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In some parts of the world, it’s All Hallows’ Eve, or more commonly known as Halloween! Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating in costumes, scary decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, horror films, the graves of the dead… In other words, it’s horror and gore and blood and guts and creepy thrills to send chills down your spine. And we wouldn’t be your true FicSisters *wink* if we didn’t share a few of our favourite thrill-seeker fics with you today!  

(Pssssst!! Wuss-pervs, don’t feel left out there’s plenty here for you too… ) 


Banner by katinki
Banner by katinki

Yikes, this is a really tough question! Like most, all my fics hold a special place for me, for one reason or another. They all represent little bits and pieces of me. So yeah, it’s just like being asked who’s your favorite kid… out of something like 17 of them.

I suppose my next to youngest is the most fun I’ve written. My middle children brought me joy and sorrow and everything in between. My eldest, though… I think that’s the one I’d like to talk about here.

For a bit of back-story, I joined the fandom back in 2009, starting out primarily as a reader and avid reviewer. Before then, I’d never written a word of fiction. Ever. See, I’m an engineer by trade and I’d always been a math and science geek. But… after reading and reading and reading, like so many, I guess you could say I caught the writing bug one day and plunged headlong.

Dark Games & Twisted Minds was one of my very first attempts at writing fiction of any kind (I say one of my first because back then I somehow managed 3 WIPs at a time, lol). At the same time, plot-wise, it was one of my most challenging. It took a lot of planning to make that fic work.

But man, I had fun writing it. That story let me learn and let me play with action and suspense and romance and angst. It taught me how to outline and plan. It taught me the joy (and utility) of writing in 3rd person.

DGTM was the fic where I learned just how much I love writing action – especially fight sequences. It was the fic where I learned how paint pictures with words. It was the fic where I learned just how liberating writing vampires can be. It was the fic where I first learned to kill people.

Yes, I said kill people.

See, back then, I guess I was new enough to the fandom and frankly, to romance writing in general that I didn’t worry about playing it safe or going by any of the ‘rules’. So yeah, I killed people in that fic… a lot of people. And holy shit it was fun. 😀

No seriously, writing that kind of storyline was very good for me. It taught me early on to be brave and bold in my writing and to write the story I want to tell, not necessarily the easy one that people think they want to read. By the time I finally gave my vampires their HEA, it felt deserved – for them, for the readers, and for me.

So while Dark Games & Twisted Minds may not be my best writing and while there are parts that make me cringe when I go back (ugh at all the unnecessary dialogue tags!), I will always, always be proud of it. I will always love the story and the characters and what I was able to do with them. And I’ll always be grateful for it, too, because DGTM was also the fic through which I met many of you. :)


Summary: 2010 Indie Award Winner. A decades-long feud between two powerful vampires. A contest. A deadly game of cat and mouse. A woman’s fate rests in his hands… but he can save her only if he manages not to kill her himself first. AU Suspense/Romance Rated: M Edward & Bella Complete


Hot off Press

Banner by katinki
Banner by katinki

We were über-excited to see katinki started a new story this week, and boy, is it shaping up to be a cracker! It is a vamp-fic and there is a very clever twist on the canon tale.  After reading the two current chapters we are begging for more, more, more!!  Katinki was kind enough to share a little bit about the story with us this week…

Re the newest-newest… hm, what can I say… While Kingdom Come isn’t canon, it’s probably the closest thing I’ve ever done and it’s something that’s been beating around in my head for like… two years. The concept itself certainly isn’t that new to the fandom – it’s a deviation from Twilight, in which Edward does leave and he does manage to stay away.  What I’m hoping is new is the way I tell it and where I take the characters. In this one I really want to explore Edward in a perhaps less conventional way. I’ve always loved his dark, Byron-esque broodiness after all, so expect a lot of full-on canon E, in all his self-loathing, perhaps melodramatic glory. At the same time, I want to give Bella some time to grow up and to experience more. I want her to have some hard choices, and to see if she really wants to chase the eclipse in lieu of the sun ~ katinki.

Summary: -Refusing to pursue her, he left Forks to face forever alone. Six years have gone by, and the day he dreaded the most has now come to pass. -When he didn’t show up for class, she was left confused, not understanding why he had to go. Though time passed and her life went on, she never forgot him. -A mysterious package arrives in the mail and it changes everything. AU Rated: M WiP



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Banner by
Banner by Evilnat

Tatted Hips and Wicked Lips is a story inspired by an LOL Text Message Contest I entered last year. Originally it was posted as a one shot, but I had so much for with the characters that I returned to my doc a few months later and began adding to it. I’ve always been a fan of forbidden-type stories, the “falling for the bad boy potential stepbrother” aspect was appealing to me. Different chapters were inspired by different genres of music. Bella’s POV is featured in the first half of the fic, and while writing her character’s POV I’d listen to old and new hip hop (mainly stuff that reminded me of my high school days). When writing Edward’s POV I’d mostly listen to more somber music, since his POV is more angsty compared to Bella’s silly/humorous POV.

I wouldn’t consider either of them canon, although Edward’s intensity could compare to the Edward in Twilight. Edward in Twilight didn’t have an obsession with Bella’s ass, so I’m gonna have to claim that characterization as entirely mine! Usually when I write my characters in fanfic, I don’t imagine them as Twilight characters anyway. They’re all my own, other than their physical appearance and names, which I do tend to tweak from time to time.

This story is special to me because of the surprising positive response I received while posting the chapters. For the most part, readers have been supportive of what can be a touchy subject. Dating your potential stepbrother??? That’s either an “ew” or an “ahhh.” 😀 Also, I don’t remember have this much fun writing a story since my first one. That’s something I always look for when a plot bunny hops into my brain; will I have fun with this one? And if the answer is yes, I go for it, and you should too. Give it a read. :)


Summary: Bella can’t stand Edward Cullen. She hates his tattoos, his piercings, and his stupid band. But mostly she hates how badly she wants him. He hates her too…or so she thinks. Will one iPhone fail change everything? My entry to LOL Text Message Contest. Humor/Drama Rated: M Bella & Edward Complete (Final chapter posts today.)



Banner by Cared Cullen
Banner by Cared Cullen

This is suspense-filled horror at its finest, with a little romance thrown in to sweeten the…cauldron, and with every chapter title being the name of a book from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events – Chapter 1 The Bad BeginningChapter 2 The Reptile Room, etc., that, in itself, if you know anything at all about the series, should prepare you for this disturbing story.

Que Sera, Sera recounts the life challenges Isabella struggles to survive through every day of her existence, at the hands of her evil family. When she meets sweet Edward, though, the story’s path somewhat changes course “…because what happens to them…the love they share, it’s almost canon – that otherworldly love that is too big for this world; it’s sure and true and pure and unbreakable and he wants to save her, he wants to protect her, he wants to give her the world,” …but, the question is: can he? And if not, what will happen to Isabella?

Here is an eerie taste of Livie79’s story, which only begins to convey Isabella’s true tale of horror…

Chapter 1 – The Bad Beginning

“They didn’t understand it, but like so many unfortunate events in life, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.” 

Isabella closed the book quickly and slid it between her mattresses as footsteps echoed down the hall. She scrambled quickly under the sheets and screwed her eyes shut, hoping that whoever stood in the now open doorway would believe her feigned sleep. 

Several tense seconds followed, the air around her thick with anxiety as she waited. A sharp exhale echoed in the room followed by a muted swear as the door swung shut once more, the click of the lock engaging from the outside sounding like a cannon in the quiet night. 

She breathed a sigh of relief as she rolled onto her back, her exhale slow and measured, the last sentence of her book echoing in her mind. Isabella knew all about unfortunate events, her entire life had been one long string of them―starting from the day she was born.

Her parents never let her forget it either. They never failed to remind her that she killed her twin brother, sucked the life right from his body before he even had the chance to take his first breath.

Evil. Wicked. A spawn of Satan himself. That’s what they called her every time she did something to displease them, a validation that their treatment wasn’t ill-founded.

“I am going to WARN YOU ALL NOW! This is a HORROR STORY! Horror encompasses: terror – dread – fright – abhorrence – fear – death… So please, before you start reading Que Sera, Sera, remember that it is a romance, angst, drama, hurt, comfort, suspense, horror, and tragedy all rolled into one intense story. And for those of you who know choose to continue…enjoy!” ~ Livie79

Summary: Isabella’s life was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events since the day she was born. For her, monsters are real, love is the fantasy, and fate is a cruel mistress. The future’s not ours, to see…what will be, will be. AH Rated:M Romance/Horror Edward & Bella Complete



FrequentFlyersQuestion: What’s better than an original story from your favourite fanfic author?

Answer: Six fantastic stories from some of the very best the fandom has / had to offer.

When I first heard of the Frequent Flyers anthology, I couldn’t wait to take a look. All six stories have either an airport or airplane connection, but that’s about where the similarity ends. From contemporary romance to paranormal, there’s something for everybody, and I have to admit I loved all of them.

Eye of the Storm by Beth Bolden

Tells the story of Tess, an air stewardess, and Captain Grant Montgomery, a taciturn, cold pilot who puts the fear of God into everybody who works with him. When the two are grounded in a heavy snowstorm, they have no choice but to travel to Cleveland together. And that’s where the fun begins! Sweet and sassy, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Forced Landing by Angel Lawson

This exciting urban fantasy romance tells the story of Nadya, a sheltered girl who works at her father’s private airport, and Liam, a customer who barely gives her the time of day. But all isn’t as it seems, and as Nadya slowly learns the truth behind her mother’s death, she becomes drawn to Liam in a life-changing way.

Unexpected Departure by TM Franklin

A gripping paranormal romance, Unexpected Departure tells the story of Finn and Ro. When Finn decides to move halfway across the country because his Mom leaves him, Ro is devastated. In her desperation to see him again she sends him a text at the airport asking him to stay. Finn comes back, but something is…off. Thus begins Ro’s attempts to discover the truth behind his return, and to make sense of their situation.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Kira A Gold

This beautiful second-chance romance is mostly set in Sweden, and tells the story of newly divorced Jolie, who has to fly to the country to sort out her aunt Tove’s estate. On her travels she meets the boy who stole her heart 20 years earlier—now a successful businessman—and learns that maybe she isn’t as broken as she thinks.

Fly Me to the Moon by Bev Elle

Jessamy works in the local airport, where the very quirky Doctor Griffin Sanderson flies frequently to Chicago. During the course of the story we learn that Griffin and Jessamy have more in common than we think. A thought-provoking contemporary romance with a twist, Fly Me to the Moon sensitively explores the issues that OCD can cause for two people who are falling in love.

The Friendly Skies by Amanda Weaver

The final book in the anthology is sexy and smart. It tells the story of Cassie Sinclair, an overworked travel agent who spends more time in the skies than in any of the beautiful countries she visits, and Simon, a handsome British banker. When their flight is diverted back to New York, the two take the opportunity to spend the layover in a very, satisfying way.

So there you have it, six wonderful stories that should keep you warm on these cold, autumn evenings. You can read them all at once like I did, or savour each one at a time, the choice is yours!

Carrie Elks aka Chocaholic123 Amazon Canada Kobo iTunes Greatreads


Banner by Jaime Arkin
Banner by Jaime Arkin

If you can recall the euphoria – and the heartbreak – of first love, if you’ve never forgotten him, and have, perhaps, given house room to thoughts of what it might be like to one day meet him again, to be able to rekindle even a tiny part of the passion evoked in those heady teenage years, then One Day by RueforRegret will surely stir long-dormant emotions.

We join Bella Newton at the start of the story, some 25 years after having her heart broken, now divorced from the husband she settled for, and the mother of a teenage daughter who is precisely the age Bella was during the long ago summer when she loved a boy who ruined her for all other men. Indeed, it is thoughts of her daughter’s blossoming into womanhood which spark her memories of a time when she and her friend Alice sneaked out to the National Canadian Exhibition, where Bella was bowled over by the über-cool, cigarette-smoking carnie who ran one of the rides they queued for. So enamoured was Bella that she returned, alone, to the exhibition, thus kick-starting her summer with Edward. Events, of course, conspired against them, and 25 years on, Bella can only look back on that time with sadness and regret. Ironically, it’s her 15 year old daughter, Carlie, who encourages her mother to look for Edward, thereby prompting Bella to ask herself if second chances are possible.

This fic stole my heart right from the get-go, not just because of the great writing, but because it was impossible not to feel a rush of nostalgia for a youth long gone, or to empathise with a Bella who is aware that the years, along with childbirth and divorce, have robbed her of more than just her teenage body. When she finds Edward again, he is no longer the cocky rebel she’d first met, and she struggles to regain the confidence stripped away by a neglectful husband. How she fights to once again be the Bella who Edward loved, despite some pretty tough obstacles thrown in her path, is what kept me reading. The story is complete, so you can get stuck in straight away, and  I promise it will be well worth your time.


Summary: Over a quarter of a century separates single-mother Bella Swan from her hormone-riddled adolescence. Watching her teenaged daughter navigate her way through various rites of passage, Bella can’t help falling prey to nostalgia. “One Day” brims with steamy reminiscences of first love and traces one woman’s mid-life attempt to reclaim it. AH, mild angst, M-Rated 18 & over. AH Romance/Mild Angst Rated: M Bella & Edward Complete

Note from Georgina Guthrie:

I’m grateful to the ladies of IHOFF for spotlighting the story I’ve been posting as RueforRegret for the past 18 months. Now that it’s finished, I’m thrilled to share it with both longtime readers and new ones. I hope you enjoy One Day! ~ GG



Made by Mina Rivera
Made by Mina Rivera

When Deb (Drotuno) mentioned to me that she had a plot bunny that had been calling her name, I was thrilled to say the least. Fresh off of her latest sensation, Masen Manor, and a somewhat brief writing sabbatical, she told me her inspiration… Zombies. As one of her pre-readers, I was extremely ill equipped for this new venture. Having never read nor watched anything with zombies, I put on my big girl panties and started watching the only Zombie Apocalypse story around, The Walking Dead. Now, for those of us who are not traditional zombie fans, let me start by saying, this is not your typical Zombie Apocalypse story. This is a Zombie Apocalypse love story. Rain Must Fall features a cocky and highly skilled Army soldier named Edward Cullen, and his snarky, sassy wife, Bella. After a cataclysmic hurricane unleashes a highly contagious virus that is making its way around the world, Edward, who was on assignment in Florida at the time, bravely and heroically travels across America hoping to find, against all odds, his Bella and family safe and sound in Washington state.

This Edward and Bella, are exactly what you would expect from a Drotuno fic. They are strong, steadfast, immensely smart, capable, and sexy. Their faith and love is what drives Edward to make the trek and is what keeps Bella believing that Edward will find them. As each chapter unfolds, we are able to catch glimpses of their rich background together. A background story which gives the reader faith in their survival throughout the Apocalypse. The Zombies aka Zekes are prevalent throughout the story. The characters, canon and newly acquired, have developed many new skills and cunning to survive throughout the story. Deb includes the usual suspects of canon characters, adding some new and intriguing character traits, as well as an introduction to new and original characters. As of this moment, one of Deb’s original characters already has their very own fan club.

Rain Must Fall is rich in description, excitement, depth, and slight terror. Deb continues to amaze and entertain, while bringing one’s anxiety to new heights. While this story would not be described as heart fail, by any means, one must remember, as in any Zombie story, do not become too attached to characters. (Note: Drotuno stays steadfast to her writing rules!!! See her profile if you are not familiar.) So, if you have not jumped onto this fast moving train, climb aboard, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride only Drotuno can give us.

Pamela Stephenson AKA Driving Edward

Summary: It’s always been said that Mother Nature finds a way to assert her power. This time, she unleashed something that walls and fences couldn’t contain. Separated by an entire country, Edward and Bella must fight to stay alive in a world determined to destroy them, a world Edward must cross to get to his family, and a world where the dead don’t always stay dead. AH Adventure/Sci-Fi Rated: M Edward & Bella WiP


Nail Biting

Banner by
Banner by Livie79

Master of Puppets, this haunting collaboration from The Unholy Trinity of HorrordarkNnerdy, Livie79, Raggdolly – is one that will make you shiver and shake, one that epitomizes the theme of blood-curdling horror, and one that will have you anxiously reading, as you wonder what the hell the man behind the mask, with the bloody-dripping machete, will do next!

Silver moonlight sliced through the trees, casting long shadows that danced over the leaf-littered forest floor. In a clearing, among the deafening sound of thousands of crickets, stood a man. The blade of his machete glinted in the moonlight. Dark red blood dripped from the tip and splatted onto the dried leaves below. He exhaled heavily, his hot breath billowing up in a fog as it hit the crisp night air.

His eyes narrowed behind his mask as he stared at the cabin across the clearing. The lights were out, and to anyone passing by, it would seem deserted, empty. But he knew better. She was inside. The only one left of her ten person group who’d decided to take a last minute camping trip before the weather turned cold. …

He stood over her, a sinister smile gracing his lips that were hidden behind a blood covered mask. With one last satisfying glance at her blood-soaked body and mangled blonde hair, he waltzed out of the cabin and toward his home. There he would wait, hidden in the shadows, until the next group of unfortunate fools decided to go camping.

Who doesn’t love camping? Bella and friends do, and as they look for some partying time away from real city life, by making their way to these ominous cabins in the “beautiful” woods, they have no idea what kind of frightening fun they’ll really have or what, in fact, actually awaits them…but we know! Are you shivering yet? Well, you will be once the “Master of Puppets” gets done with you!

Summary: I’m pulling your strings. Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams. Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing. Just call my name, ’cause I’ll hear you scream. Rated: M Horror/Suspense Complete



halloweenreading A bit more reading for those of you looking for some extra Halloween entertainment!

Maledictum Magae by bexie21

Compulsion by ClaireBamBoozle

Darkness Consumes Me by MidnightLove87

Spinebreaker by JadaLulu

Trick or Treat by Skanky Frankie

Slots by TexasBella

Into the Night by Babette12

Asylum by darkNnerdy

Dark Paradise by darkNnerdy

Don’t Fear the Reaper by javamomma0921

Murder at Masen Manor by SparklingTwilight

Lions Eat Lambs by Raggdolly

House of the Horde by Raggdolly

For those of you hiding under the bedclothes we’re sure there are a few gems among our full-length recs to comfort you on the dark, ghoulish night! 

Thanks to all our lovely friends for accepting the invitation to join us this week…Katinki, Hoodfabulous, FluffyLiz, Pamela, and our regular book guest, Carrie aka Choc; we really do love you all.

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