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Welcome to another post of fabulous fiction to feed our reading addiction.  This week we have some phenomenal stories to share with you all.  Let’s start off with a story that is beloved by us all here at the International House of FanFic and reviewed by one of our absolute favourite authors – AwesomeSauce76!


Do you know who made this?
Do you know who made this?

Cannabean. A clannish society, often compared to Amish or Mennonite communities. Although more accepting of modern conveniences such as electricity, technology and the like, Cannabeans do not subscribe to the mainstream ideals that plague modern marriage, nor do they believe in the dissolution of marriage. Their daily living is centered on their faith, family and a firm foundation in the Cannabean Way.

Have I mentioned how much I love ItzMegan73? Well, I do. She is one of my all-time go to authors and choosing only one fic of hers to rec is like choosing which of my dogs I love the most. They all hold a special place in my heart for different reasons. Amazingly, her fics are still posted online and even more amazing is the fact that they are just as wonderful to read today as the first time I found them years ago. Each one is completely different from the other in subject and structure, yet they all just feel like ItzMegan73. That is what I crave from a really good author: the way they make you feel.

That is why I finally settled on The Cannabean Betrothal. It has always been the one that makes me feel the most. I gave the fic another quick reread since it had been a while and I was a little fuzzy on some of the finer details, and just like stepping into those perfectly broken-into shoes, it just fit. Immediately I was sucked back into this incredible world that she created from thin air. The first thing I noticed before I was halfway through chapter one was that it was still there: the feeling.

There is something so sweet about experiencing this simple world with a fairly sheltered Bella. She is so innocent and kind-hearted here, and rather than it getting stale or annoying, she continually surprises you with how she adapts to this strange business of courtship and betrothal to a man she barely knows. You can feel her excitement and trepidation as you read. You go through it with her, just as you experience Edward’s frustrations and pain.

It’s also something to read about such a patriarchal society where the women have very little say in anything and STILL want to keep on reading! Normally the thought of that would drive me so insane that I would flounce by chapter two. This Cannabean society that she created is very interesting. There are small snippets at the beginning of each chapter with little insights to their customs. I thought it was a real religion when I first read it; it was so well developed!

Rather than being irritating, it was like a window into another culture. I loved how Edward and Bella have to follow the betrothal laws step by step until they have built a proper relationship. For a society that seems so behind the times and backwards, it was really refreshing to see how they force themselves to tackle major marriage issues and work through disagreements like adults. There is plenty of angst for the angst lovers, there is a whole bucketful of misunderstandings and omissions that lead to all of those arguments, but it’s how they handle the arguments that feels like a breath of fresh air to me. I honestly think any newlywed couple could benefit from following her betrothal books here.

The UST is off the charts through a large part of the story. When they finally do start to explore each other physically I think I had steam coming out of my ears.

I really can’t say enough about this fic. There is something so wonderful about watching this simple way of life and how a new relationship can flourish and become an undying, devoted love.

Do yourself a favour and lose yourself in this world today. Go experience ItzMegan73 and just… feel.

AwesomeSauce76 (aka Amanda Black)

Summary: Edward has immersed himself in the Cannabean way to ward off the hurt of a life-changing experience; but an unexpected betrothal teaches him how little he knows about life. Drama/Romance – Rated: M – Bella/Edward – Complete



Made by FallingSnow Winter
Made by FallingSnow Winter

I’m thrilled to be back with FicSisters writing another review for a story that I have truly enjoyed editing! k8ln713’s newest story, So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want, was a pleasure for me to work on alongside the author and my co-beta, JulieToo.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love the sweet tale of being reminded of the love you left behind as it’s depicted in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama?” Well, So I Can Kiss You is a Twilight fanfiction based on that story, featuring our favorite cast of characters.

Bella is a successful woman making her way in New York and trying to forget the life—and husband—she left behind in St. Pete Beach, FL five years ago. The only problem is that in order to move on with her new fiancé Riley, she needs her husband to finally grant her a divorce. When she realizes he’s not going to do it without some prodding, Bella makes her way home to face him—and her past—in person.

Edward, meanwhile, has been using the past five years to make something of himself in order to be worthy of his absentee wife. When Bella reappears in his life, he’s torn between wanting to hold on to her and wanting whatever will make her happy. His heartbreak is palpable.

There’s also a piece done and sitting on a large bench. It looks like two doves intertwined to look like a heart. It’s so beautiful. So I tell him so.

“It’s actually for you, Bella. For you and your fiancé that can be put on display at the wedding,” Edward admits.

“You didn’t have to do that, Edward.”

“I know. I wanted to. It’s my way of congratulating you because I can’t be at the wedding.”

“What? Why not?”

“Come on, Bella,” he murmurs. “How can I see you marry another man when you know how I feel about you? I was able to let you go, but I will always harbor feelings for you. It isn’t fair for me to witness that.”

It takes some time for Bella to realize that the love she left behind hasn’t diminished over the years, but will she walk away from her new life or continue on with her wedding to Riley? If you’ve seen the movie, I’m sure you can guess what Bella chooses and some of the comedy that ensues. But you’ll want to stick around until the end because k8ln713 takes things one step further … lots of lemons and a peek into the future!


Summary: It’s been five years since Bella’s returned to her hometown in St. Pete Beach. Her reason: to finally get her husband, Edward, to give her a divorce. She’s built a successful life for herself up in NY after leaving Edward, but has been having trouble getting Edward to give in and sign the divorce papers. Will Bella’s return make her remember that Edward was always the one for her? Romance/Humor – Rated: M – Bella/Edward – Complete



Made by Beegurl13
Made by Beegurl13

When MariahajilE tells me she has something for me to pre-read, I’m always equal parts scared and excited. She has an amazing way of pulling me in and making me feel. The first chapter of I Can’t Outrun You did exactly that.

I’m an angst-wuss when it comes to WIPs, but I went in blind, armed only with the guarantee that no one would die.

We meet Bella with a suitcase in her hand and leaving on her mind. She tosses her personal items into a backpack while trying to ignore the men’s hygiene products mixed with hers on the counter.

My assumption (based solely on the summary and years of fic reading) was that she was washing her hands of a bad relationship and driving off into the sunset to find Edward out there somewhere. Rainbows, unicorns, rings… You know the drill.

Imagine my surprise when she pulls over after receiving a text… from Edward.

“Be home in half an hour. Stopping to grab a pizza. Feel like watching something? Your pick. Love you.”

Home? As in, the home she just left? As in, Edward’s shared bathroom counter space? Cue lip tremble.

After a brief moment of panic, I kept reading. My fears were confirmed right away. Bella left Edward. It amazed me that as I kept going, the tightness in my throat was slowly replaced with burning curiosity.

The worry faded, because Bella’s love for Edward was subtly woven in her thoughts. I stopped assuming, because all of my guesses had been wrong. There are different types of leaving, and things aren’t always as they seem.

A brief visit with her father sets up what promises to be a true journey; the kind you have to walk alone in order to find what truly matters.

I’ve been lucky enough to read part of chapter 2 already, and let me just say… I love this Edward. MariahajilE does an incredible job painting a picture of who Edward is and why Bella loves him so much. Bella’s thoughts and memories make you fall for him too. In fact, MariahajilE’s words allow readers to care for both of them.

Did I do something? Can we talk about whatever it is that has you doing whatever it is you’re doing? I love you.

Those may be questions from Edward, but I want answers too. I hope you’ll join me to see how their journey unfolds. I know I can’t wait for the next chapter…


Summary:  A girl who can’t trust. A guy who wants to show her how. A short story about how love really is all you need. E/B – M for lemons, language, love, laughter, and life – WIP


One Shots

Made by FallingSnow Winter
Made by FallingSnow Winter

Every once in a while a one shot comes along that I wish, wish, wish wasn’t a one shot. It holds so much potential to be a really great story. You can feel the depth of the characters and their potential adventures together in just a few thousand words. That always amazes me. Well, The Real Deal, by TGBMcCray, is one of those one shots. Both Edward and Bella intrigued me, and I felt like I hadn’t read them before. A pet peeve of mine is dream sequences. I don’t know why, but they just annoy me. I feel it’s a cheap plotting trick, and since I never dream of anything normal, sane or sensible – let alone what’s happening in my life – I can’t relate to characters that do. Well, let me just say that this one shot changed my mind about that too. Heaven above, Rodeo Edward is hot! And lastly, Jake jokes never get old for me either.  :)


Summary: Bella McCarty, professional photog, travels the rodeo circuit with her brother, Emmett, and a cast of cantankerous cowhands. Will the cowboy who ropes her heart live to love her? 2nd Place, Judges’ Vote, AH in the Truly Anon Twi Contest.Western/Romance – Rated: M – Bella/Edward – Complete


For the Road


Who doesn’t love the hope and romance of second chances? Reconnecting and rediscovering that something special about an old flame…seeing what remains of the love you knew, and discovering how or if they’ve grown. Or, is re-visiting the past just a recipe for disaster, finding out that a once decent human being has become a prize idiot, tarnishing any lingering fond memories?

In The Hot Corner, Amy Noelle gives us a bright and realistic Dani, who is very reluctant to find out what has become of the man who broke her heart – tabloid evidence suggests he’s a shallow playboy. Since she has little choice, she bites the bullet and re-enters Brad’s life, with a purely professional attitude, you understand…

It’s easy to relate to Dani, the challenges she’s facing and her wariness to be drawn in. Brad seems genuine and trustworthy, but is that just practised charm or is he the real deal?

Set within the world of sport, with fresh original characters, Amy has given us a great read, her knowledge of sport shining through – lighthearted, hopeful and lovely. Let’s hear what inspired her to write this novel:

“Oh several things. My love of sports had me wanting my second book to incorporate that in some way. I wanted to explore a reunion of a long separated couple that had really and truly loved one another and never really gotten beyond it, to see if the hurt and anger could make way for that old love and passion. I really just wanted to write about a pair that needed a second chance to get it right.”

Summary: Professionally, Danielle Pierce is making a name for herself writing biographies of famous athletes. Her personal life isn’t going as swimmingly, and she’s back on the market after calling off a recent engagement.

Her agent throws her a curveball she never saw coming when she’s assigned to cover the hottest baseball player—on and off the field—Bradley Reynolds. The Dodgers’ third baseman spends as much time on the covers of tabloids as on the sports pages, dating a string of famous models and actresses.

Dani never thought she’d have to see Brad in person again after he broke her heart in college. Seven years later he selects her to write the story of his life, and she’s stuck. If she refuses, she looks like a coward. If she gives in, he wins. She doesn’t know what his game is, but she hopes she’s strong enough this time to play without getting burned.

The FicSisters are agreed, The Hot Corner really is a great summer read that will leave you smiling.

Available to buy from: Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon Aus

One Liners From You

Skye: Contractually Bound by LyricalKris  –  I’ve just finished Contractually Bound by lyrical kris.  It was one of those “it hurts, but I love how it hurts” stories.  Highly recommended.

She’d cost him everyone he’d ever loved. Surely a few months of marriage wasn’t too high a price for her to pay in compensation. *Complete*

Angie125: Of Kith and Kin by Chicklette  –  I have been catching up on stories I missed, this week it has been “Of Kith and Kin” by Chicklette.  I can’t believe I didn’t read this years ago.  A truly great read.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” -Nat King Cole. This story is about that. AH, Canon pairings. *Complete*

LucyLoo: In the Name of Love by SarahRoseFics  –  “In the Name of Love” is a WIP I discovered recently, I have very much enjoyed it so far.  A strong Bella who will do anything for her son.

Prostitute by choice, Bella will do anything to care for her 3 year old son Garrett. Her life revolves around her little boy, friends, & job; demeaning as it is, it gives her what she needs to raise her son. Her life is simple, until a blue-eyed bronze-haired client turns her life upside down. He asks for her, his only condition is that he becomes her only client. AH ExB. *WIP*


One Under The Radar

Do you know who made this?
Made by TayBee

Private, I, by the new to us author, TayBee, is flying low under the radar, but honestly, this is another captivating story that deserves to soar. It’s fun, poignant, happy, and heartbreaking – and that’s at only five chapters in! It’s no wonder Private, I has made quite the impression on us already. It’s not a spoiler to say Edward is a P.I. – look at the title; it’s hinted at in the story summary, and revealed by the attention-grabbing opening.

Oh ladies, ladies, if you love to hate Jacob, you are in for a treat with Private, I. This particular incarnation of Mr. Black deserves to be at the top on your shizz list from the very first line uttered by his despicable self. Have a read of this…

“It would be great if she was cheating on me.”

The sentence uttered by the man in front of my desk startles me out of my daze. He wants his wife to cheat on him?

I’ve been working as a private investigator for nearly eight years, and I don’t experience a lot of firsts anymore, but this man is something I’ve never seen before.

“That would be a good thing?”

He clears his throat, clearly uncomfortable by the antagonizing tone I’ve managed to deliver in one short question.

“Well, uh, it’s the only way to void the pre-nup. She has to be caught being unfaithful.”

Oh. He’s after her money.

“Okay,” I say simply. I’m too tired to even cover my gaffe. I smile weakly, trying to assure him that I won’t mention it again. If this prick wants to know how his wife spends her days, I’ll make sure to find out. After his first check clears.

See what we mean? What a jerk! Our Edward, on the other hand, is the complete opposite – adorable! While it’s obvious from early on he is not perfect by any means, his heart is in the right place. Edward and Bella are two sad, lonely, genuinely nice people. They both need to be loved and appreciated, and the sweet and sensual connection TayBee creates between them is palpable. Unfortunately, Edward is digging a rather large hole for himself – one he is probably going to fall headlong into, and most likely drag Bella right along with him. We fear that’s going to happen, but we hold out a glimmer of hope it won’t.

Is Bella going to restore Edward’s faith in human relationships?  Is he going to pay her back by crushing hers? Join us in reading Private, I to find out.

Private, I: It’s ironic that the one person I’m supposed to be invisible to is the one person in years that actually sees me. What’s worse is the desperate need I have for her, and the realization that my lies are bound to tear us apart. AH M for L&L, HEA in one way or another. Romance/Angst – Edward/Bella – WIP


We are honoured this week to have AwesomeSauce76, Kitchmill, MrsSpaceCowboy and FoxxyJ join us in Sisterhood.  We hope you will enjoy these stories showcased today as much as we have loved bringing them to you!

To all the attendees of the TwiFic Meet Up – we hope you are all having an absolutely fabulous time!  Several of the FicSisters are in attendance, so we can’t wait to hear all the stories!


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