honest relatives, has no room in her life for embarrassment!

Daniel’s grandmother held out the salad tongs. “Daniel, take more tomatoes.”

“I already have a few. I’m fine.”

She tossed three more tomato wedges on his salad plate. “Lycopene. It’s good for the prostate,” she said.

Daniel rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Prostate cancer,” Patty said to me in a hushed voice. “That’s what got Bradford—my husband. Never ate a tomato in his life. I’m convinced that’s what did him in. Although I read an article recently about the importance of regular ejaculations as well. Not that Bradford had a problem with that.”

I bit my lip to stifle a laugh. Daniel stared at her in stunned silence.

“You are having your oil changed regularly, I hope?” she asked him.

What the hell? Penny had said Patty was a corker, but nothing had prepared me for this! She was awesome! I blinked back tears as I tried not to burst into laughter. Daniel, on the other hand, was choking on a mouthful of roast beef. I clapped him on the back and handed him his water glass.

He gulped some and cleared his throat. “Jesus, Patty. That’s a rather personal question.”

“It’s uptight people who impede the distribution of important information. Don’t you think, Aubrey?”

“Oh, I couldn’t agree more,” I said, casting a meaningful glance at Daniel who narrowed his eyes at me.

He turned back to his grandmother. “Are you implying I’m uptight?”

“Implying? No, no, I was stating it as a fact. I happen to believe you need to extricate that rather long pole from—well, there’s no need to discuss the sordid details at the table,” she said.

Daniel put down his fork and looked back and forth between the two of us. “Huh,” he said, miffed. “Okay then. Allow me to put your mind at rest. My oil is being changed fairly regularly. There. Satisfied?”

He picked up his fork and forcefully stabbed a carrot. I hoped his comment wasn’t intended as an admission that we were involved in an intimate relationship. Patty quirked an eyebrow at me and I held up my hands as if to say, “Don’t look at me.” She surveyed Daniel expectantly and he cleared his throat.

“Unfortunately, I’m decidedly, um, self-employed, at the moment,” he said.

Daniel’s charm is never far from the surface when he’s alone with Aubrey, but he holds his mask firmly in place around others, making it even more swoon-worthy when their natural banter turns into whispered promises and romantic gestures. Better Deeds Than Words is a totally engaging story, drawing the reader in to really care about everyone, not just the main characters. Their struggles and triumphs matter.

As well as falling for both Daniel and Aubrey, Georgina Guthrie’s beautiful imagery made it very easy to fall in love with the University of Toronto too. It’s a fabulous book for a quiet weekend away when you can immerse yourself in their gentle, sweet, but often sizzling hot romance. Like the Bard himself, Georgina has a way with words!

*****5 Stars from the FicSisters*****


Available to buy at: Amazon US  Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AUS


Made by Cared
Made by Cared

CSI Seattle opens with an intriguing prologue where an arm of questionable substance is discovered in the forest near Forks. The story then jumps back in time to Forks High School ten years earlier. Bella and Edward are partners in Biology – now you might be thinking, where have I heard that before – but believe us, while there are some fun nods to canon, there is nothing familiar or clichéd about this refreshing plotline.

Bella is a lovely, young girl who takes the chance on asking her shy, geeky lab partner to accompany her to prom. OME! What an unforgettable prom night it turns out be – for both of them…

Edward broke the kiss and rested his head on Bella’s shoulder while he regained his composure. He was seriously aroused but was not prepared to take this any further tonight. He had never thought himself capable of this level of passion and he felt totally out of control. He knew he had to stop as it would be unfair of him to have sex with Bella tonight, which is what he wanted to do. He was leaving Forks very soon and would probably never see her ever again as his father was selling up and following him to the East Coast. He carefully put Bella back down onto her feet and wiped a tear from her cheek with his fingers.

“I’ll never forget tonight as long as I live Bella. You are a beautiful girl and a beautiful person.”

Move on ten years to present day and Edward, a highly respected and successful scientist, *pause to swoon at visions of Edward in a lab coat* has a chance reunion with the beautiful, brave Bella, now a crime scene investigator. Their sweet romance and powerful passion for each other play out against the perfectly planned backdrop of crime investigation, mystery, and intrigue, with both their professional lives and families woven finely through it all.

As a reader, having the benefit of looking from the outside in and seeing the overall picture, you may consider you know where this story is going – and who dunnit. But, given how Michalemas54 cleverly inserts a twist when you least expect, and how supposed clues could be genuine or red herrings, don’t bet on it!

CSI Seattle WA: A chance discovery in the forest near Forks starts a series of events that could prove cataclysmic, not just for the people involved. A story of love, passion, murder, mystery and horror and rated M mainly for the passionate bits. A story of about 89,000 words that will hopefully keep you on the edge of your sofa! Drama/Romance M Bella/Edward (Complete)




There is a lot to be said for the saying “less is more” and it is definitely what prospective readers need before they start the fantastic new work-in-progress, The Consequences of Miracles.  So when you start this story – and you really should start it – the less you know, the better.

What we will say is that The Consequences of Miracles is a very character rich story – in the first chapter alone you will bond with this Bella in a way that sometimes you haven’t after 20 chapters with other Bellas.  So far the story is all in BPOV, and truly, it is a great place to be.  Without giving anything away we can tell you there is a strong, beautiful love, angst, mystery and suspense.

The story is wonderfully written – author Travis Brikenstock has a true talent.  At the time of reviewing the story is currently at nine “can’t stop reading” chapters and updates every weekday.  The author’s note on the first chapter indicates the story is fully written, so for the readers who are nervous of starting a WIP, that is always good news! So, dear readers, what are you waiting for? *quirks brow*

The Consequences of Miracles: Sometimes, the miracles we plead for come at a terrible price. AH, dark subject matter. Drama/Angst M Edward, Bella (Now Complete)


Many heartfelt thanks to thimbles, VampiresHaveLaws, and Ana, BoH and Mina for sharing their special words. Thanks to you all for reading.