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Welcome, welcome one and all, no matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice! 😉

Whilst we’re thrilled to keep with the mood of the moment and embrace all the festive love that’s left our cheeks glowing, hearts racing, and put smiles on our faces, we’re also delighted to recommend a couple of real treats for your Christmas wish list! Then, gently nestling amongst those treasures are WiPs that have us firmly on board, ready to take us through to 2015…

It feels like Christmas came early for us, as Crimsonmarie is visiting, a real favourite of ours…and she’s back!!!


Made by FicSisters
Made by FicSisters

Bella is the self-appointed Grinch out of her entire group of friends; Christmases have never gone over well for her, and she isn’t expecting this one to be any different. After a long day at work, she goes to the local bowling alley to join her friends, thrilled when the tatted, pierced and gorgeous bartender, Edward, asks her to get a drink after his shift ends. The night ends with the two of them in bed—Edward looking for a little comfort after he spills his heart and Bella completely unable to say no.

A Lot started out as a one-shot for a Christmas contest, four years ago. I love Christmas most of the time, but the music sometimes gets to me after hearing it every day for a little over a month, and while I was actually headed out to meet my own group of friends at a bowling alley after a particularly horrid day at work, A Lot was formed. The bartender wasn’t nearly as attractive, though.

I decided to pick it up again and continue it, so we’re joining Edward and Bella the morning after, when things look incredibly different to everyone.

“Ten missed calls? Fucking hell.”


“Tanya,” he whined, rolling his eyes as he tapped his screen.

My heart sunk and I grabbed my robe, the blanket suddenly not feeling like nearly enough coverage.

It wasn’t that I forgot Tanya existed. I just didn’t let myself think about the repercussions this would cause if it ever got out, or if it continued.

Was it going to continue? Did Edward want more with me?

Tanya was someone I considered a friend, and I’d slept with her ex-boyfriend. Twice.

I nearly scoffed and shook my head at myself, pushing hair behind my ear and looking around on the floor for anything that would distract me.

I was a shitty friend.

“All within the past half hour. Did you know I talk to her more now than I did when we were living together?”

I laughed weakly and tied the robe securely around my waist. “That’s weird.”

He looked over at me then, his head tilted to the side. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” I waved him off before crossing my arms in front of me. “Fine.”

He set down his phone and sat up, completely comfortable with being naked and exposed while I stood there in a robe, trying to get my thoughts to slow down to 100 miles per hour instead of the 1000 they were currently going, and still feeling as if I wasn’t wearing enough clothing.

I’m so looking forward to continuing their journey, and I hope you all will follow along with me.


Summary: Bella Swan, not one for Christmas, plans to spend it alone. Edward Cullen is the unavailable, gorgeous bartender at Forks Bowling Alley where she spends every Tuesday night. Could a late night ritual with him change everything? Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – WIP


One Not to MissTLP

From the Desk of a Mad FicSister…

Reading The Librarian Principle is a hazard to your health. There. I said it. Not only did I laugh so loud I nearly spilt something crucial, I also may or may not have slipped off the couch while said laughing fit was taking place.

I then decided to sit on the floor. It was safer there.

The story begins by getting to know our heroine, Annaliese Harper (Liese). She has recently started a new position at Fullerton Academy of Higher Learning as the librarian, and she is crushing a little (well, maybe a lot) on the charismatic, gorgeous principal, Ride-Me ~ oh, sorry ~ Ryder Whitehall.

Ryder is everything that my high school principal wasn’t (no offence intended, Mr Clarke). Accomplished for his age, driven, dedicated, intelligent, hotter than Hades…shall I go on? Oh, and he likes his sex on the not-so-vanilla side. Woot!

You really get the feel for the story when you see the title for chapter three is “Porn at Work is Bad”. There is a lesson for us all in this chapter. I’m not going to ruin your fun, but this is around the time I slipped off the couch. Liese and Ryder embark on a relationship that could jeopardise their careers, but it’s a risk they are both willing to take.

Helena Hunting is truly a gifted author, she has the ability to make you feel the gamut of emotions in a story, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say The Librarian Principle is a comedy, there are side-splittingly funny moments, and there are also moments when you think you might pop a valve from all the heat in the room. Phew!

The supporting characters are brilliant. You will fall in love with Marissa, Liese’s best friend, who is usually the one getting Liese into trouble (albeit unintentionally!) and Blake, Liese’s co-worker – and thorn in Ryder’s side – is fantastic, too. The moment that Blake meets Marissa is up there with the “Porn at Work is Bad” chapter! Very funny.

The Librarian Principle is not only seriously entertaining, it’s definitely one of those books that after you have read for the first time, you will keep close by for when you need a lift. A fabulous story from a truly talented author. We can’t wait to see what Helena has in store for us next! ~ ~ ~ Barnes and Noble (nook)


Made by RosieRathbone
Made by RosieRathbone

All most of us want for Christmas, whether we’re a child or an adult, is peace, love, and joy for our family and friends, no matter where they are in the world. It’s those sentiments that are theessence of this lovely, heartwarming family holiday story, All I Want for Christmas by RosieRathbone.

Sergeant Edward Cullen peered over the desert before him with a cardboard box balanced on his lap. Another care package sent from his family – he receives one once a month, and whenever his name is called out for post his heart beats a thousand times a minute. Excitement grows like nothing else. What has she packed in it this time? What have the children created for me? It is the precious heart-felt gifts that he longs for; Edward doesn’t care about candy or fresh socks.

No, all he cares about is his beautiful family – loving wife, Bella, and two young children, Skyler and Caleb, halfway around the world, who are missing him like crazy, and sad because they don’t expect him home for Christmas this year. But, someone is looking to a higher Christmas power to help rectify that situation…

Five-year-old Skyler folded up her scribbled note and posted it through the make-shift postbox in hope that it would arrive at its destination in time. She knew that Father Christmas brings you that one gift you long for, and so, with that in mind, she wished he would listen. With some help from her teacher, Skyler had written her plea.

To Santa.

For Christmas I want my Daddy home. Mommy is really sad.

From Skyler

Will sweet Skyler receive her Christmas letter request? Well, you’ll have to read and delight in this touching, festive story as much as we are, to find out if Santa was indeed able to work a holiday miracle this Christmas season. Ho-Ho-Ho!

Summary: Sgt Edward Cullen has been away on deployment for the past 6 months. With Christmas looming, there is only one thing his wife and children want from Santa. Rated: T – Family – Edward & Bella – WIP


Made by CaraNo
Made by CaraNo

This wonderfully written comedy, O Holy Christmas, by CaraNo, doesn’t have the tag line O Holy Hell without reason.

Bella McCarthy, a single mother, receives a text from eighteen-year-old Jaden inviting her and the family to his wedding a few days later. Bella, with mama bear awakening with a roar, sets off for Vermont to put a stop to this nonsense and bring home her boy.

Across Manhattan, Edward Cullen, single father of two teenagers who are his life, has no idea his world is about to implode upon receipt of a single text from his eighteen-year-old daughter Haley inviting him to her wedding. No prizes for guessing who breaks the speed limit as he heads to Vermont determined to stop this nonsense and bring home his girl.

When these two forces and their wayward offspring meet, the sexual tension and innuendo is rife, but not between the teenagers about to be married; it’s between their respective parents!

Summary: In one part of Manhattan, Bella finds out through a text that her oldest son is getting married in Vermont to a girl Bella’s never even met. In another part of Manhattan, Edward gets a similar text from his daughter. It’s O Holy Hell from there. Family/Humor – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Made by Ally Vera
Made by Ally Vera

Operation: Merry Christmas by nicnicd,will have you giggling and sighing all in the same chapter. This Bella is pretty darn funny, and after nearly having a piece of Edward for saving her from a fall (their first meeting, by the way), she quickly decides there is a lot to like about this quiet guy with the gorgeous eyes…

“Screw presents, I want him under my tree.”

Bella has it right – we would love this Edward under the FicSister tree too!

Summary: When Bella, alone for Christmas, bumps into a shy and quiet coed outside of her dorm will her negative outlook on the Holidays change? Romance/Humor – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Banner by Jaime Arkin
Banner by Jaime Arkin

In Every Life, a delicious little tale from cosmogirl7841, begins with Bella trudging home in the driving snow and meeting her grumpy neighbour under less than auspicious circumstances… Trust us – these two anti-social, awkward, filterless, but adorable people will melt your heart and make it ache.

Edward’s grump-tastic attitude and Bella’s independent streak are definitely covering up completely different feelings from outward appearances! Mmmh! There’s more to them than meets the eye. Put on your snow boots and discover for yourself. :)

Summary: Life happens. It passes us by in fleeting moments filled with unexpected encounters. It gives us choices to say and do the right thing. And chances to make it better, even when our choices were wrong. Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – Complete


Made by beegurl13
Made by beegurl13

This heart-wrenching little gem, The Christmas Present by beegurl13, is a little different to the normal unrequited love story between our E & B. Often these tales are about Bella pining away for Edward, but in this one, the roles are reversed.

Edward has been in love with his best friend Bella for as long as he can remember, and fearing rejection and the loss of his best friend, Edward doesn’t comes clean with her, letting her walk away from him to pursue her dreams.

It all seems a bit hopeless, but as always, there are two sides to every story, and we must say, this is a beautiful one – it captures the spirit of the season and the belief that yes, miracles can happen.

Summary: Edward is Bella’s best friend. He’s also hopelessly in love with her. When Bella lands her dream job…in California…will he finally tell her how he feels, or will he let her go and hope that someday she’ll return to him? Will Edward’s Grandma take control and force them to see what they’ve been missing? A Christmas-y tale of secret love, big dreams & breaking hearts. Drama/Romance – Rated: M – Edward & Bella Complete


For Your Kindle


We are so happy to have the opportunity to support our very own Carrie Elks with the relaunch of Fix You! Go Carrie!

You’ve found the one, but what if life has other plans?

London, 31st December 1999

At a party to toast the new millennium, Hanna meets Richard. He is a gorgeous, wealthy New Yorker. She is a self-assured, beautiful Londoner with no interest in clean-cut American men. They are from different worlds and have nothing in common… except for their instant – and mutual – attraction to one another.

As the clocks chime midnight it is a new year and the beginning of a wonderful romance.

New York, 12th May 2012

Hanna, the girl who broke Richard’s heart, walks into his Wall Street office – and back into his life – to reveal an explosive secret.

He was sure they were meant to be together forever, but she broke his heart so completely the last time, can he find a way to let her mend the pieces?

Warm, witty and a perfect piece of modern romance, Fix You is a love story to melt your heart.

Who’d love to hear Carrie’s beautiful English accent in her recent radio interview on BBC Essex? To get in the mood, make yourself a nice cup of tea before clicking here.

Enjoy the video trailer for this gorgeous romantic novel!

 Available to pre-order from: ~ ~ Kobo 


Made by Clairebamboozle
Made by ClaireBamboozle

I was very flattered when the FicSisters asked me to write a review for GemmaH‘s latest fic, A Winter’s Tale.

It’s always a treat for me to stumble across a fellow British writer in the fandom, and when she asked me to take a look at her latest offering, then went on to say it was set in England in 1891, it made it absolutely irresistible.

It’s wintertime and the story opens with a very cold, but determined Bella struggling across the harsh and frozen landscape of the Newton Estate to make it home and check on her father, the gamekeeper, who has been injured by a mantrap.

The Swan family are far from wealthy and having the main breadwinner out of commission is a big problem. Bella continues to work hard as a milkmaid in the estate dairy, but she becomes increasingly aware of the presence of one Edward Cullen.

As the days passed I noticed he would wander closer, much as an animal that grows tame through trust. I made certain not to startle him, indeed I barely acknowledged his presence, until one morning he finally spoke.

“Would I help you with that?”

I started at the sound of the unexpected voice, knocking my pail slightly and watching in dismay as a wave of the warm, creamy milk sloshed over the side and pooled on the floor.

Bella is understandably startled, but feels an irresistible draw to the handsome man with whom she hasn’t spoken since they were children. The only fly in the ointment is her father’s suspicion that Edward may be more than a hard-working farmers son. He believes him to be the enemy of any hard working gamekeeper…a poacher.

This Edward is a perfect combination of strong and calm, with or without a brace of rabbits strung over his shoulder, while Bella is sweet and shy, and I’m dying to see where GemmaH takes our favourite couple.

The first three chapters have already posted and she has managed to give the characters an authentic voice while treating us to a fascinating glimpse into a time gone by.

GemmaH has said this isn’t intended to be a long fic, but if her previous stories are anything to go by, it promises to be an absolute gem.


Summary: England 1891. Though the winter is harsh, it’s more than a roaring fire in the servants’ hall that’s warming Isabella Swan’s cheeks. There’s also the matter of a local farmer turned poacher, who threatens to steal her heart. Romance – Rated: M – Bella & Edward – WIP



Do you know who made this?
Do you know who made this irresistible Santa?

From start to finish this one shot is a beautifully written, poignant story.  It is really hard to believe that it was written for the “Have Yourself a Smutty Lil Christmas” contest a few years ago – because this one is SO much more than smut.

Bella is a widow raising her young son alone and she takes him to meet Santa at the mall. Neither one of them is in a particularly festive mood, but that all changes when they meet one very special Santa. Oh, and what a gorgeous Santa he is!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Cluas by socact, is a wonderfully warm read, perfect for this time of year.

Summary: Bella is a single mom, home in Forks for Christmas, when she meets Santa in a mall. Her son wants something very special this year. Bella just wants Santa. Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Rated: M – Edward & Bella – Complete


Made by Cared
Made by Cared

Hands up if the anticipation of discovering the hidden depths lurking beneath a Geekward’s shy exterior, or the prospect of his wild side being unleashed by the right girl, gets you hot and bothered. (Just look at him in that cute Santa jumper!)

For those of you waving frantically, this sweet, nerdy Edward in Tis The Season by RFM86 is just for you. Sigh!


While setting up the Mistletoe Contest, Host Twilightladies and Judge SparklyMeg, together known as the writing duo of SparklyLadies, were hit with a plot bunny of their own when they saw this holiday picture:


…and the rest, as they say, is history. Their ideas grew and were fostered, like a sprig of mistletoe inspires lovers to kiss, and together they created the beautiful Christmas tale of Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.

SparklyLadiesA holiday story told in both BPOV & EPOV, about 12 presents, given with 12 special, handwritten notes, representing many years of love and friendship, gifted by one secret admirer to one special lady. Oh and later on, there might be some smooching under some mistletoe involved too. :)

Here’s where Bella, while getting a cup of cinnamon coffee and cake in her favorite coffee shop, first discovers her Christmas just got a whole lot better…


12 days before Christmas

I leave the money on the counter and head toward my seat, turning back when Mike calls me.

“You don’t need this.” He slides the money back to me.

“What? Of course I do. Take it.”

He chuckles. “It’s not a freebie, Bella. It’s just already been taken care of.”

“Taken care of? I don’t understand,” I admit.

He shrugs. “I came in to see this envelope this morning, which someone had left through the slot in our door. Strict orders that your coffee and cake were paid for over the next 12 days.”

“I… uh… What? Someone wrote what?”

“I think you have an admirer, Bella.” He reaches below the counter and pulls out a note. “I thought you’d want to see. Look.”

I eagerly take the note from him, my gaze taking in the note from my stranger.


Did you know you mouth the words when you’re reading? I can always tell what kind of story you’re reading, because it’s written all over your face.

One day, I want to be the reason behind your smiles.

One day, I want to be able to tell you who I am, so you know you’re the reason I smile.

Maybe at Christmas.



I can’t even begin to fight the butterflies in my stomach. I make someone smile, someone who wants me to know.

My Christmas just got a whole lot better.

*swoon* and Merry Christmas!

Summary: Twelve days of Christmas, twelve gifts, one secret admirer, and one kiss under the mistletoe. Edward & Bella. Romance – Rated: M – O/S


Well, there we have it! The final post of 2014, and we’re feeling emotional, grateful, thrilled…and clutching you all to our FicSister bosoms! Wishing all those who celebrate a very happy Christmas. And a peaceful, prosperous New Year filled with love and laughter to all our readers, authors, betas, banner makers, fellow reading-addicts, friends…everyone! 

Thank you to all for your support throughout the year. We hope you’ve had as much fun reading as we’ve had. 

Special thanks to our beautiful guests – especially Crimsonmarie and ClaireBamboozle for joining us this week. 

 See you next year!


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