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Hello, welcome to our home. We’d like to hand you over to Michaelmas54, who is going to tell us all about her new story, Dreams and Fantasies. Before we do, we have to ask, have you noticed our Fantasyward banner above? Sigh!


Made by Cared
Made by Cared

Hello FicSisters,

First of all it’s an honour to be asked to do this. I’m really new to this FanFiction game compared to some of the great writers out there, so to be given this opportunity by the wonderful team behind this brilliant site is a thrill.

My latest story, Dreams and Fantasies, is my third shot at writing a tale that will make me a million bucks, but then that’s just my dream and fantasy! Honestly though, I have always wanted to write stories (I’m nearly 60), but didn’t bother for years because there was no outlet for someone like me, who would probably be laughed out of a publisher’s office; but the internet and sites like IHOF have opened up a new world for frustrated writers like me.

This story is about a Hollywood Actor (Edward obviously), who is the usual good looking, fantastically talented etc. But this time, he’s an arrogant piece of work who needs taking down a peg or two.

Bella’s character is strong and feisty with a goal to fulfil and nothing will get in her way, even Edward, (silly girl). Jasper is the long-suffering rock that Edward crashes against at regular intervals. Alice is a mysterious soul who is very perceptive and aware of other people’s emotions. Other Twilight characters make brief appearances, but the bulk of the story is centred on these two couples, and Shakespeare (now that’s a surprise).

I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’ve had fantasies about this English guy called Rob (you may know him), who’s younger than both my daughters, so that’s what I based my story on. Own up, we’ve all done it while we were bored at work, or on a long train journey, or just staring at our dearly beloved snoring in his armchair.  We’ve dreamt up scenarios where we’ve met/kissed/loved the man (or woman) of our dreams, usually in exotic or romantic places. We all know it will never happen, but what if it did? What if Rob or Ryan or Bradley had to do exactly what we had fantasised about?

I hope some of the situations Edward finds himself in will make you laugh; or cringe even, as this is the lighter side of the story. There is certainly a generous dose of angst weaving its way through the tale though to balance the humour.

So the end of this story has already been written at roughly 92,000 words, so it’s a two or three-nighter if you’re reading it in one hit.

I also hope you enjoy this tale as it unfolds and find it’s different from anything you have read before on FanFiction, which is always my goal.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Reviews are treasured. PM’s are just great, and please let me know if I’ve recreated one of your fantasies (God I hope not). I promise I won’t tell!

Best wishes,


Summary: Being the subject of other people’s dreams and fantasies is not all it’s cracked up to be, as Edward soon finds out, but will it change him for the better? A story with humour, angst, drama and love, with a bit of Shakespeare thrown in for good measure. Rated: M Edward & Bella – Jasper & Alice – Complete



Made by
Do you know who made this?

I’m a fickle reader.

Some days I like firefighterward, some days I like lawyerward. Some days I even like Emmett (yes, really). But what I’ll always love, regardless of character or genre, is finding a story I can connect with. One that feels honest and real, that pulls me in with clever words and subtle plot twists rather than gimmicks.

Your Cliché, My Exception is a great example of this. It doesn’t reel the reader in with a dramatic prologue or action-filled opening, but instead there’s an Edward so vulnerable and earnest that he sneaks under your skin as chapters progress. Bella features early on, but only as a girl Edward notices while on a date with someone else. The story revolves around Edward as he grows up and tries to find his way in life. We see how the loss of his father affects him, and also how he deals with relationships as he moves from a teenager to an adult.

It’s a slow burn in every sense – there’s no Bella/Edward falling into bed with each other or even having a meet-cute, in fact 12 chapters in is the first prolonged interaction we see between them. The story never feels like it drags, though, and that’s due to how well AussieGirl writes Edward. She captures teenage angst and lack of direction perfectly, with just enough teenage-boy-thoughts to keep the EPOV realistic.

And if none of that is enough to convince you, Edward is from Australia. And plays rugby. It makes for some nice mental images.

There’s lots of boy banter and even a Star Wars reference to boot. But most of all, what I love are moments like “Something about this girl warms me all the way through” that have me swooning.

There’s no wild plot here, no insidious hidden pasts. Instead there’s a quiet but moving love story. And that’s just fine by me.


Summary: Edward’s story; he’s growing up and working it out. When he finally meets Bella he knows that she’s his exception. Wouldn’t you know that life decided to turn them into the oldest cliché? Everyone seems to think they can’t last the distance. Everyone except Edward. Romance – Rated:  M – Bella&Edward – NOW PULLED



Made by Shahula

I have to preface this review by saying . . . I love football. I enjoy a lot of sports, but football is my favorite. So, when I first got a chance to read Quarterback Sneak by Jayhawkbb, I was really excited.

In chapter one, we’re introduced to Bella, a smart, snarky sports radio personality who’s just one of the guys. With a dad who’s an offensive coach for the Seattle Seahawks, she knows what she’s talking about, particularly with football. She’s got a general sports knowledge and an ability to read the game that challenges her co-workers in a male dominated profession. She catches a little flack about choosing a couple of her fantasy football team based on how good their rear ends look in tight white pants, but she takes it in stride and even plays along. When a new quarterback is drafted to the Seahawks, Bella’s not impressed . . . with his backside. Or at least that’s what she says.

Little does she know that said new quarterback is listening to her summation of his talents and wants to set the record straight. When Edward Cullen walks into her studio for a little one on one, she’s blindsided. Not only is he a good football player, he’s handsome, funny, modest, and sweet. And his ass is perfect.

She doesn’t want to fall for him – she’s well known for her commitment issues – but this Edward Cullen is a charmer. His persistence, and sheer irresistibility pay off when she finally agrees to dinner.

“Crap. I was afraid it was gonna be like this,” I whisper, smiling when I feel a low chuckle vibrate through his chest.

Curling his fingers around my waist, he pulls me impossibly closer, lowering his mouth to mine again. This time the kiss is not as slow, not as gentle. Our open lips meet over and over, crashing together as we breathe heavily into each other’s mouths.

Although I don’t want to, I twist my mouth away after a few minutes. We are making out in the middle of a hallway, after all. Cullen lets me, slowly releasing me from his hold. As I step away, I unclench the fingers that are still gripping his shirt tightly.

“I wrinkled you,” I mumble lamely, looking at his chest and trying to smooth out the material.

“It’s okay,” he answers quietly, smiling as I look up at him. He raises one hand, brushing the backs of his fingers along my cheek. “Have dinner with me Sunday.”

“I still think this is a bad idea.”

“Maybe it is. We’ll figure it out, either way,” he replies.

It’s not smooth sailing from there. With Bella’s fear of serious relationships, topped off by her worry that both their careers could be put in jeopardy, there are a few ups and downs. But this is a story of moving beyond those fears and accepting what is right in front of their faces. It’s a story of love, acceptance and learning.

Jayhawkbb, as usual, does an amazing job of giving us a realistic, independent, witty Bella and swoon-worthy Edward whose love story makes us melt. I, for one, cannot wait to read more.


Summary: As a Seattle sports talk radio host, it’s my job to give my opinion on the Seahawks new quarterback, Edward Cullen. But maybe I shouldn’t have said what I did…you know, abut his butt. Romance/Humor – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – WIP



Made by Fallingsnow Winter
Made by Fallingsnow Winter

Counselor is at it again, taking us to the sixties once more.

In her newest fic, Darnay Road, Counselor introduces us to a sixties era Bella Christine, and her best friend, Alice May: ten-year-old catholic school girls out of school for the summer and ready for adventure. Bella and Alice have all the obsessions and concerns of that time period: Mr. Softie Ice Cream Trucks, cherry pops, paper dolls, Hardy Boys mysteries, Gidget, Moondoggie, bomb shelters, Russians and Kruschev. Oh, and you can add daydreaming about James Darren, the guy who apparently played ‘Moondoggie’ in the Gidget movie, to the list of things occupying Bella’s days.

Except one day, those daydreams become reality when Bella Christine comes face to face with her own personal ‘Moondoggie’ – or then again, he could be Frank Hardy.

See, the ‘Hardy Boys’ – aka Alice’s older brother’s friends – live on the other side of the tracks, literally. ‘Alias Frank Hardy’ is an eleven year-old Camel smoking, tall, good-looking, ripped-tee-shirt wearing boy who makes little Bella Christine’s cheeks burn whenever he’s near. As of Chapter six, Alias Frank Hardy still hasn’t been given a ‘real’ name, but come on, we all know who he is. 

“Why’d you call me Ballerina?” I say, but I don’t plan to say it or anything, it just comes right out.

He shakes out the match and pitches that and takes a drag and he lets it out and I’m just so patiently watching. He’s looking at me and he says, “You’re pretty.”

“He likes you,” Alice later tells Bella, adding that “…he’s a heathen.”

He’s the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and Bella knows this, but in her own words,

“I don’t care very much.”

With Counselor leading the way, it’ll be an interesting summer.


Summary: Starts out in summer of 1963. Sweet little ten year old Catholic school girl Bella Christine meets 11 year old smoker with armpit hair who really does live on the wrong side of the tracks Easy. She and Alice May are mystery solvers in their spare time, and Easy (E. C.) and his brother Jap (Jasper) will keep these two little ladies on their sleuthing toes. Warning: Might get hairy. Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – PULLED TO PUBLISH



Made by Fallingsnow Winter
Made by Fallingsnow Winter

Building up by RachelFish and tiffanyanne3 ,was a first place winner in the Ruggeddom Contest. Fallingsnow Winter tells us why she created the delicious banner above.

I was captured by the storyline of how Edward and Bella first meet, of them later bumping into each other, and not expecting it! I really like the feeling of the story with the sweet back and forth of Edward’s teasing. I pictured this Edward, with just the right amount of muscle, and that calm look on his features when he’s staring at Bella. Yummy!

Fallingsnow Winter

We asked the authors to share a little of their inspiration for this gorgeous, rugged, Edward.

We really loved writing Ruggedward. He’s cocky, smart, and very sure of himself, but Bella brings out his sweet, humble, just-short-of-shy side. He’s never had a girl that’s been able to match his snark, his wit, his banter… We sort of fell in love with him as we wrote. 😉

Honestly, while we were writing it, we were drooling over pictures of Rob at this years Cannes Film Festival. He’s really filled out lately and is looking like an incredibly handsome, sexy, grown-up, confident MAN. LOL! And of course he has that signature smirk we picture our Ruggedward wearing all the time.

Summary: Infuriating. Cocky. Mouthwatering. All words Bella Swan would use to describe Edward Cullen, owner of Cullen Construction, and the arrogant friend-of-a-friend she just can’t seem to get rid of. The question is, does she really want to? Romance/Humor – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – WIP


One Liners From You

Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever?

Then give us a One Liner via the submission form! 

Candycola: CrackedMarble by sanguinescriptor is a great WIP. AU Non Canon and a wonderful spin on the whole E/B met in Chicago in the 1910s. Woefully underrated.

Our skin is ice cold and hard like diamonds, but we are flawed. Fine lines where we should complete each other are empty. We are like cracked marble, but can we put ourselves back together after all this time? For almost a century, Edward and Bella have lived a life that neither imagined. Can an unexpected reunion in Forks repair it all? AU/OCs/ – for vampire violence Romance/Drama M Bella/Edward (WIP)

c.g.lurks: Isabella by suitablyironicmoniker is for lovers of Austen and Bronte. It follows a sweetly naive Bella, who, though orphaned, has been left an extraordinary “gift” by her mother. There is magic and a black-eyed Mr. Maçon, a jealous and spiteful Mr. James and a building mystery that is truly captivating.

In the Cornish countryside of 1804 England, a foreign visitor brings Isabella to reconsider the inexplicable occurrences she had always taken for granted. Romance/Supernatural M Bella/Edward (Complete)

c.g.lurks: NOVA by cupcakeriot takes the passion and inevitability we love from Twilight and launches it into an original setting that any Star Trek/sci-fi lover will revel in.

The early 27th century – a young omnilinguist gypsy girl who creates visions with her li’lute, an alien bio-weapon struggling with his control, the Federation starship Nova, and how their lives intertwine. Romance/Sci-Fi M Bella/Edward (Complete)

Robyn Vachon: I just finished reading The Foreign Papers by Javamomma0921-holy crow! So beautifully written, so different and, just, more! More confident, experienced, believable Edward! Such a self-assured, intelligent and amazing Bella! These are not teenagers but two adults melting my heart with their awareness of each other and their attraction-so hot! And the AU is just, wow! Love the focus on Edward/Bella. The story unfolds slowly into this wonderfully enthralling mystery-so good!

AU – Bella Swan is an expert in antique documents. When the paper trail she is following leads overseas and she finds herself enamored with an enigmatic man named Edward Masen, will her training be enough to help her solve the mystery surrounding him? Mystery/Romance M Bella/Edward (Complete)

Our thanks go to CandyCola, c.g.lurks, and Robyn Vachon for sharing their fic recs.


For Your Kindle


Exposure, by Morgan & Jennifer Locklear, is a sweet, entertaining, love story, set against the backdrop of the everyday reality of shenanigans and backstabbing in the movie industry.

The story leads are Shaunna Noble: a top Hollywood publicist, and David Quinn: an actor whose star is shooting for outer space. Talking of outer space, that’s the setting for the blockbuster movie that bring our cast of characters together, pardon the pun. We discover that sometimes there is a much acting going on off set, as there is while the cameras are rolling. And, fans, the media, the stars, and their publicists, spin the truth so fast, it’s hard to know who is leading whom on.

David is sexy, romantic, and humble, a delicious combination in a man, while the lady he sets his cap to is Shaunna: feisty, on the shy side, and clever. Their getting-to-know-you phase is unconventional, to say the least, and it, combined with the sizzling passion, witty dialogue, and crazy Hollywood life, will keep you turning those pages.

Exposure is the perfect summer read!


Do you know who made this?
Made by The Queen Writer

Only two chapters in and already it’s difficult not to be smitten with this lovely single Daddyward and his adorable daughter Piper; their relationship is sweet and fun! Piper’s personality shines right off the page – she’s obviously just like her Daddy 😉

Hmmm…wonder how he’ll get along when his old school friend, Bella, now Teacherella, comes back to town to look after her dad… We can’t wait to find out! It’s promising to be a fun, light story, just what we need for a summer WiP.

Summary: Don’t allow your past to dictate your future. Edward is a single dad. Bella comes home to help her dad after an accident. Will Edward allow their old friendship to blossom?  Romance/Humor – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – WIP



Banner by piper-lane
Banner by piper-lane

If We Ever Meet Again may not be the most well-known of the uber-talented pattyrose’s stories, but it holds a very special place in this FicSister’s heart…

We meet a very insecure, but oh-so smart and talented Edward in high school. High school for Edward is torture, being a social pariah – but along comes the lovely Bella who sees him. Unfortunately, even though it is quite clear to us that Bella is as keen on Edward as he is on her, he doesn’t see it and he runs away leaving Forks and Bella behind.

Six and a half years later, neither has forgotten the other – but their lives have changed dramatically. Gone is the awkward teenage boy, Edward has transformed into a stunningly gorgeous businessman who has a bit of a reputation for being an asshole – but never fear readers the asshole has never forgotten the “pretty girl with the long brown hair”.

Here is Edward when he first comes across Bella, all those years later…

“ ”…sorry to waste…won’t take up…see myself out…”

My heart stopped. All the air left my lungs in one breath.

That voice.

I’d recognize that voice anywhere.

Through the thickest doors.

Under water.

Through the loudest cacophony of blaring music and drunk voices.

Bella Swan.

I froze. Just like the last time I’d seen her, or heard her melodic voice, over six years ago. I couldn’t move one muscle, even as I heard the door to my office open, and the sound of Victoria sharply directing her how to get out of the building, and – oh Jesus – there went her voice again, once more thanking Victoria for her time.


If We Ever Meet Again is told entirely in EPOV (apart from a couple of BPOV outtakes at the end). However, even though this story is really Edward’s, you fall in love with Bella too. (Mind you, we think this is commonplace for a pattyrose story, she really does “do” Bella so well!)

These two have a few obstacles to navigate, sadness to overcome, and their true selves to discover – but when it all finally comes together…*sigh* it is so beautiful. A little piece of pattyrose magic!

Summary:  High School for geeky Edward was a nightmare of mistakes, missed opportunities & insecurity issues. Six years later when fate hands him a second chance, will he know how to take it? Or will the insecure boy inside rear his head again? AH, E&B, Canon pairs (Complete)



Made by Fallingsnow Winter

There is nothing wrong with having a penchant for a man in kilt… especially when it is Edward. Shellyduran’s tale, Féileadh Mor ticks all the boxes for those who get weak at the knees for a Scottish Edward. This Edward has a gorgeous brogue, the kilt and a very “hands on” approach, if you know what we mean.. *winks *

So come and join Bella as she goes out for the night with Rose and she discovers the answer to THAT question!

Summary: Bella and Rose aren’t expecting much when they walk into their favorite Friday night bar on a dreary Saturday evening until a hot guy in a kilt walks by. Kiltward with a nod to JAMMF.  (Complete)


Our thanks go to Michaelmas54, Lellabeth, PattyRosa, littlecat358, and Fallingsnow Winter, for sharing with us today. We hope you take away a new story to enjoy.  We also hope you discover the answer to that age-old question: What does  Scotsward wear under his kilt? :) On that note – very happy reading ladies! 😉