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Welcome to the International House of FanFic!  We are almost speechless at the absolutely wondrous stories we have for you all this week.  Gut-wrenching angst, howling laughter, intensity, Science Fiction, passion – they are all here for you this week.  Enjoy!



Reading the last lines of The Masterpiece, the final in the Work of Art Trilogy, was a bittersweet moment for this FicSister…Max and Ava’s story is complete, but it’s hard to let them go.

The Masterpiece picks up where The Unveiling left off, and even though Max and Ava are now together, the road for their journey ahead is by no means smooth. The couple are about to face their biggest challenges yet.

Throughout the Trilogy, you get to really know Max and Ava, but better yet, you’ll fall in love with them and wonderful thing is, you fall in love not because they are perfect, but because of their awe-inspiring love, determination to be together and how they deal with the roadblocks others cast in their way. *whispers* Max does tend to deal with things with quite the dramatic flair…he is an artist, after all!

I have to share with you an excerpt that is from The Unveiling that spoke volumes to me:

My heart soars at the idea that we can be more together than we are alone.

Well said, Ava. Well said. For me, this is the definition of the deepest of loves, which Max and Ava are the epitome of.

Ruth Clampett has outdone herself yet again, her talent for creating wonderful characters with fascinating stories is second-to-none. Ruth, we salute you!

The Masterpiece is now available for pre-order and the publishing date is 2nd March. Do yourselves a favour, dear readers, and experience Ava and Max’s story.

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Made by Jada D'Lee
Made by Jada D’Lee

If someone deserves the title “Queen of Angst”, it is definitely Livie79 and we were so excited to see she has a new story to torture us with (we mean that in the most loving way, of course! *grins*).

Until We Bleed will capture you from the first paragraph – it certainly grabbed this FicSister’s heart with a hard, cold grasp and I’m not sure it has recovered as yet – but if you love angst, it’s a must read – and not that we are biased, but we think anything Liv has written is a must read!

We had a chat to our beloved torturer earlier this week…

It’s so great to see a new story, Liv! Can we ask what inspired Until We Bleed?   (The angst hOOrs are curious…)

The same as always! Music, music, music! You can thank this one on my shuffle for playing Until We Bleed by Lykke Li and Just Tonight by The Pretty Reckless back to back. I was going to just write it as a one shot, but as it usually happens with me, I got wordy.

You have written some of the best rip-your-heart-out-and-stomp-on-it stories we have read – it makes us wonder…do you have favourite/s that have torn your heart out??

I’ll be honest, I don’t read a ton of angst. I can only write it because I know how it ends! That being said, Dear Isabella by jandco and withthevampsofcourse rips me to shreds. I swear to God my stomach just flipped writing the name. UGH. I’ve read it a dozen times. When I want to go fetal and cry like a little bitch, this is my go to story. Another one that just gutted me until I could barely function was Firefly In Summer by primarycolors. I have a list of others, but those two just….affected me on a whole other level. God those ladies can write some crazy good angst. If anyone hasn’t read either of those stories, do it now.

Thanks so much for joining us today, Liv!

Summary: The future was so bright, but we were blinded by the headlights. Now it’s dark and we can’t, we only have our memories. Baby, please, let me pull you close to me, save us from this misery. ExB Rated M – Romance/Angst *WiP*


One Not to Miss

FireDownBelowThere are stories which stick with us for a variety of reasons. Some resonate with us because we connect with the characters on a personal level. In others, the angst pulls at our heartstrings and brings us to tears. Debra Anastasia accomplished both with the Poughkeepsie series.

This time around, Debra’s going to bring you to tears for a whole different reason, possibly because you’re fighting the urge to gag while laughing so hard you tinkle in your pants. Fire Down Below, the first book in the Gynazule series is an epic tale of awkward love gone awry. Debra pairs her unique writing style with her amazingly ridiculous sense of humor to create a cast of characters you’ll never forget, for better or for worse.

Dove Glitch, the heroine in our story, finds herself in a predicament most women can relate to with sympathy and maybe a little bitchy finger pointing. Dove is the kind of girl who consistently gets the short end of the Karma stick. This applies to all areas of her life. Suffering from a feminine infection of Wonderbread proportions, Glitch must brave the pharmacy in order to cure herself of the vile, burning itch.

As if the horror of itchy girl parts isn’t embarrassing enough, the pharmacist, Johnson Fitzwell, who fills her prescription, is a hottie. He’s also the kind of guy she’d like to fill her in other ways. And he’s one loud, overly-helpful pharmacist. The tampon of doom: he’s taken by a raving bitch of a girlfriend. Karma just can’t help shitting all over Dove’s poor, itchy life.

Debra writes a hysterically funny set of supporting characters to complement the crazy, loud, embarrassing relationship floundering like a walrus on the beach between Dove and Johnson. The hilarity of the story is compounded by Dove’s sausage eating neighbor, Duke, who never shuts his door and rarely wears pants, her best friends Shannon and Flower—who speaks a maximum of ten words a day and Dove’s other whacked out neighbors who pose like porn stars at every opportunity and have a klepto problem involving the neighborhood cats. The supporting cast will keep you in stitches, and make you thank the sweet Lord you don’t live anywhere near these crazy people. Or maybe you’ll wish you do.

This isn’t a tale of perfect love; unless you consider sharts, poorly executed genital piercings and chemical cooter hair removal catastrophes prime examples of a fairytale romance.

This story should come with a DO NOT DRINK WHILE READING warning label.

It’s five pierced sausages and a kitten in your underpants sidesplitting read.

Helena Hunting

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brokenchordsWhen Carrie Elks told me that her fabulous novel Coming Down was to be part of a series, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next installment.

Broken Chords tells the story of Lara and Alex. Lara is mum to six-month-old Max, wife to hot, tattooed rocker Alex Cartwright, and is about to return to her job as a drugs counsellor. On the outside she has it all—the happy marriage and beautiful son—but when Alex’s dreams of hitting the big time start to come true, her own dreams begin to fall apart.

Thrilled to be new parents, neither of them expected the impact Max would have on their lives, and while Lara takes motherhood in her stride, Alex finds it increasingly difficult to juggle his new responsibilities as a father with his passion for music.

A US tour with his band takes Alex away from his family for three months, and as the tension and distance between them grows, so does Lara’s isolation and loneliness.

It was refreshing to read such a heartfelt and truthful depiction of the ups and downs of motherhood. The sleepless nights, the never-ending challenges and crazy hormones are so unbelievably hard as much as they are rewarding and wonderful. Carrie has hit the nail on the head with her brutally honest portrayal of Lara’s vulnerability.

A blend of past and present builds Lara and Alex’s story, filled with the perfect amount of angst and romance. Carrie has crafted the characters’ emotions so realistically that you feel each high and low, every moment of joy and the deep passion and pain they live through. I read with my heart hammering as Alex made decisions that stretched their bonds to breaking point.

The story flows effortlessly, and the characters are easy to fall in love with, even if there were a few occasions I wanted to jump into the pages and smack Alex around the head. Though he makes some bad choices, deep down he is a good man with a big heart, and that’s what kept me rooting for them. I never once doubted that they were the perfect family, and I wanted and needed to see them come out the other side, turning the pages as fast as I could to see if they would make it.

Above all, Broken Chords is a love story. Love between a husband and wife. Love between a mother and son, and the love of family. A truly wonderful book I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Broken Chords can stand alone as a fantastic story, but I would definitely recommend going back and reading Coming Down if you already haven’t. Roll on book number three!


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Made by FrozenSoldier
Made by FrozenSoldier

Like a lot of fans of the Saga, I was left bereft at the end of Breaking Dawn. I needed answers. What would happen to Nessie and Jacob? Would Bella and Edward get to finally enjoy being married, in love, immortal? Would the Volturi return, and if so, what would they do?

Downward Spiral is one suggestion of what could’ve happened . . . if everything went wrong.

Based upon a possible scenario from Gleena’s story The Cold War, Downward Spiral began as a one-shot entry into the MentalWard contest by my former beta, Crmcneill. After winning the Presenter’s Choice award, he added a few more chapters before having to abandon the story. It was then I was able to progress the story line, with his input, turning it into one of my favourite fics.

In the first chapter, we find Edward in Volterra. He’s been captured by the Volturi, and Aro has nefarious plans for him.   Edward is being starved, and the only way to obtain blood is to have sex with human females. For Aro wants his own hybrids, and Edward is the only one who can supply them. When Edward’s morality remains intact, Aro grows discontent and devises a new alternative to break Edward – if he doesn’t seduce the women, they are raped and murdered within his hearing. Edward’s mind begins to crumble under the combined torture of hunger and the hedonistic cruelty to the point that Bella appears in his “dreams.” As Edward’s downward spiral progresses, she morphs into a monster that taunts him.

Just when all seems lost, a human sacrifices herself for Edward, but her death is the final straw for his sanity. When the Cullens are finally able to rescue him, Edward is no longer the man, son, husband, or father of our Twilight Saga dreams.

So after reading this, you may ask, why in the world would I pick this fic as one of my favorites?

The answer is simple.

If Downward Spiral was a story that stopped after the first two chapters, the thought of Edward being a prisoner and tortured in Volterra would be too much to bear. What Downward Spiral is, instead, is a story of Edward’s rise from insanity, his love of his family, and what becomes of a man that has lived through hell and returned. In the end, Edward uses the darkest hours of his life to fashion the destruction of his enemies.

Downward Spiral contains some of my most favorite scenes and plots from all the fan fictions I’ve written. Edward’s reunion with Renesmee still makes my heart sing, while his struggles to contain the monster at times make me laugh. And his reaction to Tanya brought me many hateful emails and PMs, until the end, when all was made clear. A feral Carlisle adds to the mix, as the family prepares for war. But what I enjoyed most was writing the Cullen family again, whole in their support and love of one another and their dedication to living life on their own terms.


Summary: Post-BD EU. Captured by the Volturi, Edward faces a nightmarish choice as Aro enacts a diabolical plan to break him. As Edward’s hold on his sanity weakens, only his memories of Bella help him stay strong as he faces the ultimate test. What will his family find upon his rescue? The man or the monster. Rated: M – English – Horror/Angst – Edward & Bella – Complete



Made by CaraNo
Made by CaraNo

CaraNo has always had loyal followers in the fandom – readers she often puts through the wringer; she rips their hearts out before gently restoring them, leaving an emotionally drained but sated reader in her wake. Yet they come back for more. Why? Because she tells a great story, every one different as she changes up genres and varies styles! No matter what she gifts us, her writing is always consistent, always quality…and always has us desperate for the next update 😉 .

When she suddenly popped up on Facebook recently saying she’d been bitten by a bunny and was going to post a new fic, pre-written with rapid updates, it was tough to hold back and wait for it to complete…but when Cara mentions angst in the description she means it!

A Shattered Record does not disappoint. The writing, the intrigue, the heart-wrenching sadness… At this point it would be easy to share a little of the fic, or a taste of the story. But that would spoil it. This is a story the reader needs to experience to understand.

The one element that’s easy to share without spoiling the plot is that it’s absolutely beautiful to witness Edward and Bella’s traditional deep, lasting connection.

If you’re one of Cara’s regular followers, you’ve probably read it (*wasn’t it lovely? wasn’t it sad? did you cry?*) but if you’ve yet to discover her writing, now is the time.

It’s quite a quick read – you’ll be puzzled, maybe even confused…and then you’ll clutch your aching heart.

Summary: If you woke up and had to relive a part of your life over and over, how would you break the cycle? And what if you don’t even know you’re going on repeat? Drabble.  Rated: M – English – Angst/Suspense – Edward/ Bella – Complete



Made by ...
Made by Andy

One of the things that is wonderful about FanFiction is that story that you stumble upon (quite by accident) and it ends up owning you so badly that you sit and gobble up all the available chapters and then watch your inbox like a hawk for new updates…oh yes, dear readers, Casual Observer of a Secret Admirer is that story for this FicSister!

There are so many things to love about shouldbecleaning’s absorbing tale, but the one that stands out the most is Bella. She is a beautifully created character, kind, generous, sweet and resilient. She has had the odds stacked against her, but she deals with everything with a wisdom and grace beyond her years.

We can’t wait to watch this story unfold. Shouldbecleaning has some serious fans here at the International House of FanFic – we promise not to stalk her (too much).

Summary: Isabella Swan thought she was invisible at school. At least she had been since the accident with Tyler’s van. But now someone is leaving notes in her locker, signed Your Secret Admirer. Romance/Friendship – Rated M – Complete



Made by ...
Made by Prolific Novice

This FicSister has a confession.  I rarely, if ever, read Sci-Fi genre stories…but it seems Prolific Novice wants to change all that!  Her story, Cupid’s Bow, captured me and I’m fascinated!

We meet Bella when she is falling into a dark hole…literally.  She is leaving her safe life and heading into what she calls the Oblivion (and not really by her choice, it seems).  I’m not going to say anything more – but it is a intriguing read and if you love a story that is oh-so-different – give Cupid’s Bow a try!

Summary: Bella was content with her already-planned-out-life… and then they dropped her into Oblivion. Now, she must go in search of the Thing while trying to avoid the scandalous inhabitants… but that’s easier said than done. Updates every (other) day until complete! Romance/Sci-Fi – Rated: T – Edward/Bella – WIP



Made by Judo_Lin
Made by Judo_Lin

The Twilight Kink Festival is back!

The KinkFest is not a competition, rather a way for the Twilight fan fiction community to explore and celebrate our kinks in all their glory. FemmeSlash, DaddyKink, Fisting, BloodPlay, Tentacles, Dom/Sub, Role Play, Crossdressing, Dirty Talking, Leather, MommyKink, Spanking… we want it all!

The process begins with two weeks of prompt submission, a time in which you can send us your kinkiest, dirtiest, darkest desires. Send us a picture, song lyrics, a word, or a paragraph outlining your very particular brand of kink. Send as many as you like – the more we have the more we have to play with!

Once the submission period has ended the gates of kink shall open and henceforth the writing shall begin. Claim a prompt and write it. Write as much or as little as you like, just write!

You can choose to remain anonymous throughout the process, or not! It’s completely up to you. All prompt responses will then be linked or posted to the blog so that we can bask in the wonder that is kink – and that’s it!

Get thinking, because prompt submissions open this Sunday 1st March at Midnight.

Visit the TwiKinkFest at www.twikinkfest.blogspot.com and you can find them on Twitter at @TwiKink

Thank you all for joining us for another post full of wondrous stories!  We sincerely thank Livie79, Helena Hunting, SparrowNotes24, Content1 and TwiKinkFest ladies for sharing their time with us this week. Until next time, happy reading, everyone!

FicSisters xox